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Part of the Unforeseen Consequences Arc

A vicious flash of arcane light, followed closely thereafter by resounding cracks of chaotic thunder, radiates with stentorian force throughout the land... The sound, rather akin to a thunderstorm releasing the full complement of its force simultaneously, echoes outward from an apparent epicenter within the city of Vailkrin.

Blood Fountain

This historic fountain has been magically restored, though with differences. The outer wall stands three feet high in a perfect circle, and a central pedestal rises a foot above that. On this have been raised two figures carved of pure white stone, a noble Lord and Lady of proud bearing, both obviously vampires. They are dressed in elegant robes, the embroidery depicted by fine, spidery engravings on the stone itself. Around the outside of the pool are carved, in slightly less detail than the statues above, depictions of all the races that may be sired, each in a vampiric form. The pool is already filled with bland but nutritious blood, the pipes creating a hypnotic spiraling motion as it flows in a clockwise direction. To the south a dimming path leads to high and ornate iron gates, beyond which may be glimpsed the tops of tombstones glinting below the bright moon as well as several larger buildings, and to the north seems to lie another hub of activity for the citizens and visitors of Vailkrin, to judge by the stream of nobles,commoners, traders and ruffians alike that are constantly treading to and fro.

Kasyr was in the midst of conversing with a group of soldiers on the street when that hideous Cacophony rang out; with such severity that it had the Kensai shuddering in place, cat-like ears pressed flat against his skull. The noise is reminiscent of some dreadful storm, a rolling peal of something remniscent of thunder- which only seems to build in tempo which each reverbration. Somewhere near the Revenant, a window bursts in a sudden violent spray, random passerbys suddenly showered in a spray of glassy shrapnel- an incident that is promptly echoed by all but the most resilient windows in the city in a slowly expanding radius. With that dreadful resonance still playing havoc in his ears, the Kensai finds himself staggering towards a nearby building, so that he canbrace himself against a wall. It's only when he finds his way that he thinks to look at the sky, and stare towards the rift that has been the source of so much recent trouble. The kensai isn't sure what he's searching for, given that the Rift is invisible to the naked eye- but, he looks all the same, grimly awaiting something new to be spat out from it.

Kasyr can't help but wonder if the sky is staring back at him- the 'sky' above the fountain having seemingly cracked open into a roughly almond shaped crevice, the likes of which burned an altogether unwholesome shade of crimson. Somewhere in that center of those chaotic whirling energies rested a secondary distortion- a swirling black void reminiscent of the initial one that spat the undead entity, Elarick, out into Vailkrin. So much for the rift not being visible. That was hardly the worst of the matter, however- as the kensai became more than duly aware of a secondary shift: It was raining. Specifically, that tear was raining those unwhole otherwordly abberations, at a startling rate, vomiting out a tide of flesh, bone, and blood- the whole of which was parsed together in ways that simply didn't make sense. Big and small, flightless and not, they simply rained down into the city proper.

Dami came to a cobble-stone crippling land a few yards from the vampire, her angle of trajectory suggesting she too came from the sky. No where from the direction of the imposing rift, but somewhere skyward none the less; how fun it was going to be explaining how she managed to get a wyvern through the portal. Dami rose from a crouch in the -tiny- dent she put in the road, and dusted herself off. "You rang?" It wasn't until she slipped her black goggles off her face, that she heard the explosive resonance and was once more pushed back into a crouch. She tipped her head back as she stood back up, and simply muttered across to him, "The hell did you do this time?"

Kirien is...well, unsettled simply does not cover it, to be perfectly frank. The atmosphere in Vailkrin is as heavy as the weight of an entire ocean over his head, the very air pressing down in an uncomfortably claustrophobic manner that is equal parts unnatural and incredibly disturbing to the empath. And he can't quite shake the feeling that something -else- is watching him, some unearthly Other unseen by his own eye yet most certainly felt; its foreboding gaze drawing a shiver down the spine; a slight prickling of the hairs on the back of his neck. Still, Kirien is here, tugged along by the instinctive pull of his sire to stride through the city streets with an enormous axe at one side. Moving in the wake of the thunderous crackle that prompted vulpine ears into pinning back as waves of sound battered both his curious form of vision and his other senses mercilessly, he picks his way across a road he can barely see, stumbling into citizens he misses entirely. It's only by virtue of that invisible link to Kasyr that Kirien even finds him at all. Halting at the revenant's side, he spares Kasyr only a brief glance and a faint nod, before lifting his attentions to the sky as well. He stares into the abyss...and he has the feeling it's staring right back. Blind as he is, he is unprepared for the horrific tide of viscera that comes pouring out of that distorted void, and only really comes to notice it when the splatter of flesh against stone sounds - only then does he turn a harder look on Kasyr, his gaze questioning. "So -what- es going on."

Svilfon steps out of a sickly looking cloud of smoke. He casts his pale gaze around for just a moment, before turning to look at Kasyr. The wizard doesn't seem as concerned as most sane people would be, instead he flashes the Kensai a crooked, gap-toothed grin. He speaks a few words to Kasyr alone, before the wizard tips his hat to the other members of the Coterie before he vanishes in much the same fashion as he arrived.

Iintahquohae ;; For Inks, sound had a tendency to register as color. Naturally the sound from Vailkrin - and brilliant flash of crackling blues and oranges that it triggered before her eyes - grabbed her attention. She wandered the streets of the city that led to the blood fountain, head craned skyward toward the…rip in the sky? The seamstress couldn't be sure. When things unknown to her began to fall from the sky, she ducks a bit and flees to the side of the street, thinking she may be able to dip into an unlocked shop building if it gets too dicey outdoors. The woman cringed a bit. Snow and rain were the only things she liked falling from the sky.

Kasyr 's ears are still ringing when he pulls himself back into the fascimile of a stand. Taking a moment to adjust his trenchcoat (One of the myriad spares he had created, given his habit of destroying or otherwise misplacing equipment), he turns to address the individuals who have arrived on the scene, his voice carrying a certain degree of authority, even if it's not entirely steady,"Not what I did. This is the work of some cultists. Been dealing with their sh-" Well, there's no windows left to conveniently break at that moment, but you know what goes there, "for the last few weeks. Unforunately, killing them hasn't seemed to slow down the progression of...that." The kensai pauses for a few moments, before he pushes himself away from the wall, so that he can address a group of nearby soldiers, "I need you to gather the troops as swiftly as possible, clear the streets of civilians- of those who weren't smart enough to get inside." All around him, things were constantly impacting into the rooftops, many finding themselves skewered on the spikes which had been strategically placed by redhale. Some found their way to the street itself, if only to burst open like overripe fruit, spattering the ground in a steaming black ichor. Others however, survived the fall- scrambling up onto a multitude of appendages (Broken and otherwise), and began to traipse after those individuals on the row. Even some of the creatures skewered on the rooftops began to survive, some by sheer virtue of size and durability, others, simply because the spikes were rapidly becoming clogged with the bodies of other entities. "Find Dark Man, see if he can't...get whatever he had started underway. Et make sure the houses know what's happening. We need them to try et keep their respective areas clear. As long as they can hold their ground, for as long as this takes. We can hopefully get through this..without evacuating the city." Somewhere behind the Kensai, a fairly nondescript ball of fur, some 9 feet in radius began to unfurl, revealing an altogether unpleasent row of skittering insect like legs- and far too many mouths. Within moments the thing has taken to the ground, if only to begin scurrying towards the Revenant and his fledgelings, "...Right. As to what's happening? We do the impossible. We kill everything." Offhandedly, the Kensai reaches over towards a rain barrel, before he promptly wrenches it off the ground and hurls it straight towards the unpleasent 'centipede' esque entity- having apparently noticed it due to that incessant clattering noise it's legs meant against the pavement.

Dami took note of the following coterie members, and couldn't help but take a mental check. There were four in total, and anything requiring more than two had to be a serious issue. That, or Kasyr was just being silly and going overboard; man was going to call upon the end of the world one of these days, if he didn't watch it. Dami didn't even have a chance to offer a friendly greeting to the other terramancer before the loud splat of a flesh-like abomination landed several feet away. Without even a second thought, Hallowed was called into existance- a violent tear and explosion of dark energies, all pouring from the serpentine tattoo on the back of her spine. Tendrils of odius energy stretched and pulled around her figure, collecting and molding to the familiar figure of the black halberd, Hallowed. This all happened in a few split seconds, and the weapon was instantly gripped with her right hand. She was going to keep those.. -things-.. as far out of reach as possible. "This.. This is why I don't ever come to Vailkrin."

Ranok || The crack of electricity, the smell of ozone. Something that those that hang around Kasyr would, no doubt, be very familiar with. A rushing of and leather snapping, and there was Ranok, sailing through like he was some goddamn fairy ponce, right through the air. In his hands he held a spear, 'borrowed' from one of Redhale's minions. The business end, of which, was very shortly buried in the legged monstrosity. A massive crunch, a gush of blood, and a fetid smell all follow as all several hundred pounds of angry smith and metal come to bear on a single point of the weapon. Of course, the creature wasn't down for the count. These things tended to have no head, which made killing them every bit of a bitch you'd expect. With the spear buried so deeply into the creature it exited onto the other side, pulling it out wasn't so much an option. The monster bucks, causing Ranok's tenuous foothold to slip. Shaft of the spear breaks in Ranok's hand, and he twists a bit to avoid being speared himself when he hits the street. Scrabbling madly under the legs, he gets his bearings. A...head like thing with way too many teeth was opening. Broken remains of the spear swing in defense, "Dynamic entry, modderf-*crunch!*". There went the rest of the wood. It had served well, at least. Now devoid of means to defend himself immediately, Ranok knew it was time to cash out, at least for the time being. An object, whipped out of a pocket and slapped onto the ground. Another snap, a lick of electricity shoots out, and Ranok was *pushed* away. A principal of magnetics, harnessing Draeta's affinity for electricty. Room afforded, he could make his way, roundabout, to meet up with Kasyr and the gang. Little time wasted on banter, wiping blood from his duster, "Hy've rallied men to defend vat portals Hy vas able to access. Kelay und Kenril. Former members uf De Fold. Der loyalty vas to de kause, not to Rilla und her second abundonment. Ve might hef to sabotage de entries." Barely contained rage boils in his voice. It was all he could do not to verbally lash the kensai. This was all his fault. The problem was his, the cause was his, the solution was his, and he was letting it infringe. A dire breech of leadership ethics, in his eyes.

Kirien is not entirely sane, but even he has a darker cast to his features thanks to this putrid 'rain'. He's only fond of falling bits of flesh when they're edible pieces, really, and something tells him it's not the wisest idea to consume anything that comes from that...whatever it is up in the sky. Dami gets an owlish blink at her abrupt entrance and what might have been a full smile were they somewhere not caught in the looming shadow of a dimensional tear and a rising sensation of otherworldly horror. "What -is- that?" he asks Kasyr with a frown when the revenant pulls away to address a nearby group of soldiers. Kirien follows after him, not with similar intent but focused on one individual - a hand extends to touch a guard's arm, a whisper in the ear giving him cause to pause as the empath establishes a brief connection and, seeing through his eyes for an instant, catches a glimpse of the surrounding commotion in full-colour, regular vision. "Ah." Unfortunately, even seeing the sky does not give Kirien all the answers he wants. "Do me a favour," he murmurs to the soldier, "Try not to die, et do try and find me if something up there...changes. D'accord? I'd like to keep an eye on it" That said, he breaks away and allows the man to rush off after his comrades - and shortly after, a particularly large, fleshy meteor impacts against the cobblestones in front of him with a sickeningly wet 'splat'. Kirien scrunches his nose despite the weird of it all. His brief disgust melts out into a more wary expression as flesh peels away in gory layers, revealing a hulking mass of gooey, mottled skin, ragged-edged and thin, with as many bones poking out of its ten foot frame as there are tentacles. The aberration is vaguely humanoid, its body resembling that of a very large, very muscular man with an extra set of arms and at least ten extra tentacles, with a bulbous head, and its contours eerily unnatural to the eye, making looking at it difficult; as if viewing its very existence is dangerous. It opens an eye...and another...and another...and another...and so many more until the entire round bulk of its head is blinking and staring at the genasi. The two whip-like tentacles where its hungry maw might be wibble in excitement as Kirien opens his mouth, closes it again, then huffs, "That's not fair. You've got so many more eyes than moi," and lifts Nuial'Ashier - a challenge. "Learn to share."

Iintahquohae 's face fades to a noticeably paler hue when something is hurtled to the ground just feet from her and bursts on impact. With its insides now forced outward, mostly covering her front and smeared over her glasses, she can't help yelping with sheer horror and frantically begins trying to wipe the nasty stuff away from her spectacles to see. When the sounds of more hideous things dropping on the ground near her are heard, Iintahquohae can only think of one option. Run. As she turns to do so, three more unpleasant splatting noises catch her ear and sure enough, the creature's impact points are directly in front of her. A trio of fleshy, bulbous chicken-sized things with their single eyes trained on the seamstress. They didn't look like they could do much aside from roll, but before that thought can cross Iintahquohae's mind, talon-like appendages unfurl from flabs of their warty flesh and touch the cobblestone at their feet, followed by three..mouths? More like hoses lined with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth. With nothing on hand to defend herself, weapon wise, Inks can only step backward with widened, blurred eyes, while frantically digging in her pocket. A few jagged rocks from her trip to the mines rested within. As one of the fleshy headless chicken creatures lunges, she throws one rock at its..tooth hole? Tooth hole. That doesn't seem to hurt it, but the tooth-filled fleshy hose wobbles a bit, but only frustrates the thing and its companions enough to give chase as Inks attempts to flee.

Kasyr finds his attention swiftly arrested by Ranok's actions, and then his words. For a few moments, he merely listens to the smith, a relatively neutral expression painted across his features. It's only after he's finished speaking, and the empathic Revenant has finished properly gauging their exchange that leans back and begins to speak, "Whilst I'm certain that the Dead Man's ultimatum remains in effect- I cannot imagine that I can do anything about actions that are occuring outside of my jurisdiction. Thus, I can see about ensuring that noone gets..overly zealous, so as to pursue you by that means. Moreover, if things...do reach a point of no return- having something to fall back on es..favourable. That being said, I would be quite wary. Whilst tu won't be confronted by -my- forces, I can't be certain about individuals from House Kikei. A number of them have crawled out of the woodwork in recent times, and given this es what they were pursuing- well. I'd expect resistance." It's at this point that one hand slips into the Revenants trenchcoat, his hand brushing across the myriad swords he's currently carrying, if only to settle over the Penzance saber. With one smooth motion the weapons drawn free, if only to be swiped through the air between them. " Alithrya will likely serve as a fall back point, as can the dark forest, et the caves leading to the underdark. Evacuations, et all. But- I'm hoping it does not come to that." Offhandedly the Kensai begins to sift around in his pockets for something, before he thinks to check in his hair. It's not long before he finds a cigarette pinned beneath the goggles on his head, the likes of which is retrieved and settled at his lips, "Oh. Et don't get in the Dark man's way. ...Anything else? Or did you just want to avoid any wrenches being thrown in the way of what you're doing?"

Dami tried her best to stay out of the fight, if only so she didn't have to touch these creatures. She had a strong enough stomach for murder, at least when it was clean- but this was anything but. In fact, for the first time in her life she wanted to simply hide behind Kirien and point, 'Eww!' She didn't of course, the desire was there. Instead she did quite the opposite when a tree-stump formed limb of boney, gnarled flesh came smashing down at her. Quickly she dodged by simply hopping away, and without thinking speared the halberd right at the monstrosities face! Did she follow up with another attack? No. Did she tactically study the playing field, and decide her next attack? No. She peddled backwards as far as she could, which to say the least, wasn't very far. "He's going to hate me for this.." Mumbled words for Kirien's ears, Dami found herself right beside the man while she tapped into an almost forgotten resevoir of arcane energy. Dozens of cobblestone bricks tore and lifted from the cities road, and hovered momentarily while she made a grotesque face at the abomination pulling her halberd out of its face. With a shudder, she'd send a barrage of stone at the thing, and anything caught around. "Kirien, I am -not- touching them."

Kirien :: Myriad eyes blink in a rhythmic wave that ripples downward from the topmost eye to the lowest ring, the weird motion disorientating enough to make an observer woozy. Kirien, being blind, is unaffected by this particular eye-strainer but the feeling of total wrongness about the hulking creature before him, coupled with the pressure from the rift, is enough to make his legs tremble slightly in a mix of sheer nervousness and shaky anticipation. "What have I walked into," he wonders aloud, recalling the last time he was in Vailkrin and the terrific monster that set it aflame back then - what luck the genasi -does- have does not extend to this city, it would seem. With a last curious look back at Kasyr, or more correctly at the familiar sabre in his grip, Kirien decides he's not about to wait around all day for the many-eyed beast to make up its mind and pushes off, taking a measured leap to bring him closer before he slams one foot down and drags himself into a full-body twist. The massive axe is swung in a furious horizontal sweep that would cut right through the being-- but it avoids the attack, as Kirien half-expected, though he did not expect it to duck, rush forward, and slam into his unguarded torso with enough force to send him skidding back a couple of feet. He stumbles, falls, and then the aberration is towering over him, and Kirien watches its hidden maw yawn wide mere inches from his face. Rows upon rows of serrated teeth descend into the inky depths of its throat, promising a painful death to anything it swallows. Dami appears at his side just as the beast lunges - the opening Kirien was waiting for. Nuial'Ashier is brought up in a flash, the empath jamming the wide axe head right into the creature's mouth and forcing its jaws wide, right over his face. Blood and gore sprays across him as the thing shrieks and jerks its head back, stumbling away with black ichor and red dripping from its broken jaw. Wiping his face and coughing, Kirien blinks up at his fellow terramancer through the sticky mess and comments unhappily, "Sadly, I am, cherie."

Kirien is glad his face is still intact, at least.

Iintahquohae continued her awkward, terrified backpedaling from the headless fleshy chickens, making a startled gasp at each feigned attempt to pounce her that they made. They were toying with her, clearly. Eventually, one of them drew far too close for comfort (which they already were, to begin with). Enough for the woman to throw another stone from her pocket at it. What followed was sheer luck, since Inky's aim was terrible. Her overhand throw fell short by at least a foot, but the creature's wobbling tooth-hole jerked at the perfect moment for her. It caught the rock in its teeth, essentially, and became lodged there. Its partners caught wind to this and backed away a bit while their 'leader' flailed about making unpleasant guttural noises, gasping for air that it needed before the hue of its flesh grew pale. It eventually collapsed from suffocation, and a thought whizzed past the seamstress's mind. A flail. Without warning she reached out for the fallen chicken-thing, grasping it tightly by the neck, and began to swing. Naturally, the pair she targeted fought back, but at least now she had something a bit more substantial to defend herself with. Jagged talons dug in deep as one of the things hopped up and tore the sleeve of her sweater, leaving a trio of fresh wounds that would need to be tended to eventually. For a split second she stops swinging at the sight of Dami in the distance, and the floating cobblestones sent hurtling toward the creature that targeted her. A few stray bits of stone head Iintahquohae's way, and yet another idea strikes. She swings the headless chicken-flail now turned baseball bat at one of the chunks of stone headed her way, redirecting its path to one of the things chasing her. It strikes true, but causes the dead thing in her hands to burst open, and once again she's sprayed with a nasty creature's innards.

Ranok growls, the words dripping as he tugs out the weapon of his choice. Mirabelle, he'd found, wasn't efficient enough to face down the threats that modern day Hollow was offering. Physical gods, creatures of pure fire, abominations left and right...a man needed an edge. Two cylinders of runic make captured tension from a lever action and stored it. Attached was a mithril string in a slot that had a smaller slot in it. One was for crossbow bolts, the other was for larger ammunition. A spring fed clip fed bolts into the smaller slot while a cover could be moved back to allow access to the larger. All in all, it looked like a crossbow had sex with some clockwork and lost its bow portion in the resulting birth. Very compact, and, as Ranok demonstrates by casually plugging the chicken thing chasing Inky and pinning it to the wall four inches deep with a steel bolt, packed quite a kick. "Kan' hyu keep henny aspeck uf dis kity onder kontrol?! For de luv uf hall dat iz goot...Hy'm gunna lose men because uf hyu. Goot men, gotterdammerung hall!" He'd have struck the Kensai, had there not been more pressing matters. Blue lights blaze as Draeta pulls its awareness to the 'fore, <Rift inclusion is widening. Classification has jumped. In layman's terms, the situation has gone critical.> Flinching back as the road itself was weaponized in killing one of the things, Ranok pumps Mirabelle's lever to add more tension back into the runes. Each pump produces an arcane glow, lines of pale blue light that flicker all along the weapon. "It's time to schtop tinkink 'how kan ve saff dese pipple' und schtart askink 'how mhenny kan ve saff?'. Kas, dis area...ve kan' use henny place located in dis bubbel as a fall back. My recommendation? Ve kollapse Vailkrin. Kompletely." Quoth the armor, <Portal collapse may create a sustained cascade. With proper energies, we might redirect them inwards and cause all damage to enter Vailkrin's bubble. The city will be totally lost, but all other areas will be safe. Ideally.>

Kasyr glances off towards Inky, having finally taken note of her presence. With a querying look, the Kensai can't help but ask, "What in the hell are tu doing on the streets?" Without skipping a beat, the Revenant begins to march towards her, neatly maneuvering around the plummeting bodies, whilst occasionally taking a moment to coup de grace the aberrations which had not successfully made the transition into corpses. Along the way, the Revenant simply speaks, "Your recommendation sucks. It's not a new idea- but until we know whether or not the Dark Man's gambit will work, I will not condone the sacrifice of this city. It's not a lost cause, yet." An ominous shadow is cast across the Kensais face, as though emphasizing his expression. At least, until one takes not of both the high pitched whistling noise in the air, and the manner in which the shadow continues to expand at an alarming rate. Without a second thought, the Revenant promptly hurls himself forward into a haphazard roll, at least until he shoves his left hand into the ground and effectively hurls himself clear of the imminent threat. The Penzance saber serves the Kensai well in this moment, as the blade is promptly jammed into the ground the moment he lands, in order to pre-emptively spare Kasyr the ignoble fate of slamming face first into a wall. It also serves as means of pivoting around with the remnants of his forward momentum, so that he can get a glimpse of what had hurtled from the sky. And what a prize it is: If one considers a roughly house sized mound of flesh, covered in bile spewing maws to be a prize. For a moment, the Kensai almost wonders why the thing didn't simply explode on impact under the weight of it's own bulky form- though when his gaze travels up towards the small forest of misshapen wings upon it's upper body, he begins to get ideas. Even as the Revenant scrutinizes the beast, it begins to shudder, bits of it's flesh splitting open- if only so that a number of spindly branch like limbs can crawl out from those crevices. For a moment, The kensai can't help but be reminded of the Ya-Te-Veo tree...at least until what's attached to those limbs spills out onto the pavement in a gush of clear liquids. At the core of those twig-like limbs rests a vague outline of a body, insofar as a central torso and a region reminiscent as a head. No legs are present on the abberation, nor are there any defining features on it's face, the creature simply possessing indents which seem to indicate what it is supposed to mimic. Blindly, the creature gropes forward across the cobblestone, the first among the many things which begin to clamber out from that central mass of flesh. It's only at this point that the Kensai glances over towards Inky, by which point he flatly implores, "Please tell moi that es not your heartbeat, I'm hearing."

Ranok didn't have much warning, either. But when one handles as many explosives in his life as Ranok has, certain instincts emerge. This manifested as a 'hit the ground' one, letting the thing pass over him with scant inches to bear. He gets up as it does its splitting thing, heedless of the horror behind him. Mirabelle brought to bear as feet take steps backwards to withdraw. The stroke of her trigger, and suddenly the air was filled with the whizzing of bolts. Meaty thunks as they slam home, barbed tips with hollows to allow fluids to escape. Deadly to mundane creatures, but these damn things weren't going to go down easily. That was why Ranok cut to the chase and the final object that spun out and into the maw of the creature was a crystal, rigged for incindiary. Kill it with fire, and the resulting gout of searing heat would put anything on the ground. Clicks and a pop and Mirabelle comes up empty. The spring clip pops off to be caught and stuffed in a pocket, since they were damn hard to make, and her breech was signaling empty and awaiting another large shell. But, Ranok thought a tactical withdraw was in order. He shouts at the kensai, "Hyu hef tventy four hours before Hy schtart pummelink de foundations uf de portals to kollapse dem! Dis tink kan' be hallowed to escape. You Dark Man betta kome trough, for de sake uf us hall. Don' try to take de portals from me vith a fight." He whirls, reaching out to grab Inks and bodily haul her away. "Time to go, lass." He'd try to evacuate any citizens he saw on his way through, but that was all he could do.

Dami not only sent a flurry of cobblestone bricks at the halberd-face wielding fiend, but she would shatter them on contact, effectively making bombs out of the dozens of pieces from the road. Dami could confidently say the fiend was no more.. it being just a lump of fleshy gore and ichor.. with a dozen rocks sticking out of it. Those still dropping, landing, and advancing around her- a different story. It was time to put in work, and all those months on intense training up in the frozen wastes of Frostmaw would be put to use. Moving with the fluidity of water, she'd twist and spin, lifting her arms at both sides as if there was an invisible chain connecting her to the earth. To her left, a creature with more arms then necessary was lifted off the ground, speared through the gut from a solid, jaggest spire of rock. To her right- a crawling heap of flesh and teeth was on the contrary, swallowed up.. the terramancer letting the ground and stone beneath it crumble away. Just as quick as it sank, the unseen sinkhole was filled and solidified, essentially crushing the blob of flesh in a sickening crunch of bone and ripping limbs. Even to the small trio of lurching monstrosities that came quick and fast, all with club sized fists? were staggered from a frisbe toss of Dami's halberd, which had been called back at the demise of trunk-fist over there. This wasn't so bad.. things were moving pretty smooth, she was disabling these things without even getting her hands dirty. "Hey Kirien, maybe you should-" No one could predict where these flesh-bombs were dropping, not even Dami, and because of so was promply flattened entirely by poor luck. Engulfed entirely, the poor woman disappeared under a wall of flattened body parts, slowly pulling its self up off the ground. It was roughly the size of a small vehicle.

Iintahquohae doesn't give Kasyr much but a very brief glance while she finishes off the last of the those headless chicken creatures, bludgeoning it and stomping it with her boots to the point where it became a bloody, fleshy pulp. She wanted to make sure whatever the hell the thing was wasn't going to get back up again. The mangled remains of the one she used to beat its companions still dangled loosely in her hand while she fished in her pocket for a handkerchief to wipe the lenses of her spectacles. Her attention then rests on Kasyr a bit more, and replies in a flat tone and a one shouldered shrug. "Thought it might be a nice night for a walk." Yet again, her head cranes skyward at the massive fleshy thing on its way down. Her first assumption is that it'll burst on impact, based on the other things that have fallen so far, so Inks immediately begins stepping backward to the point where she's flush against the wall of a building. And once more, the woman's eyes widen behind her spectacles, this time at every movement the thing makes instead of the now squished chicken critters from moments ago. Naturally from fear, her heart was pounding a mile a minute, especially after catching a glimpse of the thing face with a distinct lack of facial features. Her eyes briefly flit over to the Kensai, then back at the monstrous creature. She nods, then freezes almost seconds afterward. Inks didn't respond well to physical contact, especially when she was already scared and on edge. Her first instinct? Take her balled fist and throw it square into Ranok's jaw. The thought hits, her arm swings, and hopefully it connects. If that doesn't say 'Don't touch me,' without words, she isn't sure what will. Inks attempts to wrestle herself free from his grasp, and glares at him. "I would appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself." Free hand reaches to adjust her spectacles, while the other tightens its grip upon her makeshift flesh-flail.

Kirien calls in the general direction of Ranok, spitting caustic ichor out of his mouth, "Do -you- know what that thing is, Draeta?" If anyone has some idea as to what the hole in the sky is, he figures it might be the intelligence, who is indeed just as alien, in its own way. Clambering back to his feet, he makes it up just in time to feel pain blossoming in his nerves - a barrage of bolts, soaring out of nowhere, spears the unfortunate empath through the upper arm, the jagged metal having arced through the air with enough speed to punch straight through the flesh and allow its tip to poke out the other side. He winces, biting back a cry of agony, but his own predicament is forgotten about when he suddenly sees Dami crushed by a falling lump of flesh and bone. Pain turns to shock, and shock quickly dissolves into a fury that provokes the genasi's szuldar into resonating, flaring into life. Angular lines of golden energy, like shimmering scars etched into his skin, trace their way across his forehead and the bridge of his nose, following his neck downwards, across his chest and along his arms, to his fingertips where they burn with terramantic power and a righteous anger, the desire to protect family coiling tight in his chest. "Get away from my -sister-!" roars Kirien before spitting words laced with that same gold power; the raw strength of earth that sets the ground to shaking violently underfoot as he invokes the forces he wields and is part of. A dilapidated building behind the genasi cracks, its remaining wall crumbling as two massive 'arms' stretch outwards in mimicry of Kirien's own movement, extending as he reaches for Dami. His many-eyed aggressor is crushed beneath a great slab of stone as the crude golem-like thing, an avatar of sorts that Kirien controls with his own body, steps away from the skeleton of the building and stoops. It plucks the fleshy bomb off of the other terramancer in rough hands and -squeezes-, though Kirien at least manoeuvres the construct so that, when the lump explodes under the pressure in a burst of viscera and sanguine fluid, it's less likely to drown Dami.

Kasyr spares only a glance for the drama which proceeds to unfurl near him, shaking his head as his attention returns to that retching mass of flesh in the center of the area, and the loathsome broodlings it continues to spawn from the ever increasing number of crevices from it's body. More disturbing still, was the manner in which the perforated portions of the beast began to split apart- forming additional crevices for those 'Dark Young' to clamber out from. It's about that point that Ranok's incendiary device detonates within the creature, causing a massive portion of it's form to rupture outwards in a gruesome spray of blood and malformed guts. Instincts provide the Kensai with his saving grace in this moment, as he lunges beneath a flaming geyser of black bile that ruptures out from one of the beasts many maws. A display that is mirrored many times as the creature begins to immolate with a certain ferocity, noxious fumes billowing off it's body, shrounding it in toxic smoke. Distracted by this display, the Kensai almost fails to notice the continued clambering off one of the monsters malformed young- at least until it suddenly hurls itself towards him- those twig like limbs of it's somehow capable of propelling it's entire bodily mass. Mid flight, the thing begins to split apart, revealing a hideous interior practically -decorated- with razor sharp constructs of bone. Unforunately for the creatue, it's attempts to clamp down on the Kensais face meet with a rather abrupt case of abject failure- as the Revenant promptly sends the Penzance saber arcing up through it's body- neatly cleaving it in twain. Not wasting another moment, Kasyr breaks into an outright dash, ducking and weaving amidst the tangle of newly 'birthed' bodies, the blade shredding through the air with such lethal precision it would almost seem as though it were possessed by a need to kill. Each child-like 'Effigy' is reduced to tatters, the Revenant doing his utmost to slaughter them as efficiently as possible, as he makes his way over towards his Fledgelings, towards the source of his distress. In his wake, he leaves little more than devastation, proving Inks a path to follow, if Ranok doesn't persuade her to leave.

Ranok was a little too preoccupied to babysit the seamstress. When she struggles free and socks at his jaw, he, of course, takes it in stride. Her hand might hurt. The human jaw was all bone, after all, and Ranok was big. Batting away something falling from the sky as Draeta helpfully makes Ranok aware of it with the single word, <Contact.>, he loads another spring clip into Mirabelle. Plucking another fire shell from a bandoleer on his chest, slotting it in, he says, "Don' be schtupeed, lass. Dis kity iz lost, kontrary to vat Kasyr says. No amount uf plucky kourage vill help hyu, here. Hy don' even know vat's gunna heppen, und dat's very, very BAD." Whatever survivors, those too foolish to run, would surely regret it. Fire, screams, magic flying erratically, the city was very much SOL. FUBAR, too. "Kome vith me if hyu vant to liff." The smith's hand extends to Inky, his final offer to her.

Dami was going to make both a Sailor -and- Ranok blush with the foul language she'd shout shortly after getting up. There was a moment of shock and disbelief, a moment where this couldn't be real. The mess, the gore- the creatures, and the all around chaos. With each slippery knee-to-ground movement she made, every internal organ rolling off, and scrape of black-blood her nails made.. Dami was in disbelief. The woman was a tough. Some would say she was even indestructible, as much of a lie that was. Fact of the matter was, desipite the elf's hardy durability, she was just as mortal as everyone else here. If her bones were damaged, her pride was. Dami stood there in the midst of a pool of death, arms and weapon down at her side.. the tip dragging in the ground like a tired child who didn't want to play anymore. From head to toe, she was dripping- far worse then Kirien had been after his spar with extra-eyes. "..thanks, I.. thanks." They didn't have much time to stand around and survey the damage, the creature both Kasyr and Ranok were opening fire on was still up and able. Dami pointed with her chin, and offered suggestion to Kirien.

Iintahquohae 's knuckles stung, but that would have to be tended to later. She saw Dami somewhere moments ago, and since Inks didn't have the slightest idea of what the woman was capable of, assumed the woman might be in some kind of danger too. Ranok's warnings are heard, but she refuses to take his hand. The little critters being birthed from the monster make her feel uneasy, but she watches as the Kensai clears a path. One final glance is shot in Ranok's direction before she turns and hurries along the path, chicken-flail-corpse still in hand, one arm raised before her face in order to shield more blood and gore from spraying onto her already grimy glasses and bloodied face. Her rushed steps come to a halt when Dami emerges, and she gives a little half-hearted wave. Inks winced. Her knuckles were most likely going to be bruised from that punch. "You alright?" the seamstress asks.

Kirien lowers his arms, slowly, and the building-golem moves in turn, dropping the pulverised remains of the fleshy bomb onto the cobblestones as the empath offers Dami the hint of a smile. "Looks like we'll both need a bath after this," he remarks, shaking off the tethers that tie him to the hulking construct and allowing it to go still once more. Kasyr's arrival is noted and Kirien is reaching to belatedly yank the bolt out of his arm when a burst of raw magic, some electric variety a bold young mageling is firing off nearby, hits the projectile buried in his skin. The result is a startled shriek from the genasi as a violent electric current courses through his body - but with Arte manifested, he's spared a sudden end and a rather interesting thing occurs. The virtuous weapon is as unassuming as ever but its abilities are the bane of a magic user, allowing Kirien to absorb that energy which strikes him then redirect it through physical or elemental attacks of his own...so long as his body can withstand the initial strike. He twitches a bit, wide-eyed, and exhales a small cloud of smoke. There's a fire in his veins and it's itching to get out, to explode in a tingling blast of lightning, to burn his nerves until they're utterly frazzled. Kirien blinks a couple of times, looking far jumpier than usual, his normally-bright eye practically luminous with this pent-up energy. So -this- is what electricity magic feels like! He spins a little awkwardly, bringing Nuial'Ashier up high over his head then slamming its blade end into the road; and a power surge set off within him sends brutal, tremendous shockwaves of raw energy into the stones, causing them to rupture and ripple like a pool of disturbed water. Surrounding monstrosities are either sent flying or are crushed within the waves of rock, and when the destruction settles, Kirien shivers out the last static sparks.

Dami stuck around long enough to do a couple things. First, was point at Inky with a truly confused expression. "Please tell me -that- is not going on my coat?" She said this while eyeing the headless, toothless, chicken-flail creature in her hands. Second, was making sure she wasn't caught in Kirien's shockwave of an attack, mindful to dodge any of the exploding rock, and/or simply take control. A witty compliment was about to be served but the crying echo of a familar roar caught her attention first. Her wyvern. Just barely able to catch a glimps, Dami could make out the faint outline of a multi-limbed creature hanging from the reptiles neck, and both were going down rather quickly. "Go on without me.. I'll catch up!" Having grown quite attached to the giant reptile over the past few months, there was no guilt in saying she feared for his life. Kasyr and Ranok could hold their own, more so with Kirien. Rocky.. Hanan's bright idea for a name.. not quite as much. Cleaving through the waves of fiends, while dodging them as they fell, Dami sought to keep her ride out of here safe.

Ranok gives Inks a shrug. Valuable time was being wasted, and he needed to move to get to his men. He suspected things were getting bad. The path he carved wasn't so spectacular, his fighting style less 'explode everything up close' and more 'explode everything...from a distance'. Tendrils of black whip forth to engage melee where the need arises, and Mirabelle clicks more then once. And so does the smith leave the area.

Kasyr had assumed that the flaming mass of writhing flesh in his wake was dying. It's generally a pretty safe assumption to make when more than half of somethings body mass explodes outwards, and proceeds to paint the surrounding buildings. Unforunately, assumptions -really- make an ass out of you when dealing with outerdimensional entities. Whether it's by design, or a simple stubborness born of the primal hate which flows through it's veins as surely as the fire which consumes it, that hulking 'thing' was shuddering forward- continuing onwards with the aid of the spindly limbs of it's children- even now being produced, so that they might reach out from the various slits in it's body and carry the thing towards the trio. "Oh." It's at about this point that everyone in the square would get a distinct feeling, the like hair on the back of their neck rising. "Vraiment?" The Penzance saber was placed to the ground, as his left hand was gestured up towards the thing. "F-"A sharp crack rings out in the air, the scent of ozone promptly overpowering even the noxious scent of the advancing thing, as the Kensai's arm promptly becomes coated in sparks, with such intensity that even the fabric of his trenchcoat begins to smoulder. "you." The abrupt surge of electrical energy that shreds through the air is blinding, testament to the prodigial amount of power Kasyri rarely uses. Every noise in the square is drowned out for a few moments, as the Revenant proceeds to lay waste to the things flesh, turning it's outsides into a blacked husk of flesh, which moments after begins to fully collapse upon itself. It's only than that the revenant decides to walk over and stab it a few times to be sure. Dami's departure is noted, the Revenant offering her a wave and a grim look, "Call on us, if it get's bad." It's only after he confirms the big thing is finally dead that he steps away, to take a position near Kirien, "Now what?" Inky is again taken note of, "..Do ...you need somewhere safe to go?"

Iintahquohae didn't answer Dami quickly enough. The arrival of the wyvern catches her off guard, just like everything else she's seen since happening by earlier. Before she can respond Dami is in the sky, so the seamstress's half open mouth clamps shut. Now, Inks hadn't a clue as to how Kasyr managed to create such a deafening noise, but her hands immediately fly to her ears and her eyes snap shut. Loud noises could be far too orange for her to handle. She didn't mind the color when it wasn't as intense. It must be nice, Inks thought, being able to knock things back with whatever sorts of powers the Kensai, Kirien and Dami happened to have. Eventually, her eyes open and her hands leave her ears, and she offers a half smile to Kasyr. "Probably. Do you need help here?" As if he needed it. There wasn't much she could do, anyway. Something must've gotten into her to think it might be fun to bludgeon more things with that chicken thing in her hand, unless Inks managed to snatch up something bigger.

Kirien 's expression shows he's still pretty buzzed from the literal electrocution he received just now. He eyes Kasyr as a great, elated grin spreads across his blood features, but waits until the revenant has finished violently disposing of the monstrosity before speaking. His ears pin back during the onslaught of cacophonous noise and fizzling ozone. "I need a mage to shoot me up like that again. That was...interesting," he admits, while Arte flickers down his uninjured arm to wrap itself round his wrist. Finally, after waving Dami off and quietly hoping she'll be all right, the empath manages to extract the bolt from his arm in a spray of blood and with a grunt of pain that he muffles in the neck of his sweater. To Kasyr, he huffs a bit. "I don't know what. I don't even know what that -is-. Oi!" That final shout is an abrupt raising of voice but not directed at his sire - instead Kirien turns his gaze skyward, apparently addressing the rift itself. "Don't you have a home? Won't you go back?" He does, after all, have a peculiar habit of trying to converse with the most unearthly beings, whether they actually listen or not. "If this was a massive squid, it'd be so much easier," he muses more to himself than anyone, before casting Inks a bemused look.

Kasyr gives inks a long stare, before he finally responds with a simple, "Yes." That side, the Kensai simply moves to take hold of Kiriens uninjured arm, and begin directing him forward, specifically, towards the Hanging Corpse. With the vast Array of defensive enchantments on the place, courtesy of Tenebrae and Rheven, it was likely the most defensible area in the city, and would serve adequately as a headquarters. With the help of Vailkrins other Noble houses, and those undead that were still...in their right mind, he could see about keeping on top of this calamity. "Come on. We're figure this out later. Make sure to get some blood in tu at all times. You'll stop feeling hungry if you stay here too long." It's only after this that inks is regarded once more, "If you were genuine about helping, the Dark Man es likely going to be needing a Seamstress for his pet project. ...Et if you were really inclined to help as much as tu can? Either of us could likely use a bite to eat, hm?" That is said in tandem with a peculiar sort of smirk, which makes it somewhat difficult to discern whether the Kensai is joking or not. ...And all around them, the heavens continue to vomit all manner of horrors into the streets- some of which earn themselves a swift bit of stabbing from Kasyr. Thankfully, nothing overly big's dropped once more.

Iintahquohae blinks at Kasyr. How did he - You know what? There are fleshy horrifying monsters dropping from the sky all over the place, she's beaten headless chickens with their dead friend, and there's a strange man nearby trying to talk a rift into go home. A Kensai knowing that she's a seamstress is the -most- normal thing that Inks has seen or heard tonight. Her brow lofts at the ominous sounding name. "Dark Man?" She asks. Well, she did offer to help. "I'll see what I can do," is her eventual reply, followed by yet another blink at Kasyr. Did he mean cooking them a meal, or..? They're in Vailkrin. He's probably- Inks couldn't make out fangs in his smirk, but could only assume they were there. The idea of being a meal for vampires didn't settle too well, but again, she couldn't tell whether or not he happened to be serious. The woman falls silent for a moment, then replies with an awkward shrug and adjustment of her spectacles. A nervous twitch, really. "Mm. We'll see?"

Kasyr knows stuff. But then- considering he goes through -alot- of clothes. This is actually one of those times it makes a surprising amount of sense. Shop around, and all that.

Kirien 's focus remains on that unnatural tear in the sky for a long couple of moments, before he shakes off a residual tingle tickling the end of his tail and lowers his gaze. "I'm hungry," he complains to Kasyr in an almost childish tone, turning away from the rift when the revenant takes hold of his arm and guides him away along the road. Holding a bolt dripping with his own blood, with the wound it came from partially cauterised at least due to the burning, he walks with the kensai as the golden lines patterning his skin fade out and become near-invisible; no more than faded scars. "Who is this Dark Man?" It's a moniker he's not heard enough to have a face or feeling to pin to, and it takes him a moment to realise Inks has already asked the same question. Despite it all he grins broadly enough to proclaim his own heritage, though he's not exactly intimidating when he's relying on the support of both his axe and Kasyr to keep him upright.

Kasyr isn't quite sure how to properly answer that question, so he simply goes with what he knows, "He's in charge of the undead's burrows," Barrows? "...er, the undead quarters, to be specific. Sort of, the other ruling figure in Vailkrin. Powerful fellow, does the whole..illusions things et all. Penchant for being cloaked, masked, sort-of-creepy...et making dramatic entrances. Currently the person working on how to close the rift. With seamstresses. Et tailors. Et what have you." A pause, and then, "Somehow. Don't ask me." Inky is offered a glance for a moment, before the Kensai can't help but ask, "By the by, can you do anything with spider silk? ...I'm thinking of a trenchcoat, with a bit of fur trim, like my current one. But uh, Lighter. Maybe a scarf too." A second is taken to allow that to sink in, before he adds, "And maybe a new vest? Know anything that'd provide a really sturdy bit of leather? Naturally or dyed black, it's all the same."

Iintahquohae couldn't help scratching at her neck and the tentacle choker encircling it as she followed along, and heard Kirien's complaint about being hungry. That's where they usually bit, right? Necks? Her attention fell to Kasyr again at his description of the Dark Man. He seemed..pleasant. "Ah. Well. If it stops this, sure. I'll do what I can." She never would've thought her line of work would be useful to what sounded like a terrifying phantom who needed help sealing a rift. At mention of spider silk, her eyes lit up. Something familiar. It could be treated similarly to silk from a silk worm, which Inks spun regularly. "I can," she replies, then pauses again. Judging by what's occurred so far, Kasyr probably wanted something stronger than a cow's leather. The seamstress is quiet for a moment, mulling over possible leather sources, then suggests, "Dragon skin? I would imagine beneath the scales it's flexible and much stronger than a cow's hide."

Kirien 's mouth forms a silent 'oh' of recognition and his smile brightens slightly. "Redhale," he murmurs, nodding, a vaguely thoughtful tint to his expression. "I wonder how his book es doing..." Making a mental note to try and find that runaway book again, he pushes back that growing urge to find good food, not quite hungry enough to make a meal out of the fleshy lumps raining down from above.

Kasyr momentarily releases Kirien, if only so he can steps off to the side as a murderous multi-limbed mass lands in the spot he was formerly occupying. With every bit of grace and speed fitting of a vampire of his stature, he slips the blade of the Penzance saber into the beast, before abruptly stepping forward to further impale it. From there, he draws the blade up in a precise slice, that serves not only to aggravate the wound, but also frees the weapon from it's flesh. At this point, the monster looks less like an abominable threat, and more like a child's top arcing through the air- it's arms a gyring blur.Well, until the point abruptly draws the saber up, and smacks the flat of the blade into the beasty. The only indication that something unnatural occured is the faint flicker of electrical energy that surges along the Revenants sword bearing armour- that, and the manner in which the beast is hurtling forward, the Kensai having effectively discharged an amplified amount of kinetic force into it's body. Suffice to say, it dies on impact. And shreds through a few other creepy crawlies on the way. "Don't know. Hopefully you can ask him, once we get ahold of him, Kiri." Taking a second to shake the blood of 'his' blade, the Kensai than redirects his focus towards Inky, "So...Dragon? I can work with that, en fait."

Iintahquohae can't help making a startled shriek when the multi-limbed thing makes impact at such a close distance, and practically leaps away from it, Kirien and Kasyr. Once it's effortlessly dealt with, she approaches the pair yet again, and nods slightly to Kasyr. "I'll have to get my hands on some first." Unless the Kensai had some about that he wouldn't mind her working with, Inks could contact one of the cloth merchants that docked at Cenril or Rynvale on occasion. Though with the recent fires in Rynvale, it may be a little bit difficult to get something good without the price being skyrocketed. With a slight nod as she ticks off different names of merchants to get a hold of in her head, the seamstress adds, "I'll see what I can do."

Kirien , during those moments where Kasyr's support leaves his side, leans heavily on Nuial'Ashier but focuses upon the blade the revenant wields against the abomination that landed far too close for comfort. He pulls a face, bemused. That sword was in someone else's possession last he saw it, and now he's worried the two engaged in another fight in which Kasyr claimed the sword again. Which means what fate for Kuzial...? Though, in the depths of his heart, Kirien senses with relief that he still lives. "I suppose so, but I'm sure he has other things on his mind right now," he responds with ashrug that almost causes him to lose his balance and topple over - he wavers unsteadily, blinking once or twice before he adds, "...Did you fight with him again?" with a cant of the head to the Penzance sabre. "He doesn't part with that one easily."

Kasyr takes up Kiriens arm again, before he starts down the road anew. Inky's responded to first this time, the Revenant offering her an altogether chipper grin, "There's -alot- of silk in this area, I could see about getting some harvested for tu. And some surplus, at that, which I'm sure you could put to use. As for the leather...? I don't have any offhandedly. But it does tend to...er. Crop up, from time to time." Kasyr can't help but pause at this point, before he adds, "If you -do- aim to depart from the city, I'll see about getting you an escort to Alithyra. Going out near Cenril et Kelay es likely going to be ..er, dangerous. Especially since Ranok es intending on nothing gets out of those areas intact." It's only at this point that the Revenant addresses Kirien, "It's complicated, but it was not due to a fight with me. He intends on reclaiming it eventually, however. Likely violently. So there'll probably be a fight, then."

Iintahquohae liked the sound of that. A lot of silk meant more fabric she could make herself, and less money spent on merchants. Dragon leather just crops up from time to time for them? For a moment, she looked amazed. "I really hope that dragons aren't falling from the sky here occasionally," Inks murmured. If the Kensai could handle these gruesome fleshy things, it was probably safe to assume a dragon was nothing to him. She nods. "Alright. I'll see if I can get some from merchants in the meantime, if you'd like." As for departing the city, she paused for a moment. The idea of sticking around with these things falling out of the sky and who knows what else later on didn't seem like a good idea, but she -did- offer to help. "Do you think I should stay?" Inks asked, brow raised. "This Dark Man will probably need to get hold of me soon to help with the rift, correct?" It would be silly of her to leave and cause a delay, but she wasn't entirely sure what taking care of the rift actually entailed.

Kirien might have muttered, "Don't disturb the eggs," at mention of procurable silk nearby. Sniffing, he continues along the road with help from Kasyr, keeping his senses open as best he can to anything falling from the sky...which is somewhat complicated due to the fact he cannot -see- that which is not attached to the ground in some manner. "Oh? I hope it's not too grey." His nose scrunches some and he reaches to pass a hand briefly over the Penzance sabre, seeking any form of lingering echo; what he feels is something of that familiar which is pleasant enough to summon a soft smile. "An oath of a sort. A truce?" That strikes him as odd, but intriguing all the same. Shifting his gaze to meet Kasyr's, the genasi murmurs, "...Don't go out of your way to kill him? When he does come back for it, I mean. If tu could do that for me, I'd be grateful." It's a dangerous request, really.

Kasyr nods briefly to Inky, "I would -prefer- that you remain here, however, I cannot obligate you to do so. That being said, I would ask that you remain near the Hanging Corpse Tavern, where it's..er, relatively safe. I'll be certain to post a guard for tu." After all, beyond the current threat of interdimensional related demises? There's also the more mundane sort of fatalities which are simply natural with the kind of population Vailkrin supports. These thoughts aside, the Kensai offers Kirien a simple look, "...Fine."

Iintahquohae thought for a moment. Her folks could manage the shop in Cenril without her and keep an eye on Ootsa. Dami's coat…well, surely she would understand. She was here not too long ago. It'll have to be on the backburner for the time being. The seamstress gave a little nod. "Looks like I'm staying, then." She cast a glance over at the Corpse, then shot another one at Kirien and Kasyr. "Question. They have food in there, right?" Inks wasn't sure how to pose the question without it coming off as somewhat offensive. "..Food for folks that don't um." She opened her mouth and pointed at her fangless teeth. This felt incredibly awkward. Out with it. "I don't drink blood. Are there things there that are more suitable for folks like me?"

Kirien returns that look with the faintest hint of gratitude glinting in his eye, and a more noticeable sensation of that emotion trailing from his psyche. His tail swishes, once. "Thank you." Relieved and comforted, he makes his way gingerly over to the Corpse's door, kicking at the goopy, disfigured remains of some...thing that died on its threshold. Really, after all this he's as eager for a brandy as he is another kind of meal, and is quite intent on obtaining both. He pauses to glance back at Inks and tilts his head. "I still eat regular food so they better still be serving it." Pushing into the tavern, he greets the coat rack affectionately as he passes by on the way to an empty table.

Kasyr gives Inky an extraordinarily amused look, though he supposes the question is fairly normal- considering not everyone is knowledgeable as to vampiric lore, or Vailkrinese customs, "I'd like to note, firstly, that I still enjoy a steak now et then. Maybe a bit rawer, than I used to...er...wait. No, pretty much the same." Given he was a tiefling and all. Hah. "But, even beyond that, the city of the dead had human citizens- Necromancers, scholars, dark mages of Varying sorts. Not to mention the living vassals of vampiric houses. Et, you know. Some people just eat things out of habit. Like trying to remember how it was. Undead are pretty bad for that sometimes, I've noticed. You'll see them drinking sometimes, even when they have no stomachs." A roll of his eyes, and the Revenant settles against the door, waiting until Inky has gone by, before finally making his way towards the bar Counter. He had, after all, some orders to put out. As well as some requests.

Iintahquohae felt a bit silly now. Her assumptions and the stories that she had heard seemed to be pretty much wrong. Oh dear. She offers a sheepish smile to Kirien before he heads on in and one to Kasyr as well, followed by a quick readjustment of her spectacles. "Oh. Well then. I apologize for being offensive if I was, and for assuming too much." The image of drinking without a stomach is a strange one. They must have somebody with a mop on hand at all times in there. She wanders in after Kirien.