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Part of the Dissonance Theory Arc

Summary: In a short, meaningful exchange, Lionel promotes Ihrakah for his role in defending Vigilanti Semper from Xicotl's thralls. The two come to an understanding as the giant looks forward.

Vigilanti Semper

Ihrakah peered down at Lionel, who was still a good foot below eye-level, even when the giant kneeled. At Lionel's gesticulating, which Ihrakah took for command, he stood back to his feet again, rising up into the gloom of the armory's dark roof, only his legs and lower body staying illuminated from the candlelight from the corridor, while the two pinpoints of his eyes seemed to float disembodied in the shadow of the rafters. "I am glad that my comrades have been honoured, they died with weapon in hand, facing into battle bravely. Aramoth will see their souls are guided to their respective gods." Ihrakah bowed his head and the pinpoints disappeared briefly as he closed his eyes in respect, before they blinked back into existence. "I have one request. And it is a simple one." Reaching for his anchor, Ihrakah placed it on the ground infront of him, his gauntleted fists grasping the pommel as he stared down the Imperator. "Place me on the frontline in this coming combat. There is little purpose in my existance anymore, I find it troublesome to remain awake in this quiet fortress. I know there is more conflict on the horizon, I can hear Aramoth's howl building in the air. All I ask is that I be given purpose in the coming days."

Lionel || No matter how many new spirits and otherworldly sorts he heard about, Lionel always seemed to circle back to Aramoth, and not by choice. There was something vaguely poetic about that, he realized, but he consciously elected not to give that something a voice. It was odd, following bluish points of light for eyes through the darkness, but Lionel had a feeling that were he to inquire as to the installation of lanterns inside the armory the powerful suit of armor in front of him would lose a bit of quality character flavor. He couldn’t have that – there was something about a veritable mountain of strength cloaked in shadow that felt good to have on his side for a change. “Your request is honored, though I’m a terrible person at times so I’m going to bargain with you for it. When last I checked, you’ve long been listed ‘neophyte.’ If you’re so eager to heed Aramoth’s howl, then I want two prime things from you. Firstly, under normal circumstances you’d be promoted to soldier right about now. But you’re already a soldier. I can see it in your...” He paused inadvertently. “...eyes.” A mediocre recovery. “So you’ve got to accept a double promotion. I want you to serve as lieutenant. I haven’t stopped hearing about how well you led – so lead.” Lionel gave the shadows a smirk. “Also, I need you to withstand the war to come. I need you to survive. Fight so hard that you push back Xicotl’s thralls and live to tell the tale. Maybe it’s a poor choice of words; I’ll confess, I’ve befriended precious few undead. But don’t go vanishing into the night on me. Be an officer of the Warrior’s Guild. Shine on, you crazy diamond.”

Ihrakah contemplated Lionel's bargain silently for a few moments, just enough that one could be understood for thinking he had fallen asleep with his eyes open. When the silence was broken, it was done so by a stacatto cough, which soon became apparent that the giant was laughing. "I accept your deal, Imperator, if only because Aramoth denied my soul rest twenty years ago. I am tied to this half-life for as long as he sees fit. I will make myself useful in the interim." Ihrakah paused, then added, to soften his statement. "I appreciate the concern, however. I find the Warrior's Guild a sight more pleasant company than my Uyeer masters were. I will do what I can to see that it remains that way." The giant bowed his head, then raised his eyes back up to Lionel after a brief consideration. "Would you mind if I accompanied you on your rounds? Sleep has eluded me tonight. As it does most nights."

Lionel had long wondered what Ihrakah’s world had been like as a servant of Uyeer. The nicest, friendliest Uyeer whom Lionel had ever known was Kreekitaka, and he felt like that was quite enough of a statement in and of itself to prove any point about the questionable nature of Uyeer hospitality. “Bargain struck,” the Imperator told his newly-minted lieutenant, and in that moment his mind wandered and he wondered whether Kreekitaka’s vernacular had rubbed off on him. “I know the feeling,” Lionel conceded on the subject of sleep and lack thereof. He could have said something about how tortured souls like them were forever uneasy, but he found the words trite upon his trembling lips and refrained. Besides, he had a feeling their stories, Ihrakah’s and his, had remarkable deviations. Remarkable enough that platitudes of camaraderie were unwise at best. “We’ll take a walk, and it will be the first of many. And during one of these walks, I may ask you about your past. But tonight, we’ll walk in silence. Although the reasons are varied between us, I suspect we’ll both savor that silence.” The owl hooted one last time before taking off toward lands unknown.