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Height: 5'9<br>
Height: 5'9<br>
Weapons: Spear, round shield and scimitar.<br>
Weapons: Spear, round shield and scimitar.<br>
Class: Not named, but arena approved and battle hardened. <br><br>
Class: Murmillo. <br><br>
== How It Began ==
== How It Began ==

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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Weapons: Spear, round shield and scimitar.
Class: Murmillo.

How It Began

Akadius was the son of a wealthy merchant of weapons. To be frank, he was the bastard son of the merchant Tiberius. He was raised in a cruel environment meant for slaves. Living a life in servitude. When Akadius reached eleven years old, his father walked him down to the arena and placed him in the quarter masters care. From then on, Akadius learned the use of sword and shield, training from a boy to be a Murmillo of Gualon. When Trident and net was introduced to the arena, Akadius grew an idea and began training in the use of a short spear. He learned to throw one, thrust one, defend with one and grapple with it as well. The same shield training kept him protected during his years of combat, his many years of combat. Eventually, he received a slot in Gualons Primus. A match meant to decide Gualons new champion and decide which man would gain a piece of the set known as Mortality. After a hard fought battle Akadius won the match and used the edge of his shield to slay his opponent by slamming it into their throat. The man slowly choked to death in front of hundreds of people. Akadius won the title of Champion and the shield to the set Mortality. By achieving this title Akadius was also set free...

Some time later

Akadius gathered men of war, deserters who were marked for death and began training them. The men learned to fight in his way to stay alive. They also learned to fight shield to shield. Better known as phalanx fighting. Before long he had a group of glory dreaming warriors following his every command. He named his unit Murum Mors (ooc: Latin for wall of death) for their unique way of combat. The Murum Mors were used in the Archmosian wars, fighting for and against the Empire many times over. Akadius never carried allegiance to any side. His unit was simply purchased to combat on either side. He never abandoned a single mission and always finished them. No matter the cost.

Current Times

Akadius now resides back inside Gualon looking for more work as a mercenary of war. If the price is right, he and his Murum Mors will do the job. Seek him out should you have need....