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Summary: Khitti and Meri respond to Iintahquohae's advertisement about needing hunters for tailoring supplies.

The Ginger Snapped Bakery, Cenril

Khitti || A message for the person that sought a hunter for skins and whatnot had been left for them at both the tavern in Kelay and the one in Vailkrin. It briefly explained that two members of the Ranger’s Guild was interested in the task as well as a time and place they could meet if the one known as Iintahquohae was available. The date and time had been set and the day of the meetup finally arrived. It was a busy day in the bakery, yet despite this the side room that was typically for parties, business meetings, etc was not in use. The bakery’s owner would claim it for herself then, so it would give Khitti, Meri, and their prospective client a much needed quiet room to speak on business matters, away from the noise of the bakery’s customers. The redhead could be clearly seen setting up a small pot of coffee and another for tea and all the things needed for both drinks, as well as a plate of chocolate-chip cookies, so it would not take Meri long to find her. For Iintahquohae however, they’d likely have to speak to a member of the waitstaff, but would be soon pointed in the right direction to the side room. When Khitti was done setting things up, she’d settle herself down into a chair and wait. And ate at least one of those cookies.

Meri :: Even if Khitti was not within sight, it would not have taken her werewolf of a sister long to locate the redhead. It's just one of the few perks of being a werewolf, more difficult to tell by scent alone are the snacks that Khitti is preparing for this meeting. See, the bakery was usually filled with the pleasant aromas of cookies and coffee. The blonde werewolf would make herself absolutely useless to her sister, and almost immediately opts to help herself to a seat while leaving the red head to finish her preparations. Okay, that's not entirely true. Meri helps a little. She helps by relieving the weight of approximately two cookies off Khitti's tray before she is even done preparing it. Meri would be down to one cookie by the time that Khitti has settled into a seat of her own. "Who are we meeting again?" Meri asks of Khitti once she has made herself comfortable.

Iintahquohae could have sworn Mrs. Mallard's was on Merchant Street somewhere. For someone that was born and raised in Cenril, though clearly out of the loop of the city's current events, the bakery was one of the most wonderful places to go to. Despite the appointment she wanted to be on time for, nostalgia crept its way in while she perused Cenril's streets. When she does reach the new (to her) Ginger Snapped Bakery, she notes its location. Right where Mallard's had once been. Perhaps a name change? New proprieter? The seamstress is uncertain, but enters in all the same. Even with her vampiric affliction, she cannot help having a sweet tooth, and is pleased with the smells that hit her nostrils. What a lovely place for a meeting. Hearing a woman upon entry ask who they may be meeting, the seamstress speaks up. “I would assume that would be me,” she calls out. “I am here to speak with a,” a beat to recall the response to her board post in Kelay, “One Meri and Khitti of the Ranger's Guild. I hope I am not too late.”

Khitti opened her mouth to respond to her sister once she asked her question but it was soon answered for her. The former vampire blinked a few times, then nodded to the seamstress and motioned for her to join them. “That’s us,” she said to Iintahquohae once she got into the side room, a chair offered to the woman. “I’m surprised no one had answered your request yet, but I suppose you wouldn’t mind if more than one did.” Khitti smirked, then nodded in the direction of the drinks and sweets she’d set out for the three of them. “Oh and help yourself. There’s plenty more of it as Meri knows full well.” She was in total businesswoman mode now, which was not something that was often seen of Khitti of late. She was actually polite! And her words weren’t dripping with snark! It was truly a sight to be seen. Meri and the rest of Khitti’s family knew better though when it came to that. “So, what sort of materials were you looking for? Skins I recall… anything else? And from what, exactly? I would rather not go out and get you things from Venturil’s dinosaurs, only for you to have wanted it from the mammoths in Frostmaw. I’m sure Meri and I are capable enough to get you what you need from anywhere. We probably wouldn’t be able to become a permanent supplier for you, depending on if you needed that, but we could at least get you stocked up for a bit. Beyond our Ranger’s Guild stuff, Meri and I have our own businesses and our own guilds and whatnot, but despite what it looks like here… we’re actually in a bit of lull so we’ve got some free time to help you out.”

Meri :: The fact that Khitti was in business mode was not dreadfully shocking to Meri, the blonde often had the same habits. She might have actually demonstrated that she too could be capable of shmoozing a prospective client for a job, but honestly...it was easier to let Khitti try and turn the charm on for a change. This meant that Meri could take the easy route during all of this and just nod her head and let Khitti do the talking. Khitti must be doing and adequate job of presenting the information...Judging by the fact that the tattooed blonde contributed little more to the conversation outside of a wink to Iintahquohae and a simple, "Yeah, what she said." From there a lazy salute is offered toward the seamstress, "And if it was not already dreadfully obvious to you, I'm Meri."

Iintahquohae is eager to hear Khitti jump straight to business. This was how she liked to work also. Settling down in the offered chair. At the sight of coffee, she instinctively reaches for a mug. “I am looking for mammoth pelts and any dragon scales the two of you could come by. The dragon scales are what I am more interested in, admittedly, but imagining how difficult they can be to come by, I'm willing to pay more for them. Preferably, red and blue dragon scales are what I'm looking for.” She falls silent after speaking, realizing she hadn't actually introduced herself before jumping into the conversation. Meri's introduction is met with a smile. “I am Iintahquohae Oohjmaeyik. A pleasure, Meri.” Turning again to Khitti, she adds, “And a pleasure to meet you, Khitti. Forgive me for launching right into what I wanted and not making pleasantries first.”

Khitti || The fact that Meri was letting Khitti do all the talking was not lost on Khitti and she resisted a smirk when her sister did indeed speak up. It was totally fine though and she was used to it, as Brand often did the same thing. Plus, it was really hard to get Khitti to shut up sometimes, when she really got going on certain subjects. The seamstress went on about what she wanted specifically and Khitti nodded. “It’s too bad you and I hadn’t met a few years ago. I had plenty of blue dragon scales at one point and stupidly gave some to this idiot talking crab.” Still to this day, Khitti regretted giving Kreekitaka those scales. “Mammoths are completely doable. The dragons, on the other hand… Can you work with scales of younger ones? Not newborn whelplings, but… the blue I’d come in contact with years ago was several thousand years old, if not older, and required a full party of people to take her down. We’re not easily taken down, but it could prove a problem. Other than that minor detail, I think red and blue scales could be easily done as well once we find the dragons,” she said, shifting her attention to Meri for confirmation on whether or not this could actually be done. Khitti blinked a few times, yet again, as the two introduced themselves to one another, the redhead coughing awkwardly. “Right, yes. Names. I’m definitely Khitti. And likewise. Despite what it seems, socializing can be difficult for me sometimes and I just forget things in favor of others. Like, you know, proper introductions.”

Meri responds to her sister's look with a shrug. Even if Iintahquohae was open to the scales of younger dragons, they would still be in for a challenge either way. "The mammoths ain't going to be much of a problem when compared to the dragons," Meri confirms. "Dragon scales might require us to add one or two more people to the party...but it's not entirely impossible." Iintahquohae seemed entirely aware that the dragons would present far more of an obstacle, otherwise she would not be offering to pay extra for the scales. If they could even deliver. Meri muses outloud, more to herself than to either of the two other women present, but as if anyone at the table would be any wiser to that detail given what Meri ends up saying, "Heck, I'd say we should invite Aira along for the dragons, but I'd speculate dragons would be most easily found out in Rynvale and Aira hates herself some Rynvale..."

Iintahquohae considered Khitti's suggestion of younger dragon's scales, then nods. “The scales from younger dragons should work just the same.” She understood the danger of the task as well. Hunting dragons for their scales was far more life threatening than taking down a mammoth or two for their fur. She takes a drink from her coffee mug and nods to Khitti. “I know the feeling all too well. Sometimes when I work with clients I have forgotten to ask who they are until after I've taken their measurements for a garment.” The thought elicits soft laughter, and she turns to Meri. “Considering if you do decide to hunt for the mammoth pelts and the dragon scales, that will take you from one end of Lithrydel to the other. I would be happy to pay for your travel arrangements of course,” the seamstress pauses briefly to fish two bags of coin from her pockets. She sets them both on the table, sliding one to Meri and Khitti, respectively. Partially to sweeten the deal and partially because, despite the implication of high skill members of the Ranger's Guild's had to have, she didn't like the idea of asking for work without at least giving something first. “Upfront payments. The remainder once I have received the pelts and scales, whatever you may find.”

Khitti nodded in agreement with Meri, “If Aira would like to tag along, I can do the research to find dragons elsewhere. The blue had been in Xalious, so maybe we’ll find them elsewhere as well. And if not her, then maybe someone else.” The only human out of the three of them tilted her head at Iintahquohae as she listened to the seamstress explain her own issues with social interaction. Measurements? Garments? Khitti all but facepalmed herself when she realized that the vampiress was a tailor. Duuuuuuhhhhh. Of course there’d be more than just Kreekitaka and the shops that’d been in Lithrydel since time immemorial. “That would be incredibly welcome, thank you,” she said in regards to the upfront payment, “and that’s perfectly fine. I honestly hadn’t even thought about asking for payment upfront to begin with!” Meri probably had though. Meri likely had to make deals like that often with much shadier clientele. “So you’ve got your own business then? I may just have to come find your shop, if Meri and I don’t get eaten by dragons,” Khitti said, smirking. “After getting my ass handed to me in the Titans of Winter tournament, I’ve been reminded of how uh… delicate humans can be. I tend to forget sometimes. So, I should probably get something more than just the leather I typically wear.” The former vampire really did have a habit of getting her ass kicked; it’d even been a problem when she was a vampire. “But, that’s for another time, of course.”

Meri had indeed thought about the issue of payment, though she really was not of the mindset to have tried to haggle with Iintahquohae on this issue...so upfront payment was a welcome surprise. It did indeed sweet the deal, and it showed the two rangers that the seamtress was indeed serious about her request. It also showed that Iintahquohae was putting a lot of faith and trust that the two sister's would be able to deliver.I mean, it would be very easy for them to take the money and run. Then again, maybe not. Khitti had already provided Iintahquohae with a lot of information...! Like where Khitt's business was. That made the both of them easy to find. Ah well, it's probably for the better that the rogue woman had intended to be honest with this deal to begin with. "Yeah. What she said. Again. Minus all the Titans of Winter stuff, at least for me." Meri's red lips curl up into a smirk.

Iintahquohae nodded. “You are absolutely welcome. Thank you for taking the job.” Her eyes alight at the potential of creating clothes for the two rangers, but didn't go too far into trying to sell them on it. This was after all, her coming to them with a job and not the other way around. She didn't want to take advantage of the situation, but offered some information of her work with less colorful words she might use to persuade a potential client. “I do have a shop in Cenril. Further north along the coast, in the dunes. I'm a tailor and jeweler by trade. I make masks as well. Armor is something that I am not familiar with making, but some of what I can do with dragon scales is a bit armor-like, if that is something that may interest you.” She unbuttons her jacket just a bit, pulling the collar away to reveal that the jacket's interior is lined with red dragon scales, carefully stitched into place to emulate how they may appear on a living dragon's skin. “It's difficult, time consuming work, but effective.”

Khitti was nice enough not to name Meri’s business! It’s totally fiiiine. Albert and Victoria, Khitti’s heads of the front and back of the house were well aware of the weird and problematic things Khitti got herself into. “Honestly, that would be perfect. I’m not fond of huge sets of armor. Just something simple with a little more protection,” Khitti said, but soon waved away the conversation. “We’ll set out to take care of your order as soon as we can and have word sent to you at your shop when we’re finished.” Khitti stood from her chair and offered Iintahquohae a smile, “You’re welcome to stay here as long as you want to. Victoria will clean up what’s left when you’re finished. And feel free to grab something for the road too if you want.” Meri’d get a smirk, however. “I don’t think I need to tell you that anymore. I’ll get started on the dragon research, in case we do have to go elsewhere besides Rynvale. I should probably get going though before my son accidentally sets my husband on fire.” Or freezes him. Toddlers who were also mages were a problem. If nothing else was needed, she’d give out her goodbyes and head off to rescue Brand and his ship from the ever-lurking possibility of a fiery demise.

Meri didn't move to stand at the exact same time that Khitti did, but the blonde woman did stand shortly after. As with much of this meeting, Meri would let Khitti do most of the talking. Honestly, Khitti was covering most of the important stuff anyway. Meri did not need to speak for the sake of speaking, she'd just be repeating most of the points that Khitti already made. "You should take her up on that offer, she's a fabulous baker. I'll be leaving with some cheesecake. Family would kill me if I came home empty handed." And Meri moves to do just that while Khitti makes her own departure. Prior to making her own departure, Meri makes one final point to Iintahquohae. "Honestly though, I am pretty sure her husband is also a fire mage...of sorts. He'd probably be fiiiiine if he was lit on fire, right?" Meri is smirking again, because she is joking. A joke she sure to make after Khitti is out the door. With one final salute to Iintahquohae, Meri makes her own exit, "You'll be hearing from us soon."

Iintahquohae grinned. “Armor looks too bulky, and I prefer subtlety to be honest.” When the pair stood, she stood too, not before pocketing a few cookies for the road. If she had a basket to swipe a few more sweets on the way out, she definitely would have taken more. She snickers at both Khitti and Meri's comments about their family. “Do take care, and thank you again for your assistance. I can't wait to hear from you.” With a quick wave to Khitti and Meri, she seamstress exits, popping a cookie in her mouth on the way out the door.