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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.


Centaur, extra-large model.
Standing somewhere around 9 foot tall (6' at the withers), over 9' in length, and possibly around 3000 lbs (approximately 1.5 tons), Cyllarus comes from a tribe of very large centaurs, who have gradually over time and selective breeding grown to massive proportions, even compared to other centaurs. In normal human terms, his horse half is similar to either a Clydesdale or Shire breed of horse, while the human half is proportionately large. The musculature of his torso is not that of a bodybuilder, but rather that of a blacksmith, or other person for whom hard work is a part of his normal daily routine.
His skin, hair and coat are all black, although 3 of his feet (and the feathering on them) are white, and there are a couple of white spots scattered about his body and torso. His mane and tail are usually allowed to hang free, although he will tie them up if necessary for a job. His eyes are a deep green, a not unusual color for centaurs.
His movements are sure and deliberate. He is not as excitable as other centaurs, nor as quick and nimble.


  • Image:Cyllarus3.png - personally created picture, currently unfinished. He is missing his mane, and the shadows and light reflections are not consistent.


The perfect businessman
He seems invariably happy and cheerful, especially with his customers. It is unknown how much of this is his normal personality, and how much may be just a salesman's touch. There have been a few rare times when he has been spotted acting less than cheerful. Perhaps this was just a temporary effect of a setback of some kind, or perhaps something more?


Cyllarus buys most items for more than the stores will pay, and then sells them to other customers for less than the stores charge. In this way, his customers all save money, and Cyllarus earns a little bit. His profit margin is not large, so he makes his money by buying and selling lots of items with lots of customers.
He does not publish a list of his prices, as that would make it easy for competitors to under- or over-bid him by just enough to steal customers away. However, several items have been bought and sold so often that his prices are pretty much common knowledge.


In Hollow

The start of an enterprise
Arriving in Kelay, he set about building up his business, buying lighter armors and weapons, reselling them to needy people. As he built up his gold resources, he was able to buy heavier armors from people, and resell them, making a slightly larger profit. Over the last year and some, he has managed to build it up to the point that he has even been able to buy the occasional artifact or family relic (aka Customs), although doing so, combined with the downturn in the Preklek armor business have stretched his finances to their limits. He will eventually recover, of course, given time.
The Merchant's Guild
Occasionally, Cyllarus was approached by people interested in becoming apprentices and learning how to do business. With the aid of some politically powerful people (aka admins), he founded the Merchant's Guild. From the Guild headquarters located deep inside Alithyra City, the Merchant's Guild has spread to many cities of the realm, with stores located, or in the process of being built, in Kelay, Craughmoyle, Venturil and Rynvale.
Each member of the Guild does not necessarily buy or sell the same items as any other, or at the same prices. Each is an individual. The Guild members may compete amongst themselves for business, but all such competition is friendly, or at least not hostile. The Guild's purpose is to support all merchants and their business, providing advice or information whenever possible.
Today Cyllarus is still the Guildmaster of the Merchant's Guild, although he has been unexplainably absent for weeks at a time lately. He still buys and sells most anything, although his gold reserves have often been a bit strained lately as he tries to do business with those wanting or having the most expensive of items. He has also done some work towards trying to start a Ranger's Guild, for those who love the land, and want to help others get to know it.

Before Hollow

Tribal History
Long ago, his tribe changed their lifestyle from the conventional woodlands and hunting, to a more settled, agriculturally-oriented one. By raising their own food rather than foraging for it, they were able to sell the excess to other centaur tribes. Over time and generations, the different lifestyle resulted in a breed of centaur much better suited for pulling plows and wagons, or carrying large amounts of cargo, but at a sacrifice of some of the speed and agility of their woodland cousins.
His tribe have left their mark in the occasional battles against other races. When properly equipped and used in battle, they are the equivalent of heavy cavalry, versus the more standard light cavalry of other centaurs. Wearing heavy armor that weighs more than a man, a troop of these centaurs can charge right over many formations, leaving them lying broken in the dirt. They often use a heavy longbow taller than most men, and polearms for melee battle. A troop of heavy centaurs charging with polearms levelled can send weaker squads into flight.
Personal History
During his earlier years with the tribe, Cyllarus followed the usual roles. Farming, smithing, and patrolling with war bands. Due to his size and intelligence, he eventually rose to the post of Captain of a war band. Currently, he is experimenting with being a merchant, trying to find ways for his tribe to earn extra income. His wife Hylomene has remained behind with the tribe as one of their political leaders.