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{{ArcNav|Arc=Time Heals All Wounds}}
[[Category:Healer's Guild]]
[[Category:Healer's Guild]]
'''Synopsis''' ''Emilia makes her best attempt to test the young healer in deserving a promotion in the Guild. Penelope is now an Adeptus Minor with a fancy herbal pouch to show for it. The two get into talk about Emilia and what she actually is due to the mysterious anatomy she endures. Penelope is interested in the study of Emilia and the study of magic.''
'''Synopsis''' ''Emilia makes her best attempt to test the young healer in deserving a promotion in the Guild. Penelope is now an Adeptus Minor with a fancy herbal pouch to show for it. The two get into talk about Emilia and what she actually is due to the mysterious anatomy she endures. Penelope is interested in the study of Emilia and the study of magic.''

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Part of the Time Heals All Wounds Arc

This is a Healer's Guild RP.

Synopsis Emilia makes her best attempt to test the young healer in deserving a promotion in the Guild. Penelope is now an Adeptus Minor with a fancy herbal pouch to show for it. The two get into talk about Emilia and what she actually is due to the mysterious anatomy she endures. Penelope is interested in the study of Emilia and the study of magic.

Small Garden

Emilia had sent word for one of the newest additions that Edith had acquired to the guild to meet her within the small garden before the Academy in progress. The Genasi was ill at the time, but had heard nothing but blessed things about this young woman and her talents from anyone in the healing community that she asked. Unknown to her today would be a test for her from Emilia herself allowing her to ascend the ranks should she pass it. The Genasi believed she would have no issue, especially since Edith couldn’t find a flaw and that old woman always found flaws in the new ones. The Genasi laid on the ground in the garden a few feet away from the open archway that open to the new building. The woman was covered in dust and dirt from working, but what didn’t below was the long piece of twisted metal spiking through her stomach at a diagonal insert as if the known to be clumsy woman had fallen back on it. No one was working at this hour on the center so the Genasi was simply alone as if she’d crawled her way to the garden, a trail of marks mixed with blood to account for this scenario. Dreaded locks of white sprawled out around the fallen icy one whose eyes were closed.

Penelope had potential, yet so much to gain. The young woman was always learning with every patient and every scenario or interaction that crossed her path. The request that Emilia finally wanted to greet her gave her nothing but gratitude, for the last time she had met Emilia, the woman taught her how to stitch wounds. The healer comes in a clean outfit: a pair of black jeans with flats and a silken button-up blouse that was a very soft grey. Her medical satchel is at her side which looks to be more of a giant purse if anything to remain classy. The frizzy haired girl held herself well, and she was surprised she had been impressing Edith. The small garden awaited her. Emilia awaited for her. The freckled woman comes almost to the clearing, yet she notices blood marks that smear the ground. “Oh—“ she cuts off as she follows the trail. Her pace becomes more brisk until she is in the clearing of the archway where she finds the leader and mentor impaled. “Oh, Gods. Miss Emilia.” The healer quickly walks up and falls to her knees. Her knees smudge against the blood on the ground. She does the first response she should do. To check if Emilia is awake. “Miss Emilia,” she says again sternly. Her eyes flood with focus and concern, however trauma was what Penelope knew well. The girl leans down to listen to a heartbeat if there was one. If she was still breathing, she would examine the diagonal metal that was punctured through the woman’s body. What organs were damaged? Where did the metal actually angle itself in the fall?

Emilia didn’t open her eyes mostly to play the part of the fallen victim she wanted to test Penelope with. Luckily she was made of winter making it almost too easy to lay still on the ground with a piece of metal in her or well through her gut. When Pene would lean in to listen for a heart beat she would be surprised by the sounds that she would hear, possibly a double take to make sure she heard right. There was not one but two beating hearts, in her chest, that had a rhythm with one another. One would beat and a moment later as if in response to the first the second would beat. Every third beat was missed by the first though the second never missed a beat. Two hearts? Not an everyday thing. The metal piece based on the angle it stuck out had went in at such an angle that it would have missed all vital organs. For a fall the Genasi was either really lucky with a miracle fall or it was done on purpose by someone with medical knowledge to miss all the innards. Yet, the lead healer was breathing with very slow and shallow breaths with her hearts working in tune with one another.

Penelope heard the two heartbeats and her face sort of twists at the strangeness. What would happen if one heart stopped? Would the other? Did she have two lives? Either way, the healer is relieved to hear the beating of the genasi. The angles that are observed also make the woman exhale that there were no important organs damaged. It was a clean wound, although blood was lost, and most likely, there would be more blood loss if the healer would remove it. Either way, she knew she had to and could not leave the woman there, but at the angle the frosty woman was at, she would be nervous to pull her up. She would have to be diligent. The girl quickly opens her satchel and pulls out a few gauze pads and rests them on her knees. “Well… let’s see if I can sit you up,” she mutters to herself. Gingerly, the woman is placing a hand underneath the smaller woman. Thankfully Emilia was even shorter than the five foot, two healer. Slowly, she is using her strength the sit Emilia up while the freckled girl slides behind her to support her backside. Her shoulders making sure they are nowhere near the metal to budge it. If she could, she would prep the gauze in her lap. “This is going to hurt like a mother,” beat, “but…” the healer begins to pull the twisted metal out from behind her back; reversing the metal that went through her gut. She tries to pull it at the diagonal it went through to back track. This way, she does not scrape any organs and damage them. If she succeeds, she would quickly drop the metal with a “clank” and tightly squeeze the woman with a quick switch of the gauze. Almost like a bear hug. There goes that silken shirt. Blood stains galore!

Emilia moved like a frozen ragdoll in the hands of the other woman and was an odd weight to move. She wasn’t heavy, but she wasn’t as light as she looked either. Most feared a strong breeze would snap the tiny healer in half if it blew wrong. Her head felt like a normal weighted head, but her shoulders and arms along with upper half sported a different weight than would be expected, just slightly heavier. However, like the wintery ice she was like the movement left her sitting rather well for Penelope, like a frozen statue of sorts. As the rod came out a sound like metal scraping over metal came from the process at the area where the bar was closest to a hip bone. Odd. As the rod came free the Genasi opened her eyes and let out a gusto of a high-pitched shriek, more of a whistle of winter through ice coated branches, of faked pain and startlement of awakening. The gauze around the wound spotted with blood but didn’t fill with blood as they would have if Emilia was the squishy human girl she once was. Holding her natural healing abilities of self back was the hard part. The insides were already beginning to heal from inside out. If Penelope glanced at the open wound, she would be able to watch it slowly mending and catch a glimpse of something shinny in her hip. With an exhale the Genasi rested a hand on the woman’s arm, being careful to keep the cold at a minimum, “Oh, thank the Gods you arrived, Penelope. I believe you pass with flying colors,” she stated with a smile crossing blue lips, “Terribly sorry about your attire. I shall buy you a new set to make up for it.”

Penelope could hear the scraping against what sounded like a bone. The girl normally was weak, but with the training she had with Krice, her strength was returning, so Emilia’s weight balanced out. Also with Krice’s training, came awareness. He told her to be prepared for anything, so the healer was sensitive to noise. She prepared herself, especially when dealing with patients. Linken also did the same when she was taking care of him in battered state. He screamed, for that would normally startle her, but she was learning. Trauma cases were Penelope’s strongest points. The woman had the calmest face for someone in the medical field, so when the mentor lets out a shrilling scream due to the ‘pain’, the girl is quick to instigate soothing remedies. “Shh, Miss Emilia, you’re okay now. We are going to get you out of here safely,” her tone is put together and light all the same to bring comfort to the patient. The blood did not spew like it should have been which leaves a crease in the healer’s forehead. The next step was to glance at the wound to check how bad it was and… the internal flesh was mending. “Uh,” and the girl is stumped as the genasi rests a cool hand on her arm. “What?” The focused face becomes puckered in a deep train of confused thought. “You mean you’re not...?” ‘Hurt’ is what she meant to say. The healer is left speechless at the test given to her with a gaped mouth. “Err, not worried about the shirt so much. I need to be more of a minimalist anyway,” she is trying to smile, but her mind is connecting the situation. “I’m just glad you’re okay and that… I guess I passed?” The smile slowly grows and there is a fit of nervous and still muddled laughter in hesitation. “What a greeting. You had me worried. Wouldn’t want you out –again-. I’ve been meaning to see your face for a while,” she smirks realizing she is still behind the woman. She then scoots back to get on her feet again dusting off herself, though the blood, of course, remains.

Emilia tried her hardest not to laugh at the confusion that was plastered over Penelope’s face staring down at the mending wound, and she did manage to not laugh. After Pene had risen from the ground the Genasi had followed suit in standing up all the while dusting herself off, though her clothes were already worn, dirt covered, and bloody. Not a clean polished look that Penelope had worn into the garden, nor the proper look that her old pal always sported. She was a dirty mess from working all day and didn’t mind it one bit, having previously been a farmer and all. “I am all right, Miss Penelope. Though I am know for being clumsy and getting myself into trouble you will be easily able to tell when I am actually down for the count, again,” she spoke softly in a way that almost suggested there in fact would be another time. Tying her long dreads into a mess of a bun atop her head she pointed toward a part of the garden where a blanket had been laid out with a picnic basket sitting on it, “Would you like a drink? Some crackers and cheese?” She offered while walking over herself to take a seat on one side of the blanket. Looking toward the other she spoke softly, “Part of being within a group of people is learning about the people within your net, almost as if each one is a constant patient of yours, even if you never treat them for wounds. We work solo almost as much as we work in pairs or larger groups. It is wise to learn your people so that you do not make a mistake of healing one in a way that would cause them more harm.” Opening the basket she reached in and pulled out a small package that was neatly wrapped with a gold letter P across it and handed it over to Penelope.

“Well, let’s hope that’s not anytime soon,” she leans in as her smile returns back to its normal crooked state. Her voice returns grace as they flicker to the blanket spread. “A drink sounds perfect. Especially after that near heart attack,” she teases with dramatics in her tone. The girl follows behind if Emilia moves forth. The girl rests down on the blanket while Emilia speaks. She keeps steady eyes on the genasi. “Surely, I need to meet more of my people, for that is something I am lacking. You know, I have been thinking of a brunch. Maybe even here? It’s lovely. We can invite everyone that way we can all learn our people, you know?” As Emilia presents the package with a golden letter, she is sort of taken aback. “Oh—erm, really? You shouldn’t have,” although Penelope does not know what the package is for. She gives a small nervous smirk before generously taking the package. Slowly, she begins to unwrap the packaging. “Lovely packaging,” she compliments. She then begins to talk more. “Maybe everyone can bring a dish? Or maybe the Healer’s Guild can just hire some catering? I think it’s important to know all of our focuses,” she continues while she completely opens the package.

Emilia smiled simple as she pulled forth cups and drinks from within her basket of goodies. There were two cups, an assortment of crackers, cheeses, fruits, and both wine and water. “Help yourself. I don’t really know what warm bloods eat these days, most are not fond of the more frozen foods,” she said softly waiting to see the reaction to the item actually within the package itself. Inside the wrapped package there was an enchanted herb pouch that sported the same golden P woven into the sage green fabric. She would wait out the reaction before speaking again. In the meantime she listened to the suggestion while pouring herself a glass of the white wine then set the bottle back in the middle. “I believe it is a lovely idea that we get together for a relaxed meet and greet now that we have more than a few members within our ranks. Edith was indeed right about you. A promising fresh talent eager to grow like the roots of a solid oak.” A smile followed by a slow sip of her wine. “As an new Adeptus minor I find you will very much enjoy that herbal pouch there. It is specially enchanted to never be empty. Any herb that grows in the greenhouse in Frostmaw can be summoned with it. If the herb doesn’t appear, then the greenhouse is either freshly out or lacking the herb all together. I find that it makes it much easier than carrying around a bag full of small bags full of herbs hoping to have the right herb with you.” With that she popped a strawberry into her mouth, the red juice mixed with her blue tinted lips to make them slightly purple in spots.

Penelope does not even hesitate with the request. When it came to food, well, the girl was almost a different being. Ardelians. They liked to eat. “Thank you,” she then proceeds forth to pour a cup of wine and delve into the crackers midst package opening. She was dainty with opening gifts. Either way, once the paper is peeled away, she sees the initialed emblem on the sage fabric. “Oh my Sven,” her voice is almost at a loss. “This is… beautiful. Amazing even. This is… so thoughtful,” she exhales and a warm closed-lipped unpainted smile forms. Genuine. Honest. “I am so thankful, Emilia. This truly means a lot to me, and I am so happy that you and Edith see the potential I have.” The woman hugs the pouch close to her chest to cherish the sweet moment. She was growing, and people were noticing. Moss eyes fall on the woman again. “An Adeptus minor? You mean I can take newcomers under my wing?” Her face is in pure awe and admiration. Emilia could relate, for she had once been in Penelope’s shoes. She shakes her head in disbelief. “Perfect, I’ll get right on the meeting. But this pouch will be the handiest tool. No more sorting through my bag on the spot. Ugh, this is perfect,” she groans with happiness. “I won’t let you down. I am here to work hard. Not fool around. If you need anything, I would be honored to be someone you seek out,” she then grabs another cracker and places cheese on top and munches down.

Emilia had for a moment an ear to ear smile watching the pure delight settle into Penelope’s soul at recovering her newest addition to her healing ensemble. “Yes, you can bring one person under your wing if you feel they met the guild requirements. Do remember that they are your responsibility and their actions speak onto yours. If you find one, let me know so we can met….also, I meant it when I said you passed, Miss Penelope. I don’t go about ramming metal rods through my gut everyday without an intended purpose,” she chuckled taking a sip of her wine after admitting she had managed to put that piece from the construction area through her stomach. Wouldn’t that hurt? It should have hurt under normal circumstances, yet Emilia found it almost a joke of an action. “I can’t say that I am the best role model to follow, Miss Penelope, but once upon a time I was like you just finding my place in this land. A squishy curly blonde-haired farming human girl with a knack for trouble. I suppose that I still have the knack for trouble, but not so much the rest anymore.” She ate quietly for a moment on the berries. Wiping her mouth with a napkin she asked a question this time, “In the chaos of this event what did you learn?” It was simple though the way she said it the question held more depth to it. While she waited an answer she munched happily on the berries, never touching crackers or cheese.

Penelope loved carbs, so it was a perfect balance. She listens to her mentor as she mentions that the person would reflect on herself. She would be ready if someone sought her out. “Why, of course. I’m ready for that responsibility when the time comes if someone seeks me specifically.” The girl then tilted her head. “Yeah, I hope ramming rods is a rare occurrence,” she sort of snickers in that confused way again. She was still unsure what Emilia even was. Who she was, though time would answer that question, she was sure. Emilia seemed fine, either way, so the healer was not too worried. “I think we all have our faults, Miss Emilia. No one is perfect, but it is true that I am, too, now finding my place. Sometimes I play it too safe,” she admits. “So I admire you.” Pause. The woman finally grabs a berry and pops it in her mouth before drinking her wine. The wine was sour compared to the sweet berry. The genasi’s question swirls through her mind and the witty girl is silent for a while. “I learned… that no matter the depth of the situation, always remain calm. And even if someone is moving, or not in as much distress as you think, still play it safe and remain cautious of their health—it may be shock,” she looks the genasi up and down. “I don’t know how you mended so quickly, but of course my mind still lingers on your internal health. You appear fine. Are you fine? Any pain?” The girl jumps back to her concerned expression just to make sure everything is completely okay with the mentor. “And well, I learned that I need to study more anatomy types because I think I heard two heart beats?” And, yes, that was even stranger.

Emilia listened to Penelope as she listed what she learned today. As chatty as the healer could be she had also learned to become a well vested listener as well. Tending to patients often meant to listen to their concerns while also reading their body language to gauge what needed to be done and in which manner to approach them. Penelope was easy to read, if only because the Genasi could relate to her from her days being as lively and eager as she was. She finished the wine in her glass before going about answering the questions presented to her by the other lady, “I assure you that my innards are just fine. Something in the change has gifted my body a natural ability to heal itself. I would presume it is like when we magically heal another wound, speeding up the time it would take to reach a desired mend. Ice is known for spread and filling in the cracks, so I heal pretty quickly and have a harder time remaining injured,” here she winked, “I do not feel pain as my body seems to be stuck in a permanent state of pure numbness. Much like some of the slaves we use prior to stitches on children to numb the flesh so they don’t feel it. That is me, numb and cold. I can manage to react to what should be pain based on my previous time as a human. I remember pain, but don’t feel it. I also cannot feel the temperature, physically. It could be freezing or boiling hot. I do kinda wilt in the extreme heat and suffer from it, but don’t really feel what I suffer.” Stuffing berries into her mouth to let Penelope dwell on the strange being before her. Finally, she added, “You did hear right. I have two hearts as a result of my last down moment. You won’t find books on my anatomy, it doesn’t exist. My kind is rarely seen, let alone long enough to be written down in depth. I do have some outdated journals from a prior times being an experiment and cut open and put back together. Outdated, but you are more than welcome to read them, or create some new ones.”

Penelope finishes her own wine while Emilia talks. She was fine, and the freckled girl relaxes her shoulders. She listens to the magical tendencies of the genasi’s body. “Huh,” she sort of crinkled her nose trying to connect the dots. She was made of magic which was something she was lacking. “Magic. You’re magical,” she repeats. She then nods along trying to follow the woman’s banter on her kind. Her reactions to pain. “You’re truly something,” she says and it’s hard to tell whether this comment is good or bad until the girl leans in. Eyes flicker up and down. “I would be more than eager to read your journals… I would love to learn something about your kind even if anatomy books don’t exist. Especially the curiosity of two hearts… does that mean you have two lives?” The question is rhetorical. “Much to study, I suppose. Always. And in the meantime, maybe learn more from you. Magic maybe. I need to learn to use my magic. I come from a line of druids. I don’t know if it relates, but either way, I would love a mentor in the sense. Perhaps if you can’t help, maybe another mentor to be set with?”

Emilia smiled at the other as she could sense the wonder in her eyes at the oddity she saw before her and the thirst to understand even a part of it. “I am not sure if my magic is the same as what you sport in your veins for magic, but I would be happy to see if we are compatible matches with magical training and if not I will find someone who is a match with yours. We can always learn something from one another. For now, let us work on getting a meet and greet together to see what we are working with, people wise. Then make more plans for things to come. I am very proud to have you within my ranks, Miss Penelope. As for now, I am going to retire to my room at the Inn and contemplate what test to give you next time.” She winked before starting to pack up the small area they were using in the garden. “If you’d like you can charge a room yourself under the guild. I look forward to meeting with you again sometime soon.” All packed up she stood to gather the blanket last after the other was standing. With a wave she would depart the meeting toward the inn. This is a Healer's Guild RP.