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Summary: Emilia and Irenic make it out of Alithrya.

Alithrya Arena

The large arena dominates the landscape of the city, sounds of war surrounding you as you step onto the gravel-esque floor, crunching beneath each footstep. Looking about, this place is filled with bystanders, onlookers, and cheering masses just waiting for the next thrill of the fight. A wounded combatant thrusts his sword up into the air, victorious, his other arm half cleaved as he stands on two legs, unusual for most of the populace of this Naga city. Two "workers" drag away the corpse of the loser, off to the west towards the lesser arena, where participants appear to be of the more wild variety from the hideous roars that fiercely echo from there. Off to your east is an open cage, possibly an entrance, or exit, to where these creatures and combatants are held.

The mirror that allotted a magic transportation between the two guest rooms has been activated to allow the friends to enjoy each other’s company again. It was only opened once a week if the duo was lucky. It was only ever opened when the two best friends were both within their rooms and no plans for the rest of the evening to prevent anyone from getting in trouble. With it open that meant that the Genasi should be in the room. Alas, when Irenic entered the room there was no sign of the icy woman, anywhere.

Instead, the room was in a state of utter chaos. The bedding has been thrown across the floor to one side of the disheveled and broken bed. The chairs with the end table had all been knocked over. The contents of the still fresh meal spilled across the floor; spilled tea, smashed bread, and berries that had been smashed into the ground. The couch had every cushion removed and thrown to different parts of the room including some floating in the water of the bath. Emilia was known to be messy at times, but this was not her kind of mess. There had been a struggle here; a bad one that ended with the Genasi gone. Whoever caused it had no idea about the magic mirror.

Following the portal to the last used location would lead one to the entrance to the arena where the fighters stayed behind the scenes. Was Emilia fleeing and looking for Irenic here? There was no other known reason as to why the icy woman would be at the arena.

Irenic is escorted back to his room after he had a few days in isolation to calm down from his recent outburst in the arena, but he couldn’t help it and for some reason that naga really gets under his skin in the worst way. Having barely slept, he is quite ready to go back to his original prisoner bed. With a glance to the mirror, the avian debates on trying to contact Emilia… does she see him in a different way now after witnessing how the chaos of fire affects him? That’s when he notices the mirror is not the usual reflection of his quarters, but a view into her own and she’s not there! Abandoning all notion to rest tonight, he steps through the open portal into short-stacks room and terror trickles down his spine as he mumbles to himself, “where the f@$* is she?” Knowing it’s futile, he checks the status of the quarters’ main door to find it surprisingly unlocked and looks down to see little droplets of blue congealed blood leading down the corridor. “Lia,” he hisses out and a pit grows in his stomach as he follows the trail all the way back to the damned arena. Irenic is unsure what he will find here, but he feels ready for anything as heat radiates down either side of his spine once more and he creeps his way into the arena.

Emilia | The arena was alive with life as Irenic made his way into it. The crowd was not the usual spectators, but the fighters mixed with a handful of the guards. All the lowlife of the city were gathered there hooting and hollering at the fight that had been going on. “Fifty gold coin Little Mouse wipes him off the floor!” a blue naga hollered. Another hollered back, “Not a chance! Little Mouse will be destroyed tonight. Ain’t no way that little thing will survive six rounds with the multiple opponents in the next round.” There were other debating conversations and bets going on about tonight’s fights. The second round had already ended and the third was being announced to start shortly, a three on one match. Emilia leaned against the competitor entrance on one side of the arena listening and waiting for this next round to begin. The first two she had lost, but that was the usual way it went. Lots of losses on the part of the Genasi under the influence of the drugs. The guard looked down at the battered woman with a grin on his face, “Better get ready, Little Mouse, this round will be a doozy. As his words ended he leaned in close to lick the droplets of blood of her split lip prior to roughly pressing his lips against hers. Pulling away he laughed, “Kiss for luck.” The bell rang and Emilia was getting shoved out into the spotlight of the arena again. Those long locks of white were stained with dirt and blood, her body was coated in a mixture of blood-her own and naga-, her lip was split, left eye partly swollen, and a deep gash across her right cheek bone. Her steps were wobbly under the hold of the drugs she had been injected with, eyes squinting as she stared out at the three folk waiting in the middle of the arena for her.

Irenic managed to creep around for a while, most of these low lives are on drugs to heavily drunk and he finally made his way around back where he catches the sickening sight of that one naga forcing a kiss on his best friend. She doesn’t pull away though… she doesn’t seem interested either, but something is definitely off and he’s positive that Emilia would never want to be subjected to something like this. Their long talks and how she always feels like a monster, Irenic knows her. This thing they are making her do, the monster they are forcing her to be, is not his short-stack. As much as he wanted to bust in the middle of the arena right now, scoop Emilia up while setting ablaze every last opponent and patron on their way out, Irenic knows that unless they escape tonight, they won’t last here anymore. Trusting her strength and abilities, with all the inner strength he has, the avian regrettably sinks into the shadows in order to find their escape as quickly as he can muster. Just outside the arena and down a narrow alley, he finds an entrance to some tunnels. Without knowing where they let out, this is their best bet and on his way back inside, he covers their bases and knocks out the few patrol that may cause an obstacle when they flee this way.

Emilia stared down the three men standing across from her waiting to see who would move first. It was her, she moved first. The Genasi turned to run in the opposite direction of the men that towered over her. It was the normal thing Emi did. Try to outrun the fighters and squirm her way out of the arena. She didn’t like fighting, especially now that she was forced into it. Small and agile the icy woman on zig-zagged almost drunk feet worked her way around the fight, avoiding the three coming at her. The fight was nothing like Irenic going in all on fire ready to whoop some naga-behind. It was more of watching a caged animal run in circles unable to get out. Sliding under an oncoming swing the Blue naga decked the red one square in the center of his nose and knocking him out of the way. Soon it was a full on brawl between red and blue in one portion of the arena. They were rolling around and throwing punches at each other instead of chasing the Genasi. The Guard could be seen growling as he shook his head from where he watched, “Idiots…” he mumbled under his breath. Em and the black naga kept dancing around each other on the other side of the arena. He would whip his tail out and she would jump back from it until her back his the wall. With another whip of the tail he snagged the frozen woman up by her ankle in a single fluid motion. Dangling her before him he chuckled with a wicked grin before slamming her into the ground behind them. Emi let out a wild shriek as her back hit the ground with enough force that it gave a small shake. A groan leaving her lips as the snake man held her down with his heavy tail until the match was called with the win in his favor.

Irenic managed to find his way back where he was before, glaring daggers in the back of the guard who calls his Lia ‘little mouse’. A scowl etched on his lips in disgust and without hesitation, he stands on the guards tail while he begins to choke him out. While he struggles, the avian's gravely timbre speaks lowly in a threat, “if I ever see you again… I -will- end you.” Just as the guard loses consciousness, Irenic’s wings burst gloriously into flame and becomes too bright to even look at for a moment, but a moment was all he needed to run in and shoulder check the guy off his best friend before scooping her up. Unsure if she will accept his touch in her drug addled state, but he holds her tightly as he mumbles to her, “tonight, we escape, Lia.” Of course, chaos breaks out in the arena and all the spectators, off duty guards and opponents rush in, but are quickly thwarted when the avian's inferno wings grow and encircle the pair. No one is brave enough to break through the ring of fire and Irenic quickly finds the exit once more.

Emilia | The Guard was shocked to see Irenic there. He wasn’t supposed to be here, he wasn’t invited to tonight’s fights. There wasn’t much time to contemplate all his questions as the light of the world was starting to fade out into darkness until he passed out. Emi was crossed eyed for a moment as she looked up to Irenic and his two heads, one floating next to the other. Shaking her head in his arms with disbelief laced into her features, “You’ve never been in these dreams before….”she whispered softly before snuggling into his chest. Odd, that his best friend just spoke as if this wasn’t a real fight, but a mere dream of hers, and not the first one either.

Irenic can’t stop to think about the wording of what she just said. Keep running, the crowd gives chase to them outside the arena and down the narrow alley, but they are stopped where a wall of fire blocks their way. Surely none of them can run to get help from the local guard patrol to hunt them down because what they have been doing is frowned upon and kept secret. They cut their losses and turn back. Irenic’s wings eventually dwindle down when he can tell they aren’t being followed anymore and he doesn’t stop, hoping the tunnel lets out anywhere but Alithrya. Once they are topside, he just keeps running and running, making sure to take a turn here or there so they won’t be found by any nagas again… at least for a while. Being too exhausted to fly at this point and his stride is dwindling, he doesn’t even know where they have ended up.

Emilia rested her head against Irenic's chest. It felt so solid, not dream-like at all, yet she still believed this was a twisted ending to the nightmare. Having them for so many nights since she arrived they all blurred together. The drugs that traveled in her system turned her moments into false delusions. On them she believed the dreams were just dreams, of them she could place bits together to question them. At the moment she was on a larger dose to keep her in a mental fog for six rounds of fights. Snuggling into the arms of Irenic as he ran leaving a fire trail behind him in the city. She was clueless he had enough of being 'guests' and was returning them anyway he could find back to familiar ground. Closing her eyes she nuzzled a cheek against him, "You feel so nice and look so yummy when you are all fired up" she whispered to her perceived dream Irenic. She could never tell her best friend that when awake. She had no idea they were eventually on the mainland running as far from the nagas as he could get them.

Irenic stops a moment and blinks down at her as his cheeks flush a bright pink along with the tips of his tapered ears. He gulps hard and looks down at her, “uh.” Deciding not to even reply because she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Just then he catches the sight of a familiar path and he conjures up just enough strength to fly the short distance to Ara where he collapses in the lobby. Surely, her well trained staff will know how to heal the Genasi and the tall avian is shuffled off to a room for a well deserved rest. A few hours later, he wakes up and checks in on Emilia to see she is still sleeping it off, then he posts himself just outside the entrance of Ara to keep watch over who’s trying to come and go. At least while she is resting and being healed, he won’t be leaving here until he knows she will be safe. “That damn bracelet,” he remembers and realizes that he didn’t even check to see if she still had it on!

House of Ara; Rebuilt

The primary floor of the House of Ara was completely demolished so a newer, larger, and sturdier floor plan could take its place. Upon entering the building through heavy double doors, you will find yourself standing on oceanic-blue marble floors. The walls are white, back-lit by mahogany trim. There is a receptionist desk, manned by a small Elvish girl with stark white hair and very pale skin named Mei. She will be able to direct you to the lavish patient rooms that are located up twisting staircase, the kitchens down the North corridor, the surgical facilities to the east or the teaching clinic to the west. The ceilings are high and the acoustics pick up the click-clack of your heels as you make your way to Mei. The Guild Tutor, Mr. Fennigan would be more than happy to serve as your escort, or fetch a wheelchair and a medic should there be cause for one.

Emilia was sound asleep by the time the pair landed at Ara. She may have unknowingly drooled a little on her feather-stick in her passed out state. The healers of Ara were shocked, yet delighted at the arrival of the injured. Emilia was with the man. Emilia was back. Scurrying and running around to tend to Irenic and Emilia as their primary task now. Hours passed before the sleeping woman finally woke. Groggy as ever she sat up and rubbed her sleep filled eyes. It was the walls of Ara she was looking at, not the guest room. A young healer lad bolted down the stairs to fetch Irenic as the head healer woke, "She's awake!" He screamed, nearly colliding into Irenic.

Irenic is slightly startled by the boy shouting at him. There must be a lot on his mind as he stood out there and kept watch because Irenic doesn’t usually startle easily. With a nod, he follows behind the lad, but it feels as if cement is filling up in his shoes the closer he gets to Emilia’s clinic room. Dressed in a simple cotton shirt and slacks that he had left in his room back when he was staying at Ara when he ended up in Larket… that feels like ages ago already. Irenic doesn’t want to crowd her just yet and he respectfully waits for all the other healers to leave so he may enter. Taking a chair and bringing it to the side of her bed to sit while he says, “hey…” Lame, not very thought out at all, but isn’t that the way it works? You think about someone all day and when it comes down to being face to face, your mind goes blank.

Emilia went to sit up as Irenic sat bedside, but her strength was not fully back yet. She slumped back into the cot she laid on. A warm smile rested on frozen lips, "Hey you." She wanted to say so much more, but wasn't sure this was the time or place. After a long silence she finally spoke, "I had the weirdest dream..." The smile for him was still there as she reached over to squeeze his hand.

Irenic grins and takes her hand as she reaches for it. As he strokes his thumb over the back of her tiny hand he asks, “yeah? About what?” There is so much he could say, could admit to, but hasn’t Emilia been through enough? Plus, how is he so sure that their time spent being captives isn’t to blame for these odd feelings stirring up inside. If they are, is that so bad? Now that they are free, will he feel the same? Not only that, but he doesn’t even know how -she- feels either! This is a mess. As he sits there, silvery hues studying over her face and catching on the bruising or cut on her lip, he adores all of it, all of her, but he hates himself for not being able to protect her in those times she mentioned. That obviously wasn’t the first time they did this to her. Now is definitely not the time to selfishly throw himself at her, one thing at a time. First she needs to get better, then he needs to go away for a little while to think about these feelings because above everything else… She is his best friend and he doesn’t want to mess that up in any way.

Emilia continued to smile at Irenic who was sitting next to her. The icy woman could not help but smile looking at him. It had been a little over two moons since she joined him in the snake people place. She felt differently about her best friend, though placing the exact meaning to it was hard. It could be a byproduct of being kidnapped with him or it could simply fall to being that they spent actual time getting to know each other rather than being sarcastic brats to one another. Sitting up again the healer found herself shaking her head as fog and sleep faded more, "How did we get to Ara? Last I remember is.....the needle....no....you on fire?" The Genasi rubbed her temples trying to find clarity.

Irenic almost feels relief that she doesn’t remember anything, especially that little comment because that gives him a cleaner break… right? “It’s okay,” he gently strokes one of her dreadlocks behind her ear and guides her to lay back down, “just take it easy. We are free now.” Now that she realizes where they are and she has a little more footing on their situation, he tries to pluck up the courage to find a way to tell her that he needs to go again. Just like he did that night he came back from running into his thought to be dead ex wife. “Are you feeling well enough to talk for a second? There is something I want to discuss with you, if you’re up to the task,” his grin remains as he’s trying to keep the conversation light. He must leave, but he really doesn’t want to and now he’s got to explain that to his best friend?

Emilia did not fight this time against him as he guided her into laying down. She could feel how sore her body physically was, but the true pains of it were lost to the numbing cold, a curse and a blessing. Nuzzling the back of her head into the pillow she nodded at Irenic, "I will always have time to talk to my best friend." There she cracked not just another smile, but re-split her lip wound. Free. They were free again, how surreal that sounded. Perhaps later she would find the courage to share with him exactly all that went on or not. He might get all fired up, all delicious looking, and do something rash. Shaking the thought away she turned full attention on him, "What is it? Are you injured? Do you need me to mend something?"

Irenic hands her a nearby tear away cloth to hold against her lip, “you tore it back open just now and you’re bleeding a little, Lia.” Allowing her one good hand to leave his own so she may hold up the napkin to her lip. An awkward silence falls between them as he looks down at the space between himself and her bed. He motions for her to scooch over on her cot a little, “this chair sucks let me sit.” Lie! He just wants to be a little closer to her and once she moves over a little, he sits on the edge of her cot, but as he looks down at her… the words become difficult to find. “You see, there could be nagas looking for us…” no that’s not a good excuse. “You know in the arena, how I seemed to sort of lose my cool?” Where the hell is he going with this!? He sighs and tries one last time, “look, there are some things I need to sort out and I’m going to leave again for a little bit.” He couldn’t even look at her when he said it because this just didn’t feel right and with that he stands, but while he’s making the way to the door his mind will not turn off. How long is he going to let things like this tear him away, how long is he going to keep running away from the important things. He stops at the door and looks down at the handle, but something makes him turn around again. “Short-stack… dammit,” he sighs, “I’m just going to say it. I’ve had enough of pushing it out of my mind because I’m scared to ruin our friendship. What I am about to tell you might do just that, but it might also become the best thing.” Without hesitation, he is sitting back on the edge of her cot and looking down at her with complete confidence, “Lia, I’m in love with you- and not in the ‘oh she’s my best friend I love you’ type of love. I mean I can’t stop thinking about you, your smile could get me through any day because if you’re laughing or smiling then that means you’re okay and happy. That’s all I want, Lia, I want you to be happy and I would do anything to make that happen. I want you and everything else that comes along with it, Lynn, Leo, Liam, your unbelievably awesome abilities and the occasional kidnapping.” He sighs and slows down some, “there… I said it. I understand if it’s too much right now and you need some time to think about things, or if you don’t think I’ll fit in your life, but I just needed to say it, Lia… it was eating me up inside.”

Emilia accepted the rag from Irenic, pressing it against her bleeding lip if only because he said it was split again. She didn't feel it. She did feel the way her body was stiffer as she wiggled over on the cot to allow her best mate to sit next to her. The broken look that fell on her face when he stated he was going to leave would have hurt to see, luckily he wasn't looking at her just then. By the time he was able to look at her again she was back to a normal expression and sitting back up on the cot with her knees pulled to her chest, arms wrapped around them and chin resting on her left knee. Sad eyes watched as the person she had started out annoying turned best friend turned into secretly more head for the exit. They had just resurfaced and he was already ready to leave her behind. The thought of being left again made her wince. Good thing his back was to her so he couldn't see the inner turmoil she was having. Then he was walking back and in his spot on the cot again. Confusion painted on her face, along with a mixing of a happy glow. He came back. Staring up into those silvery hues as he confessed his feelings for her. He would be able to watch how those blue hues lit up while he spoke and the happy glow forming on her bruised and battered face. Without warning the small lady moved to plant those frosted blue lips against his affectionately, quickly pulling back to state, "I love you too."

Irenic is shocked. He had a suspicion that she was beginning to feel more for him than just friendship, but he wasn’t sure and he was really worried that she would turn him away. His cheeks flush and the tips of those long tapered ears follow as their lips meet perfectly like a puzzle piece. When she pulled away, he felt a cool sensation lingering and figured it was a spot of her blood from her split lip, but it didn’t bother him and he simply wiped the drop of blue blood away. His gaze looks seriously into her own, “I still gotta go though.” He holds for just a few seconds before grinning, “of course not. Come on, make room for your feather-stick, bed hog,” the cot was juuuuust big enough to hold the both of them if they lay on their side. “I’m still exhausted.” He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her in close with her back to his chest, knowing she won’t feel the pain from her wounds, but she will feel the soothing pressure of being so close. “Let’s sleep for a few days, yeah?” A soft low chuckle follows and he gently kisses her cheek.

Emilia's face for a moment broke into a sadden look when he said he was really going to leave. For that mere moment she looked heart broken. It melted away as soon as he declared he wasn't about to vanish out the door. Laying on her side she wiggled over to share the cot with Irenic whose feet would probably dangle over the edge with the height gap they shared. Snuggling into his hold she let out a soft content sigh, enjoying the simple safety and happiness that came from his hold. She flushed a shade of blue as he kissed her cheek, her eyes falling half shut, "Good...I could really use some sleep without fights or being cut open in the middle." She whispered the last part, only slightly keying him into the torture she endured there while he wasn't present.