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Summary:Bradyn, Kasyr, and Quintessa meet to discuss the issue known as Vasili, in the very area that Vasili has claimed as his own. There a possible triple alliance between House Dragana, House Mahara, and House Azakhaer is discussed.

Dragon Graveyard, Vailkrin

Bradyn Mahara had received Quintessa's most recent request to meet so that they could discuss some recent happenings. While the letter may have hinted as to why, it was not an explanation that the Maharan needed persay. Bradyn might not be one to frequent local watering holes like the Hanging Corpse Tavern, but he is was one of the Lords of House Mahara, it stands to reason that he'd be in the know of the more important happenings of Vailkrin. The response Bradyn writes in return to Quintessa indicates that, yes, they should meet. Where does Bradyn want to meet? He's going to push all of their luck by suggesting they meet out in the open on the very grounds that Vasili is attempting to claim for himself. The tall and lanky mortician has made no effort to conceal himself, he stands openly in the middle of the ruins and is dressed as one might expect from someone who claims the title of mortician. The Maharan wears clean and crisp black slacks, a pressed white shirt that is worn beneath a black button down waist coat, and polished black dress shoes. Weaponry is noticeably absent, but the Maharan is a studious necromancer. Stabbity things have never been his thing, with the exclusion of scalpels. He does fancy those.

Quintessa Dragana is nearly recovered from her wounds. Nearly. A small consequence of trying to do too much in a small frame of time. After a spar, a warrior's guild mission, and a duel all in the same week she was really feeling the toll it was taking on her body. Still, even in her weakened state she marched openly through the graveyards, an area that had supposedly been claimed by a new pretender. Walking in boots that totally did not have spikes for heels, Quintessa's sylphlike form almost glides through the ruins, her invisibility cloak catching on the wind as she passes through. While normally the changeling would try to dress up nice for a meeting with the head of House Mahara, today she wore her combat gear, ever ready for a cowardly attack from this Vasili. A simple leather catsuit with an alchemist's belt and her trusty katana was all she needed to deal with him, she assumed. When mismatched eyes spot Bradyn, Quintessa leaves the shadows to join him in the center of the ruins, a clearing of her throat announcing her presence. "Mahara," the young spellcaster says as a greeting, a slight tip of her cranium accompanying her words. "I invited Azakhaer. As former king and my closest ally, it only felt natural for him to join us." Quintessa's hand idly rests on the hilt of her sword as she speaks, her gaze searching the ruined structures for signs of movement. "I assume it's no mystery as to why I invited the two of you here..."

Kasyr does his best to keep his composure with every step he makes, despite the sense of rawness felt within the still healing flesh near his left side. Still, an onlooker would be hard- in part due to the light perfume meant to mask the scent of blood still clinging to the bandages wrapped about his waist, as well as combination of the layered black shirts the Kensai has worn to hide hints of his injury, and his more trademark armoured trenchcoat that helps to obscure the whole. That said, the biggest helping hand in maintaining any sort of discretion when it comes to all matters Vailkrin is simply the path Kasyr took to arrive, as he makes use of the safe passage he 'earned' the prior evening, and comes to the meeting place from the south. Once there, he spares a moment to take stock of both the postures the other two are holding, to get a gauge for the overall mood of the encounter, before simply folding his arms behind his back. It's a casual enough gesture, made even more so by the lack of any apparent weapon on the Kensais person, "I mean, There really es no shortage of problems in Vailkrin, so I could always offer a few guesses." Very helpful.

Bradyn did not seem surprised with Quintessa manifesting from the shadows. This could be for any number of reasons, the most obvious that Bradyn Mahara is not one to let his emotions betray him, if he even has them at all. Another reason might include the fact that he too tends to disguise himself with shadows, albeit in not the same fashion as Quintessa. She utilizes an enchanted article of clothing, Bradyn utilizes his magic. Then again, it is not all together unlikely that the Maharan was probing the area with his own dark magics in a bid to sense the movement of both the living and the undead. Quintessa's explanation that the former King of Vailkrin would be joining this discussion, the Maharan offers little to no reaction....Which should be interpreted as a good thing, given Bradyn's mannerisms. He is a very apathetic guy, if that is not obvious yet. Which might make the mood hard for Kasyr to interpret. Whatever the mood is, it is clearly not hostile. As smirk worthy as Kasyr's opening commentary is, there is not even the slightest amused response coming from Bradyn. Again, the apathy is cited. He indicates his agreement with Kasyr's statement though, in his own way. In a monotone voice, Bradyn answers both Quintessa and Kasyr in one sitting, "Well as long as the two of you don't tell me that Larewen is back and you expect me to play nice with her." Bradyn's commentary is cheeky, but the lack of tone of his voice honestly leaves much room for interpretation. The Maharan falls silent and turns his stone gray eyes toward Quintessa, waiting for her explanation.

Quintessa turns her head in Kasyr's direction, her nose wrinkling slightly at the scent of his perfume. Did Kasyr have some other woman on the side she didn't know about? A quick once over would satisfy her curiosity enough that any suspicion she had faded away. "No, it's not Larewen's mad machinations that are troubling me this time, not directly, anyway. It seems we have a new resident issue that's popped up out of nowhere. Supposedly the very land we tread upon is his domain." Quintessa smirks, her utter disregard for Vasili's claims evident in her arrogant expression. "Vasili," the hex blade says simply as she folds her arms across her chest, "So what should be done about him? I've been keeping my eyes on him for now but if he tries to interfere with the Necromancer's Guild or the Dark Forest, I'll be forced to take action."

Kasyr , before Quintessa actually dives into the heart of the matter, does have enough time to sneak in a comment, " I don't think any of us have the patience of a saint." That aside, he listens attentively enough, the subject of the conversation not falling too far from what he'd expected. It's only when the changeling is finished that the Kensai adds his own piece properly, "Well, his grudge seems to be directed towards any et all whom have a house or banded other one. Big or small, enfin- considering he even took interest in me despite my abdication." The Kensai can't help but look a bit thoughtful as he adds, "Whilst I'd wondered at firstif he was simply a puppet or assassin directed towards the region in some attempt to assassinate a head of house, ou further destabilize things. Well, en fait, he's a true believer." There's a pause here, as the swordsmans tone grows a bit sharper, "A fanatical zealot. He -believes he'll be doing the city trying to rid itself of the existing hierarchy. " There's a pause for effect there, before he rather dismissively waves, "Et taking control of the chaos afterwards, ou quoi-ce-soit, given he's already attempting to establish a domain."

Bradyn was silent as Quintessa spoke but it was the information that Kasyr was providing that the Maharan found to be more revealing. "Based on his inane ramblings, I would have thought he was specifically focused on Dragana. I was speculating that he had some intense hate for Larewen, but it seems his opinion of Quintessa is also low." Someone more sensitive might have found a better way to word this. Or at least offered an apology to Quintessa for speaking so plainly, but not Bradyn. "But you say he has an interest in the destruction of all of the houses?" The Maharan issues a shrug, as if to say 'let him try' via that simple gesture. "He might have slightly different thinking than Larewen, as she seemed content to let the Houses survive providing they allied with her and supported her cause in her pathetic bid to become Queen of Vailkrin...But in the grand scheme of things, the methods and means Vasili seems to be intent on using to achieve his goals do not separate him from the slightest from Larewen the Mad. House Mahara will not repeat the mistakes made with Larewen, we are firm in our opposition to this new face attempting to claim Vailkrin for his own." Gray eyes find focus on Quintessa, "And he is already interfering with the Necromancer's Guild, the way I see it." Bradyn points to the road that they stand upon, before motioning to the south. "I will not be forced to reconsider my route any time I meet with Lorkain, nor would I expect this of any of our guild members should they seek training within the Temple."

Quintessa fell silent as the men spoke, her finger moving up to tug at her bottom lip as she thinks over the current situation. "So, he's just some fanatical zealot? Is he acting alone? How exactly does he think he's going to backup these claims he's making without vassals to enforce it? Without allies to aid him?" Quintessa has apparently thought a lot about this very thing before, just for a different reason. "Yes, I thought he had a grudge out for me as well. I suppose inheriting Larewen's House also meant inheriting her reputation, for he thinks I'm the same warmongering despot my she was." The changeling pauses to consider what it meant to try and eliminate all of the vampire houses. She had to admit that the thought getting rid of some of them quite appealed to her, but she would not let her house or the houses of her allies be the ones found on that chopping block. "House Dragana is also in firm opposition of this blatant grab for power. Perhaps when dealing with this common threat we can agree to stand together? When Larewen came to you seeking an alliance it was under much different circumstances. Will you reconsider one under my leadership?" Quintessa's mismatched eyes flicker to Kasyr, "And you? How do you feel about what Vasili seeks to achieve?"

Kasyr looks incredibly thoughtful at this prospect, in part, because he's still trying to process what it was he encountered, " To my knowledge, he is currently acting alone- though I'd say it's within reason that he will be apt to attract at least some individuals who hold grudges against the established order." The Kensai has seen this all before, whether it's unsavory types like cultists, or the forced cooperation that occured between a certain house and a faction of extremist paladins. "Likely, he'll attempt to provoke those who are in charge of the houses, or assassinate them. To break or shame them through tactical strikes. It's what I'd do, anyways, if I had a clear difference in numbers et resources. That said, the most reasonable approach would possibly be to broach an alliance with a house that has the least to lose with the social order being upset. Peut-etre?" The swordsman is running through an internal checklist of sorts there, before he finally settles on, "The merchant house, maybe? Even if they renounced their name, they'd still, by extension hold an enormous amount of power- and they'd have a lot to gain from Nasar being usurped, who would stand to lose a -lot- from the current order of things being upset. A lot of protection lost." The Kensai can't help but stroke at his chin, "Achieving that though would be something else, but- at the very least, I could see practical uses to his little crusade if it could be directed, at least. Only, I'm a bit curious about his background. Whilst his grudge may not be solely resting on Larewen et the like, it seems odd he's only emerged recently, and part of his combat style seems reminiscent of those you'd see in the Underdark. I wonder if there's any deposed or absorbed houses that had ties to the Dark elves, en fait." Bradyns given a glance here, before the Kensai can't help but ask, "Maybe in the libraries records, somewhere?"

It is true, it is no secret that Larewen did repeatedly seek out an alliance with House Mahara. At first, it seemed like the 'maybe' held a promising chance to turn into a yes, but how quickly that unraveled...and very publicly, but that last bit was through not fault of Bradyn's. It was Larewen who tried to get Bradyn to confirm that Mahara would join her in battle, in front of literally all of Vailkrin at the time. The answer that she got was not to her liking. "I believe that you have sufficiently proven that you are better than Larewen, at least enough that I am comfortable with such an alliance, yes. I will throw in the caveat of 'for now' in, only because I still find myself wondering how things would play out were Larewen to return." Bradyn did have the inward realization that even Quintessa no doubt had her own concerns and wonderings about the very same scenario. In terms of brokering more alliances, Bradyn seemed to be deferring to the former king. The Maharan was not completely ignorant of Vailkrin politics, but he truly only tried to be involved enough so that his own House did not end up fodder to the chaos that is Vailkrin. Neither of the other Houses mentioned seemed to earn any sort of negative reaction from Bradyn, "Challenging, probably, but not unwise if Vasili is the zealot that you believe him to be." Bradyn looks away from both Kasyr and Quintessa as his mind attempts to shift through the variety of titles that might contain record of such. "I will see what I can find." Spoken like the Maharan he is, Bradyn does enjoy a good research project.

Quintessa could only turn her nose up in disgust whenever House Nasar was mentioned. "After what they did to my hair I would relish in the thought of this zealot tearing them to pieces." The changeling would uncross her arms to return a hand to her sword as she gave a onceover of the horizon again. "If Larewen returns..." Quintessa didn't know if she should continue, if telling other House leaders her future plans was wise. "I will do my best to direct her in the right direction, but if I cannot perhaps my time with House Dragana will have to come to an end. I hope you will remember everything I did to correct the things she did wrong if that ever happens." The changeling sighs before turning back to look at them. "I'll reasearch whatever I can too. It might also explain his choice to target me first considering my dealings with the Drow."

Kasyr nods slightly, his expression easing when the possibility of research is met with such ready acceptance. It was an absolute -joy- to be able to count on someone else to do this sort of legwork, since it was a fair bit more taxing to the Kensai then the odds and ends revolving around body counts. " Again. Whilst I think it will -likely- hinge upon what may be unearthed about him, or any houses that may seem likely to have ties to him- I don't think it's impossible that he may yet play a useful role. But, I think it will mean expediting diplomatic efforts on a few fronts. " Especially before him or any others can properly consolidate forces. There were good odds that noone was going to take him seriously, but that in itself was useful for getting a headstart. "I think you've done in admirable job of demonstrating that you address things differently, asofar. Especially in regards to taking advice, as opposed to biding your time until you can colossally mess up -again-." Oof.

If Bradyn were the sort to be better about displaying any amount of emotion, he would be sorely tempted to outright laugh at what Quintessa says. Did you hear that Kasyr? Direct Larewen down the right path? Is that even possible? Bradyn is not entirely sure he agrees on Vasili's usefulness, but there is plenty that remains to be seen and they only thing the trio is doing right now is plotting based on sparse knowledge and speculation. "Well, I guess we'll have to work together to uncover what we can. I am sure we will meet again soon." This effectively serves as a goodbye for Bradyn, who does not seem keen on waiting from a response from the others. The vampire is soon consumed by shadows and then gone from the area entirely.