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=Current Arcs =
=Current Arcs =
{{ArcBox|Saurian Onslaught}}
{{ArcBox|What You Leave Behind}}
{{ArcBox|What You Leave Behind}}
{{ArcBox|When Memories Flicker}}
{{ArcBox|When Memories Flicker}}
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{{ArcBox|Dragging the Dragon}}
{{ArcBox|Dragging the Dragon}}
{{ArcBox|Rest in Pieces: Vailkrin!}}
{{ArcBox|Rest in Pieces: Vailkrin!}}

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Purpose of this Page

This page lists current and past arcs and tournaments. Those looking to engage in active plots should look here to see what's happening in Hollow.

Individual rps, duels, and artifacts should not be listed here. Only those events which bring together multiple players belong on this page.

Current Arcs

Saurian Onslaught

A new species of saurian have evolved from the dinosaurs in Venturil. They call themselves the Razurath. A gang of Razurath have blockaded the pass between Craughmoyle and the Venturili plains. Trade and travel is near impossible and very dangerous. Reports have made it back to the major cities that the Razurath are also kidnapping magic users such as wizards and witches, and even magical creatures like pixies. If they are not stopped, Venturil and Chartsend will be overrun, and the Eastern half of the continent is surely next on the evil saurian's list.

What You Leave Behind

It has been many years since the Dark Immortals Khasad and Elazul ravaged the realm of Lithrydel with their mighty armies and heroes such as Donovan Keane, Lionel O’Connor, Kalid, Cailyn Keane, and Demont Roussai drove them back, sealing and destroying them forevermore. Yet even in their defeat there were signs that their forces were never truly extinguished. Roughly two years after war’s end, a cult of former soldiers in Elazul’s ranks lit fire to the country of Catal from shore to shore, bringing about a cataclysm that exterminated the vast majority of the Catalian people and left the land to rot.

When Memories Flicker

Most everyone in Lithrydel and Rynvale Island has an aura that can be seen. This is no secret to the magically gifted, but there is something no aura-seers have said. The commonality of guilty auras, of resentful ones, ones that trail despair like a cloud of fog. If one isn't seen, it must be the sign of a cold-blooded killer, or of one whose soul has long embraced and reconciled past tragedy. The strange girl who came as a stowaway on a Cenril ship is no exception. The cheery personality of the traveling songstress is driven by the need to escape, to just pretend and forget for one moment, that the aura of despair that most share is on her as well, plaguing her memories with every interaction.

Things Are Looking Up

Fueled by rumors that the uyeer are from a place called "outer space", Kreekitaka begins an investigation into this realm, gathering the best minds he can find to search for a way to find out what's truly out there.

Through A Glass, Darkly

Tensions soared the night an informal coven of witches gathered in secret to resurrect Valrae Ivy Baines, convicted enemy of the Larket state. Now, with her aid, the barrier that protects Cenril from Kahran and his dark army is restored but the city's problems are far from solved. Peace is fragile and idle minds lead to idle chatter. Who is Uma Abelin, and whose interests does she protect? Can Cenril’s witches be trusted - was their leap of faith worth the potential conflict with neighboring Larket?

Will the powers at play within the barrier destroy the city before Kahran even makes his second attempt?

Something Wicked

Death stalks Frostmaw's frozen forests. Recently, citizens of the City of War have found themselves hunted by an enormous, ferocious beast when venturing beyond the city gates and into the wild. Strange tracks have been seen winding between the trees: a bear's prints leading into a patch of disturbed ground, but only a man's leaving. The numerous deaths and the disruption to the giants' livelihoods forced Aslfur, a woodsman, to seek out the help of Encara Val'thyrion, a wayward drow and mercenary. Encara soon found herself working alongside Ranger's Guild members Orikahn and Aira to find the creature wreaking havoc in the Western Wilds.

What began as a bear hunt has now evolved into a dark mystery. Who are the witches that watch Tovald from their obsidian mirrors? Why are they controlling him, forcing him to undergo the change into a monstrous beast... and what is their ultimate goal?

Dragging the Dragon

Being as old and large as Scandal is, comes at a hefty cost. It would seem that Scandal is slowly losing the ability to transform on his own, and he has been spending more and more time as a dragon, unable to revert back to his more humanoid form. At the suggestion of Lanara, Scandal is made aware of a ritual that can lengthen the period between his transformations. To do so, they will have to travel all over the realm, gathering the necessary ingredients, before they are able to enchant a talisman with such a powerful spell. Hopeful that this will even work, the unlikely friends are looking for others to join in on their quest for the items, such as healers, trackers, and those that can provide defense should something go awry.

Rest in Pieces: Vailkrin!

With Vailkrin's throne still empty after Kasyr's abdication, unrest appears to have fallen over the City of the Dead. The Houses are in turmoil, engrossed in a covert war that is fought only in the shadows as they vie for control of the city. Most notable is the strain that has arisen between House Nasar and the much younger House Dragana.

House Nasar isn't the only House in Vailkrin nobility at risk, though. Others are targeted too, their falls an imminent danger. Will Vailkrin's current aristocracy last? Or will it be overthrown?


If these arcs aren't progressed soon, I'll bump them to inactive. Josleen (talk)

Home Sweet Home

Since the liberation of Sage from the drow, those of the Elves that wanted to return to the forest wasted no time in doing so, while a small portion of them remained behind in Frostmaw. However, due to the sudden rise of the Elven population, a plague has swept over the forest, causing the trees to rot from the inside out. With Tiphareth's curse continuously spreading, the elves are faced with potentially losing their ancestral home once more.

Souls Out of Time

Deep within the plains of Venturil, a place known for hostility, lurks something unknown. A power from another time is brought forth into someone. Scattered scenes of carcasses are being discovered. Evidence of their rituals. What exactly is happening? These casters lay in wait, perfecting their technique. Only the choice for a random adventure shines a light on what they have been doing. Now, their efforts have been discovered and everything they have worked to build could either spill forth into the world or crumble at the hands of others.

Current Tournaments

Titans of Winter Tournament 2018
Will Shishi remain The Titan of Winter, or will the 2017 champion be dethroned?

Current Quests

Arc:Larketian Fault Lines
This arc also has an active crafting quest that begins in the Chapel of Pleasure.

Past Arcs

Past arcs that have been seen through to completion.











Inactive Arcs

Many arcs are abandoned before completion. If you are curious to see what others have attempted before you, you can browse through the list of inactive arcs. Perhaps you'll be inspired to try something similar.

Past Tournaments