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'''Chaste''' |
🏹 '''Chaste''' |
'''Kind''' |
'''Kind''' |
'''Just''' |
'''Just''' |
'''Proud''' |
'''Proud''' |
'''Shy''' |
'''Shy''' |
'''Stubborn''' <br>
'''Stubborn''' 🏹 <br>

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Futsuka of the Swiftclaw Tribe

🏹 Chaste | Kind | Just | Proud | Shy | Stubborn 🏹


Name: Futuska Swiftclaw
Age: 28
Birth Date: October 30
Gender: cisgender female
Race: Iriomote feline
Height / Weight: 5'2" / 100 lbs 
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Class: Ranger
Specialty: Archery, Healing, Tracking
Occupation: Hunter
Guild: none
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Origin: Xailous
Status: Active


Early Life

Futsuka was born second daughter to the chieftain of the Swiftclaw tribe during a blue moon. Gifted with abnormal sensitives to magic, Futsuka struggled growing up in the Xalious Mountain Range so close to the Mage's Tower and often suffered from debilitating headaches as a result. By the time Futsuka hit puberty, she was already living in her older sister Ynntrasu's shadow. This was made worse when Futsuka began to develop druidic powers at age 13. Swiftclaws did not practice magic, the chieftain made this clear, so Futsuka the Colorless had to hide her abilities or else she would be marked a pariah among her people. The young feline would spend the rest of her childhood hiding who she truly was.

Young Adulthood

On Futsuka's eighteenth birthday she was given an ultimatum; Stop practicing healing magic behind the tribe's back or face a ten year exile. Futsuka chose exile. She wandered into Kelay and sought refuge with the elves. The Sage Forest became her home for a time and Futsuka trained as a ranger among the archers and healers of Kelay. The feline was unsurprisingly a skilled hunter, able to stealthily track even the most elusive of prey. Her real passion, however, was discovered in the bow and Futsuka vowed to perfect the art before she began her personal journey. 

Futsuka drifted for years after leaving the elves, exploring the mystic trees of Enchantment and the dank swamps of Gualon, slaying trolls, orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures as they raided the civilized folk of the land. The ranger then continued eastward into Cenril and caught a ship that sailed her to Rynvale Island- a land the young woman instantly fell in love with. It was here she discovered the weapon she would wield throughout her 20's, the Sylvan Empire style yumi longbow.

The End of Her Exile

Futsuka's 28th birthday passed by without her noticing. Trapped behind a massive door called a Cathabraka, the feline found herself fighting along with the resistance in Venturil and Chartsend during an uprising of a strange, dinosaur-like race. By the end of the Saurian Onslaught, Futsuka had served her punishment and was allowed to finally return home. What she discovered when she got there broke her heart in twain. 

The Xalious felines had been all wiped out. Futsuka was the last of the Swiftclaw tribe. She mourned her family for days, lingering around the area her camp once stood while she gathered what clues she could. If not for her supernatural sensitivity to arcane magic, Futsuka would have never discovered the trace of dark mana left behind by Kanaame Tsuji, her brother-in-law and Provost Esoterica of the Mage's Guild. Recognizing his evil aura, Futsuka vowed to take revenge on the guild for the murder of her tribe.