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Rothik is a God of Hollow
Orc God of Conquest and Destruction


An ancient orc from the early days of the race, Rothik possessed skill, ferocity, and drive unrivaled by any his race. As tradition holds, the orc ascended from the mortal plane to achieve godhood solely through his might and the breadth of his conquests. With his orc raiders, he once conquered the land as far north as Frostmaw and as far east as Cenril before being repelled from the north by the giants and the inclement climate and from the east by only the boundaries of the sea. No one dared to challenge the orc’s mettle and resolve, and when there was nothing left to conquer in the lands, the gods chose to venerate him to become one of their own.

Since he was venerated from a mortal, and not from the divine plane, Rothik is not an equal to the Elder Gods, though he is able to grant untold skills and magic upon his dedicated followers on the material plane of existence, where he chooses to speak through the shaman devoted to his worship.

The Rothkquin, orcish war tribe of Gualon, take their name from the god, though the tribe more intimately connected with Rothik are the Droghan. The Droghan are a small tribe of orc shamans who live within the swamplands of Gualon. The Rothkquin will not go to war without a member of the Droghan present, and in war councils prior to conflict, the Droghan are often consulted before any decision is reached. Most, if not all, of these conclaves result in favor of conquest and destruction, to honor their ascended brother and god.

Places of Worship

  • Carved Totem Pole – primary temple


Rothik is generally represented as a massive hulking form, wrought with corded muscles from head to toe. Rather than being adorned with armor or other ritualistic regalia, the statuesque warrior is generally shown naked save for a loincloth, his impressive form imposing to all who view it. His features are stern and grimacing, his face depicted as painted red with the blood of enemies. A pair of ivory tusks protrude from his scowling maw, one mangled and ragged, the shattered ivory shards as sharp as dagger points. The orc god's symbol is that of a broken, blood stained tusk.


Related Artifacts

  • Totem of Rothik
    • a symbolic blood stained, broken tusk carried by devoted followers of Rothik

Related Groups/Clans

Common Rituals

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