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The Eyrie

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Clan Basics

Owner: Portea

Leaders: Portea (Commander), Satoshi (Deputy Commander), Kasyr, Hildegarde.

Alignment: Neutral.

Headquarters: Outskirts of Gualon, and within Frostmaw City.

Details/Purpose: To provide a strong Aerial Force, to Frostmaw and to those with the means of hiring or swaying the otherwise Neutral clan. To help members grow and develop a bond with their mounts, to teach the art of partnership rather than dominance, and to safeguard the skies and lands of Frostmaw against poachers, slavers, and the like.

How to Join

  • Interested parties should speak with Satoshi, Kasyr, or Hildegarde to get recruitment RPs going. You can also start the process by RPing with any member of the clan, of course, and they in turn will point you toward one of the leaders or owners that can add you in officially.
    • Additionally, once your interest in the clan has been expressed, please do not nag us. You haven't been forgotten, we promise, but some of us have very busy schedules that make it difficult to catch everyone in a short amount of time.
  • A mount/partner is not required for you to join. We'll work with you through RPs to help you obtain one. Additionally, if your character is of a race (i.e. dragon) that makes a suitable mount and they have/want a partner, the clan offers membership in that aspect too.

Membership Requirements

  • The Eyrie is a long-term, life-altering commitment. Loyalty must be unerring.

  • Members are solely responsible for the raising and care of a powerful flying mount. Or, in the case you play a flying creature, you're responsible for the safety and well-being of your partner.

  • We seek active, dedicated RPers with a love for story development, a passion for interacting with people of all sorts--inside and outside the clan, and a desire to learn and grow alongside fellow RPers. We grow by contributing to the health of the Hollow community as a whole.

  • A strong willingness to RP is a must, and while dueling ability is not necessary, it is a nice bonus. If you are uncomfortable with dueling, simply say so and we will work with you.

  • OOC and RP etiquette is an absolute must. Your character might be an insufferable ass, but you don't need to be. For our clan to function as a fighting force and a family, we need to be able to get along on an ooc level, and an ic level is preferred as well, with clan and non-clan members alike. This includes interactions with non-clan members, for we have zero tolerance for drama, bashing, harassment, or any form of poisoning the Hollow community as a whole.

  • Adhere to the Rules of behaviour. We have no place for drama, and no tolerance for rule-breakers. Keep your OOC and IC separate. Mixers, gossipers, rumor-mongers, bashers, and the like will be removed from the clan without a second warning. If you cannot contribute to Hollow in a healthy, positive manner, you do not have a place in this clan.

Rankings & Members




Official leader of The Eyrie, holding the authority to recruit or remove any clan member, up to and including Officers and Wingleaders.

Deputy Commander


Second-in-Command, overseeing the daily activities of the clan. Answers only to the Commander, holds the authority to recruit or remove any clan member, up to and including Wingleaders.


Trusted figures of authority within the clan, they hold the right to recruit or remove any members ranking below them. In times of war, they each head their own Wing of fighters, working together and answering to the Marshals.


Hildegarde- Silver Dragon

Cadets and Recruits

Alvina the Silver Bard

  • Mount: Zilant, Zi



  • Mount: Bonded Green Dragon


  • Mount: Alchemically Engineered Pegasus, Cleopatra (Cleo)


  • Mount: Unstated

Mythayus- Blue Dragon



  • Mount: Undecided- aiming for a Black Winged Horse via RP.



  • Mount/Rider: Unstated



  • Mount: Hummingbird companions, & a pack of wyvern-friends.

Eyrie NPCs

Unique/ranking NPCs of the clan, typically serving basic day-to-day functions to keep things running smoothly. Able to provide certain degrees of aid to clanmates should they be required.

Former Members

Kirien Mahri Neema Taeme
Tess Sade Blake Firewing
Redovian Markos Ivellios Jedediah
Ovouri Galos Chakor Sasha
Ardhel Jextar Madigan Misaki
Nymh Refrit Rilling Verthica
Amenia Dami Markos Micah
Mihael Sasha Victor Iintahquohae