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Part of the Mearcstapa Arc

This is a Healer's Guild RP.

Summary Edith from the Healer's Guild waits with Emilia's two boys outside the Inn of Cenril for Penelope. Thalamys arrives and joins the group. With the tracking skills of the eldest triplet the group beings attempt to retrace the last known steps of the missing Genasi. The group circles the shop district, visits the Bakery, and ends up at the Ocean. In the end they are left with more questions than answers.

Cenril Inn

Outside the inn a trio of two young lads and an elderly woman waited. The woman’s wrinkled face showcased the worry that preoccupied the healer. Edith was dressed in forest green robes with a leather belt hanging off her hip sporting several herbal pouches and a silver handle of a dagger. Wrinkled hands twiddled thumbs together as she waited for Penelope to arrive. The two boys appeared to be of preteen age and appeared identical to one another. Each boy wore black slacks with a button-down black shirt neatly tucked into their pants and matching black leather boots. Their hair was sleek black with the part on the same side. In all black their icy-blue eyes stood out against pale flesh. Those eyes, the mirrored another’s eyes to a perfect-t, Emilia’s eyes. It was almost eerie how identical the two were. The boy on the left, who happened to have a light blue button on his shirt at close inspection, watched the world passing by with intention, taking note of every being that walked past. The lad on the right, whose shirt at close inspection had buttons of a light green, gently patted the arm of the elderly woman whispering to her, “Don’t you think you are overreacting, Edith? She wanders the lands for weeks at a time.”

Penelope rose at dawn to trek her way to the town of sea breeze. Edith was clear in her scripture. Emilia was gone for an eerily amount of time. Once the healer had gotten word, it took her no time to get moving to meet the sweet elder outside the inn. “You’re not crazy,” she concludes Edith’s last letter to the girl and slides into the conversation. The Ardelian approaches in a tucked in white button-up with a pair of checkered, pixie slacks with that herbal pouch she inherited from Emilia. The woman always dressed her best, especially when she had a name to uphold and a town to represent. Moss eyes slowly trace over the two identical boys. Her eyes sort of squint to take the boy’s in. Their eyes were bright… like the missing woman’s, though she does not make assumptions. “I think it’s safer to take caution, even if she does wander.” She tucks a loose frizzy strand behind her ear. “Hi, Edith,” she says warmly before eyeing the boys again curiously.

Thamalys tried with very little success to mingle into the crowd. A fairly diverse collection of races and ages, to be fair, but nobody quite as noticeable as the towering Avian, his silvery wings drawing some unwanted attention no matter how carefully the Blue would position himself in relation to the steady flow of creatures whirling around the Inn. High up, a sharp shadow against the morning sun, Nebb happily played with the morning breeze, the Red Kite not exactly focused on the matter at hand - that is, to try and find any clue at all in relation to what the Spellblade had labelled already as a troubling case of a missing Ice Genasi. The very Leader of the Healer’s Guild maintained a very respectable, if mildly worrying, tradition of getting captured by all sort of kidnappers, encompassing magic-imbued lizards as well as ancient shadows from the past. And yet, the Winged Beast tended not to worry that much if the Wintry Lady was nowhere to be found for a few days - a couple of weeks, though, well, that was something different. Clad in a rather plain tunic that once upon a time might have been of a beautiful dark blue, the inked skin of the Spellblade was almost entirely hidden, much as the mithril covering his torso. A cascade of immense dreadlocks fell upon his shoulders, there were the Gossamer Halberd rested, neatly laced. Stain, the Cursed Blade, swayed happily at the side of the Blue as he, barefooted as per usual, ambled onto the gravely soil. He did try to gather some information from the fishmongers earlier that morning, but only a few souls were populating the Wharf then. Thus quite pensive and positively dejected, the Avian kept walking, genuinely by chance finding himself across the Inn. Penelope, he scarcely remembered at all - she might have been introduced to him at some point as a newly appointed member of the Guild… but the voice of Edith was peculiar enough to draw his attention. Locking his gaze on the curious gruppetto, the Blue approached, long strides, these ones with a clear purpose - as opposed to the mostly pointless wandering around he maintained up to then. “Edith?” simply acknowledge the Healer, not even raising a hand or offering any indication of either manners of salutations. He did, in his defence, notice the Ardelian, and he had the sneaky suspicion he should have known who she was, but he had been there before: a brisk nod is everything she got up that point, but at least she escaped the mightily inquisitorial stance the Blue immediately put up when turning his attention to the boys. “And you are, if I may ask” flatly required the Winged Beast, his (in)famous pick up lines at his very best.

Edith turned to show a nervous yet warm smile to Penelope as she arrived, true to the letter she had gotten in exchange with the young healer. Her voice was calm as she spoke with a hint of a laugh mixed into her words, “I am glad I am not crazy yet,” toward Penelope and then to Liam, “I know she likes to wander. Those feet of hers seem to have a mind of their own, but usually the owls don’t return with her letters unopened multiple times.” The wrinkly hand of the woman patted the lad on the head, ruffling up his dark locks of hair. As Thamalys arrived the smile on her face grew, though to tell if it was from happiness to see the winged man or worry at his arrival could not be discerned. “Oh, Thamalys! That sibling of yours has up and gone missing again. I am sure you have already picked up on this fact. Is that why you are here? She was last seen in this city delivering free flu remedies to the poorer folk.” It was the last solid fact the elderly woman had on the Genasi. Everything after that was lost to the wind. The identical boys turned to look up at Thamalys with fluid motions that were perfectly in sync with the other child. Not missing a beat they spoke in unison with a tone that semi-shared common accent with their frosty mother, “The real question at hand is whom are you two?” they asked while both moving their right hand to point at both Penelope and Thamalys. Before giving room to answer they continued on to then introduce themselves, “Leo,” the boy on the left said just before the lad on the right answered, “Liam,” before they both spoke again without missing a beat, “And Lynn is off in Kelay pestering some man in the care of Yerrel.” Edith was the one to finish the missing question that neither party had asked, “These are two of Emilia’s triplets.”

Penelope :: As Thamalys arrives into the picture, the woman is now looking up. The avian stands tall while she balances out at five foot and two inches. Penelope, however, finds no intimidation about the man. Her chin is held high—literally and figuratively. The girl was the spitting image of confidence and ease on the outside. Inside, most of the time she was on fire, but eh, that was everyone in Lithrydel. She had faintly recognized the avian throughout the halls of the Guild a while back. Edith easily points out his name and that is all she needs to know. A brow quirks at the boys for a moment. She knew how identical siblings worked, for she was a twin herself. Well, long ago. Now, she was just a girl from the Ardelian twin line with no twin. A piece of her was empty because of it, for most identical siblings had a bond that was indescribable. “I’m Penelope Halifax. Yerrel’s apprentice. So, I’m guessing Lynn is pestering the warrior Kyori,” she says this with a knowing smile. One that holds grace. The siblings might have heard of her name through Kelay passing. The physician’s eyes then trace to Edith. “So… what’s the plan?”

Thamalys took in the twins questioning with surprising grace - albeit his glaring betrayed some form of anger, a thin web of golden streaks building into the otherwise perfect blue of the Avian’s eyes. “Leo and Liam… of course. Let me have a good look at you two…” he added leaning towards them both, hands behind his back, as if the Blue was about to choose the ripest apple from the merchant’s basket. “Well, you don’t seem to have much in common with Lynn…” he concluded with a dry grin “…and of that I am quite glad”. None of the encounters with their powerful sister brought the Spellblade any joy - quite the opposite, in fact. “To answer your question, you can call me Thamalys - I belong to your mother’s Guild, much as Penelope, and the two of us - myself and Emilia, I mean - are bound by blood. It is thus for many a reason that I’m rather worried about no one being able to find your ma’. Fear not, though - this is not the first time she went missing, nor, I am sure, it will be the last.” A split second after comes the pivotal question from Penelope. The Blue nodded - they need to move, and move fast. “Indeed, Edith, do you have any hint as to where exactly she has lastly been seen?” queried the Blue while straightening himself up and sidestepping so as to position himself a tad bit closer to the old Healer. “I might have heard a rumour of some strange struggle taking place on the beach, around the northern side of Cenril’s coastal line, about ten moons ago…” he offered, cautiously studying the reaction of both twins and both Healers as well, “…a weak lead, though, which I put together from smelly whispers coming from a string of drunken sailors; not much, but it might be a start? I tried the Wharf earlier today… too early, in fact. Perhaps with some luck a few of merchants might have set up their stands already? There’s a certain Balkk, I hear, who allegedly knows about - everything - that happens in Cenril…”

Edith couldn’t help but let out a true and genuine laugh after Thamaly’ made a comment about the nature of the two boys compared to their triplet sister. It might not be the time or the place to be laughing, but the elderly woman found his answer to be something to laugh at. “Oh, the boys are more like their mother even if they are a miniature vision of their father graced with Emilia’s blue eyes…Lynn is pestering that warrior again? Oh, dear. I don’t think he fared off too well the last time he had an encounter with her…not sure that anyone really does though…” she made a mention more for the sake of Penelope than anyone else in their little grouping. Both boys dropped their pointing fingers shortly after they had their questions of whom these two were. At closer inspection by the Blue he would find the boys to be a good opposite of Lynn in energies alone. While he began a long-winded introduction of whom he was the lad on the left, Leo, moved of his own accord to reach toward one of the silver clad feather’s of Tham’s wings. The intent was to touch it with a familiar look on his face. “Mother wears one of those about her arm,” the other boy spoke even though he hadn’t moved from his spot. It was stranger watching the two boys as individuals as opposed to working in unison. Edith gently bopped the lad’s hand down before he could touch a feather, “It isn’t polite to go touching wings without permission, Leo.” The boys in turn both cast an annoyed glance at Edith for her correcting their actions. Then Edith turned to talk to both other healer’s, “Last I heard she was down by the shops. Perhaps we should visit the shops and ask if any of them remember seeing her? I need to get some missing posters up in the tavern’s too if she doesn’t show soon. Visiting the Wharf is a good idea too. This city seems too big to track down a tiny woman in.” While Edith is talking with the adults it is Leo again who is now leaning in toward the avian, attempting to burry his face into those silver feathers. Strange child. Liam who hasn’t left Edith’s side was staring at Penelope with charming smile on those young features.

Penelope lingered idly as the three had a mini family reunion. Kind of. Was it? Her mind slowly trails to reflect on Kyori. She had left Ruari mostly in charge for his well-being. A little test subject for Penelope’s apprentice. Hopefully Ruari Erickson would not screw up. She sort of shakes her head out of her own thoughts. She sort of gives Leo a strange look as he attempts to reach out for the avian’s wings. She sorts of smirks as Edith bops the boy, but the amusement is so faint that it looks like she is thinking of her own personal joke. Then, she tries to focus more on the plan for Emilia. News of the Wharf has moss eyes squinting. “I think going down to the Wharf is a great idea. Cenril is full of criminals and sketchy people. One reason why I decided to move to a new location,” she nods at the avian. The freckled girl looks at Edith. “Right. Cenril is one of the bigger towns... Perhaps we should go to the guards for more eyes? The local station? Have them on the lookout for Emilia? Then, of course, fliers.” She inhales trying to think of the best approach to find the leader. During the moment of planning, she notices eyes on her. Her eyes slowly shift to Liam who is smiling with a sense of charm. She tilts her chin to acknowledge with a very slight smile before it fades and her eyes trace back to Edith.

Thamalys reacted to both the twins’ attempts to come closer to his wings with a low growl - they were the Wintry Lady’s descendants, though, so he behaved after all, even if their behaviour came across as utterly alien to him. Edith’s and Penelope’s strategies both made sense in the head of the Blue: “I agree, the more eyes we can get the better. I have been in touch with the Cenril’s Guards already, but my hopes are thin with respect to them… not very keen on making an effort, even if properly bribed. Checking the shops is a good idea, yes - Emi has been known to indulge in some very specific grocery items from time to time…” wryly chuckles the Spellblade, trying to come up with a sensible way forward. “Given that the shops are closer, we should probably start with those - Edith, please do lead the way. Ah, and flyers…” he added, addressing the Ardelian directly, “… neat - the sooner we get those going the better. We could easily have some Healers to work on that immediately. I’ll set the relevant cogs in motion… Nebb!” he yelled a moment after, for the kite to plunge from the sky and land graciously on his shoulder with a metallic sound betraying the mithril below the fabric.

Edith snapped at Leo, “Will ya’ leave the man’s wings alone child! You are as curious as your mother and I can’t have you getting lost now too.” The elderly woman seemed at her wits end trying to keep track of not one, but three younglings that were products of the wintery woman. The sudden look that Edith got from both boys in turn was one that might remind Thamlys of the devious little Lynn, serious and not caring of the adult’s orders, however it only lasted for a mere moment. It was Leo looked up at the winged man like he wanted to slap some sense into the man but got distracted by the arrival of Neb into the group. Of course, Penelope had smiled at Liam who thought that was the greatest thing ever to have a good-looking older girl liking him. Preteens. Edith spoke in turn to both the adults with her, “I believe the guards are lack luster around this town, too much crime for them to care about a missing person. I haven’t a clue why Emilia wanted to move from Larket to this city. Crime galore and the ocean so close…” Only those who knew the missing healer would know her deep rooted fear of deep water and that ocean was indeed about as deep of water as one would find. Edith continued on, “The shops and the Wharf sound like a good plan. We could easily…” her words got cut off however as it was Leo, who was still ever focused on Thamalys’ silver clad wings, let out a sudden outburst at the winged man, “Will you stop moving for a bloody moment! I can’t get a strong enough wiff of you!” it came with a low growl that almost mimic the one he had gotten earlier from the Blue. As Leo finished bursting out Liam spoke quickly, “Leo is the best finder at hide and seek,” as he spoke the lad tapped his nose with his left finger while pointing at his twin with the other hand. As if that answer would be enough to get a meaning across at the adult level from a youth level.

Penelope blinked. “Right,” she says with an exhale. There was, in fact, too much crime in Cenril. Too much on the guard’s plate. As Edith gets cut off by Leo again… the healer bites the inside of her cheek to keep her mouth closed. Ordinarily, the Ardelian is extremely patient, but the fact that the boy’s mom is gone, her brows narrow. Liam, however, makes a point where that Leo has thick senses. Her eyes turn bright. “I think Leo should lead the way,” says the witty healer. The girl adjusts her position to address Leo. “Liam says you’re good at hide and seek? You must know your mother’s scent, right?” The girl sort of looks up at Thamalys and then to Edith. “Would you be able to seek her scent? Like a game of hide and seek?” This was a long stretch due to all the travelers that wandered through the city, but it seemed there was a chance.

Thamalys didn’t flinch in the slightest upon Leo’s yelling; instead, he turned to Liam. “Is Penelope right? Are you saying your brother will be able to pick up my scent, and thus leading us to Emi because of that feather of mine? You must be quite talented if you can manage after so many moons… well, I suppose it’s worth trying. Tell me, what do I smell of to you, little One?” asked the Blue, canting his head a tad bit toward the right - a gesture promptly imitated by Nebb. A split second after, and the Avian - whose kind smelled indeed different to anyone - unfurled his left wing in a smooth swoop, notwithstanding the comments of the many onlookers in witnessing that silvery curtain coming to life. “However, I might be of help with somehow stronger than just the scent of a silvery feather… Penelope, would you mind cutting my wrist?” casually inquired the Winged Beast, extending his arm right in front of the Healer’s face. “Three inches below the junction between ulna and radius, please - you can use Stain if you so wish” added, hinting at the sleek shapes of the sword at his side. “Half an inch deep if you’d be so kind, and Leo - pick a droplet onto your hand. The same blood quite literally runs in your mother’s vein; if a feather would help, blood will help even more…”. A solid opportunity for the Winged Beast to witness the novel Healer in action - so much for a request out of the Blue…

Penelope watches as the avian places his arm in front of her after the possible discovery. “Cut your wrist?” A brow is quirked. Just cut a man? What? No, Penelope, it is for Emilia, duh. “Err… I guess. Not that I’m not confident… This is just strange, is all,” she justifies. Either way, the woman waves a hand as if to say ‘no thanks’ to Stain. The woman, instead, reaches down at her foot where underneath her slacks is a tucked dagger. She always kept the dagger on her due to traveling frequently to different towns throughout Lithrydel. The girl sort of feels out her blade for a moment to feel the grip and weight out. The physician would then gingerly grasp the man’s arm. She was always gentle to the touch before she presses her fingers into his skin to feel where the two connected bones were. The woman angles the blade vertically in order to make sure the blade is between the radius and ulna like he requested. She mumbles some silent words to eye the inches. The woman would look up at the avian. “You’re awfully confident, aren’t you?” She says to distract the man as she presses the blade into his skin and glides to make a small slit just deep enough as he requests. She would then pull the blade back. “Wish granted,” she sort of wiggles her eyebrows playfully at the flat man. The woman would then let Leo and Thamalys take it away.

Edith stood there at a bit of a loss with the boys going off in different tangents followed by both Penelope and Thamalys in similar ones. It was the Blue that got her more lost than anything with wide eyes staring at the man like he was crazy asking to be cut open here in front of the Inn. Her voice came with a soft, “If you’ve meet Lynn then you know the capabilities of these little ones…” Her words cut by a small pout of Liam, “..’cept me. The other two greedys took all the magic.” As the wing opened Leo smiled that he seemed to be catching on, somewhat if not more so than his intentions with the use of blood. The oldest of the twins stood there for a moment taking in a small sniff of the air, “You smell like warm milk…” before he closed his eyes, wiggled his nose and took in a much deeper inhale before speaking, “and dirt mixed with fresh cut hay.” The later being a known beloved smell to the former farm girl turned Genasi. Liam on the other hand seemed to almost be drooling over the gusting breeze from the wing, “Chocolate…” his tone almost zombie like. It was Edith bopping his mouth shut that snapped the boy out of the intent gaze he had on Thamalys like he might try to take a bite out of him to see if he tasted like chocolate. Both boys and Edith watched intently as Penelope with gentle hand and expert care sliced the man’s arm open. A spark flashed in Leo’s eyes before the sounds of shifting joints could be heard. Within moments his clothes were a pile on the ground and out from the dark folds a deep green small dragon leapt out. Mid leap those leathery wings started to flap sending the dragonling airborne after the blood from the wound. It wasn’t a hand that would be taking the droplet, but the green snout of the winged creature now flying around them. His nose wasn’t that of a lycanthrope, but his father was a wicked one teaching the lad other uses of his magic. “Quick!” Edith would holler as she gathered up the clothes off the ground. Clearly, not her first time chasing behind the dragon when he was tracking. It was with a run she would start off after the lad as he began zipping off towards the row of shops. Though he was excited for the chase Leo would gift the others following with a trail to follow he blew out a snort of air mixed with magic ahead of him. The ever-faint trail of his mother glowing a faint blue where it still lingered in the city.

Thamalys rewarded the Ardelian’s determination with a nod and a grunt. The Spellblade let a few drops of thick, dark blood to drip from the cut, before calling his ink to seal it: in an instant, the ivy-shaped tattoos covering the Blue twisted and twirled, small tongues of blue fire licking at the cut. It was a matter of seconds - no scar, no nothing, just a dark hue still hovering on the skin of the Spellblade. Nebb signified his approval with a loud shriek that turned a few heads. “Answering even the quirkiest of the requests without hesitation is a quality of absolute importance for a Healer…” lectured the Blue, “…and in fact - oh for the love of the Wind!” hollered the Avian when Leo decided to turn himself into a dragon, right in front of the Inn. “Follow Nebb if in doubt!” ominously warned the Blue before leaping into the air himself and soaring after the little green shard.

Penelope crinkles her nose at the littles as they smell different scents. Blood smelt of chocolate? Hay? She always thought it smelt of copper. The woman is not used to such strange behavior, even though she should be. She had been through the ringer lately. Her eyes then linger on the cut she had given the man, and magically, it seals itself back together. “Uhh…” She looks at Thamalys with an uncertain gaze. “I suppose. But I’m not healing you—“ she was then cut off by the fact that Leo turns into a dragon. “What the bloody hell?” The woman sort of jolts, so she was not used to flying beasts, okay? She was still a little uneasy about other races which you would think she would have learned by now. The whole situation was out of her ordinary. Magic is something she was lacking even though she had the unlearned skill. Off everyone goes, and she contemplates following the dragon, but she rolls her eyes dramatically in confused distress before heading their direction. Thank goodness she was in shape.

Edith would trot along behind the dragon boy as he took off with his clothes in her hands. For an old woman she was in shape to keep up with the flying one. If anything, she was watching the shimmer of blue that marked the scent he was following as it flashed to keep the right direction more than anything. Liam was smiles now as he would keep himself right along side Penelope as if he was her bodyguard now. Someone has a crush and it was becoming more evident. As the trio ran he spoke to her with confidence in his young voice, “Aren’t you glad you became part of the freak show?” He chuckled while steering her away from a hole in the ground so she wouldn’t trip in the run. He also attempted to reach out to hold her hand while they ran behind his brother. Edith glanced up every now and then to spot where Nebb and Thamalys were above them. Leo flew circles around those that were running. He would fly years ahead, around the alleys and back out before zipping off again. As they reached the Bakery that belong to Khitti the area around this shop almost glowed bright blue. Compared to all other areas of the city this place she must have spent a good amount of time at before she disappeared. The alley was blue and if they went inside a side of the table was blue as if she sat with someone for awhile before exiting the shop. Here the dragon lad came to a stop in his flying to investigate around the building on his own. Liam would flutter those long lashes of his at Penelope, “Would the lady like something to eat?” he offered. Edith simply waited for Thamalys to land to discuss with him and Penelope, “Looks like she spent a good bit of time here. The scent is all over…” she waved her hands to showcase the trace that Leo was sharing with them in blue. “Is this one of those weird grocery trips you mentioned?” she asked of Thamalys before looking to Penelope, “I am sorry this is probably not what you signed up for, Penelope.”

Thamalys followed Leo’s merry wandering with a hint of a smile on his face: he could appreciate some traits of the Wintry Lady in those two… but then, the track seemed to coalesce into something worth the Blue’s attention. Called down from Edit, the Avian plunged from the clouds, elegantly landing at no more than four feet away from the bakery. “Yes, Emi likes this place - and their bread - very much. It is plausible she stopped for a while in here… perhaps the owners would be able to tell us where she went. Your mother…” continued, dusting his tunic with the palm of his right hand while addressing a small human and an equally sized dragon, “… is a regular here, so we have a good chance. But no, this is not the time to be a gentleman - a commendable offer, little one, but please do remember who are we after and why” flatly noted the Spellblade in relation to the rather bold move from the bewildered Liam. “Should we ask, then?” sort of invited the Blue. “No dragons allowed, Leo, no matter their age or size!” he barked noticing the green shard zooming closer.

Penelope is finally beginning to understand Liam’s behavior. He is close to her and tugs her every so often to have her watch her steps while she trails behind them. Eyes move to look at the preteen. “My life is becoming one, so might as well get used to it now,” she half-smirks. This was a true statement. As he reaches for her hand, she lets him for now to fill his little heart, but this would be short-lived for the boy as they approach the shop. Eyes search around while the dragon points out several locations where Emilia would be. ‘Would the lady like something to eat?’ And now, dreams would have to die which Thamalys kills easily. “Thamalys is right, Liam. You’re very sweet, but you’ll have to use those moves another day on a very lucky little lady,” she would give the boy a very gentle pat and a sweet smile. The woman then turns her gaze to the shop. “Someone probably knows something. They have to. It’ll give us at least a hint closer.” The healer then shifts to look at Edith. “This is exactly what I signed up for. It’s just… new, is all. I just used to be more of a bystander, and well, that’s changing.” She would then look back at the door of the shop. “I say, we go in and ask.”

Edith nodded to the pairing to let them wander inside the bakery, “I will watch the little from here.” Allowing it to be less crowdy if only the two healers went barging into the bakery to get some answers. Inside they would find a pair of coworkers tending to the shop, Victoria and Albert. Entering they would be offered services between the foods offered here. When questioned the only answers they would get are, “Yes, she was here. Dropped off flu kits and talked to Khitti for a time before closing time. She left alone. You might reach out to Khitti for more information she was the last to see her in the Bakery.” It was an easy conversation before the workers were back to tending to actual paying customers. Before the duo could leave there was Liam popping his head in to holler, “Leo took off, Edith is chasing him down. They are headed for the ocean!” The boy almost seemed excited at going to the beach. The question then came to be why would the Genasi who was deathly afraid of the ocean have been there in the late hours of all times of day. Either way the chase would be on again with an ending destination of the shore of the ocean. Here Leo had returned to his more human form and redressed shortly after Edith had caught up with them. His eyes looked sad as he would announce, “Trail ends here…do you think the ocean swallowed her up? She doesn’t like the water.”

Penelope makes her way into the shop. She asks questions to the employees and then they speak of Khitti. Lionel’s sister. Of course. The woman takes note with her automatic, friendly social skills. The girl is professional, although polite. Liam then pops his head in the door for the young woman. Moss eyes flick back. A trail. Another hint. “Thank you for your kindness,” she says to the workers before she dashes out the door behind the triplet. They move through the streets and down to the beach where Leo and Edith remain at almost a loss. Leo looks broken and Penelope keeps a straight and steady line on her lips as she nears the boy to comfort, however, Thamalys recognizes the odd print. “You’re right,” she nears where the sea waves once were. They did not wash away the tracks. “I need to get on those flyers asap,” she looks at Edith and Thamalys. “This doesn’t look good. And the quicker we can get out those flyers, the better. I’ll head back to find a sketch artist. It’s the least I can do for the meantime.” The woman then begins to slowly back up. “We will find her, I’m sure of it. She seems like she has a tough spirit.” She tries to reassure them all, so no one would panic or jump to other thoughts.

Edith watched between the two healers while glancing back and forth between the two boys who seemed equally upset that the trail had gone cold. Leo looking to Liam, “I guess I am not the best finder in hide and seek.” Liam patted his brother on the arm before looking to Edith, “All this running and I am starving…is there time to eat, now?” He remembers back at the shop that then wasn’t the time to eat, but perhaps now was. Edith looked to Thamalys, “It is strange. Will have to see if we can track down any of the ship workers to see if they might have seen anything that day.” Then her tone turned towards Penelope, “I’d be at a loss without your help! I think we should get to work getting those up around, especially in Cenril. Best also send out word to the rest of the Guild to keep an eye out for the missing Leader. Might need to reach out to the other guilds too. They might know something, maybe someone else from another guild could be missing too. Last time it was many people taken by the raptor people.” And then lastly to the boys, “We will return to the Academy and you two can eat dinner.”

Thamalys tried to sort out his thoughts - a real challenge, given both the sheer lack of information as well as the rather noisy environment. The tracks didn’t lie - what was just a gut feeling just turned into a very strong possibility that the Wintry Lady had been - once again - abducted. History taught that almost invariably that involved some nefarious intent: it wasn’t too long ago when the Blue himself was forced to break through some magic-imbued overgrown lizard to free a barely-breathing Emilia. Nebb shared his master anguish, circling around him nervously. “A tough spirit indeed, and an even tougher constitution. Easy, boys - your mother is tough as nails, and we will find her and bring her back to you and us, mark my words. We’ll have to call on you, perhaps in the near future - be prepared. He stepped back, the rim of a wave wetting the edge of the Winged Beast’s tunic. “From now on, the Guild Leader has to be considered as missing in action - we have mechanisms to deal with this, and I’ll activate them at once. Having a chat with the ship workers is a good start. Meanwhile, I’ll fly to Larket - and further still, I have to alert some key people who might help. As things stand, I am afraid I have no clue of who might have taken her, or indeed why. Till soon…” offered the Blue, climbing up to some higher rocks only to throw himself into the void - a moment later, a huge pair of wings would have been seen soaring past the murky air, driven by the urge of a positively furious Spellblade. Nebb followed at a distance, well aware of the dangerous temper of his master in these sort of situations. Teeth grinding, lashes of blue fire filling the air around him, the Healer pushed forward - he had work to do…

Penelope finds her gaze resting on Leo. “You did a great job, unfortunately, it’s not your typical game. But we are a step ahead.” The Ardelian looks out at the sea with a curious gaze. “I will make sure I let the others know,” she responds to Edith with reassurance in her tone. “Until then, try to rest, please.” The girl tries to put the elder at ease. Edith was not crazy. Her head turns to Thamalys. “Keep us updated. You can seek me at the Kelay Healer or Halifax Roots in Kelay if you find something.” The girl would then back up. “I’ll see you all soon,” she would nod to each of them before turning in the sand and striding off the beach. The woman would now be on a new mission.

Edith would take the lads back to the Academy with her to work through what she could while the others each took on their own tasks. At least they had some progress as to what had happened, but more was needed to actually find where she went.