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[[RP:Saraluna's first meeting|Saraluna's First Meeting]]<br>
[[RP:Saraluna's first meeting|Saraluna's First Meeting]]<br>
[[RP:The meeting of two moons|The Meeting of Two Moons]]<br>
[[RP:The meeting of two moons|The Meeting of Two Moons]]<br>
[[RP: Lunar mage meets scary artist|Lunar Mage Meets Scary Artist]]<br>
[[RP:Lunar mage meets scary artist|Lunar Mage Meets Scary Artist]]<br>
<Big>'''***Physical Description***'''</big>
<Big>'''***Physical Description***'''</big>

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Saraluna Divine
No, I can't write poetry, but I thought this sounded cool >_<

A sacred mage of a different world, condemned to die through a dark ritual, cursed to return everytime, and face the same demise.
Saught after by a knight, is the princess of the moon, this knight comes not to save, but to destroy.
Once bound through marriage, bonds hidden by a spell, knight cursed to eternally hunt the one he loved.
Yet should memories return, perhaps the curse could be broken, lest the cycle repeat once more,
yet again should he throw away the lunar kiss. His queen, the foxkin mage.

List of RP's(in order, first to last)
Saraluna's First Meeting
The Meeting of Two Moons
Lunar Mage Meets Scary Artist
***Physical Description***

The short version... like her stature.

Female 5'
Kitsune(Fox/Human hybrid)
Skin: Fair/pale (glitters sparcly at night)
Hair: Thin, Platinum 3' (glitters faintly at night)
Eyes: Emerald (glows faintly at night)
Age: 19(height and face makes her easily taken for 14)
She does inherit a Tail and ears from her kitsune nature, both of which have saphire, lavender and silver streaks, only the silver glitters at night with the hair and skin.

in a nutshell...given it's a pretty big nut... in a pretty small shell.

Platinum hair cascades mostly down the back of a short-statured girl, a few clusters fell upon her shoulders and forward, the hair itself is perfectly straight by it's nature, foxy ears protrude from her skull, poking a good 3" out, planted just above where a normal human would've had her own ears, the fur on the back of these ears it an unruly combonation of blue, lavender and silver streaks, seemingly at random. Her form is small and slender, far from offering the appearence of a threat, but instead perhaps an easy target? a fox-kin tail sproats forth, carrying with it all the features of one such tail, it reaches out a good 1'4", bearing all the same coloring as the ears on her head, however, all the fur at the last 3" retains the silver color, completely devoid of the blues and purples.

what is this? Paris?

After night falls, all of Sara's skin and hair will start to sparcely glitter, as well the silver streaks and patches in her fur. Her eyes will ignite into a fine glow, all indicative of her powers being unleashed. Her artifacts all become completely charged, and remain so even as she uses them, causing them to issue forth a decent glow, which is non illuminative.

Face & Head
Something funny should so go here about this lol



Lunar Pouch
a mages best friend
An obsidion black pouch with a strap to go over her opposite shoulder, this pouch is lined with a special crystal that was used in the creation of Luna's special equiptment, giving it someties to her lunar energies, however not enough to actually store energies or truly make use of them. The crystals this was laced with resonate with the void cloak, causing it to shrink and form-fit itself into a side when placed into it's contents, until such time as it is removed.

Void Cloak
that which conceals all
A thin, black cloak with a hood, it loosly falls all the way to the ground, effectivly covering herself completely unless her stance opens the front of it. It is imbued with the same crystals that crafted her weapons, but was laced in such a way that they would be unable to retain or channel any lunar energies, preventing this from being utilized as a catalyst for her spells. The only really useful effect this has, is that it improves it's density without really increasing it's weight, causing it to become more opaque.

Tattered set
not that it really matters to her anyway...
A tattered set of clothes that remained from the ending of her last 'life', following her into the next revival. These clothes consist of a shirt which begins around the collorbone and falls to where her ribcage begins to end, no sleeves, and the skirt falls to just beyond her knees, they both offer evidence of a struggle and fair beating on her end, they have several cut marks and a few stab wounds scattered about.

***Lunar Artifacts***
All the artifacts are constructed of an unknown crystal from Luna's homeworld, this crystal retains an indestructible aura, preventing it's destruction.

Lunar Blossom
how she moons people to death
Luna's default melee weapon, this is a full-sized cyrstalline staff, standing perfectly straight at 5' to match it's wielders height, for the head of the staff there is a set of two cresent moons, the first of which is laying on it's back, center resting upon the top of the shaft, it measures a good 4" from point to point, the second moon floats gracefully above this first moon, held aloft by 5 thin lines comming forth from aforementioned moon, this floating moon is where most of the staff's energies are stored, causing the head of the staff to glow slightly stronger then the rest of the artifact. Even when completely emptied, so long as it remains in Luna's possession, this staff will retain a light saphire coloration, a mark of it's wielders energies.

Crystal Guard
what's armor?
A basic enough bracelet-like armgaurd, it is very thin and form-fit to Luna's arm, it is magically bound to her permanently, it begins just above her wrist and travels up her arm for about 3", various carvings throughout it's surface feature a band around it's center to show the various stages of the moon. Like any other sorceress' artifact, this will retain a saphire hue, whose intensity changes based upon it's charge.

  • NOTE: The remaining artifacts are not in her possession, But will be listed out as much for my reference as anyones.

sticks and stones...

a swirling globe of power
-Dynamo Mode-

New Moon

Cresent Blade

Luscent Shroud

***Other inventory***

Luna presently has no other items in her inventory


I only know what I intended her to be and what she was before I integrated her being into Hollow >_> I also know that her personality is not exactly what I had solidified it as anymore, thus I don't even know who she is anymore and am thusly incapable of truly commiting any scemblence of her supposed personality to text at this time... Moer likely that I will simply have to inquire some of her friends players down the road to get some opinions, I have a feeling she's going to be different after a few more RP's...

***Class & Abilities***

Class- Lunar Mage
Moonlight shines upon the guilty, and the innocent alike.
from her origins, there were 6 mages and 6 knights, each sorceress had their own element to command, and the knight was their husband, Sarluna is the opposite of Sol, the solar mage, both of them are considerably more powerful then the mages of flame, frost, wind and electricity. However, that said they are both bound to a special weakness as well, while not possessing any special elemental weaknesses or resistences, both of them derive their powers from their source dependant upon time of day. In Sara's case, she is granted a limitless pool of energy to draw from after twilight falls, until such time as dawn awakens to bring the next day. To protect herself, her artifacts retain a small amount of energy for use in the daytime, but she must be careful not to expend them because when they run dry, she'll have nothing to use in her spells until the next night. The potency of her spells is based upon the phase of the moon, and how clear the sky is that night. The fuller the moon and clearer the sky, the more potent her spells become. Thusly, in daylight her spells are also weakened, though still dependant upon the phase of the moon. Also, some of her spells are only usable at night. Finally as her spells are bound to her equiptment, she must have the artifact in her possession in order to use the spell, in the room isn't good enough even with levitation and telekinesis(with the exception of the marble, and even then at short range)

As a final note, the usage of skills is limited to one spell at a time through each artifact.(this includes that combonation spells are obviously utilizing multiple artifacts, thus tying them up for specasting sake)

if this doesn't say mage, what does?

A low cost projectile which often features firing off several tears at once. This is solidified lunar energies channeled through the staff and quickly fired off in the direction the staff is faceing, when firing a single tear, it can be deadly acurate, however, the more tears that are fired off, the less acurate each one will become. This is one of the very rare spells which doesn't rely on luna's spellpower

Lunar Light
A high cost target healing spell which restores the targets wounds over the course of the exposure to these lunar energies, the restoration per second isn't very impressive, this is just a basic healing skill.

Allows Luna to concentrate more of the staffs energies into the head, eventually causing the head to ignite into an illuminating light should enough energy be present, potency of light varies based on how much energy is forced to the small moon.

a little too attatched perhaps?

A high cost healing spell whose potency is determined by Luna's spellpower, the effect restores her wounds while she is under it's influence, this can also relieve her of basic diseases.

Moon Shard
A higher cost spike of solidified energies, which is automatically formed into luna's left hand, it is a rather large spike, and is often best used as a projectile, Luna prefers to use this for throwing at near targets. This is one of the few spells which doesn't rely on Sara's spellpower to function.

New Moon
A passive ability that allows Luna to see better in the darkness, automatically adjusts her vision during the night.

***Combonation spells***
teamwork makes the dream work

Some spells are crafted by having multiple artifacts, and they draw power from each piece, these particular spells will be more potent and some may have decent casting times leading into them.

-{Bracer & Staff}-

Star Strike
After a 30 seconds casting period, lunar energies will instantly strike a spot targeted by the mage, they will fall from above, making this spell usable only in the outdoors, the strike itself offers next to no AOE damage, making it somewhat difficult to use, not unusual for one to miss if not turly concentrating. The high requirements for energies force Luna to use this at night primarily, though she doesn't particularly like it, she could fire this off once during the day, but it completely drains both artifacts from full, making that a generally bad idea.

Full Control
Allows Luna to telekinetically manipulate the staff, calling it over to herself at will, or swinging it around freely merely(at close range) by the motion of her hands, extending it's reach. This spell is free, merely requiring that the staff and bracer both retain at least some charge.

Obviously, everytime she is slain she'll lose all her memories save for some basic things such as her name and her abilities, but she'll always lose her memories of the past, inclsive to anyone she knew. Everytime she awakens, she changes a little, not the kind of 'eternal life' most people would want.

what we really are

The dawn of a world, first devoid of anything, the creator offered to it's desolate existence, life. The one thing that could govern itself and grow. Before this gift could be accepted, the creator first molded the surface of the world, granting it spaces for the depths of water to come, and mountains which would pierce the clouds once they formed. After he had contoured the world and was satisfied, he poured forth the waters filling in the spaces between lands, which would serve to seperate some of the distinct landscapes, he planned to make them all unique to each other.

Finally, after crafting the air and the atmosphere, and all of the natural pre-requisits to life itself, the creator incited life, the creatures of the sky, water and lands all spawned from nothingness and natural instincts, which had been instilled into them, took over, causing them to move about, seek shelter and food, they quickly learned the important things, like what not to eat... what creatures to run from and what made good food.

Many days passed before the creator finally added humans to the mixture, in a few short years, they managed to turn from constructive behavior to pillaging what he had created, not desireing to destroy what he had crafted himself, the creator took several of the incorporeal elements and bound them together, crafting a unique girl to each one. First he crafted Esper, forn of the flame, a sorceress to consume. Next he gave form to the chill, Frost, mage of the azure cold. Following this for offered form to the sun's energies, storing the power of day into Solvira. Gale, born of the winds and air, was next to gain form, The power instilled in Electra was that of the storms, harnessing lightning to her will. As the last of his creations, he crafted Saraluna, who would be the head of the sorceress' as her powers would excell beyond theirs, she was the height of his craftsmanship, formed from everything he learned on the others.

After this initial creation, they were only little different from the other humans, their appearences being touched by their elements. To channel their elements into fierce spells, the creator procured some very special crystal and formed several artifacts for each of them. Each sorceress' recieved a set of six similar items, though each item was tailored to the unique mage. All of them recieved a staff, bracer, amulet, marble, dagger and hairpin, which were crafted strictly from the crystal, which served as a conductor and storage unit for the energies.

The staff was the first weapon of judgement, it was useful both for spells and striking opponents. The bracer was the only piece of armor they all recieved, the amulet was a spectacular battery, focusing more on not only storing energies, but conducting it freely into the other artifacts, though it did possess a few spells of it's own. The dagger obviously presented itself as a decent tool for cutting into a victim, or as a tool for getting through primitive barriers. The marble was a wonder of magical power, it not only possessed several spells, but also had a second form, which expanded it's skill-tree a bit. The hairpin was a decorative mystery to most, generally focusing on protective and supportive magic for it's bearer.

Their first task was to purge those humans who were bringing nothing but destruction. They soon decided that some of them could be swayed, and would stop the senseless, and wanton destruction of the creators newest world. Though they were forced to kill off about half the original population, those who remained were all the better for it. The sorceress' would from this point onward serve as the worlds judges, harnessing their spells to govern the planets inhabitants as they believed best.

Thusly the sorceress' had been granted their powers, and were allowed to keep them for all time to act as governers of their new world.

in shining armor?

several years had passed since the purge, the mages continued to play their part, but they also bore witness to this strange thing the humans called... marraige. a few of them had wondred from time to time if they were even capable of being in such a thing, finally one of their number, Saraluna, being the head of their union, asked the creator if there was any way for them to find mates. After a prolonged discussion, the creator finally ceded, with warnings that he believed this to be a mistake, that it would ultimately bring ruin to the world, but he could see in their hearts, their longing for deeper companionship, thus he created the knights, his last act before he departed to bring hope to another desolate world.

For each of the mages, he crafted a counterpart, utilizing a small portion of their power in doing so, mystically bonding them together. Each of the knights was also given a single artifact, crafted from the same crystal as the sorceress' artifacts, a sword, which was to be used in the protection of the mages, in hopes that the teamwork would endure and offer them both safer lives in the comming ages. Each of the swords were slightly different, customized to befit the personality of the knight for improved effectiveness.

Together the knight and sorceress would remain, dispensing their almost divine authority over the world to do what they could to guide it forward.

Peaceful existence
Many years and all that jazz

Sorceress' Union
Cooporative work

Laws were made to be broken

First blood

if only we knew

and a clean slate?

The years drag on
and I still don't remember anything!

A new kind of knight
Not the kind I want to meet...

Call of the hunt
I would miss the good old days if only I could remember some

The reason why I miss you </3 ...jerk

Losing my mind
Do I even have a past?

The reformation

Witness to blood
Death of an unknown companion

The final confrontation
History does repeat itself, even when we don't remember

Something tells me I'm not in Kansas anymore...


none at this time

***Misc facts***

  • Is relatively unsocialized and nomadic, she has no idea what society norms are, and will likely make someone feel uncomfortable... very... uncomfortable...
  • Possesses a form of immortality, you kill her she comes back, only with absolutely no memories, and her strength diminishes, but she keeps her personality.
    • This means that if you off her and find her fast enough, you could turn an enemy into an ally, without memories she can be impressionable.
  • Ambidextrous, both hands work about the same.
  • due to the cycle of rebirth, not only possesses no memories aside from her name and the artifacts, she literally has nothing hidden, can't be restored.