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Broken Barrel Inn

The laws of the land do not apply to this establishment, yet somehow there is order among chaos. Aged, abused by the weather, the Broken Barren Inn stands defiantly against the stormy shores of Rynvale just off the dock, but it is a place far from welcoming. The split, oak carved sign hangs sideways on only one chain, irony not quite lost in the words tarnished by rain. Through that open door barely sitting on it’s hinges, the light of a blazing fire reflects across a dingy interior made to look more wealthy with trinkets. The walls are covered with artifacts and cheap glamour from other worldly locations and ports; rusted weapons and sea-monster fishing lure, ship wheels, a gold-braided rope, the mounted bones of an aquatic creature with seven limbs, tapestries and carvings of various culture, and instruments that no one could know how to play. Centering all of this is Redbeard’s Maiden, herself: a sultry, golden-haired mermaid bust with red painted lips and a beckoning smile, caught in a net draped to the rafters. Mounted to the wall not far behind, a fish-like tail adorned by flawlessly painted emerald scales stretches out behind her. For every first tankard bought in the Broken Barrel she is afforded a salute, a custom that Simon, the bar’s general, has not allowed to die over the years. Dominating the center of this room is an impressive four-sided bar, flanked by booths along all ways, each lit by a hanging candelabra of worked iron. Gatherings of shady sailors and outlaws collect in groups, keeping the atmosphere noisy with harmonica and bagpipe while others plot their next dastardly scheme. While invited to venture upstairs, wandering toward the cellar door might earn you a few dirty looks.

Beata walks into the Broken Barrel.Her heels tapping softly." Hey Ranok."

You was over by Simon, talking with the bartender about the quality of his drinks. Not because they were poor, but because Ranok was taking some to have it tested for taint. Ever since that episode with Ordox and all that mind control, both men agreed that it might be a good idea to make sure everything was on the level every now and again. Gamboling about the room was Ranok's newest companion, the juvenile mist dragon, who was nosing into anything with the gusto and curiosity that the young have. Upon hearing his name, however, the smith turns slightly to look at who was addressing him. Right hand was hovering at about hip level as he does so. "Oh. Beata. Nize to see hyu here." His left goes up to touch the brim of his hat to Beata. He'd always respected healers and treated them well. After all, the one time *your* ass was on the line, they might help you pull it through as a return. Just a good habit to keep. "Hy vas hopink to see hyu, actually."

Beata smiled at the man as she approached the bar..She watched the young dragon wandering around looking into everything.." How are you Ranok? You have quite the curious pet here.." She takes a seat at the bar.her cloak sliding open revealing her sleek black dress.." Oh what can I do for you sir.."

Ranok glances at the dragon, "Eh? Oh, yah. Still need to name him. Or her. Kan' really tell vat gender it iz...hennyvays." He holds up a finger to Beata and finishes his task with Simon. A barrel or two rolled out and loaded out onto a cart in front to be carried off. Rather straight forward. Just how Ranok liked it. The man strides over to where Beata was shortly after, clicking his tongue to get the attention of the dragonette, which promptly ignores him. Scowling at the response he got from his pet, he says to Beata, "A liddle over vorked. But Hy manage. Chust tenkful Hy don' need schleep. Hyu look like hyu're holdink up hokay. Hy see hyu've been scurryink around vith doze Gisae fellows. Ratty bunch. SCHtill keepink up vith de healink, yeah?"

Beata smiles" Yes I am now a leader in GEA.." She reaches for the glass on the bar.." So what do you need healed? I still do that . It is the one thing I am good at." Her emerald eyes follows the dragonette.

Ranok shakes his head, "No, no. No vun in particular now. No vun iz hurt, tough Hy might need hyu to check a friend zumtime. But dat's neidder here nor dere." Behind Ranok, the dragonette inhales a dust bunny, and promptly launches into a series of explosive sneezes that spray jets of mist out. Ranok, sighing because the thing did this sort of thing often, scooping the dragon up to make sure it was okay. "Ahem. Uh. Hennyvays. Vile *Hy* don' need a healer, Rynvale does. Keturah left de klinic ven Leo died. Hall odders dat kould hef taken de position hef also left. Hyu're de highest rank in de healer's guild possible, Hy'm told, saff for de leader. Hyu're perfectly fit for takink charge uf de klinic. De healers dere are managink...but barely. De kreation uf de Ravine lost us pipple dat ve schouldn' hef because dey chust didn' hef de ability." His head shakes. A shameful waste of life, that. But it couldn't exactly be helped. Every healer he tried to get into the clinic shortly left.

Beata listens closely to the story of the clinic..She considered the options she would have.." I have been thinking about a clinic.This sounds like a good deal." She watches the dragon sneezing and coughing,," I think the dragon has some allergies."

Ranok shakes his head slowly, sighing as he does, "No, no, he chust inheled zumddink he schouldn' hef...she does it a lot." He makes the sure the dragonette was fine, though. "Hyu'd hef to liff here to tend to it, Beata. It's a full time responsibility. Tendink to de sick und vounded. But hyu know vat it entails. Hy don' need to tell hyu."

Beata sighs as she thinks about living here in the clinic.." Well sir Ranok I will be willing to give it a try.."

Ranok pets the dragonette, which preens under the attention, "Tryink hain't goot enough, Hy'm afraeed. Dis hes to be a kommitment. Hy'm sure hyu kan do it, Beata. Hyu didn' get to you rank in de Healer's Guild by knowink noddink." He tries to offer Beata an encouraging smile. "Vould hyu like to see de klinic before hyu really decide? See how it iz?"

Beata nods " Yes I would like to see the clinic and see what I need to purchase and repair or replace."

Ranok puts the dragonette on his shoulder, "Halright. Let's go." He'd walk to the Rynvale clinic barring any further words from Beata.

Beata heads out the door.

At the Rynvale Clinic

Ranok leads Beata to the clinic. The clinic was in the same place that it always was, unsurprisingly. Keturah had run a good ship, and when she left, the clinic wasn't completely swamped. But having no head healer was taking its toll. Especially when the war came to the city and the clinic was swamped with wounded soldiers and civilians. Right now, the clinic was more or less on the level. The healers around were tired, harried, but the beds weren't overflowing. It was a delicate state of balance. "As hyu kan see, tinks are goot right now. But de var nearly killed de clinic's healers. Chust too many pipple at vunce."

Beata nods as she looks around..' Yes I believe it will work well just needs some cleaning and straightening up. I thank you for this oppertunity.'

Ranok sticks his hands in his pockets, "Pretty easy decision, eh? Dat's hokay. Hyu're helpink pipple. Now, Hy kan' really do much ufficially for hyu...but, if dere's hennyddink hyu need to keep dis gun, chust tell me. Pipple, supplies, materials, vatever. Hy might even be able to svink de materials und men for a nev vard if hyu tink hyu need it. Chust tell me, hokay?"

Beata hugs Ranok.." See you tomorrow..Thanks."

Ranok looks a little awkward when he was hugged. A pat or two on Beata's back and then he'd step away, "Uh...yah. Tenks for takink up dis job, Beata. Chust remember: henny help hyu need, hyu hef but to ask. Und hyu do *need* to ask. Hy kan' read minds, hyu know. Hokay?"