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Summary: Brennia finally gets some desperately craved piano time at her friend, Raphaline’s house. During which they chat of the trials of life and love.

Raphaline’s Abode

It's a clear, crisp morning in the highlands. Even in the summer the weather never turns hot given the altitude and that's just the way Raphaline likes it. Her home is a large, hunting lodge and with it tucked into the tree line, it wouldn't be hard to miss it if someone weren't looking for it. She had risen early in order to finish dusting off the furniture and clean off the corners of cobwebs. A few years gone and the dust really does build up. Once things are clean to her satisfaction, she changes out of her drab clothing and dons something akin to a linen dress with bell sleeves and wanders barefoot into the kitchen where she begins to heat an iron pot on the stove. While the water boils, she plucks some herbs and tea from jar lining the back wall and deposits a bit of each into two porcelain tea cups. Both the tea cups and a plate full of fresh, baked bread and jams is set on the small wooden table set up in front of the large bay window that looks straight out towards the mountains. When she feels the magic around her home begin to ripple, she knows that her guest may have arrived.

Brennia is feeling optimistic again, although a little confused, but right now… all the weight needs to be left at the boundary of Raphaline’s home. It will be there when Brennia leaves and today is just about music and friendship and relaxing. Thedez got a room at the Dancing Destier against his better judgement, but Brennia insisted that her oldest friend, Raphaline, wouldn’t ever harm her. Her velvety wings are curved about her like a warm cloak and her long sun lightened brown hair cascades atop it. Her soft leather boots bring her before the door before four gentle knocks pound a little beat on the wood. In the small moment the bard waits for Raphaline, her solid teal gaze glances around to take in the calm and serenity of the area.

Raphaline hears the four knocks. She dusts her hands off on a towel before she heads to the front room and opens the heavy, front door. “Brennia.” She says as a soft smile graces her lips and she steps to the side to allow her friend into the foray. “I was just making some tea and I set out some pastries and jam in the kitchen.” Once her friend has stepped into the lodge, she might notice the rather large, open style of the first floor. The living room is huge, open and filled with both leather couches, a fire place and a large grand piano. To the right is the kitchen which has so many large windows that room itself seems to possess a sort of glow to it. It is to the kitchen that Raphaline heads as she hears the sound of the kettle whistling. Carefully, she lifts the kettle by its wooden handle and pours hot water into each of the cups. “You are welcome to visit any of the rooms. There is a library off to the left of the living room, and if you stay the night, the whole second floor has bedrooms of varying size.”

Brennia’s lips spread into a bright and warm smile which, as usual, pokes dimples in her caramel cheeks and reveals perfectly pearly white teeth. Her wings open up so she may give her friend a hug, to which the wings follow suit and envelope Raphaline in warm velvety feathers along with her favorite scent. “Yes the pastries smell delicious,” she pulls away and holds out a packet of parchment with a red silk ribbon tied around it, “a little housewarming gift.” It’s a little (a lot) late, but she never visits a friends house without a gift. When raphaline accepts it, she sees its large stack of blank sheet music with the top labeled as ‘Music & Lyrics by Raphaline’. It’s not as extravagant as the gifts she used to give, like necklaces, earrings, and musical instruments, but Brennia doesn’t have much at the moment. She hopes it’s just as sentimental, though. The avian takes a moment to look around as she folds her wings tightly to herself, “wow. This place is just beautiful, Raphaline. It suits you well,” she allows her hostess to lead the way on wait they will do next, be it have a snack and some tea or get right to playing.

Raphaline gratefully accepts the gift because it is perfect! She had been running low on sheet music, and it wasn’t best for paper to be taken on long travels either. “Thank you so much,” she says as she returns her friend’s warm hug. “I can’t wait to create something amazing on these.” She gestures for the avian to follow her to the kitchen where the tea is cooling and the sun is just now at it’s peak glow through the large windows. “Let us have something to eat and drink before we dive right into playing. Which speaking of, what kind of music shall we create? I know you’ve seen my violin and now the piano, but I have few other instruments here as well.” Off the top of her head, she recalls there being a flute, a tambourine, a small drum or two and maybe a lyre. “Or I could sing in accompaniment to your playing too.” She adds as she pulls out one of the chairs and sits herself gracefully into it. For her, a cup of the tea is the right and only way she can start a morning, and this mixture is cooling for the throat of a singer.

Brennia lets out a soft raspy chuckle, “I know you will use it well.” She respectfully slips out of her muddy boots and dainty tattooed bare feet pad softly on the floors in the avian’s footsteps that follow Raphaline. The bard awaits to be invited to sit and partake in the tea, but once she settles - the question of music causes Brennia to smile again, “oh… I just let the muse hit me and take me away. It can be cathartic that way,” slender fingers of a tattooed hand wraps around the teacup before she lifts to sip it. With the other, she picks up a small cheese danish and take a nibble. “These are delicious,” she nods along with the many different ways they could create. “Yes, yes to all of them. Maybe we can even do a duet,” the fellow bard expresses with excitement and her wings even shift a little. Brennia places a napkin on her lap as to not get crumbs on her black leggings and smooths a hand down the simple cotton tee shirt she wears. It might be odd to see the avian so calm and friendly while dressing down in more casual attire. A few years back, she would have been showering Raphaline with flirtatious compliments and dress to impress, but this new Bre is different. She seems older, exhausted, secure and a bit weathered.

Raphaline sips a bit more of the tea before she picks up a slice of banana bread and slathers on a bit of butter. “Thank you. I did not make them, honestly. I love the pastries from Larket and may have picked a few from the last time I was there.” She takes a bite of the bread and savors the sweet and creamy flavors mingling in her mouth before swallowing and dabbing at her lips. “I think a take me where the wind goes might be a good place to start. All my traveling has left me very little time to just let go and follow the music on whatever journey it wants to take me on.” She finishes off the slice of bread and dusts off her hands into her napkin. “Shall we make our way to the living room then?” Raphaline shakes out her white, linen dress before padding into the open living room and leaning casually against the grand piano, her fingertips gently stroking the lacquered wood with a bit of love. “Play me something? I think I can catch on still.”

Brennia sips some more of her tea, “really? I should stop by the place next time I get a sweet tooth.” Practically feeling her fingers ache to play when Raphaline talks of the music portion of their visit. “It really is the best way to play. Just let it flow,” gently said as she places her teacup down. “Lead the way m’lady,” her full lips curve into a soft smile again as she follows behind her host to only take a seat again at the pianist bench. Her gaze falls on the large instrument with a look of adoration and nimble fingertips caress lightly over the lid to the keys like a long lost lover before flipping it open. She tinkles a few test keys before going with her instincts and letting the melody flow through her, merely a conduit for magical music. Her precision to hit the most intriguing combinations lingers in the soul like smoke and leaves plenty of room for Raphaline to sing along or add whatever accompaniment she wishes. It’s obvious that Brennia has been away from music for far too long.

Raphaline doesn’t add any sort of lyrics but she hums and sings certain notes to add to the piano, but never overpowers the music. For her, it is a moment to linger in the music and experience everything Brennia wants to describe with her choice of melody and chord progression. When the music ends, the half-elf is watching the avian intently as she continues to just casually lean against the piano. “That was pretty good for not having played in awhile.” She says, breaking the silence that always seems to fall right after the end of a song. “Let me go get my violin and I will join you for the second song.” Raphaline disappears into the library for a moment and comes back with her dark, cherry wood violin and bow in hand. “Let me start you on a note and see where we go with it.” She closes her eyes and draws the bow so lovingly across the strings of the instrument, caressing out a long, high note that is at first sorrowful before dips into something more and leaps upward like someone is clawing their way out of the sorrow.

Brennia lets out a soft sigh once the song ends, “even before I was stuck on that farm for over a year… I had been so focused on winning the senate for Schezerade and then when I lost, the Flewminati was after me. I spent a little while on the run.” Her gaze drops from Raphline to the piano keys, “I’ve missed this…” Brennia nods with a smile when Raphline mentions playing a second song and going to fetch the violin. In the small moment Brennia is left alone, she takes a deep shaky breath and quickly wipes away a silent tear. Then her friend is back and she easily paints that warm smile on her full lips again while she waits for Raphaline to begin. This time, Brennia kept her teal gaze on the fellow bard, this connecting the spirit of the song Raphline wishes to play and in no time, the piano chimes in to be the perfect accompaniment to the violinist.

Raphaline continues to play, her song swirling and moving all the way to its finish. She opens her eyes and brings her instrument down to lay against her side as she turns to her friend with a soft smile. “That was perfect, Brennia,” says Raphaline as she turns fully towards her friend. “Do you want to play another or take a short break for a glass of mead or wine?” She offers, given that the morning has definitely turned towards the afternoon. “Or a bit of lunch. I have some bread and cheese that is delicious as well.”

Brennia lets a soft raspy giggle bubble up once the song ended and the offer of alcohol makes the bard a little uneasy. Tucking some chestnut hair behind elongated tapered ears, “I would love to have a drink with you.” And damn she really could use a drink, “but I must avoid it. I recently had to go through withdrawals from sleeping draught, paralyzing fairy dust and some other potion.” She looks down playing with the hem of her shirt as her wings shift a little around her, like what she is admitting is giving her pause. “Thedez and I got trapped to work on a farm for over a year, but the only way they could keep all of us workers compliant was with potions, fairy dust and sleeping draughts.” It’s been so long since she drank that she isn’t even sure how badly it would hit her… to feel numb by the effects of alcohol seems so nice right now, though. After taking a deep breath, she looks back up and holds Raphaline’s gaze within her own, “I’d love some water and a snack.” She stands up and straightens her shirt in wait to follow her hostess.

Raphaline will definitely go get her friend a glass of water and a snack, but she feels like comforting her first. So she sets her violin very carefully down on the top of the piano before moving to Brennia and wrapping her into a tight hug. “I am so sorry those things happened to you, but I am very happy to see you alive and free,” she says as she pulls her friend in close. “If you need to vent or cry or both Brennia, this is a safe place to do so. I would never hold your grief against you or think less of you for it.” The bard begins to run her hand up and down the avian’s back in a comforting manner.

Brennia’s wings twitch a little at the sensation when they wrapped around Raphaline in their embrace as the avian settles into the hug and curves a little down to the shorter woman, “thank you, Raphaline. I never thought I would go through anything worse than death,” true story, Brennia died and was called Raven for a little bit. When Brennia came back to her body, she just wanted to go back to being ‘at rest’. Let’s not get into that! “It was worse,” the bard’s voice cracks a little, “being a prisoner in your own body,” there was a smile starting to form through her tears. “I’m so happy I’m alive, too. I’ll lever waste my purpose ever again.” Because of how Brennia’s wings are positioned on her back, Raphaline may have accidentally brushed against the velvety alluring feathers. At the feel of any contact with her wings it made her a little rigid and she gently pulled away with an awkward chuckle before wiping at her own cheeks, “th-thank you again.” She is actually blushing a little? Brennia used to not care if anyone played in her wings - she would even encourage it! In avian society, wings are an intimate thing and she knows Raphaline doesn’t know about such silly customs.

Raphaline remains quiet through her friend’s explanation of what happened. She had a good idea what it must have been like, but this moment is not about her. “Of course. As my friend it is only right for me to provide all the love and compassion I can to help you feel at least safe,” says Raphaline as she steps back, giving the avian some room. “Now for snacks. Do you have a preference for sweet or savory? I have restocked the pantry and ice box enough so that you will have your choice of flavors to pick from.” If her friend wants to remain in the room to process, she leaves that for her to say, for now though, she hopes to help her move towards more peaceful thoughts.

Brennia is genuinely beaming a warm smile again, “Raphline,” she reaches out, getting caught up in her friend’s gaze as she cups the fellow bard’s cheek, “you’re a treasure.” Feeling a weight being lifted off her chest and like she can finally breathe again, Brennia is quite happy she can count Raphline as a fiend and gently caresses her hand away from the woman’s cheek to be resting back at her own side. “Hmmm, something meatless and savory,” she does take a moment alone by the piano and takes stock of the things going right rather than all that’s gone wrong. Feeling much better, she follows Raphaline into the kitchen, “anything you need help with in here?”

Raphaline smiles up at the other woman, but says nothing about the compliment. Instead, she takes a step back and turns towards the kitchen. "I think I can find us some bread and cheese. How about some tea and water too?" She had received a new blend of black tea and floral petals that she had been dying to try with a simple meal. As for the quandary about help, the bard is quick to shake her head no. "Just relax your gorgeous self over there at the table. This is meant to be a mini vacation for you." She rustles around the kitchen, filling a kettle and plates with all the aforementioned goods before returning to the table and setting down the several plates. "I have a few of the last strawberries of summer as well if you're interested too."

Brennia blushes again and makes a ‘pfft’ sound after a contagious raspy giggle, “you flatterer...” A knowing grin shining to Raphaline as she makes her way to the kitchen table to have a seat, “more tea sounds devine.” Between nibbles of the delicious strawberries, Brennia asks, “so… Raphaline, what adventures took you away from Lithrydel for so long?” She will openly admit that she missed Raphaline’s company and hopes that feeling is mutual, even if she isn’t the same Brennia that Raphaline used to know. “Did you grow these strawberries yourself?” She knows the woman can sing and play a number of instruments… also she’s effortlessly gorgeous, but she also wonders what other talents her friend carries. Has she changed as much as herself? “Was it a man who whisked you away onto an elaborate journey?” An impish grin accompanies the wagging of her eyebrows.

Raphaline takes a seat across from her friend after she sets the table with a porcelain tea pot and two new cups. As she sets the strawberries and other treats down around the tea pot she answers with a quick smile and says, "Just thought I needed a bit of a change of pace for a little bit. Sometimes visiting new lands allows for new perspectives on things to finally come to light." As for the subject of a man, the bard merely shakes her head no. "I always go on an adventure because that is what I want to do. Besides, I don't think I really am all that ready to look for love again just yet." She reaches for the teapot and tips it towards her own cup. he smell of green tea and jasmine mists up from the hot liquid as it settles. "I can grow a few things, but no, these strawberries I picked up from a local farmer a couple days ago. I missed their subtle sweetness and they mix so well with my floral teas."

Brennia grins a little at Raphaline, “I know what you mean. I’m not sure I’ll ever meet a guy or girl that treated me the way Niall Coin did.” Teal hues drop down to stare into her green tea as that warm smile remains on her lips, “it was not only himself, but his entire family that I fell in love with because they are charming, inviting and warm.” A contagious and short raspy giggle bubbles up as she remembers, “at first I only looked forward to seeing his adorable mastiff, Queenie, she was the boss. Then the tall farm raised bearded guy grew on me,” it must be nearly a year and a half since she’s seen him now, but she’s surprised she can remember how he looks as if she’d just walked away from him at the Valentine’s party yesterday. “It was his patience, the storm cloud colored eyes that seemed to change with his emotions, how he’d so fiercely protected me, be it some creep in who had ill manners or an actual attack from the Flewminati… and, of course, that deep well of kindness of his which lit the snuffed out fire within me, but of course, at the worst time.” A shrug of her shoulders cause her wings to rise and fall along with the motion, “I was running for senate. I was dean of a college, leader of the bard’s guild when I lost the election and had to flee Schezerade. Being on the run, in various disguises, constantly attacked put a strain on every aspect of my life and,” she sighed, but a smile still remains, “he was the right guy, at the wrong time… I’ll always only have fond memories of him.” And if she ever runs into the man again… she’s quite uncertain of what she could even say. Finishing her tea, her smile widens, “I’m feeling a renewed inspiration,” her hand reaches across the table to take up her friend's hand, “lets play.” In spite of the darkness she’s just been through and the heart wrenching story of having the perfect guy ripped from her, she looks… happy. Optimistic. Hopeful.

Raphaline listens intently to her friend's story, nodding where appropriate and drawing her brows together in concern when needed. Once Brennia finishes her story, the bard doesn't offer the same kind of details herself, but she does empathize by saying, "I know what it is like to be so close to someone and for all of that to change or disappear. I had someone like that, once, a long time, but I think I have finally come to terms with it." She dips her head just enough to be taken as a nod before she finishes off her cup of tea. She allows her mind to stray to certain thoughts, but rather than try and leash herself in and cut them off, she lets them flow onward and out of her mind like a river. As for the renewed interest in music, she is quick to agree and lead the avian back towards the living room where she offers the piano once more to Brennia while she sings full-heartedly this time.