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This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.
Name: Khatja ‘Khitti’ Elysse Herzegler (née von Schreier)
Nicknames: Red, Khat, Peach, Kiwi, Queen/Mother o’ Spiders. (Peach and Kiwi are reserved for Brand only.)
Age: 33
Race: Human
Class: Templar of Retribution, Ranger, Bard.
Eyes: Dark olive-green
Hair: Wine red
Skin: Pale, with a few freckles here and there.
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 155ish pounds
Relationship Status: Brand’s wife.
Alignment: Chaotic. Just chaotic.
Deities: Cyris, Vakmathras, and Delisha.
Clan Status: Unaffiliated. There’s not currently a clan that suits her (though, it’s been said that she’s an honorary member of The Row).
Guild Status: Devout's Guild: Leader // Adventurer's Guild: Intelligence Unit's Officer/Spiritualist // Necromancer's Guild: Sceleratus // Ranger's Guild: Professed Hunter // Warrior's Guild: Defender.
Other Things: Owner of the Ginger Snapped Bakery and Sweetshop, lead singer/violinist for The Sound of Sirens.
Family Members: Dominic Connor - Son // Meri - Sister // Lanara - Best Friend.

Abridged Timeline

  • 2015
    • Arrived in Hollow, fused with a being of the Shadow Plane named Amarrah. Joined House Dragana. Nearly died thanks to dark magic poisoning. Was sired.
  • 2016
    • Argument with Larewen; resulted in being banished from House Dragana. Joined Hildegarde's cause in the War Against The Frost Giants. Almost died. Met Brand/Dominic (they saved her from dying after an ambush via the frost giants left her mortally wounded; eventually started dating Dominic. Eventually developed feelings for Brand (which wasn't hard considering Dominic/were basically the same person. Was kidnapped by a dragon. Sacrificed herself so people could escape the cave. Didn't die, but got her dark magic abilities altered (acquired the Black Tides). Dreamed of an alternate universe (ie: our IRL world) where she lived with Brand. Was rescued by Brand and several others. Lots of arguments with Brand. Amarrah becomes increasingly hostile as the year goes on.
  • 2017
    • Returned to the dragon cave, acquires a lapis lazuli necklace. Helped (literally) burn the bridge with Larket. Shared a vision, via the lapis lazuli necklace, with Brand, wherein they were married, with a child (Dominic), and had twins on the way. Disappeared for 2 weeks after the vision. The relationship with Dominic becomes irreparably fractured. Decided she no longer wanted to be a vampire, so that she can have a family. Brand agreed to help her. Several journeys to the Shadow Plane were made (once to get info; met the Prophet Emeritus;another time to rid herself of Amarrah and get the cure from Amarrah's father Facilier;was subsequently tricked and only given a recipe). Dominic melds back into Brand's subconscious and never surfaced again. Asked Arkhen, Delisha, and Vakmathras for help (as well as Brand, Meri, Lionel, and Alvina); traded her dead family's souls for Vakmathras'part in the cure; the curse would be activated if she got pregnant). Died on Cenril's bridge during a fight with an amalgamation of Amarrah and the body of Khitti's twin sister, Lydia. Got her cure just before she died; Vakmathras brought her back 2 weeks later. Came back with amnesia, as a human. Lots of lies abound thanks to a poor choice on Brand's part, in an effort to shield Khitti from her past. Got pregnant after her second date with Brand. Eventually got her memories back. Tenbatsu Kaji found her. Facilier "removed" her dark magic. Decided to fight in Cyris' name, becomes a templar. Severed ties with the Necromancer's Guild (formerly the deputy leader).
  • 2018
    • Brand finally proposed. Dominic 2.0 was born (as prophecized by the vision shared with Brand) and a fight with Facilier ensued immediately after, with his demise the result. Gained control of the Devout's Guild. Venturil was afflicted with several plagues; with a mindflayer as the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy); developed alcoholism as a result. Finally got her own holy magic abilities, as opposed to always drawing from Tenbatsu Kaji. Met Lanara; joined the Adventurer's Guild.
  • 2019
    • Lanara was sent to another land, to be put in a mental institute; the alcoholism worsened. Meri was bitten by Alvina (though it wasn't known that it was Alvina). Hunted Alvina (still unknowingly). Received cries of help from the Shadow Plane; Emeritus was kidnapped; continued her path at the Shadow Plane's harbinger. Went to the Shadow Plane; found it corrupted by an unknown force. Met Jessamine at the Lake of Echoed Screams. Brand was unknowingly captured and replaced by Jessamine's partner, James Juniperus. Lanara returned; asked for help in winning a trial for crimes she didn't commit. Planned a bank heist with Lanara and Meri, though she didn't take part it in. Returned the Shadow Plane (to Helshade, a neutral city) to get help against Jessamine and James; met Cirice. Not!Brand was revealed to be James the entire time. Regained access to her dark magic (it had not been removed, merely blocked; only has access to the Black Tides) via alchemical runes carved into her palms; subsequently became 'She Who Walks Both Paths'. Is warned to not use both dark and light magicks at the same time or there would be serious consenquences. Was given a gladius called Embershard. Rescued Brand. Told Meri about the Shadow Plane's new problems. Asked Lanara to officiate the KhittiBrand wedding. Asked Zahrani for guidance about feeling pulled towards the darker gods (Vakmathras and Delisha); decided to pursue the idea of working for them, in addition to Cyris. Married Brand <3 (finally!!). Met with Bradyn Mahara after not speaking with him for almost two years; she asked him about when he knew that Vakmathras was trying to get his attention and Bradyn joined the Devout's Guild. Decided to listen to this newfound calling to work for the darkness (has she ever not, though?). Aided Lanara in getting a not-guilty verdict in her trial. Decided to become a royal pain in Quintessa Dragana's ass; heckled the hell out of her during her match against Gevurah at the Redskull Trophy Ring arena. Rejoined the Necromancer's Guild. Put out a bounty on Lionel. Met Quintessa finally (told her she will kill her if Quintessa ends up like Larewen). Went on a lovely excursion with the Adventurer's Guild to a cave to find half of the wolf amulet (it was in a cave with a dragon; was a bad time; had the magical version of a heart attack).
  • 2020

Items of Note

  • Silver Seashell Charm Bracelet: A gift from Dominic (and ultimately Brand). Regifted from Brand after her memories came back.
  • Diamond Dust: A black ice recurve bow crafted by Alvina. Still strung with vampire-grade string; runed by Onyx to attune itself to the user’s strength. Only works for Khitti and Brand, now that Onyx has died.
  • Enchanted Violin: Once belong to her sister Lydia. It’s several hundred years old, an antique from Dhavislaav. The body is white, while the neck and accents are black.
  • Silver Lapis Lazuli Choker:  An enchanted necklace with lapis lazuli pendant that’s fracture down the middle. The fracture causes the protection spell to malfunction. Found in a dragon’s cave. Caused -a lot- of drama between Khitti, Brand, and Dominic. Can only be activated with a jolt of electricity.
  • Book of Fairy Tales: One book of many, that were written in Dhavislaav, that was found first in the Mage Library of Xalious, and was reunited with Khitti in a dragon’s cave. The pages are lined with silver; the cover is made of black leather and embossed with a red rose.
  • Tenbatsu Kaji: A katana that was forged in the Chapel of Cyris, blessed by priests, and imbued with a holy sprite named Seika. The sword found Khitti and things haven't been the same since.
  • Embershard: A darksteel gladius forged in the fires of Ashfall Peak in the Shadow Plane. Its hilt is made of obsidian created by the volcano and is encrusted with various cuts of alexandrite. It has been given to Khitti by the Prophet Cirice, to call upon for aid when her magicks fail her.
  • The Plane of Shadows: A book originally written by the Prophet Emeritus of the Shadow Plane and eventually translated by Khitti. There are three copies of the book: the original, the first edition of the translation, and a second edition of the translation. The second edition has been given to Bradyn Mahara to be kept under lock and key in the Black Libary. The tome holds information regarding the realm's geography and its people, as well as its fauna and flora. Any other copies that may have been produced since Khitti received the original has been burned, in an attempt to keep the knowledge limited.