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Summary: Brennia stops by the House of Ara to greet those at the Healer’s Guild when chaos ensues.

House of Ara; Rebuilt

The primary floor of the House of Ara was completely demolished so a newer, larger, and sturdier floorplan could take its place. Upon entering the building through heavy double doors, you will find yourself standing on oceanic-blue marble floors. The walls are white, backlit by mahogany trim. There is a receptionist desk, manned by a small Elvish girl with stark white hair and very pale skin named Mei. She will be able to direct you to the lavish patient rooms that are located up twisting staircase, the kitchens down the North corridor, the surgical facilities to the east or the teaching clinic to the west. The ceilings are high and the acoustics pick up the click-clack of your heels as you make your way to Mei. The Guild Tutor, Mr.Fennigan would be more than happy to serve as your escort, or fetch a wheelchair and a medic should there be cause for one.

Emilia | Ara was in a state of semi chaos. There was a pair of healers rushing a feline woman to be mended with a man in tow from the upper floor where several others were rushing to. The part of Ara that was gathering attention was leaking ice, snow, and frost down an entire hall, up a flight of stairs, and nearly the entire left wing of the healing house was under winter weather. The sounds of people hollering directions at one another can be heard, “Get the rib cracker from the operation room!”, “Get ice water!”, “Get the spider-thread stitches!”, “Grab as much gauze as possible!”, “Grab the wool blankets and gloves!”, “Heat up the clinic!”. So many orders were being yelled from the upper floor with people rushing madly around to follow the commands. Someone, some icy one, was in trouble, serious trouble from the sounds of it. “I will need a torch and some serious cutters than can break metal!” Another shout from upstairs. Panic was spread on all the healer’s faces. Upstairs if one follow the commotion through the frozen doors, down the icy hall, into the winter wonderland of the upper floor there was on a marble slab the Genasi laying perfectly still with her eyes closed, unconscious with a faint beat of a heart and shallow breaths. Standing next to the table was Edith an elderly woman with long gray thin locks being tied up out of the way. Her wrinkled skin showed concern as those muddy brown eyes stared down trying to determine the best way to approach this surgery. Around the table were a number of healer’s all holding the different items that can been called for by the lead on this case. Standing near the table was a large Undead Hoarfrost Roan. The body was half skeleton with bones made from what looked to be ice and flesh that appeared to be like a sheet of ice with fresh layer of snow covering it. From its eye sockets a blue fire danced that matched the same flames of its main and tail, emitting a cold chill instead of heat. Held light in its mouth was something that was frozen, deep blue in color and looked to be a heart of some sort.

Brennia had been stopping by Ara on her way to find Alvina, who she thought was living in Larket still, and wanted to check in on the healer’s guild. Those who granted her sanctuary when she was in hiding and accepted her furthermore when they realized the truth. The panic is palpable in the healing facility that she knew like the back of her hand back when people thought she was some simple pale skinned human by the name of ‘Susie’. Even though Thedez, her naga bodyguard, is trying to pull her away from the chaos, Brennia doesn’t even hesitate. She immediately goes to the laundry room and puts on a plain grey tunic before finding the rib cracker, spider-thread stitches, gauze, gloves, draping wool blankets over her wings, and ice water. The avian became a presence of calm among the shouting and chaos as her melodic alto timbre softly offers, “everyone grab a blanket for yourselves and gloves. Here are the other items, but we won’t need fire,” no. Anything they needed melted away, she can softly hum the fire’s melody and, presto! She will not use it on Emilia’s skin directly though, as she understands what it could do to the Genasi. The bard continues to softly hum a spell of calm and focus over everyone in the room if she wasn’t asked to melt something away as her wings stretch out around the healers crowded around Emilia to also warm them. Her teal gaze catches the Undead Hoarfrost Roan and she breaks away momentarily to kneel next to the beast, some animals take quickly to the avian due to the wings, but mostly because she loves animals and she holds her hand out to the ice creature at a safe distance for now, “hey there boy.. What do you got there?” She can tell what he has, and it might be important, so please be a good boi and hand over the heart?

Emilia |Edith turned to see the newest addition carrying a number of the items that she had called out for that others seemed to be too shocked to find. It was not everyday that the leader was in need of a mending, let alone something that was this drastic. While the human woman was getting everything together for this moment she turned around the room, took in a deep inhale of the clam and refreshing air that came with Brennia, a familiar face from long ago. “Righty will get that when it is time. That heart is from the ice plane and is colder than anything a warm fleshed being should touch,” she commented at the woman before flashing her a warm smile. It was clear she was more than happy that she had come out of no where in this time of need, “If you could, I would actually appreciate it if you could do the opposite of what we normally do here and keep Emilia from healing while we work or she will heal faster than we can operate on her.” It was something that tended to be in the way more often than not when you need to mend someone that patches up their minor wounds before you can solve the problem. Once everyone was at the ready Edith stepped up onto a create next to the slab to get the best height to work on the frozen one. “Here we go…” the healer announced as she picked up a scalpel made with a diamond blade, moved the sheet off the Genasi, and began the first deep cut into the pale frosty flesh of Emilia. The blood that rose to the surface was a hue of blue, slushy and thick as it had already begun to freeze itself the moment the flesh was cut into. Beneath the flesh as the blade slid deep something metal looking could be seen through the blood. An exhale, “I will need the torch and the rib spreader.” Her voice was clam as she handed over the blade to wait for the next instruments. The bones of the woman beneath the flesh were coated in a thin layer of some type of metal making this process even harder.

Brennia nods curtly before coming back over to stand where Emilia’s head is on the table and mentally sifts through her melody spells which will most aid her in this moment. The avian bends at the waist so her lips where level with Emilia’s ear even if the woman is unconscious - only she will hear and the melody begins. A sick lullaby that distracts and suppresses the Genasi body’s natural ability to mend. Everyone so close together can pick up their favorite scents coming from the avian, which probably aids to the calming effect of the bard. Brennia continues her focus through the request of the rib spreader and hands it over while someone else provides the torch. The avian doesn’t seem phased by the odd blood or Emilia’s unique anatomy for the simple fact that she’s always known this healer was unique in her own way, but her teal gaze closes in focus and channels all of her power in keeping the Genasi from healing. It takes a lot from the bard, she is just a bard afterall. She trusts that Edith with be quick and give Brennia a new command once the heart it placed.

Emilia |Edith accepted the spreader and the torch from the different hands. This was one for the books for the healer, much as it was for anyone else in the room. The human with the help of another used the torch to carefully warm the metal coated ribs before using the rib spreader to open up the chest of the Genasi so that there was more room to work on her petite body. The sternum would normally be cut, but this one was coated in metal. A focused sigh, “Cutters.” The dangerous looking cutters were exchanged for the previous items. It was with a hard grunt and a heave that the old woman carefully snapped out the sternum to fully open up the woman’s chest to gain access to the heart beneath. There was a person holding the sternum, a person holding clippers, another with the torch, and another with the spider thread at the ready. “Righty! Get me that heart!” From the ceiling came the frozen animated black hand that belonged to the Genasi. There was a polite pet to the Roan before it gave up the heart to the frozen hand, the only hand beside the left hand of the Genasi that could take it without causing severe damage. The hand placed the heart into the chest of the woman after a small moment of adjusting other organs to make room for a second heart. With the instructions of Edith the animated hand worked quickly on sewing the second heart into the chest so that it shared flow with the first heart. It was truly amazing to watching. As the stitches were pulled tight Edith turned to Brennia, “My lovely lady, thank you. You can let her begin to heal again. We need to see if we can get that both hearts beating.” Once the avian stopped her lullaby time seemed to stand still. Moments passed before the healing nature of the Genasi could be seen take effect. Righty gave a few minor compressions to the frozen heart as it settled into temperature with the Genasi’s body. Shortly there was two beating hearts in the chest. With quick hands the sternum was placed back against the location where it was clipped, torched to melt the metal over the break to secure it back into place before the ribs were bent back into place. Stitching the chest followed. Once the Genasi was secured back into one piece, though altered on the inside, Edith let out a big sigh of relief. “Alright, clean up everyone and let us give this woman some space to rest and hopefully wake up.”

Brennia feels her power draining, the small amount she has after not fully resting, herself. The room starts to narrow and then spin a little right as she hears Edith give the order to stop. Everything comes back into her vision, but she looks pale and weak before slowly taking a few steps back. A couple of healers help steady Brennia as she catches her breath… it was like being underwater to the point of nearly drowning and finally air fills her lungs. A cool rag is placed on the back of Brennia’s neck and she gets a second wind as she helps Edith with the stitching, Brennia was always good at stitching while making sure minimal scarring will set in. It is so nice to be working alongside Edith once more and as soon as she commands they clean up, Brennia plops down on the chair with exhaustion, “I’ll clean up in here and if it’s alright with everyone else, I’ll wait until she wakes.” She knew when she finally came out of the stupor that the poison had her under that she was so happy to see her friend’s, Reginae, face because it felt like everything was going to be alright.

Emilia | Edith nodded and sent every out of the room with what items they did have in hand that took care of a decent amount of the mass of items from blankets to gauze to the rib spreader to the cutters. Edith turned to face Brennia, “You are an angel dear with the most perfect timing. Also, you out stitch me. Lovely to have you back in the business. I will leave you with Emilia, but if she takes a turn for the worse, please do summon me back.” A smile followed by a half bow before Edith also left the room. Resting time. Brennia would have a few hours of peace to herself in the chair. The undead roan in the room had taken to laying next to the marble slab to slumber while Righty had vanished as well. It was quiet with just the sounds of breathing. It was with a startled gasp that the icy one awake, bolting herself into an upright position on the marble slab. Wide eyed, hearts beating almost in perfect sync with one another, the Genasi just stared out at the room as if she had just awoke from a terrible nightmare.

Brennia grins sheepishly, “it’s good to be back miss Edith… Oh, you know I will not hesitate,” she bows her head respectfully just as Edith did the same and her voice sounds quiet, but purposeful. During the resting time: the avian had folded an arm on the table so her head could rest upon it next to the Genasi, but sleep snuck up on the bard. Unwanted sleep because it always slips back to the same nightmare… Luckily Emilia wakes with a start and it saves Brennia from her own nightmare. She stands up next to Emilia on the side opposite of the Undead Roan, “Emilia,” Brennia says softly and tries to meet the woman’s gaze. “Are you okay, Emilia? Do you know where you are and who you are?” The woman is left uncovered simply because the Genasi doesn’t like warmth and it would have been quicker for her to heal that way, but Brennia doesn’t care to look down - I mean she saw the inside of this woman, so it’s not at all shocking. Brennia offers a thin sheet to her now for modesty sake as her teal gaze doesn’t leave Emilia for a second. “How do you feel?” Her warm alto timbre continues to calm and the natural avian asset of others smelling their favorite scent around them is an added bonus to keeping people calm.

Emilia blinked as her focus took a moment to form on the world around her. It was at first a look of panic that slowly faded with the familiar voice of the bard, the calming sensation that came with her, and the sights of familiar Ara. The long dreadlocks the Genasi sported falling down into her face, either side of her head had been shaved leaving her with a dreaded out mohawk of waist length locks. Modesty? The Genasi didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing anything or that her chest was still with stitches holding it together. Lucky or unlucky the woman was numb to pain leaving her with no after sensations from the recent surgery. Turning those icy blue hues on Brennia there was a soft familiar smile that fell on her death blue lips, “Either I am dead because I spot a Brennia or she finally came back from a mysterious vanishing. I suppose I would prefer the latter, I prefer not being dead, I think.” Shaking her head the healer glanced around the room that was covered in layers of snow and ice, “What happened in here? Why is it a miniature Frostmaw? I don’t remember how I got here…last I remember was the old farm…then these weird raptor people…cages…my brother…and darkness.”

Brennia smiles brightly and it breaks over her whole face while poking dimples in her cheeks. Now that Brennia looks upon Emilia… Like -really- looks, she’s digging the more edgy look she’s got going on, “oh, Emilia.” She would hug the Genasi if she could, but is afraid to hurt the woman with the natural warmth of her skin. So she does one better, she curves her wings around the healer, allowing the appendages to hoover -juuust- above the woman in the stark. “I prefer not being dead either… or worse.” A soft nervous laugh escapes the bard as her wings fold tightly to herself again, but she didn’t want to bring up what she just went through right now. Brennia wipes a happy tear from the corner of her eye and starts to explain, “I am not even sure. I was just walking by Ara and wanted to stop in to say ‘hi’ when I hurled myself into the chaos. Edith brought you back and I just helped… She was amazing as she attached a new heart in you.” Her hands motion to the ice and snow in the room, “and this is just your awesomeness unable to be contained.” Her brow knits together, “raptor people?” Oh no… they are in Schezerade.

Emilia with an arm, the handless one, gave Brennia a half hug as her wings wrapped about her in a feathery hug. As much as the healer wanted to pet the soft feathers she kept her stump and hand to herself knowing avians were not much for having their wings messed with. Listening to the story it was a rather surprise to listen to the details that were known. It left the question of just how long had she been laying here on a marble slab. Then it dawned on her… another heart…inside the chest? Wide eyed the Genasi looked down to her chest if only now realizing that she was partly nude and that her center was very neatly stitched together where she had been sliced open. A finger ran lightly over the stitches in the flesh, “I can tell which ones you did and which ones Edith must have done.” Emi chuckled softly before turning her eyes back on the winged lady, “Well, I suppose two hearts are better than one?” A pause, “I was hoping the lizard men were a nightmare… Whatever it takes, I will assist in banishing them back to wherever they came from.”

Brennia feels quite confused about the whole Razurath people and what they really want, so she doesn’t have much to offer at the mention. “That’s right! Now you’re double trouble Emilia.” Her cheeks felt warm when Emilia subtly compliments Brennia’s stitching skills, “well... Miss Edith already had to bust you open and attach the heart and all. The least I could do was help stitch you,” the avian yawns softly and stretches a little while her wings shiver. “How are you feeling right now? Are you hungry, thirsty,” she holds up a glass of chilled water, “or tired?” Brennia is visibly tired, but she definitely doesn’t want to sleep.

Emilia blinked at the question. The Genasi for the moment did not know what she wanted or what she was, as if her body had not fully reset itself yet. The offered water was taken with a small smile, “Thanks, water sounds good.” It was shortly after when she set the empty glass down. Stretching out, careful of the stitches, the Genasi looked around the room once more. She was not tired or was she? Her body acted tired as if he wanted more rest even if she had been asleep for who knew how long. Surgery, takes the wind out of a person. Wrapping the sheet around herself Emi slid herself off the table onto some slightly wobbly legs. It had been weeks since she had used them. “I feel like a walk and then something more comfy than a marble slab to sleep in. Would you like to use your old room here to sleep for the night? You seem just as tired.”

Brennia smiles again, “I’d like that. Let's take a walk and get our bearings back, then sleep.” Or… restless sleep for Bre as it has been since she got rescued. She will offer her hand out to help steady Emilia whenever needed and made sure to keep the contact short in order to not harm the ice skin of the Genasi. “It’s good to be back,” she muses as they had walked about Ara and it applies to many things. It’s good to be back in the world of the living, in the world of the non-mind-controlled, good to be back among friends and good to be back among the healer’s guild ranks. Optimism and hope fills Brennia again.