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{{Region:Kelay-Sage Area|RPs}}
{{Region:Kelay-Sage Area|RPs}}
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Part of the Time Heals All Wounds Arc

Part of the Mearcstapa Arc

Synopsis: So, the meeting with Callum is arranged to ask for the yarrow that Penelope needs for Leon Lovik. Penelope and Callum do not hit it off too well, for the two have social differences. Not to mention Penelope has self-absorbed behaviors, as of late. This meeting causes Kailani to awkwardly slide out the door. Either way, the deed is accomplished, and well, next time, Penelope... open your eyes and just ask directly. Oh also, Emilia is gone, so that is a new problem.

The Cottage Behind Lanara's Animal Sanctuary

Life was busy. That was true. The Ardelians had fallen into her care. Guilt had corrupted the woman where her head was in a fog. She stayed up late most nights researching her way around the pyramid vault she had to open. Not to mention, Kyori woke up from his coma and had also landed as a heavy weight. Though, strength had to overcome the madness and she had to push it aside and move forward like the shell of her always did. Talyara said she had sent word to Callum, and well, Penelope said she would seek the blue-haired druid, Kailani, when she sorted out where to meet the dapper herbalist. Penelope had left clear instructions on where to find the cottage as Talyara did the healer, but did Kailani receive word? Well, that was what they were going to find out. The cottage behind the sanctuary. As the Ardelian twin finds her way into the sanctuary to look for Talyara, a bad-tempered woman comes to greet the freckled healer. They discuss that Talyara had an emergency, but the cottage is open. Penelope looks puzzled, but continues forth anyway making her way to the cottage and heading inside.

Kailani did indeed receive word of the meeting from Penelope, and as she had promised the other, she would show up for it when the time came. Socializing with the other members of the Healer's Guild was not the intent and purpose of Kailani being here, she was here to figure out if she would actually be needed on any herbal hunt. The druid would not have trouble locating the animal sanctuary, even if it was a place that she had never visited prior to now. One would hope that one with nomadic tendencies such as Kailani would have sound navigational abilities. Venin is about as pleasant with Kailani as she is with Penelope, but the blue-haired woman is far from reactive to her sass. She's shown into the cottage, Penelope is greeted with a nod, and Callum would be greeted in much the same fashion. The taciturn druid is dressed as though she were expecting to go into battle, with her long-stabby-stick-weapon strapped to her back and everything, but this is about the norm for the druid. None of the present group has ever seen Kailani dressed in a more casual outfit, nor will they likely ever.

Callum had been getting letters left and right lately to meet people in places he knew of, but wasn’t keen on going to. Larket. Sewers under Cenril. And now it was Lanara’s sanctuary. The last time he’d been there had been the day that he and Meri adopted their two doggos… and Venin had hit on him -a lot-. He’d approach the sanctuary and that very same woman would stop him to tell him the news that Talyara would not be home. An uncertainty of the situation twisted Cal’s stomach into knots and suddenly he was rather hesitant about even heading towards the cottage. The thing that forced him along, however, was Venin’s oh-so-sweet attempts to get into Callum’s pants and never leave them ever. Maybe he should tell Meri later and she could rough the caretaker up a bit? Or he could just outright tell Venin that where romantic relationships were concerned, besides Meri, he was super hella gay. Like, the gayest of gay. He might as well be puking rainbows. But, the past couple times he’s told someone about this, it either didn’t go well or it went entirely over the person’s head. Sigh. Today would not be that day. Cal would find a moment in between Venin’s compliments to say excuse me and he walked towards the cottage with an uncanny speed. He might’ve tapped into his werewolf attributes a bit. Coupled with a bit of a harsh breeze to keep Venin from following him. Look, it was necessary. Nevertheless, he made it to the cottage, headed inside, and merely nodded at the two. “What exactly is this about?” He got to the point real quick-like; he was a little on edge now, after all.

Penelope greets the blue-haired woman with ease as she steps into the cottage. The two druids differ in attire. Kailani is draped in her strong, warrior attire while Penelope defers in a pair of fuschia colored pixie slacks with a white, silken blouse to represent that she meant business, and business only. As Callum trails in, her chin is tilted up to show nothing but pure confidence. “Listen,” she needed to get straight to the point herself. Leon Lovik, the ill boy from Ardelia was dying each passing minute. “I know you have no clue who I am, and truth be told, I barely know of either of you. Kailani, you have showed great kindness so far,” she makes that point clear. The blue-haired druid is valued. “Although strangers, we have one thing in common. Healing. Healing the sick. Healing is a very strong gift.” Penelope holds a hand up as if she is saying ‘Callum, hear me out’. “There’s a boy who is incredibly ill. Magically so…” She holds the detail of how ill the Ardelian is. Her gaze shifts to Kailani. “Kailani reminded me that you have a greenhouse. And you might have what we are looking for. Yarrow that is rarely grown this time of season.” She pauses. “I also know what you might be thinking, I have an herbal shop, yes, but I don’t have that, so there’s that answer already.” A quick wit. She may or may not went through this scenario multiple times in her head before meeting the man, so yes, she practiced her cheesy speech about healers, okay?

Kailani was not one to spend a significant amount of time indoors, mix in the fact that the owner of the place was not actually present and the druid was feeling even more uncertain about lingering in this place. The blue-haired woman is not inclined to make herself too comfortable, nor does she wander around the cottage examining knick-knacks. This leads to Kailani just sort of standing awkwardly in the room, somewhat near Callum and Penelope, but also somewhat near the door. The woman keeps her hands clasped politely in front of her. As hermitish as Kailani might be, the woman is able to sense that something has Callum on edge, but she is not entirely sure as to what that something might be. Still, she has an appreciation for his getting straight to the point and asking why this meeting was called. Penelope offers up a compliment toward her and the druid meets it with a flash of a smile. Kailani offers up nothing to the conversation, though it is clear she can speak. They have heard it before! Penelope is even saying that Kailani spoke, she was the one who remembered Cal had a greenhouse. Speaking may not be her forte, but evidently listening is. Which is what Kailani is going to continue to do, listen to this conversation.

Callum just raised a brow at Penelope the entire time she spoke. His gaze trailed between the two women briefly before finally settling on the healer that had gathered them here in the first place. The hand held up to silence what he might’ve said--which was going to be nothing, in fact, because he had asked her to speak in the first place--was given an odd stare. Her actions were vaguely insulting. “You may not know me, but I am well aware of you.” He’s ‘well-aware’ of most people. He makes it his business to know these things. To know who he can and can’t trust. But, he doesn’t voice how he knew these things, so few that they were when it came to Penelope Halifax. “And if you were aware of anything outside of your own little bubble, you’d find that it’s well known that I sell my plants to every herb and flower shop in this area. As well as quite a few others. I imagine you very likely used my herbs on a daily basis at the healer’s hut nearby. And if you’d known this, then you wouldn’t have had to bother this woman--” He motioned at Kailani. “--or Talyara at all and could’ve come straight to me for something so simple as yarrow root.” The Catalian sighed heavily and tried to lessen the tension that’d grown in his shoulders. “That being said, yes I do have the herb you’re seeking. The greenhouse is temperature-controlled. I have access to -everything-.” The greenhouse in the guild’s headquarters in Cenril, once it was finally finished, would be much the same. “Were you not of the guild, I’d charge you thousands for the damn thing, if only because of the way you decided was the best way to speak to someone of whom you wanted help from. But… since you are… it will be sent to wherever it is that you need it.” He’d even send extra, should she require it, but that wouldn’t be something she discovered until she received the herbs.

Penelope tended to talk too fast at times. When Callum finally gets the chance to speak, she can only blink. What was wrong with a bubble? Well, Penelope, there are other lives besides your own. Other people trying to live. Make a profit. Her little company was an at-home business. Tiny compared to the man’s before her. Lately Lionel had been dropping off supplies, and she had been making her own basic concoctions for patients. Her face remains soft and collected, and well, taking his words in mind, she is not offended. Instead, she accepts them as they come. “I apologize if I offended you. I do know about you and Meri, however.” They are an item, or last she knew they were, but really, she was not going into detail about his personal life. The only words that crossed her mind. “There’s really no excuse and well, I wouldn’t either way.” It was true. The Ardelian looks at Kailani. “I also am sorry, Kailani.” The healer sort of squints in thought. As the man agrees to spare the herb, there is a strange feeling that comes along with the acceptance. An awkward feeling, but the oblivious one shakes this away immediately. “The hut.” Pause. “You know, I am grateful. And, well, I do look at you as a strong individual. The guild meeting, for example. You have a lot of knowledge under your belt.” Moss eyes slowly trace him up and down. “And I’m not just saying that to flatter you,” she quickly adds. Her face recovers grace. Penelope was a panicky mess. She was still working on herself. Her life. Balance. “So, again, I apologize. Truly, and I hope that you don’t take my actions in the wrong way."

Sometimes conversations turn very, very south, as it has in this case. Except, Kailani has not actually uttered a single word during this entire scene. Would it be wise to speak up given the current tensions? She quickly resigns to the fact that she could offer little wisdom to the moment. People were so complicated, confusing, and hard to interpret -- even if she put her best effort forth in diffusing the moment, she'd fail miserably. She's sure of it. This is what happens when you do not people for extended periods of time. While Callum and Penelope speak between themselves, the blue-haired woman shows herself out. In her mind she would like to think she is being stealthy, but the reality is that her vivid blue hair makes sneaking out unnoticed near impossible. That's okay though, because as a hermit she also has no shame in this action. If things were more amiable, she might have said goodbye...! But at least she stuck around long enough to get confirmation that Penelope would get her herb and they would not need to search the lands in an off season for this yarrow root. By the time that Penelope gets around to trying to apologize to Kailani, the druid is already gone...! As far as Kailani was concerned, she held no offense toward either party and neither had a reason to apologize to her, but this moment was definitely for Callum and Penelope to work through.

Callum hadn’t needed to look at Kailani to know she was leaving--he could hear her steps and smell her scent leaving. He resisted the urge to frown at her departure, but said nothing to stop the woman. All the while, Penelope said her side of things, gave compliments and apologies. She knew of Meri and him. For the moment, there’s a look of concern written on his features, until he realized that perhaps such information came from one of the two witch sisters. Lanara in particular was not the keenest when it came to the meaning of secrecy. It was a wonder she had even been intending on joining the Rogue’s Guild before her sudden departure. Once Penelope was done, he just sighed and shook his head, “It’s fine. Just, in the future, when you need something from someone, perhaps maybe go about it in a better way. There’s plenty of unsavory folk out there that likely wouldn’t help you had they been in my place.” Callum was definitely one of those unsavory folk. But, he just so happened to feel obligated to not take every ounce of gold that his fellow guild members might have. If they even had it in the first place. “The hut it is then. I will send it out tomorrow morning.”

Penelope was not familiar with asking for favors in the slightest. The woman had always figured out some way to help herself, so today, she was lucky. Though, probably not lucky enough to ask for another favor, so she leaves it at that. For now. Expect more of this obnoxious woman, Callum. Apologies in advance. The woman stands there stiffly. “Duly noted. Never too old for a life lesson, eh?” She tries to throw some humor at him in an elbow jab type of way without the elbow jab. That would be an idiotic risk. The woman did better with humor anyway in order to make herself feel lighter. The woman then sort of clears her throat. “Only a small batch will do. Thank you. We look forward to it.” As in, Yerrel, Sofia Ulberg, and Ruari Erickson. Herb one, check.

It would seem that Penelope would actually get a smirk out of Cal before he too took his leave. “Indeed. If you need me again, just leave word at the tavern here in Kelay.” It was the nicest way he could say ‘I’m not going to tell you where I live, but you can still get a hold of me’. “If you happen to see Emilia, do tell her that that avian friend of hers’ order is ready. I… can’t seem to get in touch with either of them. I imagine Emilia must be busy and I just keep missing here when I try to stop by the Larket headquarters. Meri’s sister, Khitti, was looking for Emilia too and has been having the same amount of luck I have been.” He did his best to try to hide the concern that a missing Emilia brought on. She had always seemed like the easiest person to contact. And yet… “Anyway. Yes. Time to go. If Venin asks where I am, tell her I’m dead.” If Penelope had nothing more to say, then he’d head out the door… and took the long frakking way around the sanctuary, well out of Venin’s line of sight, were she outside still.

Penelope blinked at Callum as he speaks of Emilia. Looks like there would be more to say. Edith had not reached out to him after their discovery? The woman did not know much, but Penelope had questions. Questions about Emilia’s disappearance the day she traveled to Cenril to start searching for Emilia. The healer did not know if he was kept in the loop or not, but now was the time to confess the strangeness of Emilia’s vanishment. The Ardelian stares at the Catalian with an itch. Let him wonder or make him worried? Then again, she was willing to take the risk. “Callum,” she says before he turns to take his leave. She reaches out as if to touch him, but she would not dare to actually follow through. “Edith, Thamalys, and I met in Cenril. Leo, one of Emilia’s sons, was able to pick up a scent. I assume Thamalys is the avian you’re talking about.” Doe eyes begin to turn uneasy. “The last bit of her trail was at the beach in Cenril. Where the waves hit the sand, it did not wash her scent away, so Thamalys thinks he discovered. We are worried that something happened, but we can’t say for sure.” The woman explains slowly. “Edith was going to let the others know while I’ve been seeking a sketch artist to make flyers. I’ve actually thought about reaching to Khitti, but assuming she hasn’t seen her either, I figure that’s a waste.” Beat. “Though, it doesn’t look like things are looking positive about Emilia’s disappearance. Thamalys said he was going to continue to search the beach. Perhaps he will find more, at least we hope. With that being said, be on the lookout," she concludes with a nod.

Callum allowed himself to be stopped and took in the things that Penelope decided to tell him. He shook his head at the mention of Thamalys, “No. I’ve yet to meet Thamalys. The avian’s name was Irenic. He seemed to be a close friend of Emilia’s. I had sent word to him too, about his potion being ready, but he’s not returned a response.” There’s a moment of consideration on Meri’s sister, then a shrug offered to the woman, “Khitti’s the ranger sort, amongst other things. She lives in Cenril as well. Likely knows about every inch of that place, like her sister does. She’s also been captured a number of times herself, so maybe that sort of mindset would help you all find Emilia. I, uh… I’m not much help in that department. Pacifist and all that.” He shrugged again, then shook his head, “There’s plenty of nooks and crannies in Cenril alone to hide someone in, but there’s no hiding Emilia’s frostiness, so just keep that in mind.” And with that, he’s finally off. Off to tell Meri that one of her guildmembers has gone missing. It wouldn’t be the first time, of course, and it likely wouldn’t be the last.