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Kelay Tavern

Built and rebuilt, torn apart and set like stubborn bone, this tavern is the pinnacle of Hollow's entirety, wrought around the premise of peace, equality, and consummate amity. And of course, the old place had seen all of the three, but so much more. Dire markings of claw and steel cut deep into wall panels and floorboards. Set against the land's usual motif of destruction are signs of comfort. Twisting shadows and smoothing out a careful blanket of light with soft, quaint fires, a candelabra dangles down by thick cords, gripping the circular holder. Each twists up, converging upon the center, where they snake about one another and form a thick, secure anchor to Kelay Tavern's high, accommodating ceiling. The candelabra rattle now and again from the inn patrons overhead, pouring down globs of wax to the center of the room, which is wide and unobstructed. Cheaply carpentered tables and chairs grow outward around the bare dancing area, keeping to the rounded theme, and also keeping to a dwarven barkeep's avariciously born taste for 'economical' furniture. Hardly any expense has been wasted on the actual upkeep of the public center though, as can be garnered from the smell of deep pine, rich tobacco, and even richer spirits. Stairs twist away dimly near the high bar. And atop that side rests the inn logs, quill, and ink. This establishment's fine keeper, Mesthak, can be seen smiling out from his post at the bar, straight across to the room's always crackling stone-wrought hearth. Behind him, atop lofty shelves, sits an array of dark, amber, and clear liquids. Food smells waft from somewhere near at hand. A carefully printed and hung sign details the purchasable items here in the place of merriment, loss, laughter, and life. Also, tucked into a corner near one of two windows closest to the tavern doorway is a thickly papered bulletin board. A sign has been added next to the board that reads, 'The management requires patrons be fully inebriated at all times and that no curing spells be performed in this tavern-Thank you'.

Dasha sniffed out the alcohol and showed a disaproving look, "I see, it's great though.. If it's not you know, for reasons to settle who has the biggest c*ck in town.. Like some people around these parts.."

Nowfaleena let out a puff of laughter, "It's dangerous." She retorted, sipping from her whiskey.

Dasha shrugged, "Not if it's with people you know and trust! Plus! What happens if someone attacks you and you don't know how to fight? What then!?"

Kasyr casually meanders into Kelay tavern, dressed in his ever so stylish trenchcoat- with a dead man that fits Slintoras' description slung over his shoulder. Despite this morbid accompaniment, the Revenant seems all too casual, even settling the lacerated body into a chair. A few more moments of monkey-ing around, and Kasyr manages to get the fellows cold, dead fingers coiled around an empty mug.

Nowfaleena lofted a brow, "I know how to fight...when I have to." She prefered to fight from a distance, cloaked in shadow, but she knew how to fight.

Dasha shook her head, "No way! You couldn't possibly know how to fight! Otherwise, you'd of stuck around!'

Brozurkura smiled as his ale was placed in front of with a thunk. The pewter mug cool with a nice amout of froth upon the surface of the drink, The half elf nodded softly to the barmaid handing her a coin as her tip. She thanked him and left him in his darker area. He did notice the other patrons but pretended he did not for the simple reason that person's eye he caught across the room did try to kill him. So he sipped his ale tried to look non threatening, not hard to do when your tall skinny and pale green with an elves narrow frame.

Kasyr tips Slintoras head back, so he's staring at the ceiling rather than his lap. As an additional adjustment, the Kensai draws Slintoras-carcass' spare hand over to the dagger thats lodged inside his chest. After a few moments of the limb flopping around and a touch of dagger wiggling, Kasyr manages to pinch the dead Pyromancers hand between blade and flesh so that its effectively held in place sheerly by pressure. Really, he almost looked like he was trying to pantomime a gesture of sincerity. It's only when he's done that the Kensai flops neatly into a chair, and proceeds to -wait-.

Nowfaleena gave a huff, "I can too fight. I just don't have to flaunt the fact." She cast a sidelong glance at the corpse Kasyr had with him. Pity about Slintora..he'd never wronged her. But if the man was as perverse as they said on the board, and as irksome, he likely had his demise coming. And she didn't really know him well enough to care too deeply.

Dasha looked at the corpse and frowned, the conversation with Faleena entirely over.. In fact, it unsettled her so that she stood and immediatly vacated towards another area of the tavern.. One where she could promptly ... puke.

Nowfaleena blinked at Dasha's retreat, huffing. For someone who could fight, the snow leopard seemed squeamish.

Kasyr , having been relatively engrossed in his task of making Slintora more dignified in death than he had been in life, hasn't really been paying all that much attention to the other Patrons in the tavern. At least, until the sounds of retching sound out from a section. Ever the gentleman, the Kensai simply calls out to Nancy, "Can you get that poor girl a glass of water? It's on my friend here."

Dasha finally returned, her gaze to avert Slintora's, she hated the form of the dead.. She retook her seat, staring at the table, and seemed rather pale.. "The..d...dead.."

Kasyrs' request, if only because ofhis ever generous habit of just dumping gold onto whoever was serving him based on his whimsy, is misinterpreted as some sort of coded message- given that Nancy found it highly unlikely that she was given -gold- to fetch a glass of water. Thus, whilst Dasha is presented with a clear drink, it's Wodka..er. Vodka, not water.

Nowfaleena huffed, "And you're a fighter? What will you do if you have to kill?" She was pretty much ignoring Slintora's corpse, not out of being disturbed, but rather out of indifference.

Dasha was rather distraught and couldn't tell the difference between vodka and water at this point.. Without thinking, she thanked the person for the glass without looking his way along with Nancy.. Then, grabbed the glass, tilted her head back, and chugged till all the liquids are gone. She looked back at the table, a burning felt all the way down her throat and began to cough.. Lots and lots of coughing..

Nowfaleena lofted a brow at Dasha's coughing. Her slightly heightened sense of smell could detect the vodka, "Don't drink much, do you?"

Dasha finally stopped the wheezing and hacking, to look up at Nowfaleena with a faint shake of her head.. "Drink? This water burns.." Her eyes attempted to remain stuck upon Faleena or the table, yet occasional looks were given towards Slintora.. It was awful really, the man.. Alive..dead..alive..dead.. It just.. She wasn't ever use to it.

Kasyr casually adjusts the rags that he had slung about Slintoras' torso- the pyromancers habit of wandering around half-clothed having left very little to the imagination (save for what manner of beast could have wrought as terrible a vengeance as was carved into his flesh). Drawing back for a moment to observe the finished effect, the Kensai simply proceeds to fish around in his backpack for Casper, before he endeavours to plant her on top of her new throne. The white cat is less than enthused at this prospect, and flails violently, before eventually succumbing to her newfound duty of crouching upon the carcass' cranium. Her first duty as lookout doesn't take long to occur, given that with Dasha' bout of coughing, the snow white feline proceeds to gesture furiously in the -much- larger felines direction, one paw flailing in a pantomime of pointing. "Er. Hrm. I guess she still has that taste in her throat." Another few coins are left out for Nancy, before the Kensai simply returns to his business, "Nancy, get her something to clear that taste from her throat." Nowfaleena laughed, "That was vodka." Her eyes followed the other feline's to Slintora, "If you can't even look at a corpse without gettin ill, it will be impossible to kill." She was quoting one of the first lessons she had learned after running from her birth family to begin trainin in her trade.

Kasyrs' ears wiggle at the mention of vodka- those Calico coloured ears reminiscent of his cats cropping up in tandem with Nancy bringing Dasha yet another drink.

Dasha shook her head, "I love to fight just not kill! It's for sport, not for anything else! Such acts are barbaric." She gave a nod at the end, only to feel a little light headed.. As if something was messing with her brain.. Her eye began to twitch randomly, "Vodka? Like the alcohol?" Nooo, she couldnt' of drank alcohol..

Dasha found yet another vodka at her table and pushed it towards Faleena, "Is this water or wodka?"

Nowfaleena lofted a brow at the other feline, "Such acts are sometimes necessary." She retorted, then huffed at the question about the alcohol, "Of course."

Nowfaleena sniffed the glass, "Vodka again."

Dasha shook her head a little woozily, "Couldn't dey just go to da jails?" She seemed to think jail was a nice place for the Slintora types.

Dasha left the glass at Nowfaleena's side of the table, for now..

Nowfaleena huffed again, "If you are attacked, and the attacker is intending to slay you, you are done for." She stated coldly, sipping from her whiskey again.

Kasyr sidles his chair closer to Slintora-the-corpse, and casually settles his elbow onto the fellows shoulder. From there, he simply proceeds to casually pet Casper, while they maintain their vigil. Casper is decidely less amused with her situation, burying her face into the Revenants elbow, and occasionally thwapping his arm with a paw flail.

Dasha couldn't believe the words she heard and randomly swung her arm out in a hook like swing. "No way! I'll knock them out with one of those and then one of these!" And then her other arm swung, only for her to fall on the ground... "And that's howwaa you dodge!"

Nowfaleena smirked and shook her head, "And if the attack comes from the shadows? If it is an assassin after you? Or a skilled foe?"

Dasha pointed out the obvious, "Why would a," She got back in her chair, clumsily, "Assassin, wanna come -a fer me?"

Nowfaleena shrugged, "I don't know why one is after me either."

Dasha 's eyes went wide, "You havez an assassin after youuuuuu!? WHatd'ja do!? Rob a bank!? Kill a man!?"

Nowfaleena narrowed her eyes, quickly becoming irked with the girl's intolerance for liquor, "I haven't done anything..."

Dasha once more stated the obvious, "Sooo a high priced killer just popped up one day a goin, -You! You rightta ova dere! Yup! You! I'mma here to keel you! Why?! Cause-a someone hired me too! Butta, they did it just cause.. That's why they spented the million billionz ona me!"

Nowfaleena twitched her tail in agitation, "Apparantly someone feels I'm a potential threat..." She muttered, "I don't know why, all I know is her race and gender. And I haven't met anyone of that combination before."

Dasha blinked, "HOw do youuu know thosee?

Nowfaleena said to Dasha, "The assassin told me...obviously he thought he had me near death. As you can see, he was wrong."

Dasha said to Nowfaleena, "Clearly whoever it was isn't worth worrying bout cause he thought you was dead!"

Nowfaleena said to Dasha, "He almost did...I underestimated him. It was a stupid mistake."

Dasha said to Nowfaleena, "And ja think you da smurt one! Hah! Ya made a classic meestake!"

Nowfaleena said to Dasha, "But I can kill if I have to."

Dasha said to Nowfaleena, "Cause yer notta problem solva!"

Sayban walked to the board shortly after entering the tavern. She scans through the notes and messages, smiling and laughing at the last one. "About time someone did something to rid of that thing." With a turn of her heal, she moves to a table, glances at Jaymes and winks at him before passing him and sitting at a table of her own for once.

Nowfaleena said to Dasha, "I'm a problem finisher."

Kasyr is currently seated besides a -very- dead Slintora, garbed in naught more than some torn pants, and bloodied rags wrapped about his shoulder. The revenants elbow is currently propped upon the dead mans shoulder, only occasionally jostling under the furious assault of the white cat which rests perched on the dead mans brow. Well, less furious of an assault, and more exasperated seeming- given that the cat occasionally pauses to bury her face into Slintoras hair, and place her paws over her head. Likely, her biggest problem with her perch is the manner in which his lifeless eyes are staring up at the ceiling, as his hands are too busy (and dead) to be doing any groping, what with one pinned to his chest, near the dagger that's planted in his heart, and the other one is coiled around an empty mug on the table.

Kasyr nudges Slintora in the ribs with his right hand, "Psst. I think she's talking about you."

Sayban said to you, "Normally I frown upon the killing of others, but this time I am rather happy about it. I assume that you are the one who has killed this thing?"

Satoshi , after much back and forth across the lands, finally tracks her husband's latest movements to this... less than desirable location. Still, a hard day's work shouldn't be halted due to this small factor, and so the kit pokes her glacial head through the door, scanning the room until she spots the calico ears she's been looking for. "Aha-," the magus starts, only to halt at the sight of Kasyr's current company. Swallowing her surprise, Satoshi saunters in, claims a seat on the other side of Slintora's corpse, and leans toward him to say in a stage-whisper, "Who's your friend with the ears? He's pretty cute, for a cat~."

Dasha said to Nowfaleena, "Nu-uh! Othawise you'd not have to kill people! It creates more problems!"

Jaymes catches the woman's wink and can't help but smile to himself. Motioning for a glass of wine the vampire moves towards the avian's table. "Good evening Milady," he offers with a slight bow, "would you care for some company?" The nobleman makes no move to sit or depart until the woman responds.

Satoshi , were she paying attention to Dasha's conversation, would comment that killing tends to weed out problems. Delicious, edible problems.

Nowfaleena simply shrugged, turning to walk out of the tavern.

Sayban looks up from her table with a smile, "Company is always welcome when asked politely." She motions to an empty chair and orders a wine of her own, which is a first for her, really.

Kasyr glances around Slin, before he lowers his elbow from the deadmans shoulder, and nudges him a few times in the side, "Psst. Whose she?" Casper, as Valiant a guard cat as she is (Which is to say, not very), finally has her fill of her particular situation when she's effectively jostled into stepping into the carcass eye. For a brief moment, she's a flailing mass of claw and fur- before she abandons 'ship', every intention to take up a spot on Satoshis lap. It's during this time that Kasyr ceases his antics just long enough to respond to Sayban, "That would be moi, yes. Killer of Cows extraodinaire."

Dasha said to Nowfaleena, "Buh-bye!"

Brina saunters into the tavern, a changed woman. She wore an extraordinary fine satin gown whose color resembled the setting sanguine color of the sun or a jeweled ruby. Indeed it might have looked a cheery color on anyone else but it looked quite sinister on her, deciding to be more blood stain then ruby. In the weeks that had passed since she had last been in the tavern Bri had gotten thicker again, curving out so that her corset had something to hold on to. Though it was still Brina, a charming reminder being that her feet went without shoes. "Tea" she perches on a barstool and yawns "Some'fin wit lots'a caffine."

Jaymes offers a polite smile, "Allow me to introduce myself," he says smoothly, "Jaymes Lucianus Alnwick a pleasure to meet you Lady...?" after his introduction the ancient lowers himself into a chair and catches Nancy before she delivers the woman's wine, paying for the woman's drink as well.

Satoshi suddenly has a cat in her lap and, leaping on this rare opportunity of Casper's presence being completely willing, begins stroking the feline in a positively villainous manner. Save that villains don't typically hum to themselves during said stroking, but that has its purpose. Namely, it serves as a musical cantrip to manipulate the dead blood in the dead man's face so that he'll turn corpse eyes on Kasyr and work his jaw in a poor facsimile of speaking, while Satoshi makes a valiantly attempt to mimic a voice she never heard, "She's outta your league, mate, that's who she is."

Dasha kind of walks out of the tavern, which is more like somewhat walks somewhat stumbles, as she attempts to make her way out.. Her eyes once again attempt to avoid looking at Slintora.. Corpses made her sick..

Sayban grins and sits up straighter, making sure that her wings do not get in the way of the other. "Sayban Silkfeather. Pleasure to meet you." She has a silk gown that clings to her body and matches the white feathers and her white hair. Grey eyes add to the light complexion of this avian woman, who seems to be very warm hearted and friendly to most she encounters.

Brina crosses one leg over the other then fidgets and repeats the process. In several short movements Brina begins to doctor the tea she had been given with cream and sugar. Tumbles of newly brushed golden brown hair cascade down her back and over her shoulders in gleaming locks. Perhaps, as was her hope, she'd not be recognized.

Kasyr smacks Slintora-the-corpse on the forehead, before he offers the reply of, "Please, quit being such a stiff. You might not have a chance, but I'm a fair bit livelier company than tu." Which is all the vampiric revenant has to spare for the dead pyromancer, before he leans over to address Satoshi, "Fancy seeing you here tonight, Madamoiselle."

Jaymes undoes the clasp on his cloak, letting it fall over the back of his chair. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Sayban." The nobel takes a sip of his wine, not really enjoying the drink but as no blood was available he had to make do.

Sayban senses a dislike of something but she wasn't sure so she didn't comment on it. "You seem to be a new face around here, just as I am. What brings you here? In return, perhaps I can tell you why I am here and where the best places to enjoy good food and good drinks as well as some of the best cities that have many ideal places to relax and enjoy life." She took a sip of her wine and loved every bit of it. Her wings fluttered a bit from it and her feathers ruffled.

Satoshi hefts Casper onto her shoulder--unfortunately the ice-hewn one, poor kitty--where it can pay a visit to the angha hatchling currently poking his noise out of the kit's hood. "Play nice," is all Satoshi gives as warning to Casper and Trebel alike before her gaze flicks to Kasyr and a smirk twists her lips into a vulpine expression, "Fancy indeed. I've been traipsing all over this Sven-forsaken land" a lie, Emiur's been doing all the flying, "looking for you. You're rather tough to pinpoint when in that sort of mood." She nods toward the corpse company then. "This is the one, eh?"

Brina takes a cup of tea, and walks out.

Jaymes smiles, "I'm new in the sense I haven't been around in a while. I was a resident of Vailkrin a long time ago but have been gone travelling for quite some time. It seems some things have changed in my century long absence." With a smile he continues, "I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to give me the rundown on how things are now."

Kasyr settles back into his chair, drawing his trenchcoat back so that he can stuff his hands into his pockets, "He had me running around for a bit. But yes, that es the one who caused all these stirs, recently. He had, apparament, decided he smelled far too much like piss et failure- for he was about to take a dip into the Fengoth falls when I caught up to him for the final time, today." Hefting his shoulders up, the Kensai simply sighs, "I accidentally didn't kill him immediately, so I had to put up with a brief bit of exposition about him being a soulless husk, bla bla bla. ..Then I stabbed him. Alot. Was good times."

Sayban said to Jaymes, "I can't really say I know what Vailkrin is, but I can say that since I have been down here not much has happened. The sage elves no longer live in the forest. It now belongs to the Drow, as you can see a creature lower than dirt has been killed for harassing women. But other than that, there isn't much I can tell you." She looked down to the table with a frown, "Sorry I could not be of more help in that area. Others will know more than me.""

Satoshi eyes the corpse briefly, her attention quickly drawn away when Trebel attempts to devour Casper's tail. While disengaging the troublesome pair, the magus heaves a sigh in response to Kasyr's explanation. "The usual, hm? These sorts never do change, do they? ...Doesn't smell too edible though. Did he sleep with..." Another wary sniff, "Bears?"

Refrit enters into the tavern and moves towards the bar stool with a sigh leaving his mouth before he takes a seat down.

Jaymes said to Sayban, "You have no need to apologize milady, all information is welcome" Leaning forward he crosses his arms on the table, "I believe you mentioned something about knowing the good places to eat and relax."

Sayban said to Jaymes, "The beaches of Cenril are warm and friendly and help one relax the mind. The restaurant down the Way is a romantic spot for couples, while Larket is a wonderful place to enjoy some good food. The mountains provide work as do many other places but I am sure you know all of this. The forest makes for good hunting and meditating. "

Jaymes nods, "I suspected as much, thank you for confirming it for me."

Kasyrs' ears twitch a few times, the Revenant glancing about the room for a few sparse moments, before his attention flicks back towards Satoshi. She's rather good at garnering his full focus, after all. "I don't know. Mayhaps he got desperate after being rebuked by so many women. Perhaps that was why he was so quick to take that final plunge. After he exhausted himself fighting moi earlier, he decided to have a quick bout of pity sex with his ursine lover..et I happened to stumble upon him but a few moments after? J'en sais pas. Other than that he was probably not the one on top." Shaking his head, the Kensai can't help but add, "Given you were apparently following my trail..I take it you found moi et Ranoks handiwork in the desert?"

Satoshi and Casper stare at Kasyr with matching deadpan looks. "You're completely twisted." Whether she means the musings of Slintora's interspecies antics or the fiery desert disaster, it's impossible to tell.

Kasyr takes a moment to peer down at himself, before he scratchs the side of himself, "Mmm? I suppose you could have done without that mental image, oui." Offering an all-too-innocent grin, the Revenant brings his hands up to behind his head, before simply inclining his head off to one side, "So, were tu hoping to take a swing at him, or...?"

Satoshi plops Casper down on the table with Trebel not far behind, leaving them to romp as they pleased while she focuses on her husband once more. The task isn't quite as easy as it'd seem, what with the posed corpse seated between them, but she makes a dutiful effort and shrugs dismissively. "If he stuck his nose into my borders, yes. Otherwise, I was certain you and the rest would be happy to swing to your heart's content. I can't go personally hunting down -every- threat and rumor of a threat that comes my way, after all."

Satoshi adds, quietly, "But if one of those threats comes knocking on my door, I'll drop the entire f-" language, young lady!, "mountain on their worthless heads."

Kasyr tugs on one of his ears, the motion done with such vigour that it tilts his head off to the side, "A little pre-emptive, violent action- especially against someone that had already slighted et challenged moi... Well I can safely say that I do not regret going to the lengths that I had. I find it good to show that threats to Frostmaw, Vailkrin et its respective people will be dealt with brusquely."

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "Speaking of Vailkrin, are you carting this one off to the Dead Man? Front lines material, if there ever was."

Sayban stands up and turns to Jaymes and waits for him to stand and lead the way, for she did not know where she was going.

Jaymes nods once and rises from his seat and politely hold out his hand to the woman to help her to rise.

Jaymes offers the woman his arm in a genltemanly fashion and heads towards the door.

Sayban takes his arm with a smile and leaves the tavern behind.

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "There's a reward for him- I figured I may as well try et cash in on it, in case it es anything worthwhile."

Satoshi shrugs, absently interrupting Trebel's gnawing of Casper's ears and offering the angha her own frozen hand instead as a chewtoy. "Well, if they don't want his body after, and the Dead Man doesn't, I wouldn't mind seeing it used as arena-fodder back home. Might serve as an example."

Kasyr tilts his head off to either side, "It works, it works. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him being used as a coat et hat rack in enchantment, ou quoi ce soit, however. Or Trist'oth. All given certain..things."

Satoshi rises to her feet and gives a nod. "If and all that~. Either or, I'm heading back home, now that I've figured out what you've been up to today. Do you want to go with, or resume your stately throne, your majesty?" The question is obviously directed at Casper as Satoshi collects her angha and nods toward Slintora's waiting corpse, allowing the cat to decide before she departs.

Kasyr || Casper is clinging to Satoshis sleeve, though she does free up a paw long enough to 'wave' at Kas. The Revenant simply sticks his tongue out at the cat, before he directs his attention up towards his wife, "It was a plaisir to see you, mon amour. Should I not find my..intended audience- I'll likely return home, cherie."

Satoshi takes her charges and takes her leave, right after she takes a kiss from the kensai. She's a greedy thing she is, with all this taking going on.