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User Tirona/ Assassin Jin; Sabrina and Rohk.

Near the Pass

Here the path grows less manageable, and more craggy and overrun. It becomes obvious that it is less trodden, and why. Filled with twists and turns at every curve, and sloping drops to accentuate them. Signs of lovers are nowhere to be seen, and only bits of bird droppings adorn rocks. Under some are deep, yet slim holes; home to snakes, or perhaps other creatures. This bumpy path heads either south or north. Back north is its beginning, and south is a large outcropping, overlooking a pass.

An apparently human woman walked slowly along the path towards the mines, her long green kimono flowing gently in the wind as she walked. From head to toe she looked like the standard geisha girl of the orient. From her hair’s distinctive style, her makeup, all of her attire. She also carried a parasol over her shoulder, spinning it lightly as it kept her protected from the sun. She stopped her slow and steady movements just before she was about halfway to her destination. Several seconds after she stopped, two men stepped out of the shadows, grinning as they approached her. They were both human, or at least mostly human one of them looked like he could’ve been some kind of Orc half breed or something, and one was carrying a short sword and the other was carrying a large club. “Now, a pretty little thing like you shouldn’t be traveling on her own, something might happen to her… right Ed?” said the Orc-ish looking one. The other nodded his head, “Yeah Edd, she might just run into a couple of slave traders and be sold for a pretty penny,” he cracked his jaw loudly, the woman flinching slightly from the noise. “I really don’t have time for this,” she said impatiently, tossing her umbrella into the air. When the two were distracted, a needle slipped out of her sleeve and she moved forward with surprising speed, stabbing the one with the club in the throat with it.

Sabrina 's head turned from her seemingly continuous fight with Rohk. She pulled an apple from her sack, leaning against the hefty beast and took a bite. She watched the altercation take place with little more than observer's interest and was intrigued to see what would happen next. She had seen women before pry unsuspecting villains from their rooted hiding spots with bits of allure and simplistic attire but she had never seen one get s readily annoyed by her pursuers before. She crunched on the apple noisily and elbowed Rohk as soon as the umbrella took flight. She grinned. Rohk, sensing her amusement and distraction swiftly sat down, sending Sabrina tumbling over his back side while he hissed out a small bout of laughter. Sabrina's head rose in time to see one orcish-looking male make a run for it in her general direction before flipping over the barrier which was Rohk and sending the villainous prick back to the 'helpless' woman that he previously mentioned something about selling. She drew a few small daggers and shook her head. This one was going to fight the fair fight with the Geisha woman, or die by the blade of the stranger he had neglected to pick a fight with in the first place; after all, Sabrina was here first, she should have had first pickin's. However, he was clearly the assassin's claim.

The woman watched as the orc-like man tried to make a run for it after she had through stabbing his friend through the neck. He now lay on the ground, blood pouring from the wound after she pulled the needle back out. He would be dead soon enough. As for the other one… she turned as he was flung back at her. “Aw, miss me so soon?” she asked. He made a fearful lunge with his blade after he hurriedly got to his feet. She gracefully dodged, her Kimono acting like a matador’s cape. Three more needles slid out of sleeve and into her hand, and she flung them at her opponent, all three embedding themselves in the would-be slave trader’s back. The man winced in pain, but otherwise didn’t seem all that effected. “Ha,” he said, “You’re no gewd with those things, ya didn’t hit a single pressure point,” he said, turning back around and lunging for her again. This time, rather than dodge, her arm moved quickly, striking under his hand and stopping his overhand strike, then she bent it back until she heard the satisfying snap of his wrist breaking. He fell to he ground, practically reduced to a sniveling child. “Who was aiming for your pressure points?” she asked, her voice full of a mocking confusion. She walked over to where her parasol had fallen, and she reached down and picked it up. A moment later, her attacker let out his last screams of pain as her poison took advantage of his quickly flowing blood, due to his adrenaline and the injury, and shut down every part of his system. “Are you going to come out, or is there a part two of the show I should be looking for?” she asked dryly.

Sabrina said, "I ain't hiding, sweetheart, and I was hoping for a bit more pizzazz." Sabrina slid the blades back to their respected braces and took another bite of her apple. " However, if you are looking to start trouble I am sure you can muster a ton of it in the Tavern, seems like a busy place for the dramatic touches." Rohk didn't like the attitude this female harbored and so dull grey scales reverberated to an amber friction glow. Sabrina pats the shoulder of the quick-to-anger halfbreed. "Cool down, she isn't here for us and we've no business to stir with her."

The woman brushed some dirt off of her kimono, tossing the bloodied needle aside. She didn’t particularly feel like taking the time to clean them off and reapply the poison at the moment. Maybe later she would get into the mood to do some of the more mundane chores involved with her profession, but not now. She reached slowly into her pocket pulling out a compact mirror to check and see that her make-up hadn’t been smudged. Satisfied that it hadn’t, she put the mirror away. “I only deal in pizzazz when I feel like making a spectacle of myself. Those two didn’t deserve half the effort I put into killing them,” she said. “Besides, I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I made myself known, now would I?” Her eyes scanned the surrounding trees, looking to see if the pair had been alone. They didn’t seem like they would be the type that could keep company with anyone for long, but you never knew. They weren’t that strong, so if they were alone (and had been doing this for longer than 10 minutes) they probably wouldn’t have been alone. They were green scales at best, complete and utter idiots at… well, most likely.

Sabrina audibly laughed out loud. "For someone not wanting to be made spectacle of, you sure know how to attract the attention." She cleared the few steps between the stranger and herself, Rohk tightly behind her tracing the footsteps. Had this person been good at anything she would have seen they were not only alone, but quite capable of being so. She eyeballs the kimono with distaste 'too hard to manage' she thought to herself as she adjusts the heavy duster hanging on her form. What she was interested in the poisoned needles akin to what Sabrina already carried on her person, hidden expertly beneath lengthy trusses. Chances would have it that this apparent ninja of a woman would be immune to the poisons just as she herself had been. Sabrina noticed there were, however, many places to hide numerous blades in that prison of an outfit much along the same lines that Sabrina's duster managed for her. "Hm." There was no more, for the moment just a simple noise in observance of the simple woman before her. Granted the girl would have probably been more adept to using the blades of the trade, but Sabrina wasn't exactly a melee fighter to begin with. She tips her hat with a smile stretching under the thin leather that veiled her features. "Well then, Miss. You have a good day and travel safe." She sidestepped the pretty, if useless, humanoid where she and Rohk began to take their leave. Rohk scoffed at said missy in passing, twin tails swinging dangerously close to the prized Kimono she was so spent on keeping tidy.

“Sometimes the choice is not yours to make, of whether you make a spectacle or not. My job is to end things quickly… sometimes that doesn’t quite mean quietly,” she said replied with disinterest. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath through her nose. She stood there quietly as the other looked her over, if she decided to attack, she’d find out just how many needles were on her person. Minus the three she’d used… two hundred and forty-seven. Not counting the ones in her… her eyes opened, moving aside as an arrow struck where the small of her back was a moment before. “It would seem that these two idiots were only there to sort the weak from the strong.” Three needles slid out of each sleeve as her parasol fell to the ground once more, and she held each one between two fingers. She coughed roughly and blinked as three others, two orcs and a human, walked out of the woods, each better armed, and looking at least a slight better trained than the two on the ground. The archer was staying back, hidden somewhere in the shadows of the trees. “You two gals ain’t as stupid as you look. Wrap ‘um both up boys, we’ll take um to the Underdark and sell ‘um to the fightin’ trade.” Jin rolled her eyes.

Sabrina did so dislike being referred to as a potential meal ticket. She stopped and turned, Rohk's scales by now had reverberated so hot he was instantly set ablaze. Someone threatened his person and he was anything but the type to let that go. As bored as Jin may have been to the whole situation, Sabrina returned only hostility to the males who thought themselves fit to stand in the same arena as her. If there was any weakness of this female she would always fall victim to her own pride. She turned slyly and in one fluid movement crushing left foot into ground, sliding the arch just sideways enough to stir a shaking beneath the feet of men and orc alike. Human-sized boulders unearthed, rising eye level to the assailants before a pushing from Sabrina's hands forces the monumental display to shield over the miscreants like a sandy cage. Rohk's insides boiled with anger and he lets loose a vivid bark of spark and flame completing the duo's well trained move. The sand was melted and turned to glass. When the molten engulfed the men the glass would cool to a tolerable temperature so the men would not bake in their own filth. They had a choice; suffocate or start digging. Sabrina about faces once more, offering Jin a small curtsey and a wink of an eye and in those three seconds she sentenced the trio to their hellish doom. As aforementioned, the blades were hardly her instrument of choice. Still, she let go two secrets the assassin hadn't known prior to this encounter. One; Sabrina was in fact a highly capable Terramancer. Two; She appeared to be left handed. Sabrina gestures to the needles betwixt the capable fingers of the assassin "You won't be need'n those, love."

Jin watched with detached interest as the woman used the earth beneath the three men’s feet against them. Three normal highwaymen, six technically, against two trained… well, one trained assassin. It was wrong for her to assume that the woman was in the same business as her, despite the evidence that she was. She watched her engulf the two men in a cage of earth. She couldn’t see what was happening, but judging from the heat radiating off the hellhound, she doubted she was going to let them spend enough time in the dome to suffocate. When the woman turned back to her and mentioned her needles, she smiled dryly. “You’re right.” she slipped them into the pockets of her kimono before raising her hand towards the trees squeezing a nearly invisible trigger on her palm with two fingers. Three needles flew out of her sleeve in rapid succession, quickly disappearing into the trees. While the woman had been focusing on fighting those three, Jin had been performing a quick analysis of where their archer was. Too far for her to throw the needles with much effect, but she didn’t have to throw them. She brushed some of the dirt that had gotten onto her kimono due to the terra attack. A shout was let out from the forest as the needles made contact with the archer. It was unlikely they had hit anything vital because she could not see her target to be sure, but as long as he was just barely scratched the poison would take care of him soon enough. A loud crash followed the shout as, she assumed, the archer fell out of the tree he was using. “Much better. I’m Jin, of the Clan of the Violet Mist.”

Sabrina hadn't even taken into account the archer would still be trying to do anything but run away. She smiled at the skill of the huntress, though she still did not care for the Kimono. Even Sabrina would not have been able to guess the position of the archer so she was impressed by the calculated measures Jin took. She still did not have a good enough premise to earn a formal name. "Savannah." She did like that name, it made her feel more earth orientated rather than her own 'Sabrina' that was usually gifted to one of the river-folk. She thought it silly in either case; she was Nuduin- not river-folk, so the name was irrelevant anyways. Savannah, that was a good one, maybe she would venture far enough to use this for a few days. The screams of the men were muffled as they used the heated air in waste. A smarter individual would have started digging age ago, and it didn't look like Sabrina was going to do a damn thing about it.

Jin severely doubted that the woman had given her her real name, but it mattered little. Jin wasn’t her real name either. A real name would provide power over her, the ability to gather information. Just the name she used for assassination and the name of a small clan from a far off nation would not be enough to learn anything of value about her. Maybe a small list of former targets… but she’d been an administrator for a long time now. That’s one of the reasons she’d come here in the first place, she was tired of paperwork. She listened to the shouting coming from inside the dome and shook her head, picking up her parasol once again. “Not a very intelligent bunch… but then again, what do you expect from highwaymen working this close to a path traveled so much by people with strength so much higher than theirs.” She guessed that they were used to the archer being able to take them by surprise while they were attacking the two idiots. Her rather violent killing of them might’ve caught them by surprise. “Would you care for some tea, Savannah?” she asked, coughing once again.

Sabrina simply shook her head. "Afraid that isn't on the agenda for today. Rohk needs to eat after expending so much energy or he gets grumpy." Gets grumpy? Like the hound was ever enything else. In any case the hunting grounds beconed and Sabrina must answer. "It was nice meeting you, enojy your evening."