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==Vailkrin City Road==  
==Vailkrin City Road==  
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Part of the Unforseen Consequences Arc

Vailkrin City Road

Kasyr is busy being harangued by a trio of individuals- rather vigorously, if the frequency at which documents and quills are being jostled in his direction. Taking just long enough to scribble something out for a bespectacled and ever so bookish looking black haired lass, the Kensai promptly segues into shooing her away, "Yes, Yes. Madamoiselle Ginavi can have the bodies of whatever aberrations crop up in the city. So long as she also remains willing to let those of House Markan et Mahara poke at them. Since that es all..." Except that it isn't, since the lass procures yet another scroll to prod at him, this one having something to do with funding for.. a task, item, or other undefined thing which the Revenant isn't all that keen on paying attention to. Instead, his attention simply drifts over to the two gentleman that have his attention, "Look. Whilst I am fully in support of your endeavours to ascertain why there are stars going out in the sky," Apparently, "Until such a time as it es proven to be a difference that es...more than aesthetic, I'm less than inclined to provide funding for this endeavour. Especially when there es still repairs to the city to be attended to." The man from House Markan looks positively flustered at this statement, though his compatriot from the scholarly house of Mahara ... doesn't really seem to react. At all. Probably because this particular conversation has been addressed with the Kensai a few times, at this point.

Satoshi watches this all from her ideal seat perched on the eaves of a nearby house, wreathed as usual in her cloak of frosted mists. For the most part, she's amused by the trio of dedicated vampires succeeding in flustering her husband, but as time wears on it becomes more and more obvious they have no intentions of releasing the Revenant. Which leads to a twinge of jealousy and frustration taking hold of the magus, a slowly building anger encouraging her into intervening. To aid Satoshi's endeavors, the ever-present fog coiling about Vailkrin's streets are called upon, drawn to this particular section of road and coaxed to take on a less erratic form upon approach. As the fingers of mist begin curling about the three petitioners, they solidify into a series of serpents, beady eyes aglow with an azure light as they flick tiny forked tongues in the vampire's faces. "Run along home, puppies," Satoshi's voice snarls from the fogs, the words echoed in hisses from the snakes as their coils tighten ever so slightly, "he's got more important business to tend to." From her place on the roof, Satoshi's not made easily visible, save for twin blazes of of that infernal amber--for the sake of theatrics--that glower down on the earnest vampires.

Satoshi could probably have just asked them nicely to leave, but where's the fun in that?

Satoshi puts the squeeze on vampire petitioners, like a boss.

Kasyr watches as his vampiric 'antagonists' are promptly possessed by the desire to be elsewhere- something which has them squeaking out hurried excuses, and then promptly departing with all due haste. All of them, save for the bookish lass- who levels her gaze up towards the source of the 'demand', scowls, and -then- departs. The kensai, on the other hand, takes this time to finally relax, stretching his arms out above his head, if only to fold them up behind his neck. From there, he simply proceeds to rock back and forth on his heels, "Bonne soir, Cherie."

Satoshi, although the bookish vampire can't see her, still sticks out her tongue in retort to the scowl. Take that! Once the group is gone, however, so too is the snake-ish mist, leaving the foxkin perfectly visible, vulpine smirk and all, as she peers at the kensai. "Evenin', cutey," it's the closest thing she can manage to a purr while no longer a cat, "Ya 'ere all alone tonight~? You're always welcome to come on up here an' join me~." Judging by the faint accent and the prior serpent-themed spell, Satoshi likely just got back from haunting Alithrya, specifically a corner or two, where the peculiar humanoid cilents of naga 'escorts' make for easy targets--and entertaining eavesdropping, as far as the kit is concerned. Those that seek out half-human snakes for company do tend to have all sorts of juicy secrets and confessions, after all.

Kasyr cants his head off to one side, as though contemplating the request- before he directs his attention upwards, "Well, I do think my evening schedule did just clear up..et out, as it were. So I guess I'll take tu up on that invitation, madamoiselle." That said, the Revenant meanders over towards the alley alongside the roof- hopping onto a nearby barrel, if only to use it as a stepping stone to scrabble onto the roof, "So, what brings a lady like yourself, to such a place as this, Cherie?"

Satoshi feigns interest in inspecting her claws while Kasyr makes his way to the rooftop, only glancing up in a sidelong fashion once he's present and speaking. "Oh, I don't know. I heard there was a roguish cat roaming around, difficult to catch but well worth the trouble. You haven't seen him, have you~? About this tall," said claws are lifted to hover just above the kensai's hair, where calico ears are given a faint stroke, "Got an accent that can melt Frostmaw. And there's something decidedly calico about him. Yes? No? Maybe so? I have an interesting trinket that might hold his eye long enough for me to snag 'im, if I'm lucky." And oh so casually does the magus nudge a small leather satchel into the gap between herself and the revenant. Yet, despite casual demeanor and dull packaging, there is nothing simple about the 'trinket' within. A fact Kasyr might be able to sense even at a distance, as it gives off a potent aura of magical suppression with that signature flair Satoshi's dubbed "Essence of Leech". Couple that with the heightened feelings of unease, disgust, hatred, and displeasure emanating from Satoshi from beneath her playful mask, and it becomes obvious it's not as lighthearted a visit at it might have seemed.

Kasyr is all but poised to try and catch the satchel- until he detects something 'off' about it. It's for that reason he simply waits for it to fall, if only to stare down at the humble little package for a few moments, eyes narrowing upon the foul little 'prize'. By this point, it is certainly clear he recognizes the originator, based on the fixed scrutiny that afforded to the object- and the manner in which his jaw clenches and unclenches. "..Might be aware." It's only after a certain sense of morbid curiosity finally manages to overtake the Kensai, that he brings himself to nudge the satchel open with his foot- warily eyeing the object, "Though I'm not sure this es the kind of gift you'd give to a friend." Giving something that palpably emanates anti-magic to a magical entity? Who would guess that such a thing would be a 'faux pas'?!

Satoshi watches the kensai eyeing the necklace, face unreadable, before she murmurs, "It wasn't a gift. It was an invitation. That thing needs to meet a quick, permanent, and horrible end." Grimacing, she shifts the satchel to conceal the item again, obviously uncomfortable with it being in sight for long. "You're the only one who knows I have it, the other is dead, unless -he's- aware now too. But that's all the more reason to deal with it soon." With a sigh, the kit flops back to sprawl atop the roof where she can stare up at the stars. A moment is spent this way, and another is spent frowning as she tries to recall if a constellation or two has gone missing, then the kit pipes up with, "I want to go home." This is Satoshi speak for 'I refuse to go home until that thing is taken care of, but I don't want any listening Leeches to know this.' She's fairly certain Kasyr is fluent in Sato-speak.

Kasyr continues to stare at it, even as he reaches into his pockets for a cigarette. "I have it on good authority that he can neither see nor hear things within my vicinity- unless he deigns to directly intervene. That being said... Whilst on some level, I'd like to see this used against him in some ironic fashion... Well. There is no doubt preventative measures for halting that. So." With a snap of his fingers, a simple mass of condensed electrical energy is brought into being to light his smoke, "Break it. I'd do it- but I don't really have Gospel on me. You know, given it's. . .er. . . little bout of lunacy."

Satoshi's search for vaguely recalled constellations is diverted to a quick scrutiny of the moons above, as if she could actually spot Gospel from here. If anything could break a creation of the Time Lord's, it's that hellish sword. But unfortunately her husband sent it on vacation, which leaves them empty han- "I bet Asorial could do it!" Satoshi blurts out the thought the instant it hits. Sitting up, she looks toward Kasyr, trying to gauge his opinion before he can reply. She's fed the scythe a variety of warped and powerful energies, of course, but never anything that was designed to eat magic in return. Gospel she'd have no worries over harming, it had taken a beating from Solaris after all. Asorial, however, has never been pushed to its breaking point before, which leaves the kit in the dark as to just how much it could handle. Thus, another reason to have sought out Kasyr over this. Not only is he the closest thing to an expert on all things Vuryal, but weapons are up his alley as well.

Kasyr looks somewhat pensive, though that particular expression is not exactly long lived. " Probablement, really. All the weapons share certain traits, after all, from Gospel, to Empera. Every one of these weapons possess a certain degree of unnatural destructive capability, in tandem with a seemingly boundless durability, as well as the more personalized boons. Admittedly- your weapon is more voracious then most..which in this case, might prove beneficial. J'en sais pas." A shrug, and the Revenant simply begins to tweak his ears, "I imagine at worst, it might take a few swings, if there's any defensive wards on it." Kasyr simply shrugs, after that.

Satoshi scowls, although the look is more thoughtful than vexed. His opinions relatively echoed her own, a reassuring thing when plunging into the unknown. "It's worth a shot. Although, -where- to do it is another question. I can't imagine anything of the Leech's making dying quietly." Look at his Wraiths for perfect examples. "I'd rather not draw eyes on us by levelling a house, only to find the thing isn't fully destroyed, y'know?"

Kasyr points down at the building they're seated on, a lazy cat-like expression adopted. "Cherie. We're sitting on the Hanging Corpse. If a more complex network of defensive magi .. wait. Nevermind. Yeah. Um. The arena, likely seems to be a wise choice." And that said, the Kensai abruptly hops off the roof, and starts to amble onwards.

Satoshi scoops up the satchel and follows after her husband, saying, "I'm not sure Steadman would appreciate... whatever it is that's going to happen from this. ...I'm going to need some wards or something." And on to the arena with similar anxious mumblings.

Dark Arena

Satoshi shouted, "Oh, oh! Idea! Watch the stupid thing, I'll be right back!"

Satoshi scurries off, after tossing the satchel to Kasyr.

Kasyr looks like he's just been tasked with shoveling all the dung out a centaur city. Which is to say. Oh-so-unhappy. That being said, holding onto the Satchel as tasked.

Satoshi, after a short stop off to one of the masouleums she uses for storage, returns with that macabre creation of hers, the foul little broodling blend of the mutilated bones of the former innocent half-elf--tormented to death by Satoshi in a fit of madness--encased with Bozrah's Wraithen Ice. In the darkened skeleton's hands rests Asorial, its own black ice form gleaming with malicious light as if determined to show the Wraith-borne element just how wicked ice could truly be. Satoshi doesn't pay the I'm More Evil Than Thou contest any mind, however, too preoccupied with approaching Kasyr, head held high and a veritable spring in her step out of sheer pride for her own cleverness. After all, now the skeleton--and its freakishly durable frigid shell--can endure whatever traps the Time Lord has set within the item, rather than herself directly. With a smug grin, she extends her hand for the satchel. "Let's do this~."

Kasyr hucks the satchel over towards Satoshi, then promptly resumes his ceaseless task of 'chain smoking and looking cool'. This endeavour is only made easier once he's meandered over towards one of the Arena's walls, so that he can promptly slouch against it. By this point, the only thing left for him to do, is to stuff his hands into his pockets and call out, "I would stand back, just in case." . . . "Of explosions."

Satoshi gives Kasyr a flat look. "You think so~? I had intended to stand next to it while skeleton-made-meat-shield took a swing or two. Your idea is probably better." Dripping sarcasm aside, Satoshi hurries to place the satchel in the center of the arena, carefully unwrapping the amber and obsidian item, before scurrying back to stand beside Kasyr. Skeleton, Asorial, and distance still aren't enough to put the kit at ease, however, and she devotes a number of moments to weaving a curved wall of thick ice around them, and a second one encircling those groups if objects waiting in the arena's middle. With that completed, Satoshi sighs, shakes herself, and looks sidelong at Kasyr, her expression a mixture of anxiety and excitement. "...Want to take bets on what happens~?"

Satoshi dropped 1 magic-inhibitor obsidian-necklace.

Kasyr , despite his attempts to maintain a solid aura of 'awesome', can't help but totally offer Satoshi an absolutely child-like and ecstatic grin, "Honestly? Sort of hoping for an explosion, maybe the skeleton getting sent flying clear from the arena- et maybe a bit of cursing so profound we can hear it all the way from Serpent City. But..J'en doute. It's probably going to be a bit quieter than that. Knowing my luck, it's going to be an utter anti-climax."

Satoshi glances around cautiously before leaning forward and whispering to Kasyr, "Just between us? I'm hoping for that too~." Whatever worries she might have been carrying over this experiment have been relatively put to rest now that Satoshi isn't essentially sacrificing herself. She's quite certain the combination of Wraithen Ice and Asorial will be enough to break the object, and if not render it useless, at least damage it enough to make it hardly a threat rather than the terrifying thing described to her by Cerinii. Grinning in a fashion not unlike her husband, the foxkin turns her attention onto the skeleton and nods, the gesture a useless but visible cue coupled with the unspoken magical one that sends its directives into action. Without preamble, the frozen creature lifts Asorial above its head and brings it down in a powerful swing, the scythe's keen tip hitting the amber stone dead center with an audible crack. For a brief second nothing happens save for the slow spreading of three hairline fractures across the once flawless surface, but once the fissures reach the edges of the rounded stone, a blast of bronze light erupts from them. Yet no explosion follows. Instead, the metallic-hued light ripples outward in a wave of glistening dust motes. As the specks of light touch upon the skeleton, it collapses in a wash of black water and bone shards, a steaming and hissing Asorial lying within the puddle born of skeleton and melted icy wall. The arena's resident zombies suffer similar fates when touched, the enchantments maintaining their existence erased by a feather's touch to leave them toppling over like puppets with strings cut. "Aww, hellfire," Satoshi manages to growl before it reaches her secondary wall and reduces it to so much water, along with the variety of other pieces of enchanted ice she wears until the magus is left soaked and standing in a small, frigid pool of former augmentations. Even Kasyr's magically-lit cigarette is at risk, along with his scarf and collective gear. The wave carries on for a short distance more before its momentum fades away, leaving behind a trail of erased enchantments, wards, and spells, while Satoshi sways, unsteady on her feet by the sensation of anti-magic passing through her magically-attuned veins. "Nnn. That... was milder than expected... but still enough of a nuisance... to be obviously the Leech's work... And I feel like I'm going to be sick..." Asorial is the only one that seems to be truly bothered, as it continues to screech, trying to devour the motes of amber light while they endeavor to unravel the scythe's magical existence.

Satoshi is very, very glad she left her satchel in the Hanging Corpse.

Kasyr s' cigarette isn't really all that much at risk, considering that once it had begun to burn, the combustion could be considered mundane. On the other hand, Kasyr actually feels worn out and altogether ill at ease. Insult to injury comes in the form of his scarf no longer fluttering, and his goggles having been made all but useless- a development which essentially is going to necessitate, respectively, yet another visit to the Cenril 'Clothing' Specialist, and the Duergar. "Mon dieu.. I can't wait until I burn his city to the ground." Because it's going to happen now. That's not even a question. ". . ." Still, seeing as there's an altogether lack of horrible catastrophes beyond this, the Revenant simply perseveres in leaning against the arena wall- staring blankly up at the ever darkening sky.

Satoshi feels decidedly off-balance, which can be explained by the fact that her replicated right arm has joined the rest of the melted ice at her feet and taken all the counter balancing weight with it. Still, aside from severe inconveniences and the onset of an otherwordly headache, the kit considers this a relative success. Asorial's own battle is slowly being won, the motes losing out to its tenacious essence, or fading of their own accord, until only a smattering of the material remains clinging to the ice scales. Closely inspecting these specks when she retrieves the scythe, Satoshi can't help raising her brows in slight worry. "Do you think they'll stay on there..?" she asks with a look to Kasyr, "And if they'll interfere with anything?" As long as they don't interfere, Satoshi can't find herself complaining, as the bits remind her of the amber flecks in her own eyes, just serving to further her affinities to the weapon.

Kasyr gives Satoshi a faint shrug in response, "Cherie- I'm knowledgeable on the weapons, yes. However- considering I didn't exactly predict Gospel nearly waking up, it would be safe to say that my knowledge es not without its gaps. Especially when in regards to the particular nuances of other peoples arnaments. J'en sais pas, enfin. Still- I doubt that it'll interfere with much, at least in the long run." That said, the Kensai gingerly pushes himself away from the wall, if only to move alongside Satoshi and move an arm about her waist- so as to provide her a means of balance. "Onwards?"

Satoshi eyes Asorial a moment longer just to ensure it's not going to succumb to the necklace's latent powers anytime soon. When it makes no attempts to do so and only voices a vexed hiss, the kit allows it to go dormant so that it can process and mend, or... whatever it is it does when not physically present. Satoshi, now with her hand free and balance aided by Kasyr, can scoop up the remains of the item left on the ground and show it to the kensai. The obsidian that had made up the extent of the piece is a mangled mess that crumbles away upon contact, leaving the centerpiece of amber resting in Satoshi's palm in three even chunks. "...Can you feel it? There's still some of it remaining. But... divided, and weakened," the magus murmurs, eyes locked on the trio of broken stones. One such piece is offered to Kasyr then, with a quiet, "Keep one. They might be useful for something, if they have enough kick left." The other two are found a pocket as Satoshi mulls over the start of an idea, quickly losing herself in thought so that she nods numbly to Kasyr's question and parrots, "Onwards."

Kasyr eyes the shattered fragment for a few long moments, before he plunks the item into his..." Wait. I.." A few moments are spent furtively rummaging through his pack, if only to discern that it is entirely empty. And that he currently can feel the bottom of it. "..." Without further ado, the Kensai simply deposits the stone into his pack, before he meanders alongside Satoshi.

Satoshi, focused on plans of revenge as she is, doesn't notice Kasyr's rummaging through his pack, nor does she catch the implications. What she does notice is his pronounced silence. It's enough to bring her up short, frowning with concern. "..what is it?" Silent Kasyrs are rarely good Kasyrs.

Kasyr casually removes his pack, if only to nudge it over towards Satoshi. Beyond that, however- the Kensai likely isn't going to be all that talkative until they can get home.

Satoshi said, "Oh..."

Satoshi doesn't have much more to say than that, considering she's uncertain if an apology is in order, or condolences, or self-defense. Instead she opts for clinging to the pack and worriedly checking it every few moments, in hopes its former pocket-dimenion--and cattish occupant--reappear.

Kasyr simply ruffles Satoshis hair, before continuing on in their quiet journey home.