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** [[Vailkrin]]
** [[Vailkrin]]
* The Deep Altar of Vakmatharas (under construction)
* Sacrificial Chamber of Vakmathras
** [[Trist'oth]]
** [[Trist'oth]]

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Vakmatharas is a God of Hollow


Vakmatharas is one of the Elder gods. The god himself is usually considered chaotic evil however the inevitability of death as a necessary component of life means his domain can be considered true neutral by some. The worship of Vakmatharas has long been practiced by followers of the dark arts, although his popularity as a god increased as the population of vampires and independent undead rose. As he is the god of death itself, not the afterlife, and is often considered a malevolent being, Vakmatharas is rarely prayed to during funeral proceedings; instead the patron god of the deceased will mentioned, or Aramoth if the deceased fell in battle.

In recent years the majority of Vakmatharas' followers have been found in Vailkrin, and he may be considered the patron deity of the city. The high population of vampires and undead in the city make it a fitting place for his grand temple and most followers will visit here regularly, however practising followers of the god of death may be found across the land, including assassins and death knights as well as necromancers.


Traditionally Vakmatharas is depicted as a bare humanoid skeleton though occasionally he is seen wearing hooded robes or with a shroud draped over him. In more recent times has been portrayed as a hooded figure with their face obscured, or indeed with no head at all beneath the hood. He is often seen carrying a sacrificial dagger, decapitated heads, or pushing a cart laden with corpses.

Common Rituals

Most rituals performed to the god of death involve sacrifice, either animal or human. Some followers consider killing of any kind a ritual for Vakmatharas as well, although this applies to assassinations and murders more than honorable battle. The raising of corpses (and, to a lesser extent, the siring of vampires) is another common ritual that is often associated with Vakamatharas, although depending on the intended outcome of the ritual this may also be seen as an insult to the god, as the pursuit of unending life is an act against his domain.

Places of Worship

  • The Grand Temple of Vakmatharas - primary temple
  • The Reliquary (under construction)

Related Artifacts


Common Follower types: Deathknights, Necromancers, Vampires, Undead, Dark Priests

Known Followers

Related Clans

  • None