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Pyoshia moved into Gualon, taking control over the Orphanage and renovating it quickly. The new additions were small, just a new coat of paint, a little wall of shrubs, and little else. She hopes to soon have children working inside as tiny slaves but first, must gather some as her most recent batch was stolen by Dyzz and Nowfaleena. She's also accepting donations to assist in 'helping' the youngsters have a better life, but in reality she's just pocketing the coins.

The Gualon Orphanage

Pyoshia watched the run down building from the street, eyes beginning to look over exactly how one might renovate the run down Orphanage. Thoughts of renovation, a blockage of sight, and anything else that might assist in changing this old place had begun to run through her mind. It wasn't long however before the tiny dryad began to start her renovations, with a small army to do her construction. She turned her hand upside down, opening it and dropping plenty of tiny seeds to the ground. Soon, the little ones began to grow, tiny little plant men sprouting from the man, willing to do Pyoshia's bidding. Their mission was simple, assist her in the renovations, then die off without a second glance from the one who raised them.

Pyoshia's minions were sent upon tasks, split into groups and moved inside. The tiny dryad stepped inside shortly after them, insistent upon filling in the tasks. The plant men searched for the rotten wood, flipping the awful looking boards over in hopes that it might look nicer... And, when it did, they left the rotted wood in place on a nicer side. Others of them began to paint over the walls, to disguise the old run down building to make it look nicer. As the place was turned this way and that, Pyoshia went upstairs to check upon housing and rooms. The old beds, that seemingly had nothing great about them, cracked and ruined, nearly crumbling apart were to be kept as, 'to little to fund replacements'. She could accept donations, charitable ones, while working these kids to the bones.

Pyoshia had seemingly fixed up the insides of the building, giving it a brief shining, though it wasn't exactly the best looking she might pass that off as reasons for donations. She turned upon the plant men, a grin upon her face, as all of them began to climb towards the windows and doors, then die. Oh how she enjoyed watching her little minions die and there was no exception here. But, as these ones died off, their bodies began to block off any vision from the outside in, making the ability to see anything impossible. With that, the plant queen began to head towards the outside, it was time to make some renovations to the back yard.

Pyoshia went along the outside of the back yard, what use to be, and began to place tiny holes in the ground with a stick. Once the tiny hole was made, the woman dropped a seed into it, around the back yard, in an entire circle. Upon finishing the entire little back yard, the corrupted one moved towards the center of the yard, hand placed to the ground, and allowed part of her vast magic to course through the earth. The seeds sprung forth mighty plants into the air, fifteen feet high, five feet wide in all directions, stopping any sight from the outside. The shrubbery was made to stop pesky little people from looking in, none should see the kids as they work and stopping the kids from getting out for the plants came to life, able to turn people around, so that they might never enter or escape. (Aka, coming in from the outside, they'd turn you around so you'd go back to the outside).

Pyoshia's job seemed finished and now, now she just needed the children, the ones she had yesterday would have been a great start but without them she'd have to start fresh. Her mission at this point was simple, dig the start to the tunnel out back, force the new incoming kids that she didn't have yet to work, and force a few to pose as poster children for donations. Between the ideas left, she had a great business to start producing.