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[[Category:RP Logs]] {{Region:Alithrya|RPs}}  {{PC|Emilia}}  
[[Category:RP Logs]] {{Region:Alithrya|RPs}}  {{PC|Emilia}}  
''Summary:''' Emilia's first encounter with Ruize, the corrupt Arena guard
'''Summary:''' Emilia's first encounter with Ruize, the corrupt Arena guard. He wastes no time in [[RP:These Dreams|fulfilling his promise]].

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Part of the Mearcstapa Arc

Summary: Emilia's first encounter with Ruize, the corrupt Arena guard. He wastes no time in fulfilling his promise.

Guest Room

Emilia had been sent back to her room while Irenic was off somewhere else in the castle doing who knows what with who knows who. He was the Champion of the arena which seemed to come with some perks that he got to enjoy. He was also a better people person than the Genasi was. Her attitude had gotten her in trouble once or twice. Not to mention almost every person living in the castle was afraid of her after the spectacle at the party. Pacing circles around the room while she waited. Maybe that nervous blonde, Nadia, would bring her a new book today.

Ruize was one of the guards posted on duty to watch the guests of the Queen. He was a tan skinned fella with deep purple scales and a golden underbelly. His friend has been in the running for Champion before Irenic stormed in to steal the spot. Since then he had been plotting a way to knock down this outsider in favor for his friend. It was not going to be easy as nothing seemed to phase him. It was at the party when the little frozen woman was brought into the picture that Ruize found the perfect answer. The way the Champion protected this new guest would be his downfall in the arena; this Ruize was sure of. The Queen was gone with Irenic for the time being making this the perfect moment to meet the little lady guest in the castle. Letting himself through the portal he slithered his way up behind the petite lady pacing the room. From behind his hand reached to snap around her mouth to prevent a scream from leaving those lips while his other hand went for her wrist with the aim of twisting her arm up behind her back. His voice was both gruff and deep as he whispered into her ear, “Hello Pretty Lady.”

Emilia did not react out of initial panic as the hand closed over her mouth. No one was supposed to be able to get into her room except those permitted by the Queen. Thus far that number was slim to no one. The Genasi was expecting Irenic and it would not be of a surprise to her that he tried to sneak up on her as a surprise visit. Yet, that hand twisting her arm into an annoying pressure behind her was not an action he would use against her. Then that voice of an unfamiliar stranger in her ear sent a shiver down her spine. She gave a jerk in attempt to twist away from his grasp, but his grip was too tight and she could not break away. Her words came muffled through his hand, “le meh go." To prove her point she lifted a foot swing a back swing attempt to stomp down on his foot. Only the action resulted in the woman stomping her foot on the ground below. He wasn’t moving in his two legged form.

Ruize grinned as he got a reaction out of the woman similar to one he was wishing for her to make, a struggle. He tightened his grip on her wrist while pushing harder up on her arm as the other hand held her head against his bare chest. He chuckled, a deep rumble sound, “Oh, you are going to be a fun feisty little one, aren’t you?” His tail lashed out to wrap itself around her ankle before her foot could stomp the floor making a ruckus. With the foot held suspended in the air he rose himself, and by default her, up so that the woman was only balancing by her tiptoes of one foot on the floor. That dark grim firmly splayed across his lips though she couldn’t see it. He spoke in a low whisper again, “Your friend there is an abomination from above that does not belong as our Champion. If you want to see him live you will keep that pretty mouth of yours shut. You won’t dare utter a word to him nor the Queem about this visit or any future visits. I can make sure he loses in a fight in a bad way with access to his food and drink supply or I can arrange the town to go after him. I am sure he is good against a few competitors, but he won’t survive a mass attack, nor will you survive it.”

Emilia wiggled against his grasp as he rose up. Her squirms were focused now on keeping her balance upright while not slipping. The healer leaned her head back against his chest trying to free her mouth from his hand while also trying to get a look at the stranger’s face. She did not like his tone, nor his threats against her best friend. She knew if the Queen found out he would be as dead as the tailor was after he had poked her with fitting pins on purpose. She had no choice but to listen to each word leaving his lips and contemplate them. Her friend was a great fighter in the arena as an undefeated Champion. Could be last against a mass of attackers at once? What if they drugged his food or drink before the fight? The Queen would stop them. What if they mutinied her? Was that only a pirate thing? Emilia believed in Irenic and his abilities, but like he wished to protect her in this strange land she wished to keep him safe too. Even if that meant complying to this man's demands. Whatever it could be surely she had faced it or worse before. Her words came mumbled again through his hand, “wha do ya want fro meh?” Even her tense body language to struggle relaxed, except the struggle to balance on tiptoes.

Ruize grinned from ear to ear as the woman started to comply to his demands before he had even given them to her in full. Loosening his grasp on her wrist the man slowly lowered her back to the floor while also releasing her ankle commenting, “Do anything rash and I will poison him before the next match. Say anything and I will have you both down for the count in the infirmary with healers on my side of this. You will stay quiet and go read a book or whatever it is you do while locked in here. I will be back tomorrow when they all depart and you will be dressed and ready for a little field trip.” He did not let her go yet through he slithered with her back towards the portal door. “Do you understand me?” he whispered against her ear as they reached the door to the room. Only once she acknowledged her understanding of his words would he let her free. It was with a rough shove away from him while he backed out the door before she could place a face to the voice.