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  '''Name:''' Karasu
  '''Name:''' Karasu
  '''Age:''' 20
  '''Age:''' 18
  '''Birth Date:''' August 13th ♌
  '''Birth Date:''' August 13th ♌
  '''Gender:''' Cisgender female
  '''Gender:''' Cisgender female
  '''Race:''' Paternally human, maternally felyne
  '''Race:''' Paternally human, maternally felyne
  '''Height / Weight:''' 4'7" (140 cm) / 98 lbs (44.5 kg)
  '''Height / Weight:''' [without armor] 4'7" (140 cm) / 98 lbs (44.5 kg)
'''Height / Weight:''' [wearing armor] 5'0" (152 cm) / 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
  '''Hair Color:''' Mulberry
  '''Hair Color:''' Mulberry
  '''Eye Color:''' Hazel
  '''Eye Color:''' Hazel

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An ambitious, and extremely reckless, half-human half-felyne fresh out of the academy and ready to be the world's greatest spellblade!

Fun note: Any blue text is a trait she shares with her half-sister!


Name: Karasu
Age: 18
Birth Date: August 13th ♌
Gender: Cisgender female
Race: Paternally human, maternally felyne
Height / Weight: [without armor] 4'7" (140 cm) / 98 lbs (44.5 kg)
Height / Weight: [wearing armor] 5'0" (152 cm) / 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
Hair Color: Mulberry
Eye Color: Hazel
Class: Spell Blade
Occupation: As per her flyers, "Bad Guy Exterminator For Hire"
Guild: none
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Origin: Off-Hollow
Status: Active


🐾 Basics

Full Name: Karasu Tsuji
Title: Miss
Pet Names: None
Species: Half-feline half-human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Demisexual Panromantic
Real Age: Eighteen
Age Appearance: Could easily pass for a late teen.
Blood Type: B+
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Signature: Small, but nearly illegible, with an underline under the first letters of her initials.

🐱 Relations

Birthplace: Southern Xalious
Family: Kaaname Tsuji, a retired instructor at the Mage's Tower.
Current Residence: Mage's Tower
Friends: Zahrani | Dyraxdiin | Natianara
Enemies: None
Lovers: None
Marital Status: Never married
Type: Mania | Obsessive
Pets/Familiars: None

🐾 Appearance

Face Type: Diamond
Skin Tone: A pale, slightly golden color such as wheat or sand, with olive undertones
Complexion: Dark tan and brown freckles dot her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.
Eye Color: Hazel -- Though some students report seeing her iris become a bright raspberry color when engaged in mock battles.
Hair Color: Mulberry Violet -- It could pass for a reddish-brown indoors.
Hairstyle: 3B type | Cut down to her shoulders.
Makeup: She insists on wearing none, though she does carry a suspicious-looking copper lipstick on her, "just in case".
Expressiveness: Little to no poker face. Can be read like a book.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Slender, but muscular. Hides her lack of "development" by always wearing chest armor.
Height: Stands at 4'7" without her boots
Weight: About 100lbs
Wardrobe: Simplistic and minimal; she has to keep her bag light! A few shirts, two calf-length skirts, long pants, a set of sleeping clothes.
Accessories: Minimal.
Gait: Smooth and brisk, despite her short strides. Even if sightseeing, she walks with the gait of someone with a destination in mind.

🐱 Mental

Senses: Her senses can be quite sharp, but her distractibility will often cause her to focus on one sense and miss another.
MBTI Personality Type: ISFP {The Composer}
Enneagram: The Loyalist
Aichmophobia - Fear of needles
Philophobia - Fear of falling in love or being in love
Soteriophobia - Fear of dependence on others

Habits and Mannerisms: Tends to wring fingers together or pull at the hem of her sleeves when uncomfortable.


Weapons of Choice

Offensive Spells

Song of Pain
[instrument cast / arcane manipulation / air damage]
Every plucked string from her fingers is received like pointed daggers scraping away at the innermost eardrums, threatening to rip its way into the brain and carve out the inside of the skull. This form of soundwave amplification, combined with an aeromanipulation of pressure in the head, usually drives the target to self-harm and/or suicide. The effects will stop almost immediately if her song is interrupted; pressure will stabilize.
Song of Pursuit
[instrument cast / arcane manipulation / air damage]
Another attack of soundwave manipulation; this cannot target one person specifically how Song of Pain can. This song releases a blast of sound waves that will ricochet off of walls (though becoming weaker with each subsequent) to seek heavily concussive force on anything in its path. It's largest limitation is that once produced, the waves cannot be controlled in direction nor target. Collateral damage is inevitable.
Song of Death
[no instrument required / divine manipulation / nature damage]
All that carry the gift of the bard manifest this song in different ways, all very different, and unable to be taught. Taking pity on a child on the run from men with ill intention, the kiss of a dryad was meant to give her power to raise a barrier of foliage, that was all. Her fear took that magic and weaponized it instead. If you were to see the bodies impaled on twisting tree branches and roots, then you would know the effect is grisly. Use of this spell requires considerable stamina.

Supportive Spells

Song of Health
[instrument cast / magic type usage unknown]
This type of healing magic may or may not work differently from others with healing ability. Magic is used, but not to render wounds as if they had never been; the magic used here uses her own energy to accelerate the target's natural repair process. This spell is inversely connected to the Song of Rest for some reason. Use of this spell on others will put Kanna to sleep since her energy is not going back to her own body. If used on herself (the difference being whether an instrument is used or not), this spell becomes the Song of Rest for anyone else around.
Song of Rest
[no instrument required / magic type usage unknown]
Not exactly a healing spell, but it does provide support to those suffering from the worst of insomnia or anxieties. Should only be ineffective in battle if the opposing character is a race not physically capable of sleep. Characters who sleep infrequently but are still capable of sleep may become drowsy. Inversely related to the Song of Health.
Song of Shelter
[no instrument required / divine manipulation / nature magic]
The originally intended gift from a dryad met long ago, this spell will manipulate any nearby flora to make their way to Kanna and create a dome-like barrier around her. Usually, it consists of dampened tree roots, making it somewhat resistant to fire. As of now, the shelter can hold only a few people at once, and they must be in immediate range of her.


W͘͠ḩ͞a̢͜҉t҉͟ ͟͝͏ǵ̕͘ò̵̷͢ơ͡d̴͘͜͞ ̨͝c̡͞͞҉̀a̵̧͘̕͝n̕ ̷̸͜c͢o҉͏͝͠m̢̢͡e̶҉ ̨͝t̸̡͘ǫ̷ ͝͏t̢̧͜͞͞ḩ̡͝e̶̴ ̕͏t̷͝r̷̢̡̀̀į̷̛b̴͝é͠ ̵̧͡f̸́͘͟͝r̡̨̛͢o̵̧͠m̴̸͝ ̷̴̀͢ą͟ ͞͡ć̡͘͜͠ų̨̨͝͡ŗ̶̛͠s͏̡́͜ȩ͘d͢͏̴҉̀ ̨͟l̶̡̡͝i̶͠͏t̶̡̡̛͝t̡͢l̵̨̕͘e̸͡ ͜͞h́͜a̧͘͟͡l̴͜f̶̨͘͝-̸͠b̷͢r͏͜e̸͜͠e̸d͟͞?͜͏͢͟

Memories of the Southern Xalious feline tribe are far and few between, but the words of the leader to a kitten with deformed both human ears and smaller-than-average cat ears and her mother have stuck like leeches that refuse to be pulled off. Multiple pairs of slitted eyes from the trees would regard her and Karasu knew exactly what she was: a mistake amongst her kind. Her human father assured her otherwise as he brushed her unruly curls to hide the deformities, and to hide the birthmark that plagued her. Her own hazel eyes would stare around at his office in the Mage's Tower as he graded papers, as students would come inside and admire his walking, talking, half-kitten decoration before asking him questions. Other humans, when out of sight of the teachers, would grab her hair and yank it out of the way to get a glimpse of her "freak show" human ears. Among humans her age, she was little more than a spectacle. A joke. Her time in schooling has just ended, but the wounds still burn fresh in her mind.

Out of Character

Name: Homie Brahzoni
Birth Date: September 1st ♍ 
Alignment: True Neutral
MBTI Personality Type: INTP
Enneagram: The Loyalist, wings of The Investigator
Discord: Available upon request-- display name changes often