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Eomon and Sayban Meeting Sayban is sitting under a tree, with a big dragon behind her colored like a swan. Her red dress is fanned out around her and in her hand, fanning herself is a black bladded swan featherd fan. Her eyes are closed and an golden aura surrounds her, warming the area to a perfect temperature for warm blooded creatures.

Eomon approaches the fold compound for the first time, on foot. He had flown to Rynvale, and gathered back his armor, through brute force where necessary, and guile in other places... He Eomon would not show up here without feeling of his old self. His breastplate, a family heirloom just as well as the rest of the ensemble, bore the intricate markings of an avian family long since gone. His robes where but a cloak past his shoulder, and he carried a burlap sack with his scant possessions over his shoulder, tome on his hip, scythe in hand. His posture and expression where the rigid poise and calculating expression of a leader among men... or birds... and his large wings stay folded at his back. He took of Sayban, not yet approaching the gates when one familiar to him was so near. His eyebrow quirked in surprise. "I am curious as to why I find you here, Sayban. Perhaps I am in greater luck than I had thought, and this Fold is indeed a place of gathering for Avian kind?" A small smile tugged at his lips, keeping his expression from becoming completely stoic. His hair shone, and his feathers too... every inch of him was polished and cleaned with disciplined precision.

Sayban opened her eyes and looked at her dragon Brooke, and then to Eomon, "Pleasure to see you here, Eomon. This isn't exactly a gathering of our kind, but a family for any race and class to join. I am here because I am a leader and I am also the head healer." She smiled and stood up, resting her hand on a belly that use to be flat, but had a small baby bump. "What brings you to The Compound?" Brooke just looked at the other flyer and eyed him up and down, scruitnizing him, from head to toe.

Eomon nodded his head, not showing his surprise. "I am here to answer to the summons of Rilla. I have agreed to offer my services to the Fold, in gratitude to her, and on account of my own ideals and aspirations. Perhaps, if you are not otherwise occupied, you would help me familiarize myself with the place?" He eyes remained flat and level, respectful but proud.

Sayban glances to her flying mount and nods her head. "Well, as you ca see, anything nad everything that is done outside is taking place here. Even Brooke stays here to oversee most of it. Come on, follow me. I will show you the council chambers." She got up and moved to the east into the Compound building, waiting for Eomon to enter before her.

Eomon was quite impressed by what he saw. It was nothing next to what he worked with in the avian empire, but it was more than he had expected. "Who funds this operation, Sayban? Who does the Fold serve?"

Sayban stops and glances around the room and lets him take a bit of time to get the sight seeing in, "Nothing has happened here, since I have become leader. But there is a meeting between leaders, it will take place here." She saw the relics and she knew he would too, and was happy to know that something could not be taken by any means. "We serve the people who need us best. Those who can't fight for what is right, when they can't or are to scared to do so. We as a clan are the ones who fund it when we can."

Eomon shook his head. "It surprises me that you have not been forced to turn to mercenary work. Your personal funds must reach deeply, indeed. If I am going to get started, I need documented statistics, numbers, supplies, allotted funds, mission statements, history, everything. I will do the best I can with what I am given, then we can go on from there." He stood stiffly, wondering what sort of challenge was ahead of him.

Sayban laughed and smiled then lead him back out and then down to a lower level of the building, a place that was more suited toward her needs and professions.

Sayban steps in and holds the door open, "This is where one can sleep when they have no place of their own and of course the cells for prizoners. They even hold a few of our own when they do wrong by our laws and ways." She smiled and stepped near a door to the east, "In this room is the clinic. This is mostly my area and my fellow healers of magic of herbs. I spend a lot of time in here, if I am not in Xalious with Trissayne, discussing our unborn child. Would you like to step inside and take a look around. You can familiarize yourself."

Eomon nods, taking in everything. "I will be take my rest in the barracks with the soldiers." He was memorizing everything, but seemed a bit close lipped now. He was ready to get to work.

Sayban nods her head, "There is still one other room to check out, if you want to take a quick look, before you decided to be on your own."

Eomon shakes his head. "I would rather meet the men I will be working with, and start working." His voice was flat, even. Polite, but short.

Sayban nods her head, "Suit yourself. But the Keep is up from here on the second story." She grinned and held her belly again and headed for the door. "I am going to sit with Brooke. Come get me if you need something."