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Summary: Joan happens upon Khitti while the redhead goes about her studies in House Mahara's Black Library.

The Black Library, Vailkrin

It’d been some time since Khitti had been in the Black Library, beyond just recently when she stopped in to speak to Bradyn. Today was a joyous occasion for the templar! She got to bury herself completely in her studies, though most of said studies were on the Black Tides. Several books were open on the floor in a corner, notes were taken and then promptly scribbled out in frustration. How long had she been properly wielding the shadow-elements? In almost 4 years, she’d never once seen another shadow-manipulator use that black lightning she’d been able to conjure at one point. “Hrm,” she muttered to herself. Khitti started to wonder if maybe only -she- could do it, since her abilities came straight from the Shadow Plane itself. It wasn’t exactly case closed, but those books were shut and stacked up for now and a text on death knights plucked up from a separate stack. The writing began anew, with the occasional mutterings coming from the redhead as she went along.

Traveling down the stairs and into the Black Library the amethyst colored haired vampire known as Joan seem to be speaking to a small furless mouse perched on her vested shoulder. Walking pass a few tables and into the stacks her voice carried, if the creature answered the vampire, only Joan could really hear the tiny thing as it was her zombie pet animal she had raised to gain entrance into the guild, their bond was mental and visual, she was working on the vocal aspect to get it to squeak aloud...that may require more advance study, but one step at a time, she still had potions and poisons to cover and study of the Black Tides yet. Just a few nights ago she and Ernest has visited the Necromancer Tower for the first time together, a first for both and a first time meeting for them. It was a learning experience to say the least. Rounding the next corner Joan draws up short, having drawn in the scent of a stranger in the Black Library, she was rather use to visiting Necromancers but this one’s scent was rather strange and to be polite Joan voiced out a polite “Oh, hello! Has anyone offered to help you with anything?! I’m Joan, a probationary student here for the guild.” She’d say in a steady tone to the woman she comes upon, voided eyes taken in the scene.

Khitti blinked up at Joan. Were the redhead still a vampire, she likely would’ve heard her coming, but alas. Put on the spot and her mouth slightly agape, Khitti looked from Joan, to her book, and back to the vampire again as he gathered her thoughts. “I suppose I should be asking that of you, to be honest. I just recently rejoined the guild. I served as Larewen’s deputy leader, as well as a teacher here.” Her attention slid from the vampire’s face to her companion, admiring it silently as Joan took in what Khitti’d said. “I’m trying to get my teaching job back, so Bradyn’s making me work my way up again. He’s a jerk like that.” Okay, sure. Khitti understood the reasoning for him making her go through the whole rank-climbing thing again, but still. “I’m Khitti, by the way.”

Joan would offer a smile, her hand reaching out and down towards the other woman in an offer of a handshake and also as a hand to grab should she need it to help her up. “Khitti you say?! Nice to meet you, and a ex deputy leader? *her brow furrowed a bit here.* Sorry, I don’t know what that is...can you tell me more about it? Bradyn seems like a sticker for rules...*nods here.* What did you teach? “ A few questions are asked while the small undead mouse rub a tiny paw over a hairless ear in a cute manner as it’s itty bitty red glowing eyes watched the two women interact.

Khitti did indeed shake the vampire’s hand, and also used it as help to get up. “It’s, uh… Nice to meet you too, Joan.” She took her books and stacked them all on top of each other, the stack itself coming to Khitti’s hip. “ ‘Ex deputy leader’ means I used to be second-in-command of the guild. As did Bradyn, once I left. Which is why I said that I should, perhaps, be offering -you- help instead, heh.” Once she was finished with her books, she eyed the woman briefly before shifting her attention elsewhere. “What is it that you specialize in? Or -want- to specialize in? I assume you’re either here to learn new things or learn how to better some already existing skills.”

Joan thinks for a moment, going over all she had studied so far, snapping her thumb against her pinky finger as it ‘snaps’ sharply to rest along the side of her index finger as she gives Khitti her proper title, “You mean Magister Letum! The title Raevyn held. Yeah, okay.” The drifting magical aura seeping out from the corners of the vampire’s eye spark slightly as her large voided light violet eyes widen in excitement. Pointing to the books that were piled next to Khitti, Joan would offer to take a few and help transport them to the nearest table as she grew thoughtful, speaking of what she had not yet covered, “The Black Tides and potions and poisons. I’ve done a couple group study sessions, and a sole session on my own. Doing my best towards working to get back together with who I can, when we can to do more sessions as a group of two or three. I honestly have not sought out a personal teacher yet with all the personal upheaval that has been going on...I don’t think any of us have.” She explains with a frown following, a glance spared to the small mouse on her shoulder.

Khitti smirked and nodded, “Yes, that.” Joan went on to describe the things she wanted to learn and Khitti would nod again in answer about helping her get the books to a nearby table. Grabbing her own half of the stack and heading over, she said finally, “Well, I’m afraid I’m not the greatest with potions and poisons, but I used to be the guild’s Umbracryaestor. Er, that’s the Black Tides teacher.” Once Joan had added her own half of the stack to the table, Khitti started separating them out by subject so that she could return to her studies when her and Joan were finished.

Joan perked up once she was told what Khitti’s pervious teaching title was. “Ooh, Umbracryaestor you say?! Good-good! *smiles enough to show a hint of fang now.* I’d like to study with you then and when you gain your teaching position back perhaps be your student, that is should I prove to have the talent to follow that line of study.” Joan laughs lightly in a sheepish manner as she scratches at the back of the little furless mouse’s tiny head that sat on her shoulder, the zombie creature leaning into the scratching with closed little eyelids, bliss on it’s features. “ Feeling that their conversation was coming to an end Joan would excuse herself with a few words after informing the other woman where she could mostly be found, either her shop, the tavern, the tower, here at the library or the cult temple. With that the vampire merchant and her pet would disappear into the stacks to get the book she was after before departing up the stairs and out of the Black Library, on her way towards her cottage for personal study.