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'''Full Name:''' Unknown. He has only introduced himself as 'Krice'.
'''Full Name:''' Unknown. He has only introduced himself as 'Krice'.

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Full Name: Unknown. He has only introduced himself as 'Krice'.

Race: Human.

Class: Warrior

Age: Unclear. No younger than 20 years. No older than 30 years.

Eyes: Deep red, with striations and 'freckles' of gold. They look plum-purple in moonlight.

Hair: Silver, long, to his shoulder-blades - past his clavicle.

Description: Typically sticks to black button-down shirts - always wearing the sleeves up to his elbows, and the top-two buttons undone - and black, loose-fitting jeans. The image is usually completed with a pair of black leather boots on his feet, and a black-hilted (no surprise) katana in a black scabbard, secured to his back via leather strap that sits across his chest from left shoulder to right side, buckled against his sternum. Sometimes wears his hair in a loose ponytail at the nape. Doesn’t really give much thought to cutting it.

Physical attributes: Clean-shaven. With a height of six-feet even, and a body that is solid, toned, and trim, Krice is built like a warrior. He doesn’t ever seem to wear armour, but always has his katana on hand and carries himself with the strength – and, though rarely, the tiredness – of a man hardened by battle; with a quiet confidence, but also distant weariness.

He swims, during which point keen eyes might make out the faint, 'surgical' scar between his lower left ribs, and the fact that he appears to be missing a rib from that general area. There is also a faded scar on the inside of his left elbow, and one on his right shoulder blade, with a sister scar on the front of his chest right under his right clavicle.

Krice's Biography: All that is known about this man is that he is stoic, strong-willed, and protective.

He ventured into Hollow from another land.