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[[RP: Putting A Butchered Cow To Use|Part 3, and the conclusion, of Kasyr's hunt for Slintora]]
[[RP:Putting A Butchered Cow To Use|Part 3, and the conclusion, of Kasyr's hunt for Slintora]]

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Fengoth Falls

Steaming mists rise toward the sky as a wave of scorching air beats against your face. Harsh, acrid fumes soon follow. You glance around, nearly blinded by the steam and deafened by the thundering falls, and find yourself to be standing upon a narrow stone ledge. Cracked and crumbling in places, the outcropping is perched dangerously close to the mighty Fengoth falls themselves, and there is an extreme danger of falling into the acidic water below.

Slintora was sitting on the the very ledge of the steaming falls. The surrounding acid was in a sick way comforting, if the weak soil crumbled, he would instantly plunge to his death. He was reliving the past, his mind replaying the battle that occurred here over and over again. His father conjuring up a barrier and he using his flames to pierce them, sending the corpse of his father into the depths of the acid below. The bones were more than likely long gone from there, eaten away over the years by the powerful liquids. Zephyr rang quietly in his palms, his ethereal serpent spirit curled around the blade, "Our time is over friend. I sense it. Good bye." He began to glow, the power of fire and his unusual shifting abilities getting sucked into the sword and its sheath before it vanished. It was unknown where Zephyr went, its master hopefully better at wielding it than he was. Slintora had no power left, his emotional sparks were dead. He essentially had no reason to live because he had no desire to do anything anymore. But yet he had no motivation to let himself die either, it was a strange state to be stuck in, trapped in a world of living you have no desire to be in, but also no desire to go to the realm of the dead. He would sit there and idly ponder these things, not a care in the world.

Kasyr is a fair deal more passionate than his chosen prey, the Kensai having effectively thrown himself into the task of seeking out the minotaur. In effect, there is a solitary streak of lightning which tears across the sky, crashing into one area after another: Cenril, Kelay, The desert anew..the list continues. Each pause is thunderous in nature, the Revenant scouring through those locations which most resonate with the minotaur, before he headed on to the next- the only true pauses he took consisting of what brief time it took him to murder a creature present so that he could restore himself. And so, it's in this manner that he re-introduces himself to Slintora- effectively crashing down into the midst of the ledge, his violent introduction serving well enough to cause the outcropping they stand upon to shudder in protest. "Evenin'."

Slintora pulls out a ritual dagger from his belt, staring at it briefly, "It is with this blood that I return myself to my Goddess to suffer the punishment that she sees befitting for me. I have transgressed against her, refusing her demands and thus require punishment." he stopped in his mumbles to look up at the reason why the ground shook, a few chunks of the very ledge he sat upon breaking off and descending, only to crash into the pool below. "Hello." his voice was monotone, dead. His eyes didn't even have the fiery light in them, they were brown again, just like his hair. "Why have you come here?" He idly ran the edge of the dagger across his palm, watching a rivulet of crimson begin to flow.

Kasyr extends his right arm off to the side, before he sharply flicks it towards Slintora, a sickening miasma of sanguine and obsidian surging forth from Revenants arms, as those ourobros that lied inked upon his skin now squirmed free of their fleshy moorings. Within a few breaths time, a vile hissing katana laid outstretched within the Kensais hand- tip pointed firmly at Slintora, "To end you." A true enough statement, since should Slintora move to make an aggressive action, or cast himself back into those acidic fall which roared hungrily behind him- the Kensai would be all too quick to surge forward with a literally-lightning swift blow. His intention would be simple: to pierce Slintora's heart with Gospel, and effectively directhis body with lightning fueled momentum clear of those ravenous acidic waters which festered beneath them.

Slintora slowly shakes his head, closing his eyes and mouth against whatever it was that came his way, "You are already too late. I have nothing left. You will merely be stabbing a shell. I have allowed my Ryder soul to ascend from this place back home. It will probably be nurtured and given a new body. I failed my Goddess, but I will not let you take me. It would not be fair. This world has consumed my wife, my daughter, and my granddaughter. I will not allow myself to be consumed as well. I have been freed." with that he turned the dagger onto his heart and pressed it through, piercing the vulnerable organ with ease. Luck so had it that the ground finally gave way underneath him, and he fell to the bottom of the acidic pool where his remains would be eaten away.

Kasyrs' reaction, at least to any onlooker, would appear to be instantaneous- a sudden flaring of electrical energy pouring off of his being, with the only taint within the otherwise immaculate element coming from the sudden ionization of the flesh upon his left arm, staining it a peculiar shade of scarlet. Nonetheless, that new formed wound does little to hinder the Revenants movements as he streaks forward across the area, surnatural speed used to draw the Katana across Slintoras stomach. Kasyr, after all, is a firm believer in 'confirming the kill' as it were. A fact that he's more than willing to prove as he proceeds to use his invocation of his element to effectively flicker to and fro around the Minotaur, slamming into him with enough force to redirect his fall towards the shore of the acid pools- whilst carving countless lacerations into his body. For the most part, they'd be shallow, save for the final blow which is intended for his heart- the Revenant quite intent upon pulverizing that organ.

Slintora was knocked about, his limp form being tossed about like a ragdoll. He wouldn't even be an exciting kill because he no longer had the gift of his other form. He was born into this shape, but granted the bull form by his goddess. He was also already on the verge of death, and would finish it himself. A quick turn of the blade and the ichor of life started streaming down his chest, and then out of his mouth. He was done, crashing against the shore that the kensai wanted him to land upon.

Kasyr lifts himself out of the crouched stance he had ended in, dragging his katana out of the wound that slintora's dagger mirrored. A brief flick of the blade to the side served to remove that blood from his blade, before he simply slides it into the Obsidian sheathe which has since materialized at his hip. With his business complete, and 'Justice' having been done, all that remains for the Revenant to do, is grab hold of Slintoras' carcass and drag it clear of the area.

Part 3, and the conclusion, of Kasyr's hunt for Slintora