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== '''Temple Location''' ==
== '''Temple Location''' ==
* The Inner Sanctem of the Spider Queen (locked)
* The Shallow Shrine of the Spider Goddess
** Gualon
* <s>The Inner Sanctem of the Spider Queen</s> (converted to Vakmatharas)
** Trist'oth
** Trist'oth
* The Shallow Shrine of the Spider Goddess (under construction)
** Gualon
== ''' Appearance ''' ==
== ''' Appearance ''' ==

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The Spider Goddess is a God of Hollow


The Spider Goddess is one of the Elder Gods and is exceedingly evil. The ominous Goddess favors Drow females above all others, generally granting favor only to the most cruel and devout among them. No one knows from where she originated, as she existed well before the Drow ever found their way into the depths of the Underdark. The capricious Goddess enjoys the suffering of mortals in a way no other god does, especially that suffering brought about by the twisted planning of other mortals. Lacking the ability to both give and take away life, she views males as an inferior form of mortal creatures. It is believed that the very creation of spiders on the mortal realm is due to her own hand, the ultimate reflection of the Goddess herself, a hunter who lays elaborate webs and waits for prey to wander in to be killed at the predator's leisure, lacking all semblance of compassion or remorse.

The Spider Goddess currently resides within a subterranean labyrinth below the city of Celestia upon the Plane of the Higher Gods.

Temple Location

  • The Shallow Shrine of the Spider Goddess
    • Gualon
  • The Inner Sanctem of the Spider Queen (converted to Vakmatharas)
    • Trist'oth


Appears through avatars as a Giant Spider or Drow female of urivaled beauty


Common Follower types: Drow females, Drow male slaves

Known Followers

Related Artifacts

Related Clans

  • None

Common Rituals

  • The Night of The Bloody Moon - must be performed in a carefully crafted temple every 6 months to maintain maximum favor from the Spider Goddess