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huds to nerd wife:  ♥ (ur still a nerd)
huds to nerd wife:  ♥ (ur still a nerd)
nerd wife to hudsband: 😍 You like me!

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This Page is Under Construction
This page is currently under construction. To add commentary / suggestions, please contact Alvina.

Most Cost Effective Restoratives

Category:Magic Restoratives
{Item Location:Underdark/Rynvale}

Zorata Flower Petal (0 - 400 MP)
Rozota Flower Petal (400 - 799 MP)
(note: at 800+ mp, it is more cost effective to use a healer)

Category:Health Restoratives
{Item Location:Ferminville}

Fizzy Potion (0 - 375 ST)
Goopy Concoction (375 - 3,299 ST)
(note: at 3300+ hp, it is more cost effective to use a healer)

Category:Stamina Restoratives
{Item Location:Frostmaw}

Ice Cap Mushroom (0 - 200 ST)
White Fyre Herb (200 - 999 ST)
(note: at 1000+ Sta, it is more cost effective to use a healer)

Most Cost Effective Armor

I'm still updating the Item Lists but feel free to browse during Construction


- Arms [Complete - Items Linked / Added / Organized by AC]
- Hands [Complete - Items Linked / Added / Organized by AC]
- Body [Complete - Items Linked / Added / Organized by AC]
- Ears [Items Linked  / Organized by AC]
- Face [Items Linked / Organized by AC]
- Feet [Items Linked  / Organized by AC]
- Fingers [Items Linked  / Organized by AC]
- Wrists [Items Linked  / Organized by AC]
- Legs [Pending]
- Neck [Pending]
- Shields [Pending]
- Shoulders [Pending]

(*Adding Links, Checking Prices / Locations. Lists will be updated to include new items afterwards)

X Weapons

X Usable Items

X Pets

X Misc.

Healer / Clinic Services

Healing Tiles
Alithrya: Healer's Hideout
Frostmaw: Healing Room (1 S of The Frosty Herb and Armor )
Rynvale: Rynvale Clinic (1 W of Rynvale Herb Shop )
Venturil: Venturil Clinic ( 2 E of Venturil Herbs )
Gualon: Gualon Clinic ( 2 S of Gualon Grogshop )

Service Gold Use
Light Cure 15 Add 10 hp, add 10 stamina
Partial Cure 25 Add 50 hp, add 50 stamina
Full Cure 40 Restores full hp, restores full stamina
Enhance Magic 20 Add 25 mp
Restore Magic 40 Restores full mp

Best Gold Drop Mobs Per Level

If you aren't sure what Level you are or what monsters you should be fighting, CHECK HERE.

Level Mob Coin Drop Item Drops Location
Level 1 Drunken Fool 5 Silver
50 copper
Leather Tunic (15 gold)
Leather Sleeve (7 gold)
Leather Pants (9 gold)
Various Regions - Most Notable Kelay Way / Kelay Town Square
Level 2 Vulture Ranging from
9 silver, 130 to
5 gold, 160 copper
- Kelay Way
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11 Guardian Dragon 109 - 417 gold None Outskirts of Venturil (Venturil) x2

Drops & Where to Sell Them

Item Dropped By Sell Here Profit
Battle Beaten Helmet Exiled-Frost Giant Hunters' Market 18 g
Frost Drake Scales Frost Drake Hunters' Market 11 g
Ivory Mammoth Hunters' Market 37 g
Mammoth Pelt Mammoth Hunters' Market 22 g
Winter Wolf Pelt Stray-Winter Wolf Hunters' Market 2 g
Winter Wolf Alpha Pelt Winter Wolf-Pack Hunters' Market 15g

To Do List

  • Find a way to code / link / add overlaps for easier navigation between regions.
  • Go Through Alithrya Text Directions for Shops and update (first level done)
  • Healer's Hideout in Alithrya = Can buy heal commands but can't buy items right now
  • Update Clothing / Shields Lists (In Progress)
  • Update Shop Pages with Uniform table values, spacing, and directions (In Progress, through Kelay Tavern ) Shttps://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Category:Shop
Update Directions:
  Dak's Tavern
  Gloomy Hole
  Guh’Thunk’s Weapons
  Hidden Shop
  Healer's Hideout
  • Update Weapons
  • Update Usable Items
  • Update Pets
  • Update Misc.
  • Update 'climb Daisy' directions
  • Update this ancient page - It's driving me crazy


 Examples: [[Category:The Green Fairy]] vs {{Shop:The Green Fairy}}. 
 Give the page a [[Template:Shop:The Green Fairy]] so the {{Shop:}} tag works 
  • Shops in Gualon Maps Accurate / Updated prices and item lists 12/27/18

huds to nerd wife: ♥ (ur still a nerd)

nerd wife to hudsband: 😍 You like me!