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Home:Vailkrin (Though she travels too much to truly call it her home)


Appearance: Silver/grey eyes and fiery red hair. She has pale skin. She's a bit short and averagely endowed.She's pretty, but not outrageously pretty.

Main Personality Traits: She was a stoic and indifferent individual, but (as cheesy as it sounds) she has managed to change that just a little because of her new friends. She is still somewhat cold towards strangers, though. Things like romance confuse her.


Freya formed an alliance with Dyzz.

Freya was given some of Dyzz's blood, which enabled her to hear the voices of her ancestors. She met Xannol, which almost resulted in bad blood between them.

Freya and Dyzz attempted to find a guardian for Freya. They'd intended to have it be one of Freya's ancestors, but it went haywire. She formed a reluctant alliance with Xannol, who had watched over them to try to redeem himself for their first meeting.

Freya art: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/149/f/9/hollow_game___freya_by_eyeslikemorphine-d51jkkw.png

(It's by me, so I have complete rights to it. I'll do a better one soon.)

(I'll add more when my story expands, I form more alliances, etc.)