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Guarded<br />
Guarded<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
30, five-five plus tall leather boots.<br />
shadow-laced cloak.<br />
hair like fields of wheat and flax, to her mid-back.<br />
pale eyes the color of sea glass. dead.<br />
an iron diadem inscribed with runes and<br />
with a five-sided turquoise in the center. alive?<br />
cerulean leather vest and double-split panel skirt.<br />
belt full of secrets.<br />
steel, runed chakram.<br />
== Current Roleplay ==
== Notable Roleplay ==
https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Arc:The_Dust_Up_In_Cenril <br />
https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Arc:The_Dust_Up_In_Cenril <br />
== Journal Entries ==
*Anything found here is OOC knowledge. The journal is written in Eleanor's native tongue of D'Vainese, and a translation to Common will be found beneath each entry.
[[Category:Human]] [[Category:Spell Blade]][[Category:The Row]] {{Guild:Rogue's|People}}[[NPC:Oracle|The Oracle]]
Tha mi air co-dhùnadh gum feum mi na faclan seo a sgrìobhadh sìos, ach chan eil mi cho beag de dh 'earbsa, tha mi air a bhith a' gealltainn an seann chànan.
Choinnich mi ris an fhear a tharraing Kahran gu na fearann sin.
Chaidh mi a-steach dha air a 'chuairt seo, a' feuchainn ri beagan tuigse fhaighinn air carson a bha an duine a bha an-còmhnaidh a 'tarraing a leithid de chunnart don fhearann seo a tha mi a-nis a' gairm dhachaigh.
Cha do dh'ionnsaich mi a-mhàin gu robh mòran a bharrachd cluicheadairean air an raon-bhlàir seo na bha mi an dùil.
Le cus cuspairean, chan urrainn dhomh gluasad a dhèanamh a-nis. Tha mi air na dh 'fhaodas mi a dhèanamh de dhraoidheachd a' chnap-starra, agus tha mi air a stòradh airson a chleachdadh nuair a tha an ùine ceart.
Cha do sgrìobh mi mu dheidhinn o dh 'fhàg mi D'Vaine.
Cha sgrìobh mi dheth a-nis.
===== '''Translation from the native D'Vainese''' =====
''I have decided that I must write these words down, but there are so few I trust, I have committed to the old tongue.''<br />
''I met with the man who drew Kahran to these lands. ''<br />
''I joined him on this excursion, hoping to gain some insight into why this man's very existence seemed to draw such danger to this land I now call home.''<br />
''I learned only that there were far more players on this battlefield than I had anticipated.''<br />
''With too many unconstants, I cannot make a move now. I have taken what I can of the barrier's magic, storing it to use when the time is right.''<br />
''I haven't written about it since I left D'Vaine.''<br />
''I will not write of it now.''<br />
[[Category:Human]] [[Category:Spell Blade]][[Category:The Row]] {{Guild:Rogue's|People}}

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Leader of the Rogue’s Guild
Co-owner of The Office in Cenril
Owner of Tuna the Tiger

Smuggler of Dust
Eye of the Oracle
Rogue of Spells


Notable Roleplay

https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Rogue%27s_Guild https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/RG:_What_We_Do_In_The_Shadows https://www.hollowgame.com/wiki/Arc:Sing_a_Song_of_Sixpence The Oracle