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RP: A Grave Discovery

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Summary: Rinn and Magik raid a tomb, encounter some undead, and fight off a bone-dragon under Vailkrin!

Main Graveyard Area

You now stand in the main area of the graveyard, various tombstones and grave spread out across this place, many of the graves have been dug up, and empty caskets lay about the cold ground. Why have they been dug up you may think, but it's clear this place is hardly ever used to rest the dead, but more of a recruiting grounds for the necromancers that inhabit this town, somehow it feels disturbing to you, unless you happen to be a necromancer yourself? To the south is an old looking temple of some kind.

Rinn leads Magik toward Vailkrin, her guide? A torn piece of parchment from a some official looking document, the jagged shape of the paper indicated haste. "Apparently some Lord Ackermen died and bought a coffin for himself in the mausoleum under the Vailkrin tombs." Scribbled writing had the redhead hanging an abrupt right, east. "He wanted to be buried with some of his fortune but was afraid of people, like me, coming and cleaning out his coffin." Her words held amusement laced with a soft laugh. " So he disguised his name to Thomas Weal. At least that's the rumor." Finally the duo approached the back tomb and Rinn nudged her Husband, "It's about to get pitch black, make us some light?" With that she pushed into the tomb eventually disappearing from sight consumed in darkness, at least until Magik would comply.

Magik quickly and quietly took his armor off as Rinn read off the intel to him. Piece by piece the armor is stuffed into his infinite pack, revealing solid black clothing along with a shadowed hood beneath all of that armor. He pulls his hood up, hiding his features except for the occasional spark and flicker from inside his eyes. The elf then kneels down to adjust his black boots, repeating, "Ackerman or Thomas Weal. Got it." He collects his pack as he stands, tossing the strap around his shoulder to let it hang by his side. As his beloved wife disappears into darkness, he holds his palm out infront of him, casting a white fireball to float inbetween the two, emitting light in all directions, "There we are."

Rinn grinned over her shoulder as the room flickered with a faint glow given off by the orb. She had never shared this part of her life with her husband and it excited the redhead. with a smile her fingers worked at a tie on one of her belts pouches to free a shiny thread. At the entrance of the mausoleum she tied a knot and continued forward, her own set of bread crumbs. After a few twists and turns the room opened into a huge oval and hundreds of coffins lined the walls, "Ok scan the name plates." A soft drip mixed with other taps and echos to bounced off the walls signaling some soft of life still roamed the tombs, probably a necromancer or one of their left behind projects, noises Rinn was accustomed to.

Magik followed Rinn's lead, occasionally running a finger along the walls just above her trail marker or focusing on his wife's behind. He couldn't help it. She's so hot. Every other turn or so he would try to get a quick glimpse into the darkness they weren't exploring before continuing on behind Rinn. As they arrived in the much more open room, the flaming orb floats higher and burns just a bit brighter to help find one of the two names. Magik wanders off on his own to search the coffins. "I grabbed some rum and wine for when we find this guy's goodies, love, and maybe we'll, ya know, christen the place.." he says over his shoulder as he traces numerous plates in search of an Ackerman or Weal with a devilish smirk on his face.

Rinn paused her search to blow a kiss at her husband, "You sly devil." She purred before she continued high and low. "You know all the right words to make a woman weak in the knees." She loved that man of hers and the day dreams he painted had her almost miss their mark. "Weal!" She whispered enthusiastically before she dropped her rucksack to her feet, the impact producing a cloud of dust. Rinn quickly yanked her bandanna up over nose and mouth and soon after she squatted beside her pack and worked free a crowbar and a hammer. Rinn's fingers would stroke the stone looking for a lip to begin the cracking process. The loud taps alerting any creepy crawlies of their presence, a loud and distance groan sounding as an alarm for the two. "We will need to work quickly."

Magik searched the names with a smile, the sound of his wife's voice always put him in an overall better mood even if he did still feel like death at times. Just as he turned his head to sneak a peak at Rinn in her element, she announced the name they were looking for. The elf quietly claps his hands together and rubs them as he quickly joins his wife at her side. "Well done," he quietly compliments her. Looking up at the floating orb, Magik reaches up, turning his hand in the air as if he grasped at a knob, increasing the intensity of the orb. His attention is quickly diverted as the growl from the darkness fills the air. Magik quietly chuckles before positioning himself behind Rinn, facing where the groan originated from. He stands at the ready, left palm aiming towards the darkness, his right hand balled into a fist as it starts to smoke, "Just let me know if you need a little muscle."

Rinn scoffed playfully over her shoulder as she continued to drive the metal bit through the stone, each clank bring the sound of shuffling feet closer. As she her laborious whacking echoed a new noise arrived. "Something is knocking on the other side." Rinn exhaled with a shake of her head. "It's probably a booby-trap. Once I get this lid off be prepared." The cracking of bones gained and the volume from the coffin grew. "If we time it right we may be able to crush whatever is approaching with this slab then deal with this Mister Weal." Rinn wasn't too sure how this was to play out, but with her husband at her side she was far from afraid. Rotted flesh drooped from at sunken in frame, groans pouring from the holes in the decaying cheeks, teeth visible. "Ready?" She grunted giving a final pull to loosen the lid and spin clear from it's crippling weight, wither or not the being got crushed another sprung to life leaping from the coffin. Jewel and gold clattered to the ground as Ackerman staggered from his not-so-final resting place. The duo each having an assailant closing in.

Magik kept his eyes focused on the darkness as whatever was drawing close continued to push forward at an increasing speed. Even though he knew he didn't need to say it, he does, "Be careful..Ready when you are." As these words fill the air of the mausoleum, a scrawny undead orc comes screaming out of the shadows, pulling a much more decayed orc by its arm behind him. A wicked sneer pulls across Magik's features upon realizing what is racing towards the couple, "Orcs. My favorite." The Lyastri's palm is ripped open as a black, smoking arrow releases from it. The arrow rips through the air, aimed to sever the connection of the orcs. It flies true, cutting the first orc's hand clean off. The more decayed orc is quickly left behind as it stumbles and rolls, practically falling to pieces as it does so. As the undead gains speed, Magik waits until there is less than ten feet between them. The elf quickly turns around to aid Rinn in pulling the lid off. As Rinn spins away, Magik manages to maneuver the lid to strike the ground enough that it slides infront of the incoming orc. It was indeed timed perfectly. As the orc is forced to dive over the obstacle, Magik sidesteps, grabbing the back of the orc's head and directing it into the side of the coffin. What was left of the orc's brain tissue and skull litter the surrounding area upon impact. Magik gives the creature a few more violent bashes against the coffin until there's nothing left above its shoulders. Magik immediately focuses on his wife's situation incase she needs any assistance.

Rinn had her own demon to battle, the mummified owner of the casket she disrupted. His movements were more stiff and his smell fresher then the orcs, seeing he hadn't even been dead a four days. Weal's cracking limbs extend themselves towards his target, Rinn, forcing the redhead to leap backwards out of the deaths grip. She stomped her heel and the motion triggered the spring in her boot which shot out a dagger. One boot struck out to kick Lord Ackerman in the gut pushing some distance between them before a spinning kick lodged her booted knife into the "zombie's" skull. However that was not enough to stop the being and bone bit steel. The grave-robber hopped on one leg while both her arms attempted to yank her leg free, grunting and cursing all the while. "This mother...fuker." She muttered jumping towards her crowbar which waited propped against the neighboring casket. She'd swing like a major-leaguer finally landing enough to fall the beast, the corpse taking Rinn with it. Next gargled rasps sent a rattle through the mausoleum, Rinn still struggling with her footwear dramatically. With an extra kick to the deceased's head she wasfinally free and she pushed to her feet as the creaking and grinding grew; scatted bones drew into a pile before rebuilding into a larger threat. "I have a feeling this isn't going to end soon." Her words shot to her husband while her eyes shot to the open coffin, "Smash and dash?"

Magik caught a side glimpse of the orc pieces left behind as they skid across the ground to join the rest of the pile forming. The corpse that laid at Magik's feet did the same. The bones quickly formed together in no certain rhyme or reason but quickly towered over Rinn and Magik. After removing his pack, Magik drops it to the ground and kicks it towards Rinn, "Smash and dash, baby. I'll hold off this.." Before he could get the last word in, a thick femur collided into Magik's forehead, splitting his head clean open. A thick mixture of that damn black goo and crimson blood starts leaking down his head to drop off of the tip of his nose. He's taken back by the impact a little, but regains his composure quickly. The elf growls at the growing pile of bones as it starts to take the shape of a winged dragon. Were it alive, fire would surely spew from the dragon's mouth, instead sharp bones and fragments are sent hurling towards the couple. Remember that orb above the area? It quickly melts down into a curtain of fire, turning any bone matter into ash before they can penetrate through. Magik glances to his wife, hoping she's ready to haul ass soon.

Rinn squatted as one hand held open Magik's bag and the other quickly swept the gems and gold into the sack. The sudden heat from the fire and bone catch the redhead's attention but only briefly as it signaled her to get it in motion. She rose to her feet and peeped her head into the casket, "You ok, baby?" She called from inside the container as she pulled more items from the stone box, a bow, a mirror, a quiver with silver arrows and a new dagger for herself. Finally she reappeared fully but only to loot the corpse she had just violated, relieving it of a ring and amulet. "Bingo!" Rinn was satisfied enough. Her items were gathered with haste then both bags made it over her shoulders. One sharp tug of the string at her belt lead the way with a helpful pull. "Pitter patter." As they made their escape Rinn prepared a sleeping spell that she would cast over the threshold, one that would only inflict the dead, perks of basic necromancy.

Magik could see the bone-dragon thrashing about inbetween the flames, losing a huge chunk of tail each time it tried to whip through the fire. Magik wiped his bloodied forehead with his sleeve as Rinn worked and he kept his defense going, "I'm good." He continued to watch Rinn do her thing, waiting for the right moment to shift the wall back into their main source of light for the journey back to the surface.

Rinn and Magik spilled into the open grave-yard, the fresh air much appreciated after such a damp decaying cavern. The redhead tugged down her bandanna to place a passionate kiss upon her husband's lips as she lept into his arms with a deranged cackle, "Ah what a trill." She beam, "Where's that rum?" Rinn requested, "Let's have a peek at what old Weal had in store!" She quietly studied Magik's face adoringly, she loved having him by her side, same grave.

Magik collapsed onto the ground as he caught Rinn in his arms, returning her kiss just as passionately, only the crimson slowly flowed out of his gash, none of that black goo stuff, but he wouldn't know that. "Rums in the bag, lovie." He sat up, admiring the one he promised his soul to. Seeing her doing what she loved and being excited about their haul made him fall in love with her even more.

Rinn cuddled up to Magik as she pulled his bag into his lap, "I think our friend back there was an archer." She began, "I found a bow I think you might like." Rinn was like a child on Christmas as she began to dig through their haul, "I also found a dagger." A wiggle of the sheathed blade was her quick show and tell before she actually freed the knife for a quick peek. Pleased with the steel she slide it under her belt before returning her search, a handful of gems later the rum surface, Magik would be offered the bottle first, "I enjoyed working beside you." She smiled fetching the bow next for her one and only.

Magik sincerely ooh'd and ahh'd at his wife's newly acquired dagger, "Very nice." The money and gems were just a bonus. As the rum is presented, he hesitates for a moment before finally taking a swig. As he hands the bottle back, he says quietly, "As did I, love. And it was fun. Also.." He pauses for a second to admire her some more, "There's nothing more beautiful than watching you do what you enjoy." The elf smiles before pressing a kiss to her cheek, "I love you." Without hesitation, his eyes light up at the bow. A solid black stained longbow. Worn string, but that's easy to replace and thick sturdy wood at the curves that can be properly decorated, "This...This is perfect. It needs a little work, but what a find!" He leans to his wife again to press a surprisingly warm kiss to her lips.

Rinn could have taken Magik's words in a whole other direction, and she did, "Watching me do what I enjoy, huh?" She winked before his lips found her's. Rinn's eyes widened and she pulled away from the kiss. Soon she'd be pressing her hand against her husband's forehead then cheeks, "Are you ok?" She asked with slight concern before pecking him once again to still receive the same temperature.

Magik blinked. And blinked again, "I feel fine, why?" Before he spoke those words, he involuntarily took a shallow breath in, something that vampires don't do. He didn't notice though, "How do I feel?"

Rinn pressed her flesh against his once more and there was a slight smile, "You feel...alive." But a shrug followed her words, "Perhaps it's from something in the tomb." Regardless of the cause she felt comfort in his warmth and that drew a yawn, "A few more drinks then bed?"

Magik nuzzled in close to her neck, nipping at it and her ear, "Or bed now and more drinks later?" He pulled back to meet her eyes and to wiggle his eyebrows suggestively.

Rinn purred and chomped at the air sounding a chomping noise as she bit the air, "Take me." There was a wink, "Take me home." With that both her arms wrapped around her husbands neck, she'd allow him to carry her.