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  '''Name''': Ashiouz Scrathulclaw  
  '''Name''': Ashiouz Scrathulclaw  
  '''Nickname''': Scandal
  '''Nickname''': Scandal

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This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.
This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

Name: Ashiouz Scrathulclaw 
Nickname: Scandal
Dragon/type: Red and Black Parentage, 
Breath Type: Explosive acidic liquid. 
Size as Dragon (Full): One might miss him for a mountain range or an island in the sea
Size as Dragon (Practical): Anywhere from 50' long to 750' long. 
Size as Draconian/Anthro: Prefers being under the 8' foot mark, though in the past this wasn't really available for him to choose. (See more on Shapeshifting Below) 
Size as a Human: While his appearance varies, his height rarely changes, 6-7'. 
Dragon scale: Black for his body, Red for his underbelly, the red is ironically more softer to the touch but no less just as durable. Like silk, the black scales however are at times as sharp as obsidian durable enough to deflect even a well made blade (excludes legendary) Scales are easily replaceable those that fall off, are often shown to have a new scale skin growing beneath. Regularly sheds skin/scales, from frequent growth.
Eyes: Like a pair of flames from a Blast-furnace these eyes glow with fiery glow at night, and during the day they are very prominently red. 
Alignment: (See below for Details) Chaotic Good. 
Age: 3 million Years (Technically Great Wyrm, but.... Not exactly)
Place of Orgin: The Seven Cities of Uldenbraug (See below or in time for details) 


Scandal's appearance varied over the time he has been active in Lithrydale. When he first awoke after really really oversleeping a hibernation, Scandal found himself to being utterly massive beyond his wildest dreams. During that time he slowly also discovered that he was losing his ability to shape-shift on his own, and effect which slowly became in effect fully over the course of many months. Since then while he was at the time massive his appearance was also juvenile, as he had when he had fallen asleep been in the process of becoming a young adult. But over the course of year his body began to age to match his incredibly massive size, maturing physically, as his ability to shape-shift began to fail, eventually leaving him to being stuck in a form that was of nightmarish form, additionally was also over 15' tall which made maneuvering in doors a substantial pain.


Needless to say Scandal is an odd drake. He may be a Black and Red Dragon, both breeds capable of great evil, and his instincts may be telling him that what he thinks is evil is fine, however Scandal knows better, and he actively pursues to be the very best he can be. Pride is something Scandal is not familiar with, in his early life nothing came easy, and what did was often snatched away. So Scandal finds the idea of stealing to build a hoard very impractical. Not only this, but second thing he did after he woke up was stick his claws into the earth and try mine out all the rare resources he could, to his own dissatisfaction he succeeded all in the span of less than five minutes. Finding the joy of hoard to have been an empty he one, he seeks often a hoard that is not normal per-say, rather he treats his friends and family much like a hoard, he protects them, treats them each as his own, he doesn't treat them like he owns them but in a manner in which is both respectful and courteous.

Scandal is when you first meet him either he's open and courteous or closed off but respectful. His instincts sometimes slip through making him crack a naughty joke off or simply talk plain, and doesn't try to avoid nonrespectful talk. Mostly amongst friends he is the most clear he can be. He doesn't try to hide much.

Generous* (Icly, its near impossible these days to gain a great deal of gold in hollow) to fault, Scandal has little fascination with being stingy. He is generous and supportive to all that he can provide to or for.


While it is rare for Scandal to have a bad reputation in lithrydale he nonetheless has one in a few named places.

Whalers Bar -Cenril

In most other places though Scandal is well accepted, Most tavern owners off a smile and are not intimidated by the Dragon's sometimes fearsome appearance, most often because they know his heart. Venturil used to be the place where Scandal could walk about and not a soul would run in fear, much less cower, more often then not he is met with smile or a nod. Or at the worst, somone who is trying to have him give them money. Which he rarely opposes. An Unspoken rule as discovered amongst most places is, don't disrespect women in Scandal's company, he is very aggressive and ruthless to people who abuse that, and in some ways he thinks of himself as a knight in shining armor. He knows most women can handle themselves so he lets them have the chance at it.


Scandal as a dragon has endured being without the ability to shape-shift painlessly for a very long time, longer than most dragons ever have had to go without. As such having to deal with the literal pain of shape-shifting Scandal is almost completely immune to pain. Having been from Uldenbraug where dragons normally would only transition between dragon and anthro mode, did not have substantial research or lesson in appearing as a human. So when Scandal first gave it a try he struck out quite humorously. Since then he has slowly developed into becoming more antiquated with shifting to more or less humanoid beings.

In recent times following several quests for materials his two sisters both were able to form a talisman that would allow Scandal to resume shape-shifting, although he is unsure as to which sister sent it. For whatever reason, though the talisman does allow Scandal to assume the shape of many things as well as preventing somone from removing it from him, often returning to his neck when not on him. Which has made it extremely difficult for thieves to steal.


The Seven Cities of Uldenbraug are a disputed point and place in history existing three million years ago and being founded as easily as a hundred million years ago. While evidence exists it may have been in Hollow, Cultural Gods and Goddesses of said cities claim that the whole region existed in a micro plane of existence. For whatever case Uldenbraug was an ancient kingdom of Dragons that existed prior to the divisions between dragons and the isolating of alignments between breeds and the feuds that interbred between them.

Scandal is currently the sole living remainder of what had once been Uldenbraug. He also notes that the only reason no one was declared evil, was because there was not a soul who could represent good because such laws and such had ceased been followed. In the end of times of that Culture The gods were no long respected nor worshiped, every dragon did what was right in their own eyes. The only thing kept it from anarchy was the King of Uldenbraug.

Dragons built cities for their full sizes every building to fit their bulk and feel roomy. Such constructs were utterly massive.

Semi-sentient Humanoids and races were used as food amongst dragons though some animal variants were raised. Many such numerous peoples going extinct afterward from over consumption or simply relying on the Dragons for care.

Scandal benefited from abuse by other dragons. Whether it was divine destiny or the gods having played apart in his life Scandal can't be to sure, as he is not exactly sure for whatever caused him to be revolted by the actions of the dragons, the feeling of being disgusted with the idea of attacking back just to simply satisfy some ill-gotten anger. Growing up in the streets of Uldenbraug where every dragon was a potential enemy and most of his friends who might have been labeled as food, did inevitably teach him something. That just because something feels good, or that instincts tell you is good, doesn't make it good. So he thus lives by that.


Scandal's Greatest Strength is his indomitable will. Not his physical appearance, nor his attributes, but his will. His desire to be better than what he was born as or into. This has allowed him to be a chaotic good, (Because he has his slip ups) as opposed to his instinctive evilness. It doesn't make him weak, and he chooses to believe that, Rather he chooses to be best he can, and accept his failures. Even if he can never forget them.


Its hardly a secret that Scandal now has family. Lanara and her sister Talyara both accepted Scandal legally as their adopted brother. Scandal is grieved that Lanara snapped, so he has become a little protective of his remaining sister. Even if he hasn't seen her since she was in recovery.

Martial Status

Scandal is no longer in relationship, the figure in his life up and vanished, and has not seen her since.

Guild Affiliantions

  • Researcher of the Adventures Guild
  • Scion of Peace: Curator of Sacred Tomes, Devouts Guild.