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:'''Real Age:''' Eighteen
:'''Real Age:''' Eighteen
:'''Age Appearance:''' Could easily pass for a late teen.
:'''Blood Type:''' <font color=#ff6782>B+</font>
:'''Blood Type:''' <font color=#ff6782>B+</font>
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:'''Birthplace:''' Southern Xalious
:'''Birthplace:''' Southern Xalious
:'''Family:''' Kaaname Tsuji, a retired instructor at the Mage's Tower.
:'''Family:''' [[NPC:Kaaname|Kaaname Tsuji]]
:'''Current Residence:''' Mage's Tower
:'''Current Residence:''' Mage's Tower
:'''Friends:''' [[User: Zahrani|Zahrani]] | [[User: Dyraxdiin|Dyraxdiin]] | [[User: Natianara|Natianara]] | [[User:Quintessa|Quintessa]] | [[User:Laharl|Laharl]]
:'''Friends:''' [[User: Zahrani|Zahrani]] | [[User: Dyraxdiin|Dyraxdiin]] | [[User: Natianara|Natianara]] | [[User:Quintessa|Quintessa]] | [[User:Laharl|Laharl]] | [[User:Raphaline|Raphaline (Songbird)]] | [[User:Elioyahazer|Elioyahazer]]?
:'''Definitely Not Friends:''' [[User:Lanlan|Lanlan]] (for [https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Rp:A_leopard_can%27t_change_its_spots_and_a_giant_invisible_jaguar_can%27t_change_its_runes animal cruelty])
:'''Enemies:''' [[User:Rinn|Rinn]] (for throwing a punch at [[User:Magik|her husband]])
:'''Enemies:''' [[User:Rinn|Rinn]] (for throwing a punch at [[User:Magik|her husband]]) | [[User:Einn|Einn]] (for trying to eat her)
:'''Lovers:''' None
:'''Lovers:''' [[User:Laharl|Laharl]]
:'''Marital Status:''' Never married
:'''Marital Status:''' Never married
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:'''Type:''' Mania | Obsessive
:'''Type:''' Mania | Obsessive
:'''Pets/Familiars:''' None
:'''Pets/Familiars:''' to be updated

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An ambitious, and extremely reckless, half-human half-felyne fresh out of the academy and ready to be the world's greatest spellblade!

Fun note: Text in this color is a trait shared with her half-sister!


Name: Karasu
Age: 18
Birth Date: August 13th ♌
Gender: Cisgender female
Race: Paternally human, maternally felyne
Height / Weight: [without armor] 4'7" (140 cm) / 98 lbs (44.5 kg)
Height / Weight: [wearing armor] 5'0" (152 cm) / 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
Hair Color: Mulberry
Eye Color: Hazel
Class: Spell Blade
Occupation: As per her flyers, "Bad Guy Exterminator For Hire"
Guild: Mage's Guild (Apprentice)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Origin: Xalious Village
Status: Active


🐾 Basics

Full Name: Karasu Tsuji
Title: Miss
Pet Names: None
Species: Half-feline half-human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Demisexual Panromantic
Real Age: Eighteen
Blood Type: B+
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Signature: Small, but nearly illegible, with an underline under the first letters of her initials.

🐱 Relations

Birthplace: Southern Xalious
Family: Kaaname Tsuji
Current Residence: Mage's Tower
Friends: Zahrani | Dyraxdiin | Natianara | Quintessa | Laharl | Raphaline (Songbird) | Elioyahazer?
Definitely Not Friends: Lanlan (for animal cruelty)
Enemies: Rinn (for throwing a punch at her husband) | Einn (for trying to eat her)
Lovers: Laharl
Marital Status: Never married
Type: Mania | Obsessive
Pets/Familiars: to be updated

🐾 Appearance

Face Type: Diamond
Skin Tone: A pale, slightly golden color such as wheat or sand, with olive undertones
Complexion: Dark tan and brown freckles dot her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.
Eye Color: Hazel -- Though some students report seeing her iris become a bright raspberry color when engaged in mock battles.
Hair Color: Mulberry Violet -- It could pass for a reddish-brown indoors.
Hairstyle: 3B type | Cut down to her shoulders.
Makeup: She insists on wearing none, though she does carry a suspicious-looking copper lipstick on her, "just in case".
Expressiveness: Little to no poker face. Can be read like a book.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Slender, but muscular. Hides her lack of "development" by always wearing chest armor.
Height: Stands at 4'7" without her boots
Weight: About 100lbs
Wardrobe: Simplistic and minimal; she has to keep her bag light!
Accessories: Minimal.
Gait: Smooth and brisk, despite her short strides. Even if sightseeing, she walks with the gait of someone with a destination in mind.

🐱 Mental

Senses: Her senses can be quite sharp, but her distractibility will often cause her to focus on one sense and miss another.
Aichmophobia - Fear of needles
Athazagoraphobia - Fear of being forgotten
Habits and Mannerisms:
  • Tends to wring fingers together or pull at the hem of her sleeves when uncomfortable.
  • Looks at the floor when she lies.

🐾 Miscellaneous

Closet Hobby: Reading novels.
Comparison: Karasu is partly based on the Japanese Iriomote Cat, a critically endangered wildcat. In line with what is known about this animal, Karasu's favorite foods are pork, crab, and on rare occasions, fermin, which she does not consider to be a sentient species. She is also quite cranky when made to participate in midday activities, since she is naturally a night owl.

Vice: Pride | Greed | Gluttony | Lust | Envy | Sloth | Wrath

Virtue: Patience | Diligence | Chastity | Temperance | Charity | Kindness | Humility


Weapons of Choice


W͘͠ḩ͞a̢͜҉t҉͟ ͟͝͏ǵ̕͘ò̵̷͢ơ͡d̴͘͜͞ ̨͝c̡͞͞҉̀a̵̧͘̕͝n̕ ̷̸͜c͢o҉͏͝͠m̢̢͡e̶҉ ̨͝t̸̡͘ǫ̷ ͝͏t̢̧͜͞͞ḩ̡͝e̶̴ ̕͏t̷͝r̷̢̡̀̀į̷̛b̴͝é͠ ̵̧͡f̸́͘͟͝r̡̨̛͢o̵̧͠m̴̸͝ ̷̴̀͢ą͟ ͞͡ć̡͘͜͠ų̨̨͝͡ŗ̶̛͠s͏̡́͜ȩ͘d͢͏̴҉̀ ̨͟l̶̡̡͝i̶͠͏t̶̡̡̛͝t̡͢l̵̨̕͘e̸͡ ͜͞h́͜a̧͘͟͡l̴͜f̶̨͘͝-̸͠b̷͢r͏͜e̸͜͠e̸d͟͞?͜͏͢͟

Memories of the Southern Xalious feline tribe are far and few between, but the words of the leader to a kitten with deformed both human ears and smaller-than-average cat ears and her mother have stuck like leeches that refuse to be pulled off. Multiple pairs of slitted eyes from the trees would regard her and Karasu knew exactly what she was: a mistake amongst her kind. Her human father assured her otherwise as he brushed her unruly curls to hide the deformities, and to hide the birthmark that plagued her. Her own hazel eyes would stare around at his office in the Mage's Tower as he graded papers, as students would come inside and admire his walking, talking, half-kitten decoration before asking him questions. Other humans, when out of sight of the teachers, would grab her hair and yank it out of the way to get a glimpse of her "freak show" human ears. Among humans her age, she was little more than a spectacle. A joke. Her time in schooling has just ended, but the wounds still burn fresh in her mind.

Out of Character

Name: Ven 
Birth Date: September 1st ♍ 
Alignment: True Neutral
MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Enneagram: The Loyalist, wings of The Investigator
Discord: Available upon request-- display name changes often