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Penelope is behind her sweet booth Halifax Roots with dapper Ruari Erickson. She is draped in a simple black dress with the back open. She is greeting people who pass by and giving off samples of different herbs, salves, and oils. The girl is doing her best to do her party favors. Hoorah.
Penelope is behind her sweet booth Halifax Roots with dapper Ruari Erickson. She is draped in a simple black dress with the back open. She is greeting people who pass by and giving off samples of different herbs, salves, and oils. The girl is doing her best to do her party favors. Hoorah.
Meri is somewhere in the crowd with her daughter and Callum. The tattooed woman has dressed appropriately for the event, meaning that she is actually in a dress, albeit nothing to flashy. Just some standard black number that is just fancy enough for the occasion. Her daughter is definitely dressed in a far cuter outfit. It's a green dress, I wonder why. Fleur's black hair has been pulled back into a neat braid which has been secured with a bow that matches her dress. The child on Meri's hip was of the age where she could probably manage to toddle around on her own, though in a far from graceful manner, but with number of feet present Meri has decided it best to carry her daughter about for these festivities. Plus it gave Fleur a better view of what was happening. Cal leans into Meri with the confession that he has no idea who any of these people are. Meri is far less of a hermit that then Catalian, and his statement prompts her to give him the names of some of the people that she is familiar with as she spots them. It's not just names he is given though, she'll probably whisper some gossip and information about said person in the process....as couples do. Of course, there are still plenty of people that Meri does not know, she is only able to name a portion of the people present.
Meri is somewhere in the crowd with her daughter and Callum. The tattooed woman has dressed appropriately for the event, meaning that she is actually in a dress, albeit nothing to flashy. Just some standard black number that is just fancy enough for the occasion. Her daughter is definitely dressed in a far cuter outfit. It's a green dress, I wonder why. Fleur's black hair has been pulled back into a neat braid which has been secured with a bow that matches her dress. The child on Meri's hip was of the age where she could probably manage to toddle around on her own, though in a far from graceful manner, but with number of feet present Meri has decided it best to carry her daughter about for these festivities. Plus it gave Fleur a better view of what was happening. Cal leans into Meri with the confession that he has no idea who any of these people are. Meri is far less of a hermit that then Catalian, and his statement prompts her to give him the names of some of the people that she is familiar with as she spots them. It's not just names he is given though, she'll probably whisper some gossip and information about said person in the process....as couples do. Of course, there are still plenty of people that Meri does not know, she is only able to name a portion of the people present.

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This is a Mage's Guild RP.

Summary: Clever summary here

Town Well

Just south of the Xalious Village rests the town's well. At it's bottom is crisp and pure water, filtered through the rocky mountains by the many hydromancers who come to study at the Mage's Guild. It is the sole water source for the entire village as well as those within the Tower, and as such is protected by a plethora of arcane defences. Many of the villagers spend their days here, discussing various aspects of their lives, as well as keeping an eye on the multitude of visitors who frequent this town; more so now that the foul smell which once came from it has been expelled by the mages. It is whispered that beneath it lays deep tunnels which link up to other wells in Hollow, and perhaps even the Underdark, but no villagers are brave enough to learn the truth, content enough they are knowing they're well protected. The northern road leads back into town, to the east is the entrance to a grand park. South is the magnificent Xalious Tree, restored once again to its former splendour. And to the west is an ancient guard tower which houses the few guards who ensure peace is kept in the village.

Farmers, merchants, mages, students, travelers and entertainers alike filter onto the wooden platform that stretches out across the area around Xalious Town Well. The platform plays host to many tables and seating accomodations that line either side of the area. The middle is open, surrounding the Xalious Town Well, where one can see superstitious children, men and women cast a sparkling coin into it's depths for a better harvest, more game to hunt or even for the blessing of love! Anything is possible, with Arh'Nuk as close as it ever gets throughout the year; it shines down upon Xalious Village with a radiant light - the archaic runes etched into it's surface a blood red and clearly visible. For now, the twin moons act as the only source of light in the area, casting a deep shadow across the entire town of Xalious. A raised dais stands at one end of the dancing and dining area, where onlookers can gaze up at the faces of the prestigious upper echelon of the Mage's Guild. The other end has stadium-styled bleachers, where an army of Bard's Guild members sit with their instruments, awaiting instruction to begin. Dyraxdiin rises from his seat up on the dais and moves forward, so that he might better address the gathered people. He has chosen to step outside of his comfort zone and has dressed for the part of host to this year's Xalious Celestial Celebration. He wears a formal coat, buttoned all the way up to the collar, which varies in color from black, to dark blue, then to a deep purple, depending on the direction of the light around him. Across the background color of his coat, myriad stars of differing sizes can be seen twinkling and moving, as if his shirt acts as a telescope into the night's sky itself. His coat plays the main theme of his chosen outfit - simple black pants are tucked into sturdy, comfortable black boots. His long hair is pulled back into, for the first time, a neat bun at the back of his head. The left side of his head and face bear four still-healing claw marks that run from his left temple, across his left eye and onto his nose. His left eye has long since gone dark, devoid of it's otherwise glowing quality. Nevertheless, he looks around to the people that have come to celebrate and offers a smile, his arms opening wide in grand gesture, "Welcome all, to the Xalious Celestial Celebration!" His voice is strong, deep and echoes throughout the town - aided of course, by some means of magic. Once he enunciates the final word, twinkling star-like lights spawn into existence around the village and the raised platform suddenly lights up. Were one to look, they might be able to guess that the platform itself is enchanted; just above head-height lies a foreign galaxy cluster, so close one might feel enticed to reach up and pluck free a galaxy from the ever-shifting cloud illusion.

A full-scale symphony orchestra has been gathered on the bleachers. They’re all dressed in glittering white suits and dresses that shine a light pink in the reddish light. The younger bards are perched precariously on the edges of their chairs or standing stiffly with their instruments in hand. They stand still, waiting for the Mage’s guild and their spokesman to give the word. Once Dyradiin speaks, the conductor turns to face they armor of bards and demands their attention with a flick of his wrist. A harpist that plucks strings with precision and grace. Each motion of her fingers and arms are crisp, concise, and optimized for the piece. The strings chirp quietly behind her, lending to the ethereal feel. Once more people begin to fill in the space, the music will change from sweet, mellow background humming to a full scale encouragement to hit the dance floor. They’ll rotate through elegant waltzes with energetic swing pieces spaced throughout to encourage the less touchy feely types to engage in the festivities.

Seteth felt the steady soreness in his legs and sighed. It was one thing to lose much of what once made his handiwork so deft when the ‘Good Masters’ chained each of his wrists with those magical cuffs, pumping strange elemental poisons through his arms to decrease his upper-body dexterity. It was another thing altogether to allow exhaustion to creep into the muscles of his two remaining good limbs. The thief had come to rely upon his legs more than ever before in his short yet tumultuous young life. No longer were they mere tools for beating hasty escapes. Seteth’s legs had become a force to be reckoned with; his overreliance on them had given them a strongman’s tone despite his overall litheness. Taking a cue from a Seanzhe pirate he had once underestimated, Seteth had fashioned miniature blades into small leather pockets sewn into the soles of his shoes which he could unsheath with a fast horizontal tilt of the knee. The resultant stab was not only painful but nearly as poisonous as the constant malady which had been inflicted upon Seteth himself. So much of the lad’s success was now owed to his legs, which amplified his disappointment whenever they ached their dissatisfaction with the speed at which he traveled. “Should have hired a carriage,” he mumbled to himself from within the outer reaches of the crowd gathering for the Mage’s Guild Ball in Hollow’s seasonable Xalious province. He had ample coinage after his fortunate run-in with that comically-dressed merchant on the bridge into Cenril earlier. Alas, Seteth chose the scenic route, and now he was paying for it. The thief settled into his spot, his dark attire enabling him to blend in beneath the gathering inkiness of night.

Look, let’s be honest. I don’t need to go into detail about how hot Cal looks in his extremely expensive tux with green accents. He looks gorgeous in anything--especially when ‘anything’ is nothing. Today is no different; his hair is perfectly on point, his shoes are shined, his face shaved so that he’s kissably smooth, and to top it all off, he’s got that she-devil, Meri, by his side. Oh yes, today seems like a pretty good day. And once this week is over with, it’ll be even nicer, because he’ll get to pocket a bit of the money that’s made from those games he rigged at the carnival. Cal doesn’t just stop being the roguish sort, just because he’s hanging around all these mages, after all. The Catalian and the psion were out in the open now for this little gathering, though it’s all Cal’s fault. Sorry, Meri. He just -had- to join the guild, amirite? “I have no idea who any of these people are,” he whispers to the blonde, his absolute best customer service mask plastered all over his face. It’s true. Cal was so much of a hermit of late thanks to those witch hunters that he didn’t even really stick around the mage tower much to meet with his fellow guildmembers. It’s fiiiine. The guild could use a healer-hermit anyway.

Zahrani silently makes her way to the platform, the panther in her more elf-like visage for the evening. The feline wears masculine-presenting garb tonight, a simple suit and tie, and her amulet of Cyris rests over said tie. The woman's lips curl into a smile as she sees looks up at the radiant moons, her ears picking up the sound of music from the orchestra gathered. Her cyan gaze then turn to someone who walks with her. Brennia has her hand in the crook of Rani's arm. The avian is dressed in a lovely form-fitting black dress, masterfully tailored to expose her back and allow her wings to move freely behind her. With a warm smile, the panther guides them over to an area near the dance floor, taking in the crowd of people who had gathered.

Karasu fiddles with her hair before stepping into the moonlight of the ball. It has been years since she’s worn something so formal; without her armor, she feels lighter, but more vulnerable at the same time. This is likely the first time the woman has ever willingly shown skin that was not on her face or hands. The spell-blade’s dress is a simple black, with no back from the black halter neck that covers her birthmark, down to just beneath the base of her tail, whose deep violet fur extends just a few inches up her spine. The freckles that dot her cheek are more pronounced on her arms and back, revealing a leopard pattern to any who look closely. Her lips and claws are even painted a deep hazel to match her eyes. The black dress shimmers towards the bottom with crimson arcane symbols that match that of the celebrated moon. Everyone better be taking this all in, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see formalwear-Karasu. Slitted hazel eyes scour the area for a chance of a familiar face, perhaps one that made her laugh often. Her shoulders droop slightly in disappointment. Perhaps not.

Elioyahazer is the pinnacle of prepared for this black tie event, having freshly shaved his face, and slicked those dark locks back. Done up in a very debonair, double breasted jacket with embroidered silver buttons, pleated fancy pants and matte finished black shoes, the vampire has actually put effort into his appearance this eve. His ashen complexion has been cured with a rather large feeding just before arriving here at the ball. His steps are silent while he peruses through the area, until Dyraxdiin announces himself to all of those gathered. If anyone was trying hard enough, Elioyahazer would be rather easy to spot. It seems the group he stopped by is not very fond of his kind, and they scooch away, clearing space for the man.

Brennia had been to a ball or two, some parties and a charity event, but she’d never formally been asked to go to one of these things -with- someone. She’s over the moon ecstatic that she’s here with Zahrani, her hand looped in the crook of the feline’s arm. The six foot two avian decides to go with simple black satin flats today, but it doesn’t even matter because her long black boat neck dress doesn’t even show off her footwear. The back of the dress as a low v cut due to her wings, but with them folded closely to her back, that aspect is barely noticeable passed such dark alluring beauties which seem to be twitching slightly with nervousness mixed with excitement. Her chestnut hair is curled and pinned off to one side and the silky tresses cascade all the way down to her narrow waist. Her finger lace together as she continues to let Zahrani lead her towards the festivities and when the music starts a sweet warm smile curves on her burgundy painted lips. Happy to stand and wait for things to get started with Zahrani as other people gather in, teal hues glancing around to try and find familiar faces, but when she looks to her date again, she blushes and smiles in a bashful manner.

Penelope is behind her sweet booth Halifax Roots with dapper Ruari Erickson. She is draped in a simple black dress with the back open. She is greeting people who pass by and giving off samples of different herbs, salves, and oils. The girl is doing her best to do her party favors. Hoorah.

Meri is somewhere in the crowd with her daughter and Callum. The tattooed woman has dressed appropriately for the event, meaning that she is actually in a dress, albeit nothing to flashy. Just some standard black number that is just fancy enough for the occasion. Her daughter is definitely dressed in a far cuter outfit. It's a green dress, I wonder why. Fleur's black hair has been pulled back into a neat braid which has been secured with a bow that matches her dress. The child on Meri's hip was of the age where she could probably manage to toddle around on her own, though in a far from graceful manner, but with number of feet present Meri has decided it best to carry her daughter about for these festivities. Plus it gave Fleur a better view of what was happening. Cal leans into Meri with the confession that he has no idea who any of these people are. Meri is far less of a hermit that then Catalian, and his statement prompts her to give him the names of some of the people that she is familiar with as she spots them. It's not just names he is given though, she'll probably whisper some gossip and information about said person in the process....as couples do. Of course, there are still plenty of people that Meri does not know, she is only able to name a portion of the people present.

Jaina is excited to arrive at the party and even decided to dress up for it and as she arrived, she was concentrating hard on her form so that she appeared much larger than her normally small 4in form standing now at just under 5 feet tall. She had her normally unkempt red hair tied into one long braid that hung down her back and was wearing a dress she had made herself out of red and brown leaves that went to just above her knees and showed off a slight cleavage. She was excited as she had only ever been to pixie parties before and was curious as to what the differences might be, but so far nothing seemed to far outside what she had been used to. She was excited though as she looked around as there were far more people than she was used to, and she couldn’t help but introduce herself to whoever she could as she waited for the festivities to start. Once she heard the opening words though and noticed the music started playing, she immediately made her way to the dance area and started to spin around the dance floor letting her wings flutter a bit behind her as she moves.

Raphaline arrives to the ball decked in a strapless, midnight blue silk gown with small silver and gold stars painted across it. The gown clings to her curves from collar bone all the way down to just above her knees where the dress splits and flows outward from her long legs. As for her usually unruly curls, somehow they have been tamed into reasonable, long loose curls with bits of crystal woven into them so that when she moves her head they sparkle like hidden stars. After her day of business she is ready for a party. As she enters the area, she turns her gaze first to the bard guild and offers an appreciative smile to those playing before looking out over the area for familiar faces. She spots a few, and those who are close to the bard are given a warm smile in greeting.

Larewen arrives. It’s the first time she’s made a truly public appearance since her humiliating loss to her own fledgling. And the sheer fact this isn’t Vailkrin is probably why she feels at ease. Verdant shadows wrap the necromancer’s body, clinging to her form much the same way one of her dresses might. A glowing soulstone pendant hangs from her neck, accentuated by a low cut neckline and matching earrings. They are filled, but with whose souls? Only Larewen knows. The darkness shifts and slithers over her form, constantly moving, changing. Even as she walks, she leaves a trail of shadows in her wake that soon dissipate. Obsidian heels adorn her feet, the volcanic glass tempered as not to shatter too easily should the elf find herself in any predicament. Dark brown hair is drawn up into a braided bun that rests upon the crown of her head. Mismatched eyes sweep over those present, quietly. She looks every bit as proud as she did before her defeat.

Scandal ’s appearance at the event was more than it seemed. The dragon was imposing in his human form. Even if his form was not that of bodybuilder, or a strongman, but nevertheless it made an impact on the crowd as he entered the area. His hair for the most parted combed and well kept, with the front end purposely spiked in the front, Red for the most part the spikes of orange as if his head were a fire, and his dark red irised eyes gleaming out from his piercing stare. He walked with control and directness. As he stepped out of his carriage, he assisted in escorting two beautiful models, from the carriage, and walked with them as he strode into the scene. It wasn’t that he had an interest in these two women, but a Cenrilian had suggested that, it might be best to just live up to the name your named with, than to fight it, and be different. So he had accepted the role he was given. He would give a smile from that chiseled jaw, and give a nod to the friends he knew, and one to the others. For publicity even casting a gold coin into the well. He was here, but then was that the only reason. Clothed a pair of dress pants, black dress shoes, a black shirt, and a white suit coat, which dives open upon his black shirt. He strolled about, meeting and showing of his escort. Perhaps they would be more interesting then he.

Callum grins at the gossip Meri spills willingly to him. It’s been far too long since he properly played the ever-vigilant watcher of the masses gig. Ocean-colored eyes scans over each person as Meri names them quietly, the Catalian filing the info away for now. A small bunch of green flowers called the Bells of Catal--pretty much the only thing Cal brought from home and managed to keep annually-blooming plant healthy--is plucked from from the lapel of his jacket and stuck in Fleur’s hair, just above one ear. “Looks better on her anyway,” he says a little more out loud this time. “You didn’t -have- to wear a dress, you know. If anyone said anything, I’d just beat them up for you.” Maybe. We all know Meri’s the fighty one in the family.

Daath comes down from the mage tower, where his time has been spent these past days researching ways to deal with the Razurath menace. The noise of the celebration has reached levels that made concentration upon such work near impossible, so the Magister chooses to venture down and take a look at things. Still wearing in his usual attire, the dark elf starts to walk about examining the various displays and games and rides.

Quintessa is mingling with the rest of the Mage's Guild even before the ball began. Today she is wearing something completely different than she normally wears, yet it falls perfectly in line with the changeling's strange and eerie sense of style. Her gown this evening looks like it was composed of things she collected while traversing the swamps. Her bodice appears akin to a tree trunk, the silky brown and green fabric hugging her skinny frame tighter than anything else she's ever worn. From her arms dangle the most elegant hanging moss you've ever seen, creating a curtain of green that reached from her shoulders to her wrists, which were both adorned with a string of animal bones and teeth. From her ears also hang two small raccoon vertebra that the hex blade spent many hours hunting down and making, and atop her head rests a driftwood tiara. Finally, to complete her ensemble was the enchanted spider-silk shawl that drapes from her shoulders and shimmers unnaturally in the moonlight. After a few deep breaths, Quintessa joins the party, mismatched eyes searching for anyone she recognizes.

Zahrani smiles back at Brennia when their eyes meet, her fingers interlinking together with the avian's. They're adorable together. As she looks around, she recognizes Karasu, Meri, Raphaline, and Scandal. A smile and a wave would be given to each of them. It takes her a moment to recognize Larewen with her hairstyle and choice of garment, but the paladin still remembers their first encounter. It was quite peaceful, surprisingly. Another pair of familiar faces makes their appearance. Matriarch Roahin, wearing a combination of dress and old mage's robe, enters the ballroom. She offers a smile to Dyraxdiin and Karasu when the old feline woman's shrewd amber eyes alight upon them. Next to her is Bruiser, a burly male feline with gray fur and mane. He wears a fitted suit that matches well with his mate's dress. Rani waves to the two of them, before turning to Brennia and adding, "I was wondering if anyone else in our colony would make it. Gamsiz has a booth for the festival, and our Matriarch is looking to visit the Mage's Guild to see how it's changed."

Dyraxdiin, once he completed the announcement, hops down from the raised dais and begins to make a loop through the gathered guests. He plays host relatively well, considering his current state of mind. He nods his head to those he knows, exchanging a few words here and there, but generally keeps to himself. Instead, he's defaulting to security mode - looking for any one that may be out of place, or appear to be looking for something more than the ball is offering.

Two purses in as many minutes. Seteth had seldom been in a land so loose with its change. If only the true targets of his affixation were so obvious. For a week now he had roamed Hollow, and for a week he had heard nothing at all about these alleged crystals he was tasked with stealing. ‘Maybe I’ll get even luckier and someone will lug one around in a burlap sack,’ he pondered in silence. He knew it would not be so simple. Seteth had another goal at the Mage’s Ball aside from common thievery, however. He dusted off the shoulder of his black shirt and searched. The thief had told that healer, Halifax, that he would be here. He intended to keep his word. Along the way, meandering through crowds that thickened and thinned with the tempo of the song and dance, Seteth noticed the arrivals of both Larewen and Raphaline. His burgeoning network of contacts was on full display for the festivities. A tight smirk traced its way across the lad’s lips. How long until he had made acquaintances of enough of these especially sly locals to let them all in on his plans? In truth, he knew he ought not make too large a group of it. He simply needed someone to fill each of a few key roles. Larewen, the unwitting financier. Raphaline, the mistress of espionage and fanciful wordage. The person Seteth now sought, however, wasn’t sly -- or if she was sly, she was sly in a separate fashion. Halifax -- his first name had eluded him -- seemed like a deeply honest soul. Seteth laughed when he spotted the woman demonstrating the effectiveness of a certain herb in front of a gathering of patrons. “I have a soft spot for the softer sorts, Miss Halifax. I look forward to the supplies you’ll bring to the bargaining table.” A nearby man overheard Seteth despite his low volume and stared blankly before scampering off. “I talk to myself,” Seteth started. “It’s a character flaw. Hey, get back here… ah, damn.” The man had so much wealth in that silver necklace of his. “Can’t win them all.” The thief cleared his throat and intrusively walked right up to the able Miss Whoever Halifax, interrupting her potential buyers. They muttered their distaste, which he presently ignored. “Walk with me,” he told the woman bluntly.

Joan appeared dressed as she always was, a sharp tailored ladies two piece suit, a crisp white dress shirt under her vest, shiny leather patten mary-jane shoes with a low heel and fingerless gloves. The merchant vampire lingered near the edge of the dance floor, having made her trek here unaccompanied. Voided gaze taking in the splendid scene as she allowed a smile of amusement to grace her pale mouth.

Elioyahazer flicks his gaze from one person to another, waving to those he knows. Meri, Raphaline, Dyraxdiin, Karasu Scandal, Brennia. Man the list goes on, but you get the point. However, the fledgling smiles when Larewen appears approaching Lady Dragana from the side. “I must say, it's been a while.” Oh? Is there going to be drama? Elioyahazer raises a brow and leans in to whisper into her ear. Once his message is delivered the desert born shifts away and bows in show of good manners. “I do hope you enjoy the evening.” Drama avoided. Crisis over. Maybe.

Karasu catches a glimpse of Zahrani's elven form, with... wings?! She smiles and gives a wave to them, looking around for a bit more before walking across the platform. It wasn't as though she had outright asked, but in the back of her immature heart, she still felt like she had been stood up. That was nothing new. A few students jeer at the halfling, asking where her date is. The light of the constellations above reflect off her dress, giving the impression that the lower half of her dress is made of stars as well. With a cold expression, she taps her heels together, and a blade emerges from the sole of her shoe, engraved in rune marking. She taps the tip of the blade into the ground, causing the wood beneath the hecklers to splinter, which makes them jump and spill their drinks. Satisfied with this pinch of revenge, she walks over to her Magister. The height difference is almost comical between the two. As she looks out onto the dance floor, she comments, "I was starting to get worried since I hadn't heard from you, but you really managed to pull out all the stops here."

Meri smiles. More because of the way that Cal tucks a flower into Fleur's hair than his assertion that she did not have to come adorned in a dress. "I know," this is a detail that Meri did not forget. "It's alright. It's not like..it's the fanciest dress here. Now if you ever decided I needed to win the dress best contest we'd have issues." Meri shifts the subject back to the info. Zahrani waves at her, so Meri waves back. Meri then explains to Callum who she is, how long she has known Zahrani, and what guilds she is. The same scenario happens with Raphaline, Elioyahazer and Penelope. Meri catches sight of the exchange between Larewen and Elio sometime during this info session with Callum. Which prompts her to whisper some not so positive things to Callum about Larewen. Look, Meri's not really her biggest fan right now. Might have to do with Larewen's want to hunt wolves...as Cal will learn.

Daath looks about at the festivities with some appreciation for Dyraxdiin and the others work. But his mind wanders to Gevurah and the underdark, given the attack and flowing occupation by the Razurath is still fresh. The lax nature of the saurian beasts has allowed the arcanist to venture freely the surface, but he does still wonder how his wife fairs. Really, the thought makes him smirk just a bit, as Gevurah is what the creatures should be afraid of. And rightfully so, given the project the magus has been working on. These thoughts are somewhat pushed aside as the celebration continues. He needed a drink, and starts to look for a vendor.

Brennia notices Raphaline, Meri and mister Eli. Even though the vampire continues to try to plague her for a drink of her blood, she gives all of those she recognizes a warm smile which pokes dimples in her caramel colored cheeks and frames her perfect pearly whites. Then she recognizes Bruiser and offers him a sweet smile and a wiggle of her fingers. “I see,” she leans in to share a tentative whisper.

Dyraxdiin stops in his search-for-something-to-attack when Karasu plants herself firmly in his vision. His right eye, aegean and squinting, opens up wide when he sees her. "Apprentice Karasu," He looks her up and down, "I'm not sure if it's the dress, but you look to have grown considerably since we last spoke." He glances around to the people gathered, the lights, the everything, and looks back to her, a shrug of his shoulders, "I merely wanted tonight to be special. It's for you, and all of the other new members." Dyraxdiin smiles to her, a rare gesture given his present mood. The Magister looks up to the moon and tilts his head, as if recalling something. "Isn't about time...?" He trails off, waving a hand to the dais; clearly believing that this is enough indication for Karasu to proceed with tonight's festivities.

Raphaline decides to make her rounds to those here she knows. First stop is Meri, of whom she has not had the chance to smother with all kinds of terribly missed love. And is that a baby?! Gods help her, she has been gone too long. So, with elven ease she makes her way over to the blond with a dazzling smile on her lips. “Trouble,” she says with a tone of affection as her emerald eyes flicker down to the little one. “And tiny Trouble too.” Chuckling, she turns her emerald eyes to the man beside Meri and offers him her hand in greeting. “I am sure she has already told you my name, but it is nice to meet you.”

Larewen cants her head to the side, startled by Elioyahazer’s approach. She wasn’t looking for him, but he’s clearly found her. It is the first time the two have seen one another since he defeated her. Since he took up arms with her enemy. Whatever he says, it brings a strange look to the elf’s features. She blushes, stolen blood rushing to pale cheeks. Her gaze sweeps the area, unaware that Meri is whispering about her behind her back. After all, that’s nothing new. And then she reacts, finally, to Elioyahazer’s words—with her right hand. It looks like there will be a small amount of drama, at least. Bringing her palm toward his face quickly, the necromancer seeks to slap him, hard. “I’m sure I will,” she punctuates the action with. The smallest of smiles tease the corner of her mouth.

Quintessa idly saunters about, her high heels bringing the woman to a towering 5'10" to make it easier to see over the other attendees. Of course, she was alone, but she wouldn't let that bother her. Perhaps it was best to be alone; nobody next to you to steal the spotlight. She giggles to herself. Spotlight? This changeling wasn't one to crave the spotlight. With a sigh, the young woman heads for the stage. She could have swore she saw Karasu over there and she could always count on her to keep her company.

Callum ’s smile fades pretty quick-like when Meri explains just what the leader of House Dragana has been up too, when it came to wolves. A belated nod is offered towards Zahrani, having met the feline quite a long time ago, but haven’t really made contact with her since then. But please don’t come over here, Zahrani. Cal doesn’t want to start sneezing. It’s not a good look for an attractive dude to be sniffling and having watery eyes thanks to allergies. Frankly, he’s had enough of cats to last him a lifetime right now. No offense. “Has there been anything further on that front?” Callum meant the wolf bounty, of course. As per usual with Cal’s emotions, that magic of his flares up in its typical way--static electricity. It’s not quite as bad as it usually is, but he does take a half step away from Meri, if only to spare her and their kid from getting zapped. Look, it’s really not his fault. Cal will get the hang of controlling things sooner or later. He just doesn’t take kindly to people wanting to kill the only people he gives a damn about.

Karasu blushes slightly at the rare smile and the compliment. “Thank you. You’ve cleaned up very nicely as well.” She says shyly, averting her gaze. Here we go again. “If you’ll excuse me.” The halfling walks to the stage, making sure to land a firm smack on the back of Lanlan’s head as she proceeds. “Oops.” She says uninterestedly, not even stopping to look back at him as she ascends the stage. Not forgiven for Rynvale, check. She stands firm upon the dais, ears twisting this way and that as she gauges the current mood of the ball-goers. Once she's gained her bearings, Karasu stomps a foot, which simultaneously creates a sharp 'crack!' that rings out across Xalious Village. When she has gained everyone's attention, she holds up her hands in a gesture of things to come! "Attention all! Arh'Nuk is at its perigee! With this in mind, it is time for everyone to decide who the Chosen of Arh'Nuk will be this year!" She waves a clawed hand and Mage's Guild students begin combing the floor with magical paper and bags - the students instruct each guest to whisper a name to the paper, and were any to look after doing so, the name assuredly scrawls itself out in fine, flowing words. Then the paper is placed within the bag and the student continues on. Once this is all said and done, the students pass the bags to Karasu and she puts them all into one bigger bag... and with a wave of her hand and the arcane tongue to sway.... the bag disappears! In its original place, a single piece of paper floats, falling to the floor. Karasu deftly snatches it up and pauses, to allow anticipation to roll over the audience...

Jaina smiled when she saw Quintessa in her dress thinking it was one of the prettiest dresses she had ever seen even though she was used to seeing dressed made from flora. She couldn’t help it as she started to flit about a few inches off the ground not use to walking too often as she rarely tried to maintain such a large form. She can’t help but flit over to Quintess and starts to introduce herself coming off as being very bubbly, “Hi there I’m Jaiana who are you? I love your dress did you make it yourself?” She smiled widely trying to be friendly but coming off as a little overly friendly.

Zahrani listens with a neutral face as Brennia whispers to her, the feline glancing at Eli before surveying the other guests. Her head gently brushes against the avian's, before whispering back. Meanwhile, Roahin and Bruiser quietly walk up to Karasu and Dyraxdiin. The old feline woman raises a hand in greeting, wondering if the dragon would recognize her as a former student. It had been a couple decades, but one never really stops been a terramancer, even though she's ~retired~ (with massive air-quotes). Roahin turns to Karasu and asks, "How have you been since I saw you last?"

Meri merely shakes her head to Callum to answer if there have been any developments, the issue is dropped from there. One because Meri is not going to spend the entire evening dwelling over Larewen, who she actually has had no issue with up until this bounty. Two, Raphaline approaches to shower both Meri and mini-Meri with a bit of affection. Meri lifts Fleur's hand to encourage her to wave to the redheaded bard, whom she greets with a warm smile. "I have indeed. We were going to make our rounds over and say hi, but you beat us to it. Let me introduce the two of you formally...Raphaline? This is Callum. And the little one is our daughter Fleur." As this introduction is happening, Karasu is announcing that it is time for everyone to vote on the pageant winner...Something that Meri had not really put a lot of thought into. Who would she vote for? Would she vote at all? While she contemplates this, she's handed a piece of paper. A cross-eyed expression is made, mostly because she has no clue.

Karasu looks up to the constellation cover, which parts way to allow the moonlight of Arh'Nuk to bathe Quintessa of the Black Pond in all its crimson glory.

Penelope Halifax was none too amused by any of this. “First you ward off my clientele, then you command me to waltz off to who-knows-where with you? I’ll remind you that I have hardly the scantest clue who or what you even are, sir.” Seteth nodded diligently, feigning innocence. “All true, yes. Hurry -- I sense our time together will be limited.” Far from Halifax’s location, the ball’s much-anticipated pageant was commencing; a woman in a black dress was shouting some words, which Seteth only registered for the purposes of determining just how much he and Halifax truly had. The thief led the healer through a throng of people hustling toward the pageant’s voting lanes. “I have better things to do with my time,” Halifax complained. “Don’t play me -- you weren’t planning on entering that silly thing anyway. I’ll reimburse you tenfold for whatever pittance those poor saps back there were planning on paying you. Now listen, please.” He whispered, tilting his toes and twirling his feet into fancy motions. “What are you doing?” Halifax snapped. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m dancing.” Halifax shook her head curtly. “It does not at all look like you are dancing.” Seteth muttered a curse under his breath but continued the poor mockery of footwork. He thought for sure his nimble nature would afford him a better performance than this. “Dance with me,” Seteth said. Against her better judgment the healer abided, clearly running circles around him performance-wise. “I am in need of a dealer,” the thief whispered. Halifax laughed. “I could tell you were on drugs the moment I saw you. But I supply nothing of that sort.” Seteth was beginning to wonder if this woman was as sly as the rest of his lot after all. “I’ll have you know my shakes and starts are a… condition,” he continued dryly, “but we haven’t the time for japes. Agree to meet with me at your shop within the next few days and I will open the door to more profit than you can possibly imagine.” Halifax blew raspberries and tugged her braid, still dancing. “I only wish to heal.” Seteth blew raspberries back and slid past the woman, then back toward her, avoiding an overly intoxicated dwarf. “Profit comes in many forms. Say you’re interested.” Halifax rolled her eyes and nodded. “Vaguely. And if I don’t like what I hear I’ll tell you so and you’ll kindly exit my premises.” Seteth heard everything he needed to hear. He tossed the healer a number of shimmering golden coins and, with a wink, disappeared into the crowd. It was only seconds later that a Xalious patrol guard arrived, eyes slanted in suspicion. “I’m looking for a thief,” he announced. But Halifax was gone, too.

Elioyahazer takes the slap like a champ, which leaves a burning, comically red imprint upon his cheek. A single hand raises to touch the sore spot with an odd smile. After what he just said to her, he expected far more. Tease. “I do hope you enjoyed that.. It won't be happening again.” The look in Elioyahazers eyes shows something rather fiery, and nearly jumping out of his skin. “I'll be seeing you,” Elioyahazer grins once and takes his leave of Larewen. There are other things he could be doing right now, like finding a partner to dance with. The desert born shifts around the area and finds himself a drink.

A paper was shoved at Cal too. Who to vote for… who to vote for… Well, he’s half-tempted to vote for himself, but resists that urge, and scribbles down a super mysterious name and passes the paper off to whomever can take it to Karasu. “Hello,” the raven-haired botanist says with a nod to Raphline. He doesn’t say much though, letting the two women speak. Instead, he gives his daughter a smooch on the cheek. Thank Selene that Fleur’s not feeling wolfy today. This could’ve gone so much worse.

Dyraxdiin bows his head to Roahin and Bruiser when they arrive. But then, Karasu is dashing off to make the pageant announcements and Dyraxdiin is left alone with the pair. "It's a pleasure to see you again," He states to Roahin, "How've you fared since last we spoke?" And then, Quintessa is revealed to be the chosen of Arh'Nuk this year... Dyraxdiin can't help but look over to her and laugh. Her crimson-glowing skin radiating out around her like she herself is a little Arh'Nuk, come to join the ball.

Daath sits at the drink vendor, and as it seems Quintessa is chosen, he raises his glass in toast to the apprentice in congratulations. He takes a sip of the fine wine he nurses for now, just as a stranger would show up looking for drink.

Karasu smiles. "With over forty votes, our newest apprentice Quintessa is the Chosen of Arh'Nuk!" She steps down from the platform and walks over to where Dyraxdiin and Roahin stand. "Roahin. Thank you so much for coming. I'm learning. That's all that really matters, doesn't it?" It's a clear lie. She absolutely loathes one of her superiors, she's frightened for (or of) Quintessa, and she just... wanted to dance with a boy. Was that such a childish request? It was, but that wasn't the point.

Quintessa stops when she hears Jaina's voice and the dark haired hex blades looks down at her. "Oh, hello," she says, trying to be as friendly as possible. "Why, yes, I did make it myself! Thanks for noticing." Her polite smile become one of glee, "I like your dress too. Are you new around here? I haven't seen you around before." Jaina doesn't have much time to react before Quintessa notices that she is being bathed in moonlight. "Did- Did I win?" She doesn't seem to believe it. "I won?!" She hurries up the stage to accept her award. "Thank you, everyone!" She says, addressing the crowd. "Thanks for coming out to the Xalious Celestial Celebration! Remember, the fair is all this week, including an ultra secret Magical Mysteries Scavenger Hunt! I hope to see you all!"

Raphaline wiggles her fingers in greeting to Fleur, before she turns her attention to dear friend. “I am happy to see you have made yourself the most adorable of families, Meri,” she says, a warm smile touching her lips as she reaches out to touch her friend’s shoulder. When a waiter skirts by with drinks, the bard grabs two glasses off of the tray. She turns to Callum for a moment and asks, “You don’t mind being the sober parent tonight so I can have a drink with Meri?” Her gaze shifts to her friend, as well as one of the crystal glasses is offered.

Roahin's tail swishes, lowering a woven shawl and acted as a hood over her ears. Her fur is black, with flecks of silver. To Dyraxdiin, the Grand-Mother of the Isran Collective would answer in an aged voice with a characteristic feline raspiness to it, "Things have been busy. I spend more time helping to manage a colony than I do practicing magic. But I don't think I've lost my edge." Bruiser places a large pawlike hand on Roahin's shoulder, speaking in a deep bass with a thick accent, "I'm going to go check on Gamsiz; so if he needs anything for his booth." The old male feline wanders over to the booth labeled Özcan Provisioning.

Jaina didn’t really understand what the voting was for so she just left her paper blank as she hadn’t made any friends yet but it seemed she was in the process as the girl she was talking to seemed to really appreciate her complement and she smiles widely herself as her own dress was complimented. She soon noticed Quintessa bathed in the light making her look even prettier in her opinion as she says something about winning before hurrying off to the stage to accept her award. She smiled though and claps enthusiastically for the girl but would have done that no matter who won knowing that it was probably something important to whoever won.

Larewen watches Elioyahazer leave, undoubtedly admiring the view. She doesn’t gawk though—that’d be too unladylike. But it’s not the last time she looks his way, either. Unlike Elioyahazer, the necromancer doesn’t seek a dancing partner; she never dances. She approaches Quintessa to offer her quiet congratulations and a compliment on her dress upon the changeling’s decent from the platform. Roahin also responds to Karasu, offering the young half-feline a hug if she wanted one, before saying, "Learning is important, but don't forget to take care of yourself and find joy in your experiences here."

Meri well knew the answer, Cal did not mind being the sober parent if Meri wanted to indulge in a drink. Though Raphaline would be sad to learn that Meri drinking was not a regular occurrence like it was in days of old. Still, this was a glass of bubbly at a fancy event, so Meri had no qualms with passing Fleur off to Callum for the youngin' was already eying the sparkling glass. Once her hands are kid free, she accepts the cystal glass from Raphaline. "Thanks. I think we did pretty good. Fleur is obviously the most adorable of the three of us." Meri smirks in that proud-parent sort of way.

Joan paid for what ever food took her fancy from the food venders, at the new announcement the vampire knew that was her cue, off she took! Dancing was so not her style.

Dyraxdiin nods his head in understanding to Roahin's words. He understands. It seems as of late, he's done little practice and has mostly been fighting off the urge to strangle a few of the Mage's Guild students. Really, helping to run this place is rather time-consuming. He doesn't mind though - tonight has been a great reminder of why he does it all. And the fair to come... it's all been worth it. "If you ever wanted, we could set up a class for you to teach here at the Mage's Tower. While you'd have to come out of retirement a bit to do the teaching, you'd at least be able to ensure a new generation of terramancers."

Elioyahazer eventually makes his way to Quintessa and offers a congratulations. It seems he's content to mingle with those who do not wish to dance. Mainly, Dyraxdiin, who the sandman finds next. "Dyraxdiin." Elioyahazer offers a nod in greeting, but nothing more..

Athyaron slowly makes his way towards the gathering, clad in what appeared to be black robes, though slightly more formal looking based on the material. Truthfully, the ranger wasn't exactly one for these types of events, but had decided to check it out after being asked if he was going to attend a few days ago. Keeping to himself for the most part, he would grab a glass of whatever alcohol was closest to him and take a sip as he glanced about for familiar faces.

Seteth had secured a potential new business partner and earned almost as much coin from his thievery as he had just handed off to Halifax, so it was time for the lad to relax and soak in the starry ambience. He searched far and wide for cotton candy but couldn’t for the life of him find a seller. Perhaps cotton candy was a delicacy of Amyra and nowhere else, but Seteth refused to believe such a thing until he had been absolutely everywhere in the world. “Excuse me, but where is the cotton candy?” The elderly pixie merchant he’d spoken to flittered his wings and spat. “I’m over here minding my own damn business and this broad comes strolling up asking me fifty stupid questions like I don’t have enough on my plate as-is.” Seteth was surprised -- and impressed -- by how loud the diminutive creature could be. “Wipe that stupid look off your face and buzz off,” the pixie shouted. “Honestly, this is the worst customer service I’ve ever had,” Seteth shot back, wandering off toward another food stall.

Callum resists the urge to smirk at Raphaline as he’s more or less booted out of the way so the ladies can drink. He lets Meri pass off Fleur so she can continue her conversation with the bard, Cal focusing his attention on his daughter. “Hm. Would you like to dance, ma’am?” He asks this of Fleur, of course. She giggles in response and the two start an odd-looking sort of dance, with Cal holding the toddler in his arms. Callum 's dancing anyway despite the lack of an annoucement for the dancing to start. Look, he's gotta entertain this kid somehow.

Raphaline clinks her glass with Meri’s before taking a liberal sip of the bubbly. With a silver-belled laugh, she nods her head in agreement with her friend’s obvious pride in her child. She watches as father and daughter do that cute little dance, and grins as she leans over and whispers to her friend before taking another sip of her champagne. “We should get together, sometime when there aren’t tons of people and catch up?” Quintessa decides to sit on the edge of the stage, the changeling in -much- better spirits than she was when she first put this outfit on. She gives polite smiles and nods to all those congratulating her, trying her best to remain calm. She was so giddy she was like a child again. "Thank you so much!" Could be heard many times over and over from her.

Roahin offers a grin to Dyraxdiin, "You are kind to offer me a place here. I have a successor I am mentoring for our colony. When she's ready to take my place, I might just take you up on that offer." Bruiser, meanwhile makes his way over to Gamsiz, pleased to see that the young male feline was all set up and ready to sell skewers, pickled vegetables, and even fermented drinks made from ginger and pineapple. Everything's good to go. Karasu stands at the edge of the dance floor with her hands clasped in front of her, watching the others mingle with a soft smile on her face. Elsewhere, a face that Larewen could vaguely recognize approaches. The charming man wears the robes of the Mage's Guild, and stands just shy of six feet, with closely cropped chestnut waves and summer blue eyes. "I see you withdrew the action for the vampire purge." Kaaname smiles, revealing two elongated canines. "I was getting worried, Master."

Meri might be content to let Cal be the sober parent for the night, but the woman does not have an interest in straying too far from the Catalian witch. It was not often they went out to these large events together, but when they did there was usually trouble had somewhere along the way. In short, Meri was keeping close to her child and her child's father because she was the protective sort. Raphaline's words cause Meri to laugh out loud, "Careful what you ask for. You're lucky I am trying to mind my manners tonight and you'r hair is too good to mess up." No, Meri was not threatening Raphaline with violence. But the blonde has always been a bit of a tomboy, so what better way to transfer some good luck than in the form of a noogie. "But yes, we definitely need to catch up when there are far less people around." At first it seems like Fleur was having a good time dancing with her father, but all of a sudden...some guy passes by the two of them and Fleur decides that his hat is most offensive...or something. Who knows. What is actually wrong is a complete mystery, but whatever it is her smile is gone and she is filled with a look of horror..and soon she had a certain expression of her face, like she was about to burst into tears because..well...good luck trying to figure out why.

Dyraxdiin gives Roahin a smile in return, "I will be waiting for your arrival. For now though, I must be off to tend to the event." Dyraxdiin bows his head to the company and ventures back towards the dais, where he climbs up and turns to face the crowd. "The Bard's Guild has worked diligently to prepare a set of music for all to enjoy. Please, grab a partner and join the dance floor." The Magister gestures with one hand in a wide sweep, indicating it is time for the Bard's to work their magic.

Jaina made sure to make her way back over to Quintessa and offered her own congratulations, “Congratulations I hope winning makes you happy everyone deserves to be happy.” She smiled widely before stepping back from the stage and going back to dancing by herself. The bards will finish their last song before the pageant concludes. As announcements are made, little bells will chime intermittently in time with the twinkling stars of the galaxy display. The band kicks up again at a slow, graceful waltz. The strings sing high while the flutes flutter between them. Any one gathered and listening would feel a sense of peace and inclusion. Like each of them are just small stars in the night sky, bound by darkness but held together by light and hope. It gives them each a sense of infinite importance and connection. For a brief moment, everyone in range will feel at peace from all their stressors and worries. Lights will spawn, jumping off the violin strings with each hum of the bows. They ascend over the dance floor and spin in slow time with the music and the steps of the pageant dancers.

Brennia claps as well, happy for the winner even though she is sort of confused about the whole thing, but the avian easily goes with the flow of things. The lovely music picks up and a waiter brings over a tray of delicious looking drinks… Oh how Brennia wants one, but when the waiter offers, she swallows hard and Zahrani might feel the slight quickening of her heartbeat through their hand holding when the bard politely replies, “no, thank you.” Suddenly feeling warm all over and like many unwanted gazed were upon her which made her want to take to the skies, but Zahrani grounds her mind and quiets her soul with a simple question to which the bard replies in a slightly raspy warm timbre, “absolutely.” As soon as the bard is led out onto the dance floor, her arms covered by the black sleeves of her dress drape over Zahrani’s firm shoulders and pulls her slender form right up against her dates. A content smile curved her full lips and her teal hues look far off into the feline’s cyan ones as her forehead rests gently on the slightly shorter woman’s while they begin to sway to the music. Brennia allows the feline to take the lead and her wings even curved around to hold the woman in two different ways.

Callum keeps up with his and Fleur’s dancing, occasionally taking a peek around at the people near them. It’s during one of these times that Cal’s not looking that he gets a little too close to where Larewen was lurking. He’s already attempting to calm the beast that is his daughter thanks to that random dude and his atrocious hat, but Fleur’s not having it, the situation worsening because of the elder vampire. The hatred and evil that practically radiates off the Dragana woman is felt by Fleur--Cal now knows what that woman’s about so he’s tuned out her weirdness. But, Fleur… poor poor Fleur. Larewen’s aura of unpleasantness causes the little girl to freak the frak out. There’s all manner of shrieking from Fleur, tears pouring down the kid’s face. And then… what does she do? It’s a case of like mother, like daughter because now there’s a VERY BITEY WOLF CHILD in his arms that’s howling up a storm and omigawd Meri help your poor human please.

Lanlan arrives in time to see Quintessa has won the pageant, chosen by Arh'Nuk! Nonsense. Lanlan had no time for childish things like that. Especially if he didn't win them! He'd have to tell her how gracious she must be that he let her win though. By not entering? If he could find her. That's what he was doing when he finally showed up, trying to find his 'friends'! There was Quintessa, sitting at the edge of the stage. Daath seemed to have left early, perhaps. After a moment or too he finds Karasu near the dance floor. Perfect! He casts a spell on himself and starts moving into the bulk of the crowd, every person who passes him seems to signal a change in his appearance. By the time he's in the center of a cluster and hopefully far away from his colleagues, he looks like a spitting image of Quintessa. "Yes thank you! I did win the pageant," he says as he interrupts a group of party-goers having their own conversation. "Anyway did you hear that Daath is my tutor? Yeah I heard his wife is sleeping with another drow. Who also works here at the mage's guild!" Lanlan as Quintessa nods dramatically. "Yuuuup, because Daath is impotent, apparently. Embarrassing I know." Then Lanlan goes in search of another group of people with whom he can spread this rumor.

Karasu lowers her head slightly. This is fine. The last dance that she attended, her father had taken such pity that he danced with the halfling. A sweet gesture, but one that was still mortifying. Karasu dug her nails into her palms. Dancing was.. frivolous. She had no use for such a silly activity. Her ears lower slightly as she watches the romantic couples dance to the waltz.

Raphaline offers her friend a brief hug before setting her off to quell the howling baby. “Just send me a note whenever you get a chance, and I will meet you there.” With that, the bard gives the parents room to do their thing as Raphaline makes her way around the room to say her greetings to others and maybe procure a dance partner as well.

Zahrani grins, leading Brennia out onto the dance floor as the music begins. The sound is lovely, a song of space and stars and magic. The panther's hands rest on the avian's waist, smiling as her partner's arms AND wings envelop her. It probably looks rather silly to people looking from the outside, but the paladin does not care in the slightest. At Dyraxdiin's suggestion of finding a dance partner, Roahin also reunites with Bruiser, and the two elder cats take to the floor to show the crowd how its done. The felines are still spry for their age, their movements calculated and well-practiced. Roahin twirls, glancing across the floor to check on Zahrani, before smiling and saying quietly to her male companion, "It's always good to see her happy."

Meri is quick to send Raphaline an apologetic glance and passes off her unfinished drink to the first waiter that she sees. Well, Meri thought this person was a waiter...it turns out that in her hurry to go and assist Callum with their now rather wolfish and unruly daughter she passes her glass off to some random guest trying to enjoy the party. His expression is very wtf'd. Meri does not care, she just closes the distance between herself and Callum so that she can collect the wolf-child that seems to want to nomnomnom on Larewen. Both parents are surely quick to exit the party before things continue to get out of hand with the bitey-wolf-kid. Dear Fleur, just let everyone enjoy their party. This is why we can't have nice things. Jaina doesn’t care that she has no one to dance with as she spins around the floor dancing by herself. She can’t help but start to feel a little sad as she looks off to the side and sees Karasu looking a little sad. She decides to approach her and introduce herself, “Hi there I’m Jaina, what’s your name? Would you like to dance it’ll be fun I promise it is a party after all.”

Quintessa stands after the attention she was getting from her victory fades away and people start coupling up to dance. "Oh, of course there would be dancing," she mutters to herself, wondering if it was too late to leave. No, Karasu would never forgive her from skipping out on the event she'd been planning for weeks. Instead, the changeling sighs and leans back. Maybe somebody would ask her to dance that could actually show her how to do it.

If this were a movie, there’d definitely be one of those slow motion Matrix scenes in the form of Meri yanking Fleur away from Callum just as the wolf-girl starts to turn around and unleash hell on her poor father. It’s Heart Attack Central for Cal and it takes him a minute to process that he was probably almost dinner for Fleur before he’s finally heading off after Meri. He keeps enough of a distance from his woman and his daughter so that he doesn’t get swiped at. This isn’t the way your father planned to get bit, Fleur. Sheesh. On the way out, Cal yanks the sleeve of the nearest random Mage Guild student, and tells them to tell Dyraxdiin that it was a lovely ball and that Cal would likely eventually speak to him about his future in the guild.

Karasu looks up when the pixie approaches. What beautiful wings, she thinks. Wait, how was it that she had to look up at a pixie? "Ah. I-I am Karasu of the Mage's Guild." The halfling hesitantly looks around. Well, Jaina was sure no handsome older man, but... "Alright." She accepts reluctantly, following the bright bard onto the dance floor.

Lanlan passes back through the crowd, making his way to the stage where the bards are all playing. He glances around suspiciously, hoping Quintessa isn't nearby enough to raise any questions. Bards are known far and wide not only for their ability to play music, but for their ability to pass a story around. "Yes haha that was me I won the pageant I'm Quintessa," he says to them while they play. "Listen to this!" He also does a decent job imitating her voice, and making it more annoying and childlike, "Privileged information, I'm not telling that many people but you guys look trustworthy. Ahem. Daath's wife. You know Daath right? Anyway, Daath's wife is cheating on him with another member of the mage's guild! Yeah because Daath just can't get it to work apparently." Lanlan looks around again to see if he can continue to avoid running into Quintessa. "Yeah I don't know its weird. Anyway, gotta go!" He darts to the edges of the dance floor and begins pushing through people, trying to get a better angle at the dance floor so he can prove that's definitely where the apprentice he's disguised himself is. Eventually he stumbles into her on accident. "Oh excuse me, no I can't dance with you, sorry," he says until he sees himself looking at what is apparently a twin. "Ummm. Hi there."

Brennia feels warm and safe in their embrace(s) while she leaves one arm curved around Zahrani’s shoulders while the other gently cups her cheek. She closes her eyes for a moment and allows their bodies to be influenced by the music as she softly hums along only for Zahrani to hear. If the feline gave into the magic of Brennia’s voice, she would feel a pleasant tingly sensation over her skin and a giddy lightness. She pauses to whisper to her partner.

Elioyahazer eventually ends up in front of a very lonely looking Karasu. A fellow guild mate who he has only met once and that was during a battle. Perhaps now was as good a time as any to learn about her. Eli extends a hand, and speaks, his voice filled with an accent of the deserts. “Would you like to dance?” Elioyahazers sectoral heterochromia eyes seek to make direct eye contact with the half feline. She is free to say no, but why not have a little fun?

Raphaline downs the rest of her drink and carefully sets the glass on the table before she makes her way over to the winner of the pageant. With a friendly smile situated on her lips she offers a hand to the changling just as the music begins and people pair off for a dance. “It seems very unfair to allow the winner to just stand by and watch everyone else. So, will you grace me with this dance?” She asks, as she nods towards the couples. “I am happy to show you the steps if you don’t know them.”

Soon enough, Dyraxdiin is notified by a messenger that the meal is prepared and ready to be served. He thanks the messenger and rises from his seat, his favorite one that he had specially dragged all the way out of the tower just so he could find some real comfort amid all these faces. In truth, he sees blood. Death, chaos. So many faces that he can't help but recall - his mind taunting him all the while. "The Salty Seamen, owned by Scandal, has prepared several fine dishes for all to enjoy." Just as he begins speaking, several servers begin filtering onto the stage with covered plates of an assortment of food and drinks. "Please eat, drink and be merry. For tonight signals the beginning of the week-long Arh'Nuk Fair!" In the distance, just beyond the area around the Xalious Town Well, lights begin to glow. One after another, in an assortment of colors. Eventually, the Fairgrounds are lit up and one can easily make out several of the rides, games, and vendor stalls that dot the landscape.

Scandal’s real reason being here is soon exposed by none other than the host, Dyraxdiin. Previously Scandal’s Kitchen Staff from his soon to be open to the public restaurant The Salty Seaman, have been working with only the finest and most delicate of ingredients to form a sample of what will be experienced at the soon to be opened restaurant, and yet catered to this exclusive event. A brilliant and stunning three course meal was soon prepared with only the finest, resources available, what could not be acquired within the lands was imported, kept fresh by the very spells shipped in on enchanted ships. Each dish is served on a plate or a bowel made out of gold and plated with Mother of Pearl. The first course dish would open first with pair of olives, on bed of rose petals. But for those who manage to consume the first olives, would soon to discover a rich yogurt, bursting with fruity flavor that sends the sense mad with for another bite. The rose petals are actually shaves and dyed white chocolate, lasty the spoon is laced with an essence of honey of bees fed only upon the nectar of manuka flowers. The end result creating a sensation of absolutely, undeniable, mouth watering delicacies. The second course expands upon this by the preparation of circular wafers, delicately compacted between an inch of a pinkish cheese, and drizzled with in web like pattern over a balsamic syrup. But for those who manage to cut and devour their first chunk a surprise of the best kind awaits them, for the cheese suspected is actually one of the finest cuts of marblized steaks that money can buy, wafers are actually compressed fried onions which have long since soaked in the juices, and sauce is seems to produce a vibrant sensation on the tongue with faintest hints of licorice, laced into dish. The third course doesn’t just fill its very value in gold, but seems to be made of it. Gold leaf is wrapped around the a singular cup, filled with a black liquid, where upon a creamy foam seemed to float on top. What appeared to also include chocolate speckles. That seemed to dance on top. Those who reached for the cup would be surprise as the handle would come off in their hands, exposing the cup for fine molten cake which oozed with rich chocolate, and the foam so light and fluffy actually and ice cream which almost seems to float down the sides of this treat, the gold leaf while edible is laced with the same honey made from manuka flowers. Leaving those who pursued this meal, perhaps with a hunger for more. Scandal who would speak would rise from the table he would sit at would say. “For the mere sample of what you have tasted today, shall again be prepared but only at the Salty Seaman, we request that all who dine with us there will come in their best, so that only the best will be served unto them. I have included with this meal prepared for you, a special unearthed treat, recovered from anicnet king, believed to have been stored and refined for nearly a thousand years of only the richest most sense stimulating fine nectar served. Today and Today only, all who request for more, shall receive it.Today my staff serve you.” He would then sit back into his seat. Calling for his own order, and no doubt, seconds.

Jaina smiles widely as she takes the girls hand and leads her out onto the dance floor before starts to dance with the girl feeling a little awkward herself as she hadn’t expected to be taller than anyone else there. She smiled though at Karasu as they danced hopping, she could help make the girl happy in some way, “You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself is there some way I could help make you happy? After all everyone deserves to feel happy” She gave her a wide smile trying to seem friendly as she spoke in her bubbly way.

Lanlan is all too excited when Raphaline shows up. "Yes! She can dance with you, of course it's her night! I'm just her long lost twin and we've finally been reunited, but it can wait!" Then Lanlan begins pushing his way through people, a strange sight to see! A teenaged girl shouldering people out of the way with the momentum of a grown man.

Scandal takes a bite of his second first course meal, and nods to himself, "Still just as good as I had last time."

Quintessa is about to exchange words with the imposter Quintessa when Raphaline approaches them. "I'm the real Quintessa!" she blurts out, quickly taking the hand of the bard, "And I'd love to dance with you!" She gives a look to Lanlan (although she doesn't know that's Lanlan) before shrugging. She couldn't help it if she was so amazing that people were disguising themselves as her. Is this what it was like to be popular? She'd worry about that later. Right now she had an attractive redhead on her mind. "It was Raphaline, right?" Quin remembered meeting her weeks ago, "I don't know what I'm doing so be gentle with me." The strange girl gave her a wink, giggling with excitement.

Larewen continues to watch the festivities quietly.

Karasu stops in her tracks following the pixie to look up at the familiar face. Cogwheels turn in her head as her eyes stare into his, trying to discern if she heard correctly. "Elioyahazer?" The pixie pulls Karasu to come along to the dance floor. Truth be told, Karasu can't dance. She really has never danced, but she knows how to in theory. Theory and practice are two different things, though. She awkwardly steps side to side with the pixie's crazed hopping, and stutters as she tries to think of how to answer such a question. While she has her back turned, she moves to escape to Elioyahazer. "You can pretend to waltz, right?" She whispers, unabashedly taking his hands.

Zahrani continues to dance with Brennia, the feline grinning at the avian's whispered words. The panther blushes at the slight giddiness she feels upon hearing the woman's humming. She inhales, smelling lavender and sage from the avian. The smell of the odd bourgeois food that's being served gets the cat's attention for a moment, but she does not seem interested enough to stop dancing with Bre. The couple continue to move and sway to the music. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, the paladin says, "I'm actually starting to get a little thirsty. I bet Gamsiz has ginger beer and tepache at his booth."

Raphaline gives the imposter Quin a confused look before turning to the real one and wrapping her hand around the changlings. “It was indeed, good memory,” she says as she leads them both out towards the dance floor. “I promise I can go slow and I will lead until you get your bearings.” As the song switches to a waltz, the bard makes sure her steps are slow and deliberate in order to give Quin plenty of room to step and move with her. “With a waltz it is a dance of give and take. One person steps back while the other steps forward as they both twirl around the room,” she instructs, obviously having done this more than her fair share.

Lanlan finds himself at the food stand, bullying a plate of olives and continuing to spread the salacious rumor. True, he could probably dispel it now and maybe no one would notice, and he'd get away with no one ever knowing it was him. But he wasn't doing this -only- to slander a superior who he was extremely jealous of right now, it was also the thrill! The suspense of coming so close to getting caught and getting away! Quietly, he worked up a believable lie based on everything he knew about Quintessa.

Brennia pulls back to take her partner by the hand with a bright smile across her lips, “let's get you a drink.” This time, Brennia takes the lead and easily finds Gamsiz who she greets with familiarity and warmth, “it is so nice to see you Gamsiz.” She laced her fingers through as she gives a side eye glance to Zahrani, “guess she still doesn’t want to accept my opal.” With the joke at her own expense at the faux pas she made on their first date, the avian lets out a short raspy giggle before ordering, “may I please get a tepache for my date and just lemon water for me please?” With a kind smile, she pays Gamsiz for the drinks.

Elioyahazer grins down at Karasu, which is rather comical considering their own height difference; the sandman standing at six foot three. Regardless he responds to her questioning. “Pretend?” He gives a joking sigh, teasing her. “A waltz is rather easy,” Elioyahazer has zero problems pulling her to the dance floor. The desert born leans in to whisper softly, “feel free to follow my lead, and step on my feet as you may. It happens when your learning.” The fledgling stays very proper with Karasu, moving back and forth at a steady and easy pace for her to pick up. When she starts to get the hang of it, he throws out something wild; a spin. Crazy right?

Quintessa listens closely to Raphaline "A... Waltz?" She'd never seen it done before, not even in pictures. Although she had never danced before the hex blade was an abnormally quick study. "One-two-one-two..." She laughs with glee, "This is actually FUN!" She is surprised with herself for liking something so girly, but she -did- just win a pageant. "And you're good at this." She laughs nervously, "I bet you go to a lot of balls." By now Quin had caught onto the natural groove of the dance.

Twintessa eventually realizes the best thing they can do is be on the dance floor at the same time with their evil twin, so he asks an older gentleman. Partly because he looks familiar from this angle, though Lanlan can't place where he's seen him. "Care to dance?" Twintessa asks Dyraxdiin. Lanlan is a pretty good waltzer, though he is accustomed to taking the lead.

Zahrani allows Brennia to lead her off the dance floor towards the actual Fair area. Roahin and Bruiser had already migrated over. The two elder cats were near the Ginger Snapped Bakery's booth, enjoying a slice of Nirali's legendary pork belly quiche. Once Rani and Bre meet Gamsiz, the male laughs heartily at the avian woman's joke before saying, "Well, she's one to look before she leaps, usually." The paladin blushes, before offering the tattooed seacat a wry grin. "Must have left it in my utility belt." It's probably for the best, what with potential pickpockets about. The feline accepts the bottle of tepache, and Gamsiz then asks the winged bard, "Would you like your lemon water sparkling or still? I use kefir grains to make drinks extra fizzy."

Raphaline is glad to see her dance partner is having fun dancing; learning something new can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Smiling, she answers, “To be honest, more than I can remember.” She spins Quin in a small circle before bringing her back and allowing the changling to take the lead if they’d like. “Waltz in my opinion are one of the easiest to learn. You look fancy doing it, and the steps are rather situated into their patterns.” Dyraxdiin is a dragon in human-guise. He's relatively familiar with shapeshifing and glamours because of this. So when Twintessa approaches him, the Magister Templi raises a brow, his head to tilt ever-so-slightly. "There are tricks one can use to hide glamours for what they really are..." He trails off, shrugging his shoulder, "Nevertheless, I accept your request." After all, what sort of host would he be if he didn't accept? Lanlan is definitely not Diin's type, but there is still a bit of mischief left in the old dragon's bones for him to agree to such a thing. He offers his hand to Lanlan - Twintessa - and should they accept, he will lead them out onto the dance floor. Lead. Yes. Dyraxdiin doesn't follow.

Jaina smiles when she sees her partner had disappeared and found a partner of her own and decided that she would keep dancing by herself this time though she shrank back down to her normally height and flitted about through the air dancing the way pixies usually do. She danced for a while longer before deciding to sit down off by herself to people watch and she couldn’t help it as she actually feel asleep in her current perch. Quintessa giggles again when Raphaline twirls her, the young woman letting herself get caught up in the festivities. "Honestly, dancing feels a lot like combat practice. You have to be quick on your feet and have to adapt to the moves of your opponent swiftly... Or I guess 'partner' in this case." She grins a toothy grin at her. "You should come back for the rest of the fair," she suggests, "I'm even running my own event. I don't know it you heard, but I'm putting together a scavenger hunt. That's all I can say though, there's not gonna be any cheating going on."

Karasu stumbles slightly as the duo dance, her face quickly heating up. She mutters apologies as her humanly inclined heels tap awkwardly around Elioyahazer's feet. After a few measures, she settles into a rhythm. "Heh... This isn't that bad." She starts to comment when he springs a spin on her. The heel gives way and bends beneath her foot as she tries to hold her weight on it. "Ah!" She falls forward, holding onto the vampire. After a beat, she pushes herself backwards, balancing herself on her undamaged shoe. "Sorry..."

Brennia winks to Gamsiz, “just how I like ‘em.” She glances over Gamsiz’s shoulder to call out, “Thedez...” who has been lurking successfully in a rather burly looking human form, but looks uncomfortable, “why don’t you tell the wonderful pickler what you told me about that stuffed pickled eggplant?” The six foot five human-like naga steps out from the shadows and looks uncertain as he answers, “that they were… delicious.” Brennia gently nudges Rani with her elbow and smirks before prompting, “and?” He sighs and continues, “that I asked when we were going back to the Isran Collective.” She shrugs, “well now is your chance to get some more.” She raises her brows excitedly at the offered beverage, “sparkling sounds fun and new. Yes, please,” she asks politely. She links her arm through Zahrani’s and purposefully meanders away to leave Thedez and Gamsiz to talk of pickled vegetables and such.

Elioyahazer has no problem keeping Karasu from meeting the floor and uses his arms to keep her steady. His features grow a little more serious. "Are you alright? I get ahead of myself sometimes , I apologize." A look of concern flashes over his visage for mere moments, but it is during this awkward moment of closeness that he realizes something is off about Karasu. The more he thought about it, the more puzzled he became. She isn't one of us is she? Odd.

Twintessa laughs nervously as he realizes who he just asked to dance. "Yes, haha I suppose there are," he says being agreeable and vague. It's far too late to escape now, and he obviously passes the lead role over to Diin. "This is so much fun! Just like I was telling my friend and rival, Karasu it would be." Yes Lanlan would use all his knowledge of Quintessa in one sentence. "Good job putting all this together, I'm so amazed!" Flattery was always his first method of ingratiating himself.

Raphaline feigns shock at such a suggestion of cheating, but follows it quickly with a silver-belled laugh. “Well of course; I would never expect special treatment, but that does sound exciting.” Her emerald eyes light up with curiosity at the prospect of a little adventure and puzzle to discover. “What day are you hosting this event? I was already going to come back for the treats and rides, but a scavenger hunt is even better.” She twirls her partner once more before she nods to the table of food and drinks, silently suggesting a short break for their feet while they talk.

Dyraxdiin leads Twintessa through the steps, measured and well-practiced. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." He responds to the Quintessa clone. As the music draws to a heated crescendo, Dyraxdiin takes this opportunity to line up his shot... the real Quintessa in his line of sight... and bam. Dyraxdiin twirls Twintessa right into Quintessa and her dance partner, Raphaline. Despite his present mood, he can't help but laugh and admire his handiwork. Perhaps the two of them, Quin and Twin Tessa's will end up in dance together!

Gamsiz hands over a bottle of sparkling lemon water to Brennia, accepting payment before turning his gaze to the burly human-shaped naga. The elf-like feline male looks the large Thedez up and down, then back up at his eyes again with a grin, "Well, I'll be here all week, if you're looking for anything brined, pickled, or fermented." As Rani walks with Bre, she takes a swig of her tepache. It had also self-carbonated from the yeast that had been cultivated in the brew, making for a refreshing end-of-summer beverage. She offers the avian a grin in response to what she had just whispered to the panther. Gamsiz sees a small queue forming, then with a wink at Thedez, the seacat says, "Wanna meet up when the fair dies down a little?" before going to work on taking orders.

Quintessa smiles and takes Raphaline's hand, leading her over to the refreshments she was hinting to. "I don't know yet," she admits, "But once Arh'Nuk revels to me the day I should preform the ritual- I mean scavenger hunt, I will let the entire world know." She lifts a random drink an offers it to Raphaline before taking one herself.

Brennia looks around at all the other vendors and she picks up on the sweet smell of bread before she watched Thedez actually join the queue to order himself one of those refreshing tepache drinks. Then he gives a questioning glance to Brennia when the question is posed to him as if to ask if they are really going to be here that long and the avian gives a subtle nod after sipping down a good half of her water. “Is that bread?” She asks Zahrani with a wondouris twinkle in her eye as she realizes that she had been nervous ALL day getting ready that she forgot to eat and may waste away in this dress if she doesn’t eat soon.

Twintessa sighs, becoming more relaxed as the subject is changed to something more mundane. "So did you hear the rumor going around?" But before he can finish, he catches glimpse of Quintessa dancing with Raphaline, and realizes Diin must also see it. The wild look in Diin's eye informs him of his dark intent, but Twintessa can't break character. The twirl happens, luckily just as Quin and Raph exit the dance floor, and Lanlan seizes this opportunity to escape, continuing his twirl. Twirling between pairs, twirling away from the dance floor, twirling, twirling, gone. Then he stumbles and trips, collapsing near where Jaina's fallen asleep. "So," he says to the little pixie, "I hear Lanlan is cuckholding someone else's wife." Twintessa doesn't realize she's fallen asleep however, until the spins leave him.

Raphaline nods in understanding as she accepts the drink graciously. This one is something colorful and fruity and it tastes so sweet that she can barely taste what kind of alcohol has been mixed into the drink. “Well then, I shall wait baited breath for the announcement,” she answers before taking another sip of her drink, looking out over the slowly diminishing crowd.

Magik finally makes his grand entrance, but looking like a total mess. His slumping posture could hint to complete exhaustion. There are random scorch marks throughout his simple black shirt and leather pants. The Lyastri deeply sighs before he attempts to correct his posture to scan the area for any familiar faces.

Twintessa nudges Jaina with a finger to make sure she's actually alive and didn't get stepped on by someone. She's okay. Then he makes his way to the vendors where he finds Brennia and Zahrani talking about the food. Obviously he rudely interrupts, he is the pageant winner after all! Annnd he informs them of the rumor. "Yes! It's true," he tells them and the vendors around them, "Lanlan is sleeping with someone's spouse." Lanlan's planted all the seeds he feels he needs to now. Hopefully the three different parts of the rumor will meet and everyone will come to the embarrassing conclusion. Then he jovially flits away like a happy little girl, perhaps very out of character for the real Quintessa. More out of character for Quintessa than himself probably.

Quintessa downs her drink quickly before going back for a second. "Enough about the scavenger hunt," she says, switching out her empty glass for a full one. "Tell me what you've been up to since I saw you last. It feels like ages so much has happened." She was of course talking about her joining the Mage's Guild. And conspiring the with drow to commit genocide on the Razurath. And of course she was also in league with vampires and werewolves. Lot's of things.

"It sure is..." an unfamiliar (to Brennia) voice answers the avian's question. A hairless Sphinx feline, a male with a lovely cherry blossom tattoo on his neck, walks by with an armload of sourdough loaves. Zahrani grins and waves, "Atakan! I thought I'd find you here. How's Nirali?" The male enters the Ginger Snapped Bakery's booth, putting the loaves into a display and proceeding to slice one of the loaves up. As he works, he responds to the paladin, "Just fine. She's helping from Cenril, but I've got an earthen oven set up here for our freshest bread." Rani leads Brennia into the booth, and when its their turn in the queue, the Sphinx feline says, "What'll it be? We've got sourdough and plenty of condiments. We also have quiche, bagels, muffins..." Rani ponders a moment, before saying, "I think I'll have one of your Seaside Specials." According to the menu, that is described as a sesame bagel with cream cheese, parsley and arugulu, and smoked cured salmon.

Brennia nods a hello to them since she's got her water in one hand and the other laces her fingers through Zahrani’s fingers again while they wait in line. The pair discuss what they are planning on ordering as Brennia’s mouth practically watering and she drinks down the rest of her water. Once it’s there turn she sighs with desire, “may I please get the same, but half of the regular portion?” In hopes she won’t be too much of a hassle, but she didn’t bring her leftover container this time and doesn’t want to waste food. Once they get their food, she suggests one of the many tables so they may sit together and enjoy their meals.

Raphaline makes a rather non-chalant gesture to describe her recent business undertakings. “The life of a bard ebbs and flows with the times. Some days it is -just- performing, while others are full of adventure or battles.” Despite her friendly nature, she isn’t one to divulge the important details of her comings and goings. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots her dear friend Brennia making her way past with the feline that Raphaline had only just acquainted herself with recently. “Would you excuse for just a moment? I wanted to say hello to one other person before the night ends and then we can discuss in detail the current state of the land.” The bard rises from where she had been sitting and makes her way over to Brennia. “I thought I would come over for a moment to say hello,” she says, a warm smile touching her lips as she takes in her friend’s appearance. “You look like you are doing so much better since the last time I saw you.”

Lanlan inevitably finds himself at the food and refreshments table where Quintessa and Raphaline are still talking. Luckily, he's been through numerous close calls in his clandestine spy missions, and doesn't panic. He grabs a plate full of chocolate rose petals, and jerks it up to his face. His countenance is expertly concealed, with only some of the wafery chocolate petals scattering all over the place. Then he nonchalantly begins chatting to other nearby party goers without apparently noticing this is weird. "Yes there's going to be all sorts of things! Face painting, a ferris wheel, turn yourself into an animal...Ah. And tea cups! My personal favorite." Lanlan guesses Quintessa would love the tea cups, as she revealed herself to be a little bit of a pansy. But she was also cutthroat (literally). "I always spin my teacup so fast my friends throw up!"

Brennia beams a smile up at Raphaline when she graces them with her presence and raises to give the woman a warm embrace, “Raphaline!” She gestures to Zahrani, “this is my g-, This is my fr-” This is very awkward for they haven’t discussed what they are exactly and she let out a short raspy giggle, “I’m sorry. This is my date, Zahrani. If you two haven’t already met…” She slips a hand around Raphaline’s shoulders, “Zahrani, this is my dear friend, Raphaline.”

Quintessa downs her second drink just as quickly as the first, giving Raphaline a polite nod, "Of course! It -is- a party after all!" She watches her walk away before mismatched eyes fall upon Twintessa. "You." she says, narrowing her eyes at her doppelganger, "What are you telling people? You're gonna make me look weird!" Was that really what she was worried about? She reaches over and grabs a third drink, not yet feeling anything from the first two

Zahrani takes a seat at a table near Roahin and Bruiser, grinning up at Brennia as places her food and drink in front of her. The panther's gaze lingers on the avian for a moment, before glancing up at the bright moons and saying, "This is such a wonderful night. I'm glad you came out with me."

Zahrani grins at Brennia, before saying, "We actually have met already. At the Chapel of Cyris." The feline says to Raphaline, "It's good to see you again, friend. Will you be joining us? Everything those two booths provide is delicious." She motions to Ginger Snapped and Özcan Provisioning.