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'''Summary:''' Meri brings Fleur over to where she is staying in Cenril. The meeting starts pleasantly, with the two planning dance lessons for Fleur and enjoying lunch. Later the witch receives a new tattoo from Meri. By the end of their luncheon, Lanara makes a request of Meri that leaves her with an unsettling feeling in her gut.  
'''Summary:''' Meri brings Fleur over to where she is staying in Cenril. The meeting starts pleasantly, with the two planning dance lessons for Fleur and enjoying lunch. Later the witch receives a new tattoo from Meri. By the end of their luncheon, Lanara makes a request of Meri that leaves her with an unsettling feeling in her gut.  
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==A Manor In Cenril==
==A Manor In Cenril==

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Summary: Meri brings Fleur over to where she is staying in Cenril. The meeting starts pleasantly, with the two planning dance lessons for Fleur and enjoying lunch. Later the witch receives a new tattoo from Meri. By the end of their luncheon, Lanara makes a request of Meri that leaves her with an unsettling feeling in her gut.

Part of the Magic, Madness, and Mayhem Arc

A Manor In Cenril

The manor was still today, the silence unnerving, as Lanara perches on the kitchen counter, a mug of coffee pressed to her lips as she slowly sips the hot beverage. A pensive look is on her face, as she eyes the two letters that had arrived that morning, one bearing good news, and the other leaving her thoughts muddled. The venue at Shinnan’s Glade that had stated last week that their wedding had to be postponed was now retracting that statement. Apparently, one of their disgruntled employee’s had thought it best that the truth be revealed, and so she penned the witch immediately upon being fired. “Why would Eli cancel the wedding, and pay so much gold to keep it a secret?” He had asked for Lana’s hand in marriage, and they had decided on the location and date together. It wasn’t as if she was forcing him to marry her, or rushing things! Another sip of coffee is taken, as she shakes her head, thinking perhaps the author of this letter was confused or had mistaken her for another bride to be. She planned on confronting him later today, either way, as she needed answers. A hurtful truth would be better than a pretty lie, and if he wanted to delay their wedding she had no qualms about postponing. Yet, he hadn’t been around the house lately, either. Was something amiss? Toothpick, as she fondly referred to him, had been sent to the orchards to pick some late season apples, and he had yet to return. The alcoholic butler was likely at the Whalers and would return inebriated, but Lana doesn’t seem to mind the solitude, as Meri was coming over. Along with a baby girl! The other letter is eyed, and the witch smiles, before sliding from the counter and walking over to the front door, knowing that she was to arrive within the hour. The guards would be notified to allow the woman passage through the gates, while Lana heads upstairs to get ready for company.

Lanara is going to have plenty of time to get ready. Meri was supposed to arrive within the hour, but she was a few minutes late. The blonde was still learning how to manage her time now that she had a child to plan, pack for, and load up. It's with the aid of her gray mare, Kadence, that Meri and her baby Fleur make it to the address Lanara gave her and the guard at the gate is entrusted with her care...after Meri unloads herself, the baby, the babies bag, and the bag full of her tattooing gear. She assumed that Lanara might prefer color for this piece, so the bag is actually quite hefty. Meri was not sure what colors she would need! ...or if she would nee them today. Either way, the mother was prepared. She thought. Maybe. Once she actually sits down with Lanara, she'll probably realize that she forgot something in her rush to not run as late as she was. After the guard takes her horse, Meri shows herself to the front door and gives it a few knocks, but the task was easier said than done given how much she was lugging. She has a baby tucked to her chest with one arm, and two bags slung over the shoulder of the opposite arm. There would be a pause, would the door even be answered? Unknown to Meri, the butler was out and the Whaler. Could Lanara hear here? Surely someone was home, the guard let her in. She would have been turned away if no one was home...so the handle of the door is tested to see if it is unlocked. If it is, Meri will push the door open and pop her head in through the crack she made. She is not so brazen that she walks straight into the manor, but she will call out, "Heeeello?"

The witch had bathed, combed her long locks into a sleek ponytail, and slipped into a white romper embroidered with rainbow paw prints. She had purchased it for the fundraiser at the sanctuary, though it was so comfortable she decided on keeping it solely as leisure wear. Stepping into a pair of sandals, she heads into the master bedroom and plucks a neatly wrapped package from the dresser, before descending the center staircase. Lana is beyond excited to meet Meri’s little girl today, and she had carefully eyed all of the appropriate items at the market, to find the perfect present. Unable to have children of her own, aside from the four legged ones with fur, the witch fully intends on spoiling all of her friends youngsters, and live vicariously through them. Dark hues widen as she finds that Meri is already in the manor, and that she’s calling out a greeting. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to take so long! Roger is normally here, and I keep forgetting that he hasn’t returned, yet.” She rolls her eyes in regards to the butler’s antics, immediately extending her arms to take the baby bag and the satchel with tattooing supplies from Meri’s arm, so that she wasn’t so encumbered with weight. The witch pauses, her attention locking on the infant, and for a long moment she just studies Fleur, admiring her fragility, her beauty, and she can’t help but smile. “She’s lovely, Meri. Congratulations. She’s just perfect! Please! Come into the dining room! There’s more room in there to relax and set down your things, and I made us some lunch!” Lanara would lead Meri through the spacious home, passing through the kitchen, as they make their way to the dining room. Once there, Lana pulls a chair out for the psion, and takes a seat at her side, holding her arms out. “May I hold her? Would that be alright?” Truth be told, it would be the –first- time Lana ever held a baby, and the look in her eyes tells Meri that this would be a monumental moment for the woman. “I brought you a little something!” The gift is handed over, and once the box is unwrapped, Meri would discover a few articles of clothing, all frilled and animal prints, though one dress is a pale shade of pink with matching ballerina slippers. Clearly, Lana picked these out, as she was all about fashion and girly things! A small silver baby bracelet is also in the box, with a pentacle engraved on the charm, as though Fleur would be protected by the power of the Goddess, and remember the gift was from a witch friend, when she was older. There are also a few homemade candles, some bath salts, and a box of chocolate truffles, which were meant for Meri, when she needed some relaxation.

Meri is more than happy to let Lanara assist her with the bags while the pair make their way to the dining room.On the way there, Meri chuckles, "Ah, I don't mind showing myself in as long as you guys don't mind. Lunch sounds fabulous." Which, in this moment and instance Lanara did not appear to, but Meri was not one to going applying these behaviors liberally. Once they are in the dining room and Lanara has had a chance to deposit the baby bag and satchel of tattooing supplies, Meri is more than happy to pass the baby on over. It's done without thought or concern as to if this is Lanara's first time, though she suspects that it might be. Given what Meri has seen of the way Lanara treats all the fur babies in her care, Meri is positive that Lanara will be beyond great with Fleur. Now that the babe is in Lanara's arms, the witch can see that Fleur definitely has blue eyes. That is no surprise, both parents. Fleur does not appear to be blonde though. It's hard to confirm the hair color right now, because it's still growing in, but it seems she will have black hair. Meri is not quick to sit down. She is accepting the present, but that is set aside only temporarily so that she can fetch her sketchbook and a piece of charcoal out of the bag full of her art supplies. After she has acquired her little black book, she finally sits down next to Lanara and opens the present. Meri is delighted with everything that she finds, Lanara would have no time telling that. "Thank you. I love everything. And I know Fleur does as well." Just because Meri was not girly does not mean the little flower would not grow up wanting ballerina slippers. Meri would not deny her. "Hopefully I can get Fleur down early tonight so that I can put these bath salts to good use. It has been a very stressful couple of months." Meri carefully packs everything back up so that she'll have an easier time hauling it home later. "How have things been for you?" If Meri had caught wind of a certain statement being retracted, she was not outright going to ask. Meri understood the sting of heartache quite well right now, there were times one wanted to talk about it...and times one wanted to keep their chin held high and act like it ain't no thang. So Lanara was given the choice to vent or not. They could attempt to focus on happier things.

Lanara feels the weight of the infant as she’s gently pressed into her waiting arms, and carefully she cradles her against her form, dark hues scanning the babe’s features. She’s smitten already, and Meri can tell, as instinct takes over and Lana gently rocks Fleur and is cooing and donning a huge smile. It’s truly a shame that the witch cannot have children, for the maternal emotions that are running through her veins are in full force and she focuses on the line of Fleur’s nose, the brilliant blue eyes, the fuzz atop her head, and the way her lips part as she responds to the slow rocking sensation. “She’s perfect, Meri. In every way…” There’s no envy in Lana’s eyes as she lifts her head to peer at her friend unwrapping the gifts, though if Meri were to glance her way, she’d notice that there’s a film of moisture coating those chocolate pools. All worries about Eli and the wedding are far gone as she’s enamored with the infant, and goes on a rant about Fleur being a future prima ballerina, “When she’s old enough, Meri, you –must- enroll her in some dance classes! I think she’d make a lovely ballerina! And of course I wouldn’t charge you a copper! Of course there are other dance styles; however, learning the pose and steps in ballet will prepare her for a variety of styles. And that’s only if she even wants to learn to dance… If not, I could show her how to care for animals, and when she’s old enough she could help out at the sanctuary!” Realizing she’s babbling, the witch blushes and giggles, “I’m sorry. I’m just so happy for you and Cal-“ Her voice trails off, as she wasn’t sure if Callum had been there during the birthing, or if he even had a chance to meet this little miracle. Lana doesn’t pry for details, as she often had in the past. She didn’t want to spoil this monumental moment. “I must confess, Fleur is the first baby that I have ever held.” A platter of sandwiches rests on the far end of the table, along with various types of salads, and a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade, though with the baby in her arms, Lana is unable to serve her friend. “Meri, please help yourself to whatever you like. There are other drinks over by the bar or in the kitchen, should you not like lemonade.” She doubts the werewolf will have anything alcoholic, as she had to nurse Fleur and the liquor would likely pass on to the infant. “I’ve been good… It’s kitten season and the sanctuary is bombarded with felines of all kinds! The nursery is running out of space, so I’ve been sending some of the newborns home with volunteers to bottle feed….” A pause. “How have you been? And ooh! You brought your sketchbook!”

Meri gives a smile as she watches Lanara with Fleur, the witch was a natural as far as Meri could see, but that smile fades when Lanara makes mention of Callum. She could tell that the witch was not trying to pry, but sooner or later it would all come out wouldn't it? "Ah. Well, not to bring down the mood straight away or anything. But you know, it's like I said. I made the choice to leave Callum. Maybe I was wrong in doing so, maybe he would have come around and grown to love being a father....but it seemed to me like I had started wanting things that he did not. Being a dad was never on his agenda. So...Even though I wrote him and let him know she was born and told him that he was welcome to be in her life, I have not heard from him. Which is...I mean...I did make the choice to leave him. I am not sure what else I should really expect or hope for." Meri shrugs and clears her throat, before trying to push the subject along. As she does so, she stands so that she could serve the both of them. "Just tell me what you want on your plate and I will fix it for you." And that is precisely what would happen, whatever Lanara wanted on her plate would end up presented in front of her. While Meri was serving the both of them, she'd explain, "But regardless she is still perfect and I love her to pieces. She'll probably be able to take whatever dance class she would like to, if she would like to, sooner than you might expect." Meri smirks. "And by the time she's old enough, I am sure she can tell us what she would like to take and if she would like to take them." Four year old girls can be opinionated. "You will have to ask her if she'd like lessons with you." Meri winks, assuming that Lanara would have no objection of being forced into this potentially adorable interaction once Fleur is old enough. Once both ladies have food and the plates are set on the table, Meri collects the baby from Lanara and sets her up in some portable popup baby hammock so that she can lay there nice and comfy while the two women eat and socialize. "And yes! I brought the sketchbook. You had mentioned you had wanted a tattoo. That was part of the reason I was coming out today, no? Why don't you tell me about what you're thinking of getting."

Lanara is all smiles and gazing at Fleur with adoration, though the smile falters ever so slightly as Meri explains that Callum hadn’t replied to her letter. How could he not want to meet his daughter?! “I’m sorry to hear that… I know it must have been a very hard decision to leave him, but you are a strong woman, and Fleur is going to grow up to become a strong woman. If Cal doesn’t wish to be a witness to that, or a part of her life, well, it’s –he- that is missing out. He may come around in the future, once it’s all sunk in, finally. And if he doesn’t… I’m sure you will meet a man that will cherish both of you, if a life partner is what you want.” Lanara had her own doubts about wanting a life partner, these days, as things haven’t been as polished as she had everyone believing. It seemed to the witch that Eli was leading a double life of sorts, and they were rarely together in public. Still, she presses on with talk about Fleur, not wanting to dwell on her own failing relationship. “Meri… Was the birthing terribly painful? Who was your mid-wife? Did you choose a middle name for Fleur?” The macaroni salad and a roast beef and cheddar sandwich are pointed to, and she graciously hands over the infant, so that they both could eat their lunch. “Thank you for arranging this and for letting me hold her… She’s so precious. I’m always happy to offer my services as a sitter, if you are ever in need or just want some time to yourself!” As they socialize and eat their lunch, Lana thinks about the tattoo she’d been considering for quite some time, “I was thinking of a rose on my left ankle… It’s eternally autumn in Kelvar, and I was thinking of getting one of those roses. They are yellow, with burnt orange tips on the petals. The prettiest flowers you will ever see! I miss home, so much, and I think that would be a lovely reminder. And perhaps, on the stem, we would spell out, K-E-L-V-A-R to honor my homeland? What do you think?” Lana lifts her gaze to lock onto Meri’s face, knowing the artist would know what was best.

In ways Meri could relate to how Lanara was feeling, not that she was fully aware of the witches thoughts. Their hearts ached in similar ways for similar reasons, though at least Meri never actually had to go through the stress of planning a wedding and the embarrassment of having to cancel it. A smile is given, trying to push the somber subjects away and not dwell on their broken hearts. "Birthing...was maybe not the worst thing that I have experienced. But yeah, it hurts. No question. I never really got the chance to fully settle on who would assist with the birthing. It ended up being Lennier, the healer on the Tranquility. He also helped give birth to Dominic. And no..Fleur Boyce. It seemed solid enough. I could not think of a middle name that would be fitting." She has already been given a nod to her father, while taking on her mother's last name. All of this is explained between bites. "I think I can do this no problem." It's at this point that Meri flips open her sketchbook. The conversation dwindles momentarily during this point, but it's not because she's at all uncomfortable. It's just that multi-tasking is hard. Here Meri is trying to eat and sketch at the same time, keeping up conversation is a little hard. "I am going to assume that you would like the flowing and pretty lettering for Kelvar?" Is one question that Meri poses toward Lanara at some point amidst her eating and drawing. Too much time was not spent on this rough sketch as all Meri was working with was charcoal. It literally takes Meri maybe four minutes to come up with a rough concept for Lanara to see and once Meri is finished it is slid across the table so that Lanara can examine in. "The ankle is one of the worst spots to get a tattoo, not to psych you out, but just so you're mentally prepped for what you're in for." Meri winks. "Once you're done eating, make yourself comfortable, I'll set up. And heck yeah I will take you up on that babysitting offer. We'll call it a trade. This tattoo in exchange for your babysitting services at some point in the future." Meri for her part seems to be done snacking, a light lunch for a gal who has to start thinking of shedding baby weight.

Lanara munches on her sandwich, stealing gazes at Fleur as she converses with Meri, “Fleur Boyce is a lovely name!” A smile is given, and there’s no judgment over the lack of a middle name… As Lanara wasn’t given one either! The witch –still- didn’t hold a last name, and being that she hadn’t met her father until a few years ago, and he turned out to be abusive in every way imaginable… It hadn’t felt right to take his surname, either. She was ecstatic to become a ‘Krawft’ and mirror her idol the legendary Lara Croft, but ever since hearing that Eli had gone ahead and postponed their nuptials, it was doubtful she’d take his name. At this rate, she was rocking the solo version of a first name, and it served her well enough, she supposed. “Yes! The lettering in flowery letters would be lovely! You know me too well, Meri! It’s funny… Growing up I was the tomboy in the family, and now I tend to favor my more feminine side. It’s as though Taly and I have reversed roles!” Lana chuckles, imagining her little sister with those unruly curls, traipsing through a forest, carefree and looking a challenge dead in the eye. It’s one of those rare moments where she’s filled with pride for her sibling, and the woman she was becoming. “How are things going over at Khitti’s? I bet Dominic loves having a little one to play with, though she’ll be growing up much faster, right?!” Fleur is a picture perfect infant, not crying or demanding attention as Meri sketches, and once both of them have finished their lunch, the witch rises to clean up. As the dishes are deposited in the wash basin, and the perishables are placed in the ice box, Lana thinks about where they should do the tattooing, and she ushers Meri and Fleur into the large living room. Various sofas are arranged in a u-formation, all facing the hearth, and the witch flops onto a long chaise so that her ankle would be on display and Meri wouldn’t have to bend at an awkward angle. “I don’t mind a little pain! Your work is worth any discomfort I may endure!” The wink is returned as the deal is accepted. Baby sitting an angel for some awesome artwork?! Lana definitely planned on signing up, many times over! The completed sketch is eyed, and chocolate hues sparkle as she gives a fervent nod, “It’s perfect!”

An entirely separate conversation could be held on the subject of names, but Meri might need to be a bottle of whiskey deep to really get her blabbing on that subject. Whose to say that Lanara couldn't have a last name? Because whose to say Boyce was Meri's actual surname? Was Meri? Alas. Meri has found sobriety and there is nothing wrong with Lanara rocking a first-name only. Not every day with Fleur has been nearly as picture perfect as today, but thankfully baby is on her best behavior. Which is good, because Meri can't exactly do the prep work for tattooing someone and Lanara cannot rearrange furniture if there is a fussy baby to deal with. Thankfully Fleur seems to be settling in for a bit of a nap. This gives Lanara plenty of time to get settled, and Meri plenty of time to mix up the inks she'll be requiring. Yellow, orange, a touch of black, a smidgen of brown, and a dash of green are all mixed up for this piece. "Honestly, I am not too surprised. Would you believe when I was younger I was far more feminine? We grow, we change." Once Meri has all of the supplies she needs, she settles herself in front of Lanara's ankle. It has been awhile since Meri has done a tattoo, but the artist has done enough in her day that she seems quite comfortable and at ease with this process. Overall, the blonde is following the same meticulous steps that she did the first time that Lanara was tattooed. The witch is given warning before Meri starts the outline of the tattoo, except it's not a count down like the first time. Just a, "I warned you..." about the pain to come. For as Meri promised, there would be a bit more sting delivered by Meri's needle. It's not intentional on the artist's part, it's purely a result of where Lanara wants the tattoo. There is just not much meat on an ankle. While Meri works, distraction is offered in the form of conversation...but that probably only helps so much. "Dominic and Fleur have not actually met yet. He's been going through a bit of a firebug stage, so I think Khitti has been waiting until Fleur is a bit older? Hopefully they will meet soon." Meri has not proclaimed herself Dominic's aunt since birth for no reason, after all. She'd love for Fleur to have a playmate while growing up. Meri smiles half-heartedly. "So when we last spoke, we talked about how I was a werewolf now? And have been for a few months?" The smile that Meri wears fades, and even though the conversation is a serious one the woman's gaze remains on Lanara's ankle. "I am sure you know then....how unpredictable....a young werewolf can be? We may not always be fully in control or aware....Some might say that we're pretty dangerous creatures." More was on Meri's mind, but she falls silent here to see what insights Lanara might offer, the witch has known many a wolf in her day.

The witch doesn’t comment on the mention of Meri being feminine in her younger years, though her dark eyes widen slightly, as she cannot imagine this, in the least. All of the formal affairs she had attended, and the many that she had hosted, the psion was always clad in slacks and a fancy blouse, though she had never seen her in a skirt or dress. And who could forget the dance class that she had given to Khitti and Meri? The woman flat out refused the pink leotard and ballerina slippers, only relenting when she saw how upset her friends had become, in worry that she wouldn’t get the ‘full’ experience of twirling and pointing her toes. She had been a natural, too! “Yes! Khitti mentioned that to me… She brought Dominic in last week to adopt some chickens and a rabbit, and he was wearing a special bracelet so he couldn’t set anything ablaze.” She grins, unable to hide the amusement in her expression. Lanara had been a hellion when she was the boy’s age, and the fact that he bore magic was rather intriguing. As the colors are mixed and the needle is pressed to her slender ankle, she inhales, knowing that the outline was always the worst part of a tattoo. Once the flesh was numbed from being poked so many times, the filling in stage would be a breeze, or so she hoped. The lower back wasn’t all that comfortable, but the ankle is much more painful, as Meri had warned. The shift in conversation to distract her from the pinching sensation is welcome, and Lana forces herself to concentrate on the words coming from the blonde’s mouth. “Yes… The first two years are the hardest, I’ve been told…” A glance is given to the sleeping infant, who also carried the blood of a werewolf, though she’d have an easier transition as she was born into this life, and not savagely bitten. “I have no fear of you, Meri, or of any lycan. Hell, I’ve lived with three and nearly married one! And with my empathy, it’s easy for me to control their shifting and anger… But, if one was having some issues controlling their angst? The most important thing for you to find is balance… A wolf is-“ There’s a pause, as the needle makes a curve and Lana winces at the pain, her ankle already beginning to slightly swell and turn a shade of pink. “Um… Oh, yes! As I was saying… A wolf’s primary concern is the need to be free… Running and hunting are a necessity… If you tire yourself out during the morning and afternoon, there is a lesser chance of you going stir crazy at night. It’s also wise to follow the patterns of the moon… Pay attention to the phases, your emotional changes, and record them in a diary. On the eve of a full moon, you should be far from places that people frequent. Perhaps the plains? Or a forest off the grid? Bring rare meat with you, some water, and strong chain… It seems cruel, but until you have full control in your wolf form, it’s for the best.” A faint smile graces her lips as she watches Meri’s art, studying the blonde’s profile, “You will find that you are quick to resort to anger, you will literally pant and scratch when you have the urge to run free, and you’ll develop a taste for meat unlike before… Those are all normal side effects. So when you feel them? Jog until the urge passes, dine on beef, and when you are angry focus on your breathing, think calming thoughts, and leave the room or situation that upset you. And… If the transformation is horribly painful for you, I can brew you some potions that may make them less chaotic on your body.”

Any time that Lanara would wince with pain, Meri would give pause so that the witch would have a chance to adjust to the sensation. It would not do to just press aggressively on with the tattoo, only to have Lanara jump from the pain. Meri had no interest in running the risk of ruining a tattoo and injuring Lanara or herself in the process. Mention that Dominic's little firebug problem has already been solved is regarded with a half-smile. That thought is pushed to the back of her mind. Her adopted sister would decided when the time was right for Dominic to meet with Fleur, there was only so much Meri could say about that. "Dominic sure does love himself some chickens." Meri's half-smile vanished when Lanara explains that, as she understands it, the first two years are the hardest. The glance that is spared toward Fleur suggests to Meri that maybe this statement does not just apply to Meri herself, but her child also. Meri frowns. Maybe it was for the best that Dominic and Fleur have not met yet. Meri's heart felt heavy, for she was now having a really good think of what life as a werewolf meant not just for her? But for her daughter? Not everyone would be as accepting as Lanara is demonstrating that she is. Meri is silent for a time. In part because she is focused on her work, making sure the colors of the rose are blending together to perfection as the rose continues to take shape on Lanara's ankle. Most of this silence is because Meri is processing everything Lanara says. All the tips and pointers, they were good. She would put them all to good use, and maybe the need to up the amount of meat she's eating is why she has been so hungry all the time. Here Meri thought that perhaps dieting like a human woman would have to lose her post pregnancy baby weight was the right course of action. Still. Meri frowns and breaths out a frustrated, "Two years. That a long time for me to figure myself out. A lot can happen in that time. Accidents." Meri pauses for a moment in the tattooing session. She uses this break to flex the muscles in her hand, while also wrestling with the thought of what if she bites someone. Savagely attacks someone just like she was attacked. What if they're not so lucky. She's already killed as a wolf, granted...they started it...but she has also come close to thinking that Callum was a tasty little snack. Lionel too. "But I guess all I can do is my best and make sure that I keep plenty of bacon on hand." Meri smirks, but there is only so much sincerity to expression this time. The look in her eyes shows that her thoughts are more weighted than she's letting on. However, Meri refuses to let herself continue down the rabbit hole of what-if's. She'd press on with the tattoo, bringing it closer to completion with every passing minute. The last detail that Meri would work on would be the lettering, spelling out the name of Lanara's homeland.

Lanara isn’t a novice to the feelings of others, and being that she was empathic with animals and Meri carries the blood of a wolf, she can practically feels the woman’s emotions bleeding into the needle that pierces her flesh. Confusion. Anger. Fear. Was she worried about Fleur biting a child on the playground? Perhaps her cousin? Did Meri think she was a threat to her friends and family? The tattoo is nearing completion, and as the psion flexes her hand, she gives her a small smile, “Hey… I know this is all super new to you and that Fleur has been born into this, but it’s not your fault. If anything, you need to try and see the bright side of things… You have enhanced senses, you can burn off any calories easily, and sometimes it’s nice to be someone or something else… It’s an escape.” Was Lanara hinting at wanting to escape her own mind? She continues on, before Meri can interject, and she repeats the spelling of Kelvar, so it’s inscribed correctly on her ankle. The area is tender, like an awful sunburn, and Lana grinds her teeth as the lettering is being done, “Just keep busy, and you will start to know the warning signs, before you shift. Throw yourselves into adventure… Hell! You can even take the lead position in the Adventurer’s Guild! Test the reigns and see if you maybe want to lead your own expeditions, and it would do me some good to have some time to myself. Planning a wedding, dealing with all the hostility towards being a witch and running the sanctuary take up a lot of my time. You’d be doing me a huge favor…” This would benefit both women, and hopefully help Meri to tire herself out with an action packed lifestyle, that she wouldn’t have to worry about biting anyone. And the witch could focus on other areas of her life that needed loads of attention! It was a win-win for both, if Meri were to accept. As the finishing touches are added to the autumnal rose tattoo, Lana claps her hands and smiles wide, “Oh! I love it! Meri you are a Goddess with tattooing. You truly have a gift! I cannot thank you enough!” The witch waits for her friend to clean her tools and place them back into her bag, before she envelopes her in a brief hug, showing that the tattoo had meant a great deal. As did the promise of babysitting Fleur in the future! “Thank you! I had such a wonderful day! What do you say about the guild? I will give you a spare key to the headquarters, and if you ever decide that you want to lead an adventure or look after things in case I’m no longer able…” Was this a prophecy? Was Lana having visions again? Her voice trails off, before she opens one of the drawers on an end table and hands over a large key, just in case Meri ever had the urge to explore, or needed a safe place to stay in case things got heavy with the lycanthropy. “Want some dessert? I made chocolate cherry brownies, they are so gooey, but they are delicious!”

Lanara was not wrong. Meri was afraid of those things. What if Fleur bit someone on the playground. What if she bit her cousin. What if she never comes close to biting anyone at all, and yet the children still don't accept her? Just for what she is? This is certainly something that Lanara can relate to, being a witch, persecuted just for her beliefs. Lanara's attempts to get Meri to see the silver lining are not a complete failure, but those worries Meri suffers from are harder to push out of her mind than she'd hope. Lanara, being the empath that she is, will probably sense this, but Meri still smiles, "You're right. It's an escape." Meri was not sure she believed that statement, but she'd try and convince herself of such. The spelling of Kelvar is heard, Meri is sure that she gets it right upon Lanara's skin. The tattoo artist has not lost her touch. She does need to give pause when Lanara makes mention of Meri taking the lead role in the Adventurer's Guild. Meri does not say anything at first, she just furrows her brows and levels and incredulous look on Lanara. What in the world could this witchy woman possibly be talking about? Take over a lead role that she has filled so well? Meri's in such disbelief that she does not respond. Blue eyes focus back on her work where they remain, but her furrowed brows show that the woman is deep in thought over what Lanara has just said. It's not until Lanara brings the matter up again, after thanking Meri for her work, that the tattooed blonde is forced to actually give some amount of answer. Her ignoring the subject matter during the tattooing session was already awkward enough, albeit forgivable, unless Lanara wanted Meri so distracted she'd make a mistake. That awkwardness would only be made worse if Meri ignored Lanara now. "What do you mean if you are not longer able...?" Even if Lanara did not finish her sentence, Meri knew what that meant. "You will be able to." Meri frowns. "...But if it gives you some sort of piece of mind..." Lanara was literally presenting her with a key, seeming so sure and insistent. It's only in the event that something happens, right? Meri takes the key, but does not dwell too heavily on it's acceptance. Not yet. For now, they'd enjoy desert before Meri departs. Ultimately, it is Fleur who decides when they must leave. She's been well behaved for most of the get together, until now she wants her nap in her crib and she will cry until she gets her way. This is what forces Meri to take her leave. Thanks kid.