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Name: Natianara Selene Ryder

Race: Kelvarian Half Elf

Class: Shapeshifting Witch

Age: Magically forwarded and frozen to the age of twenty-two years old. She celebrates her birthday on the fifth day of February.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: A few inches past her shoulders, and medium brown in color.

Eyes: A piercing shade of blue, often filled with curiosity.

Personality: (Coming Soon!)

Family: Thronnel Banks – Grandfather – A crazed mage that formed an unhealthy obsession with his daughters, before facing an untimely demise at the hands of Eirik.

Kuruni Isilme– Grandmother – A lovely witch that hailed from Kelvar and gave birth to Lanara and Talyara. Unfortunately, the drow invaded and she died defending her homeland. (NPC)

Sharna Banks – Great Aunt – A witch that couldn’t stand to watch her brother murder an infant, and so she begged Thronnel to allow her to raise Natianara. In her later years, she was captured while in Larket, and faced brutality for practicing her craft. (NPC)

Lanara Banks – Mother- A beautiful woodland witch with a legendary derriere, who had a mental breakdown and is forever institutionalized away from the lands.

Desparrow Ryder – Father – A homicidal lycan that has been missing for nearly a decade, as he hopes to escape the ramifications of his crimes committed in Cenril.

Talyara Isilme – Aunt – A sweet witch who has seen her fair share of horrors, yet still begins each day with a smile upon her pretty face. Taly welcomed her niece to the lands with open arms and has been tutoring Nat in advanced witchcraft.

Bachias Isilme – Cousin – An immortal, agoraphobic, albino child that Talyara had been coaxed into adopting several years ago. Despite his disgusting mannerisms, Natianara seems to adore the boy and often takes him on adventures. (NPC)

Companion: Karma – A black cat that accompanies Nat on most of her adventures, and enjoys delivering karma to those that are disrespectful to her mistress. She has no qualms about pouncing on someone with her claws bared and aiming to sink her needle-sharp teeth into some flesh.

Marital Status: Guarded, as she’s heard the horrors of heartbreak and it was ‘love’ that sent her mother into an asylum. She hopes to one day settle down with a patient man who earns her trust, though she’s not in any rush to find romance.

Alignment: Neutral

Residence: She was denied any claim to Ryder Sanctuary, as neither Lanara nor Desparrow is around to say if she is indeed an heir. It’s not an issue though, as Nat enjoys traveling, and often holes up in a local tavern of whatever village she happens to be visiting.

Guild/Clan Affiliations: None, as she prefers the lifestyle of a loner.

Abilities: (Coming Soon!)


  • This page is a mega work in progress as I'm still fleshing out the details of this character and she hasn't yet made her appearance in Hollow. Things are subject to change, so check back often!
  • Yes, I played Lanara, and I am returning some time in the upcoming weeks, though not on a full time basis like I was in the past. My health is still not the greatest, but I grow stronger every day, and I missed the game too much to stay away.
  • Natianara won't be joining any clans or guilds, and I won't be taking appointments for rp as I had in the past, as my home life and health are so unpredictable and it's not fair to anyone. Maybe in the coming months and years this will change, but for now, I will only engage in live and hmail rp's when I'm online.
  • If you need to contact me, please do so via hmail or send a tell if I'm online! Sadly, I won't be downloading Discord, as I feel it draws me away from the game and if my time to play is limited, I'd rather be writing than chatting it up behind the scenes. It's nothing personal, I adore you all, and I may wind up caving and downloading it in the future, but please don't pressure me.