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Pyoshia is on her way back to Gualon, with an entourage of enslaved children to be turned into her orphanage when along stumbles Daisy. Now, Daisy being the good hearted feline she is, tries to stop the malevolent weed from capturing those children! The problem becomes, Daisy is a tad bit weaker then the wraith and, ends up being captured herself! Pyoshia then forces Daisy into eating one of the corrupted seeds that she had for so long wanted to get someone to eat. The poor feline, unbeknownst to her, became controlled as the seed latched into her body, spreading it's roots onto her nervous system and sending impulses to her brain! As such, poor Daisy's mind began to love Pyoshia! And now, is enslaved to the corrupt plant, unable to break the hold Pyoshia has upon her with ease!

Well, there's also the fact Pyo now has Daisy running the orphanage! But, we'll get to that in our next RP! Dun da da dun!

Somewhere in Sage Forest!

Pyoshia walked amongst a trail of five children, all tied together via chains, all having their feet and arms bound, forced to walk in a single file line, all the way to Gualon. There would be no breaks, no stops, no resting, only food occasionally. Pyoshia meant to work these kids to the bone, so that they'd be nothing but workers, without fight, strength, nothing left but the hallow shell of a mindless worker.

Daisy rather enjoys Sage forest. It is pretty and quiet for the most part. Some parts need some help, but overall it is nice. Which is why she's just having a peaceful stroll out here in the middle of nowhere. Is it really? Oh, Enchantment is just over there. So... Maybe on the outskirts of nowhere. Tiny kitten feet pause when she sees that parade of children. A frown furrows her brow. They could be evil corn children. No, they don't look so healthy. They're hurt. Just leave them be, kitten. You don't want to get involoved. "Hello there!" Oi. Guess you do. "Hello?" She waves an arm at Pyoshia.

Pyoshia blinked as a voice was heard from somewhere nearby. Her little head turned to face the woman, the spider like vines to come out from her back, embedding themselves in the ground and forcing her four feet higher into the air. “Yes?” Her eyes go wide, a smile upon her face as she stared down upon the cat..Wait a moment, she was familiar! FOOD! She was her food! And yet, she..She had gone missing, ran away before she could eat. She continued to stare, calmly at the female, as if nothing was happening here.

Daisy lifts her chin to watch the little plant grow. Paws clasp at her waist. For whatever reason, this female feels she has to make herself bigger than Daisy. Don't worry, kitten. You still look harmless. Just smile your pretty smile and be polite. Which she does. "I was just wondering..." A glance is given to the children. "... out of curiousity of course. Why these children are tied up?" There is a swish of her tail that happens when felines are curious.

Pyoshia had a few choices she could make here and soon, they all began to run through her mind. She could wrap up the tiny little druid, eat her, and then no longer have to worry. She could kill her, but not eat, or she could lie and bluff her way out of it! For whatever reason, the tiny power punching dryad, decided she'd lie her way out of it! “Juvy, they are delinquents and are being sentenced to work in an camp for their crimes. Should of never been caught stealing, these little rats!” She gave a firm nod, whilst one of her many tentacly vines pushed the little child along further.

Daisy 's eyes widen. "Stealing?" One thing you learn to do while working for pirates is learn to tell when someone is lying to you. Our little Daisy is very good at this, you see. She puts her hands on her hips just like a scolding mother would and eyes the children. "Naughty! Now what were you stealing for, hm?"

Pyoshia watched with a sense of fear as the feline began to question the children, entirely knowing her lie was about to come crashing down lest she interrupted, “They're not allowed to speak! Tis part of their punishment. Tis right, yes kids?” The little ones were forced, from fear, to give but a small nod. They didn't speak, they were much to afraid, terrified really, of the giant spider like woman.

Daisy doesn't believe one bit of this at all! "That is unfortunate." She moves closer to the children, taking in their dirty faces. "Is she telling me the truth?" Daisy's little voice carries only to the children. That is what Pyoshia gets for being so damn high in the air.

Pyoshia saw the movement of the jaw, missing the words spoken but kept a very tight eye upon the children from her makeshift throne. The child in which Daisy spoke to seemed frozen stiff, all except his tiny fist, which made a small nod, repeatedly, as he attempted to get Daisy's attention while evading Pyoshia's sight. The dryad lowered her body closer to the ground, “All done here, kitten?” Eyes fixed harshly upon Daisy at this point; she didn't want to lose a 2nd set of children.

Daisy really shouldn't get involved. None of this is her business. These children mean nothing to her. She frowns. They mean something to someone. That little boy catches her attention. "Nearly. They seem to be hungry." A paw reaches into her bag. "Thieves or not, they shouldn't starve." The children are each given a muffin. She saves the last for the one that grabbed her attention, handing him the muffin while examining the chains.

Pyoshia frowned at the woman as she continued to but into the dryad's business. “They can have the snack you offer them but that's it, they shouldn't be overeating after the heinous atrocities they committed.. And! I could have you arrested should you think to continue down this path of interference!” Obviously, this whole ordeal was getting Pyo rather worked up. As Daisy took her time on the last chain, the wraith wrapped up her impatience with, “Come along now, cat, you've seen enough, move on please.”

Daisy mostly ignores whatever words are coming out of Pyoshia's mouth. She hears them, sure. But the kitten takes extra time with that last muffin, secretly slipping a little seed just inside the boy's cuffs as she hands over the treat. "Be ready," she breathes out before turning to Pyoshia with a polite smile. "Prisoners or not, they won't be able to walk without nurishment." That smile is held and her fingers wriggle discretely behind her back. "This is quite the task! You must be of utmost importance. What is your name?" While the kitten talks, attempting to distract the dryad, the little seed grows. Do you know anything about morning glories? They like to take over, you see, smothering anything and everything that they can to cover as much ground as possible. With the druid's help, that little seed explodes into a vine of the aforementioned flower. Twisting and curling through the chains, the morning glory vine blooms with blues and purples. The flowers only make the means of escape pretty. Why not have a little pretty in our lives, hm? The vines themselves will engulf the chains, threatening to snap them so the children can make a run for it.

Pyoshia watched, with little patience for the woman. Her eyes ever so focused upon Daisy, missed the vines that began to grow! KERSNAP, was all it took however, as the first set of handcuffs shattered, giving the fifth child half his body the ability to run. As the wraith turned her attention back to the children, she watched in pain as the restraints around his ankle broke loose too! Between the many factors, Pyoshia needed to act quick. The vines upon her back suddenly broke free, smashing into the ground before her, a fast acting cage soon snapping around the remaining four children before Daisy's magical plants could cause any more havoc upon her creations and should the opposing druid not move, she'd find herself locked inside too.. Now, the factors were minimized, deal with the cat, or the escaping child!

Daisy doesn't have time to get away before that cage surrounds her with the children. Good. Now you're captured so that dryad will focus on the escaping boy! Not exactly the best of situations, but it'll do. Those vines of hers continue to take over the chains, breaking the other children free. What now? Is Pyoshia focused on the boy? Hopefully. Even if she's not, those vines of Daisy's shoot to the cage bars so they can take over that too. Chains are one thing, but are her vines strong enough to take over the more powerful Dryad's cage?

Pyoshia thought about the boy, it was a definite want for her to have that little rugrat but yet..Yet there was this little feline, four feet tall, pretty, would make a great little fore runner for her operations.. If Pyoshia could corrupt poor little Daisy, make her the matron of the orphanage, no one would be the wiser! Yes!? YES?! Pyoshia thought so, plus, she also wanted a bite of Daisy, after all the times that tiny little thing escaped. So, rather then chase down the boy, she stayed, staring intently at the feline, whilst one single vine ran the boy down.. Just one, it wouldn't take much? Right?

Daisy doesn't give up her attempt to break the cage free. Both paws tug on the 'bars' while the vines continue to take over the cage. The children are free by now, and probably trying to get out of the cage as well. Unless they're just scared of all the magic and just freaked out in a corner. Probably peeing themselves. Kids do that sometimes. They're gross. Daisy's eyes stay locked with Pyoshia's. Yes, she's tugging on the cage, but other than that there is no desperation in her eyes. No pleading or fear. Just... that kitten stare. You won't win this staring contest, Creepy McWraithington!

Pyoshia glared through the bars at the lowly female cat, such an insulting little thing and the female had done enough damage breaking up her little entourage! The children in the background had tried to escape, though the chains remained tight to their form, unbroken as Daisy's vines were preoccupied trying to force Pyo's cage apart, the spot that did, letting the kids free though, not for long. As the kids got free, the cage repaired itself and Pyoshia was done played games. Her tiny hand placed itself upon the ground, a root suddenly erupting forth from a nearby tree and linking itself into the chains, lifting up the kids by their restraints and hoisting them into the air a good five to ten feet up. The cage around Daisy began to tighten, the kids began to grow higher, as branches from the tree began to grasp them, hoisting them from one to the next one up, over and over. “You're mine cat.” The twisted little smile of Pyo's staring directly at her, “Either join me or they fall!” You could see her laughter, her idea of victory, the sheer pleasure from this win as it filled every fiber (She's got a lot of that! Being from a tree and all!!) of her being! “You'll be responsible for their death!” Just then, a death defying scream could be heard in the distance, yet it didn't end immediately, no it grew closer, as the fifth child, a tiny little boy no older then nine was drug back to the fray by the solitary vine. Placed before Daisy, Pyoshia's tiny little fingers began to toy with the child's head, “I wonder, how far around it can rotate and leave him alive, shall we find out together, kitty?”

Daisy glances between the pinata children and the boy right in front of her. You can't just let them die! So they're not your responsibility. Okay I get that. But still! They're just kids. "Oh?" She remains still, indifferent to the danger those children are in right now. That dryad is telling lies. If she kills those kids, she'll only have to get more for whatever scheme she is working on. Smart kittens are smart, you know. Lie to her once and everything out of your mouth will be a lie to her. She smiles that sweet smile of hers, the one that infuriates everyone who tries to destroy her. "No thank you." Besides... she has her own planty magic that can catch them. Whatevs.

Pyoshia blinked as the woman told her no, as if, Pyoshia wouldn't do exactly what she threatened and moments later, a root from a nearby tree arose to the chin of the little boy. It slowly began to turn the terrified things head, to the left, until, it hit that point where any further and it'd snap. “It's up to you, little Kitten, either say yes, or it turns.. I can find many a child, it's not every day I have such a.. Eager participant like yourself though.” She grinned for that last part of that sentence.

Daisy is very good at remaining calm. Does she call the crazy bitch's bluff? Well damn. You know what you have to do, kitten. She reaches through the bars to snatch up that tree root. There is a brief paws. lol! See what I did there? Puns are awesome. So there is a brief pause. On second thought - these kids might be better off not having to deal with whatever Pyoshia has in store for them. Even if she does cooperate, it doesn't mean she'll let the children go. "No thank you." She holds her polite smile still and moves that root-holding paw over to pet Pyoshia's cheek. "Sweet of you to offer though."

Pyoshia looked down upon the paw hungrily, a quick snap of her jaw to be had as she attempted to bite off one of the digits that Daisy possessed! Yum! Fingers! As the cat seemed unable to break by the simple offer of killing the child or working for her, the tree suddenly pulled upon the child's chin, -Kersnap- and the child slumped forward. “Shall we move to the next?” A tilted head, full of twisted motives spoke the words calmly, uncaring, happily.

Daisy quickly snatches her arm back into the cage. Her heart goes out to that poor boy, but only briefly. This dryad will kill them all for sure. She glances up at the dangling children then back to Pyoshia. "I'm not really useful for anything, you know. Your magic is far more advanced than mine."

Pyoshia sighed as the woman continued to be stubborn and the next time she spoke, the dryad sprung to action. Vines sprung from the ground, reaching for the arms and legs of the feline. The wraith's mouth suddenly to fire a small seed at the mouth of the hopefully, startled adversary! Her small body only to follow up by attempting to suffocate her, forcing her to be unable to breath through her mouth and nose until finally she swallowed the tiny seed.

Daisy doesn't have time, or room, to escape those vines. She isn't startled because an attack from the dryad was definitely expected. She does part her lips to let out a demand to be set free, but those words never come! That seed shot to the back of her throat and her first instinct is to spit it out! Don't swallow that, kitten! Oh how that seed tastes horrid on her tongue! She struggles to break free, but the restraints on her limbs are too strong and now she can't breathe! That seed chokes her and her mouth fills with saliva. She needs air or she'll pass out. Passing out around Pyoshia is probably not a good idea. Swallowing the dryad's seed is probably not a good idea. Make a decision, kitten. Her eyes close and the seed slips down her throat.

Pyoshia continued to hold the female's mouth and nose shut, awaiting her inevitable slip to unconsciousness! It'd only take a few moments but once it happened, she'd know for certain Daisy had swallowed the bait. After a few moments, the feline would slip to a state that lacked conscious, then, she'd wake her back up. The seed would soon have the magic of Pyoshia pumped through it, full board, to make sure that Daisy couldn't resist the effects, as the feline had proved strong enough thus far.

Daisy swallowed the damn seed! Why isn't this planty bitch letting her go? She struggles to break free of her restraints. She should have just let herself pass out without swallowing cause that is what is happening anyway. Her mind goes black and she's out.

Pyoshia released the feline, progressing the seed, and awaiting her revival! Had to make sure it'd work, yes?! Oh right, to check, she lowered the kiddies, back dow nthe tree and releasing Daisy from the binds.

Daisy wakes up with a paw pressed to her forehead. Passing out is never fun. She rubs her wrists before pushing herself up to her feet. That seed! She has to get it out of her! A finger is pushed down her throat and she chokes once. That didn't do it. She chokes again and coughs a little. The third time, her gaze meets Pyoshia's and she stops. Drawn. Slow steps carry the feline to the cage and she presses her body to the bars. In a daze, she smiles prettily at the Dryad. "Who are you?"

Pyoshia grinned as the woman seemed entirely lost, unable to recall who exactly Pyoshia was. A simple shrug was offered, "I'm your employer, Misssssss...." She awaited Daisy's name till given. Pyoshia began to explain what had happened, why the kids were there, where they'd be going, and what was going to happen! All of which, Daisy seemingly agreed to rather quickly! To wrap the rp up, due to time constraints, Pyoshia asked Daisy to cut a child's cheek, Daisy did! And, then she escorted the children back ot the orphanage, without Pyoshia!