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Summary: Irenic is back in Lithrydel, Larket to be exact (which is just the pits), and he doesn’t know why.

Larket Town Square

During a cool winter night in Larket, the air was still and at such a late hour that there was barely anyone mulling about, but towards the town square seems to be an amber flickering glow. No music in the distance or excited conversation from a crowd, so I couldn’t have been a festival run late. If anyone is to inspect the glowing light, they would smell the burning of wood before the sound of a roaring fire and finally come to the source. Violent and angry flames make claim to the platform that authorities use to burn accused witches at the stake along with the spectator seats nearest it, but luckily the square is mostly stone, so the only thing to lose is the platform. Royalty can just build a new one, I’m sure. The contrasting blaze glares in the darkness of the night brilliantly and the embers float high up into the skies just as the thick dark smoke bellows out around in attempts to choke all the life around it because the fire is starting to grow despite the environment… almost unnaturally. As if the inferno is ~alive~! No one is on the streets to witness and a couple of city guards rush off to fetch water from the well nearby. Surely they will report this in the morning as an act of retaliation by some rogue witches or something because how dumb would they sound if they were like, “uhhh, the square spontaneously combusted-duuuur!” By this time, the platform has been reduced to ashes and the stone gazebo is becoming charred.

Emilia walked along bare footed through the cool winter night in Larket to clear her head from a confusing journal she had been studying the last few nights. The chilled ground felt good fresh on against the soles of her exposed feet, like stepping on fresh grass in summer for those that enjoy a warmer ground. The Genasi closed her eyes, inhaling the peace of this hour though her nose didn’t enjoy the simple wintery chill. Rather the smell of fire and smoke filled her sense instead. Opening her eyes, the Genasi was greeted by two of the city guards with eyes wide in a panicking rush from the town square, “You’ve got to stop the fire! The witches are destroying the town square!” one said in a pant while pointing behind him to the leaping flames that had by now engulfed the gazebo. Emilia raised a brow pointing at herself with a most puzzled look across those features. She wasn’t of water magic and the fire would surely melt the ice magic she did have. “Someone has to do it before it gets the whole town!” the other hollered as he grabbed his companion and ran off to gather buckets perhaps or inform others? With a shrug the Genasi pulled her dreaded-mohawk- locks up into a mass atop her head, using one to tie them into place. Her direction changed brining the woman of ice closer to the flames that engulfed the gazebo in the square. Her mind wheeled and puzzled at how to put out a fire without melting herself in the process. Raising both hands out and up toward the sky the Genasi focused her magic on the water particles in the air, turning them into snowflakes. A constant blast of winter against the sky the flakes began to fall quickly as if a mini storm had just hit the square. It was as the flakes came into the area of the fire that they began to melt, turning into a rain fall in the middle of a snowstorm. Closing her eyes the healer hoped that the fire would start to dwindle down under the mixture of rain and snow.

When the Genasi approaches, she may hear the distant sound of a man letting out a guttural scream in physical and emotional agony, maybe it’s a memory replaying in the chaos of the blaze, but the only words that could have been remotely recognizable were, “... done more!” The flames seem to calm as soon as snow graces the skies, almost like the fire recognized the element as an ally or dear old friend. Like a wild beast becoming tame, the inferno quickly dwindles down to a smolder. Even though the stone gazebo remains standing and covered in soot, all that is left is the platform in the form of a large ash pile. Just like that, in the most anticlimactic way, the fire is out and all that remains is eerie silence. If the Genasi were to keep her gaze trained on the place where a witch burning platform once stood, she would see it moving up and down slowly as if it were… breathing?! Did someone fall victim to this event?! Just imagine the horrible condition they must be in after being caught in a fire! Before the icicle could even think about coming closer, burning her bare little feet, the pile grows taller in the center… taller yet… yeah - pretty tall. A well toned and pale man’s behind would be the first prominent thing visible, but he cups both of his hands around his manhood area while turning around. Silver colored eyes take in every detail of his surroundings and he comes to the sickening realization of where he is, “f*%#.” That’s all the gruff timbre of the six foot eleven (currently) wingless avian can say. Was he ever not swearing though? Such crassness. Then he recognizes a very short pale little woman, I mean - really short. “Emilia?” His brow wrinkles together as he begins taking cautionary steps toward her, “did you do this short stack? You missed me that much, huh?” That usual, overly cocky crooked smirk turns up his angular features in a wicked way. Of course it wasn’t her, but it wouldn’t be like him if he didn’t give her a hard time.

Emilia was thankful when the fire did not go out of control, engulfing the entire town, yet she was confused as to just how easily it died down into ashes. Lowering her hands the Genasi let the last of the cold go watching as snowflakes fell freely ontop the ashes. The moving pile of charr. That was not possible she thought and rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't just seeing things in her lack of sleep state. Nope, there were two round pale buttcheeks facing her when Em had dropped her hand down to her side. Oh, lordy! There was a naked man walking out of the results of the fire. Not that the healer hadn't seen any before in her profession, but none ever arose from the ground like this. With her darkened stump the Genasi covered her eyes to prevent staring at the man in his birthday suit while her left hand worked to undo the cloak she wore this evening. She didn't really need it as the healer was from the colder north where she ran barefoot in Frostmaw where others died even when bundled up. Holding it out the Genasi spoke, "Oh, how could I ever go on with living without my feather-stick!" Em stated all dramatically. Once she was sure he'd taken the cloak as better coverage than his hands for his lower half, even as small as the cloak was it was more covering than two hands, the Genasi would lower her stump from covering her eyes. There was an odd smile on those blue lips as she fluttered her lashes up at him, "You couldn't live without me either, could you?"

Irenic was never one to take himself seriously, he’s too old for all that bravado even if he doesn’t look it anymore. Irenic uses the cloak to wipe his face first and then he ties it around his waist because it’s far too small to cover more than the obvious bit. Now that some of the ashes have started to fall away and his face is clear, the man looks a lot younger than before. No tattoos or scars marr his body or face and any signs of aging he used to wear proudly; like greying hair and crows feet are gone. “Of course not!” When he grins innocently, with how young and un-intimidating he looks now, someone just might believe this gentleman could do no wrong. He turns and stands next to Emilia, in the cloak on his waist like some sort of miniskirt, to look out at the insignificant bit of destruction his return has made, “how long has it been?” He knows Emilia wasn’t around when his wife was burned at the stake and maybe she’s never even heard that he’d been arrested to answer for his crimes back at his homeland, but she could at least tell him how long it’s been since they’d even seen each other. The smartass grin slowly dwindles as he continues to take the the far too familiar town square and even though his facial expression remains stoic, there is a far off pain in his wise silver colored eyes, “why am I even here? I hate Larket…” that was an understatement. This was where meaning in his life ended, a messy breakup and worst of all, the life of an innocent child taken. “Care to help me find some clothes and point me to somewhere I can bathe?” Then his gaze really inspects the small healer as he reaches down to take a look at her stub of a hand, “wooow. What happened to you while I was gone?”

"How long as it been since...?" the healer questioned his question before answering him anyways, "I have not seen you in many many moons, Feather stick." The genasi had to work at not laughing at him in nothing more than a miniskirt made out of her cloak, but he was covered even if her life would be scarred by the view of his full moon. While he sported no scars the Genasi sported new scars on either side of her head where the hair was shaved away, a large scar starting at the base of her neck down into her top as if she has been cut in half, her right hand wasn't attached to her anymore, new ivy leaf ink wound from stump to elbow, and her soft carefree personality seemed false at best. From her satchel crawled out a black ice hand to wave at Irenic. As if missing the hand wasn't enough the magic had gone awry in the reanimation process and left her with a hand for a pet that had its own plans. "Since I last saw you? I have lost my hand saving Thamalys' life, been held captive by the drow Gevurah but you might have been about for that one, held imprisoned by a group of raptorlike men, nearly died on the operation table and had a second heart sewn in." If he listened closely he would be able to hear the two hearts beating in her chest in rhythm, however one skipped every third beat. Then with a grin, "Larket because you missed me ever so much, Feather Stick."

Irenic’s eyes widen at the creature hand thing that poked out of her bag, “what THE (dolphin sound to cover up curse word) is THAT?!” He visibly cringes and grimaces as he realizes it’s her flippin’ hand! What hekk!? “Nevermind, don’t answer that! Icicle, forget about my problems. Come on, let’s go get some drinks,” it seems like Emilia needs to have a little fun. “Or you can just sit there and buy me drinks while I ruin my new liver and make a fool out of myself.” He motions her to follow and begins to walk in the direction of the nearest tavern, bar or pub. His cloak made miniskirt flowing in the motion of his long legs. “Also, I have some clue as to how I even came back to life, I’m cursed…. again or still? I don’t know,” he continues walking unless she stops him because he surely will make a fool out of himself walking around covered in ashes and wearing pretty much nothing.

Emilia followed along behind Irenic for a moment before the whole situation sank in that she was going to follow a ninety percent naked man covered in soot into a bar for drinks. This is where she stopped near running to keep up with his long legs. Clearing her throat, "I do admire your confidence in your fresh out of the fire body, but I do not think the local pub here would be as willing to have you all dirty in such scant clothing. Perhaps we should stop by House of Ara first and get you cleaned up some? A little less soot covered. I believe Thamalys has some extra clothes in his workroom that I can fetch you, more your size and all. You winged folk are rather tall, at least compared to me. Then drinks after you look less like a midnight male hooker?" There was a shrug after her suggestion and Righty turned to point toward the direction of the healing house.

Irenic guffaws all obnoxious the way he used to. It felt weird to laugh when he’s feeling dread and grief all over again, but with Emilia, he’d always had fun. “Hooker? Me!?” He looks down at the condition of his new body. No scars or tattoos and every muscle well toned, “oh… well, you could be my pimp. I’m sure people will pay top gold for this,” he gives a little hip twerk before turning around. “C’mon! Keep up with those little legs, short stack, I forget where this place is. Two years of prison will do that to ya,” at least he thinks it was vaguely two years. “Why do people keep kidnapping you? Maybe you should grow up and be less pocket sized, also… don’t they know how annoying you are?” He smirks crookedly down at her in his joking, “I’m glad you’ve made it out though.” That’s the first genuine thing he’s said to her in some time, might wanna document it. “Speaking of Ara… is that Sabrina still around?” A quirk of his eyebrow as he side eye glances down at Emilia.

Emilia laughed at his hip twerk, a sound like ice clinking against glass or little bells being rung before she started to cough instead. Shaking her head, "I have been paid for many a things but never for that..." she laughed again. Righty was already taking the lead toward Ara, running along ahead of the duo. It was a glimmer of dark sparkle ahead in the distance. The Genasi let Irenic out walk her for a moment if only because she wanted to show off now. However she wouldn't be strutting almost nude like Irenic. From her shoulder blades ice formed slowly growing and shifting with winter magic until the little woman sported a pair of crystalline winter wings with feathers of strange snow holding them onto the ice. Taking to the air the short legged woman floated alongside him, suddenly at level with his head in the clouds. "I'm glad you survived or returned or whatever it is you did. I miss having someone who appreciates my annoyance," she replied with a smile while keeping pace with him as they neared Ara. Sabrina. Emilia frowned as a kind of dark sadness flushed over her pale features, "No, I have not seen in her in many months. I am sorry this world is not what it once was. It is a much lonelier place."

Irenic’s expression twists into disgust, “that thing is forking weird and creepy.” He definitely hopes she keeps said hand to itself. The avian looks impressed at her new addition! “Hey, you finally grew up. Look at you!” The currently wingless man shrugs, “I have a suspicion on what brought me back, but I’m not entirely sure and I am really unsure as to why I revived in Lithrydel instead of Vere Island where I was executed.” He guffaws once more and playfully corrects her with a wink, “you mean I tolerate your annoyance with my own brand of annoyance.” they reach the House of Ara and he lets out a sigh, “that’s a shame. Well, I’ll be staying here unless you say otherwise,” a smirk to her as he invites himself residence at her place of work. “I’ll take a room in the psych ward, the padded walls are so cozy,” another joke because he honestly has no idea if this place has one of those. “Where is the washroom?” Shamelessly unwrapping his ‘miniskirt’ before making his way to wherever Emilia points him to and surely Mei won’t be too happy about this.

Emilia landed softly as they reached the entry to Ara, "Your body or parts could have been brought to this land making you spawn here. Or you are a very life like ghostly with a toned up figure to finished some unfinished business. Can't say I know too much about the reanimation arts. I mean Righty came from it, but not the way it was supposed to happen. It just clung to life and is rather playful." Mei was already asleep by this hour, leaving Irenic free to roam in his birthday suit as he made way to the washroom. "Six doors down on the left of the second hallway steming off the first one." She said as she picked up her cloak from the ground. It was for sure going to need a wash now that it had be worn by an annoying wingless feather stick. Righty was happy to lead Irenic down the twisting halls to the washroom. Nothing creepy about that.