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Summary: With a new gadget at her fingers, Karasu hosts a tavern performance while disguised as her sister with the advertising of Quintessa, and the scrutiny of Magikrios to see how well her shapeshift holds up with the aid of the artifact. The tavern is visited by Talyara and Rilla, both visiting the Kelay Tavern for the first time in a long while. Krice regards the situation with his usual stoic demeanor, save for one rare smile.

Kelay Tavern

Built and rebuilt, torn apart and set like stubborn bone, this tavern is the pinnacle of Hollow's entirety, wrought around the premise of peace, equality, and consummate amity. And of course, the old place had seen all of the three, but so much more. Dire markings of claw and steel cut deep into wall panels and floorboards. Set against the land's usual motif of destruction are signs of comfort. Twisting shadows and smoothing out a careful blanket of light with soft, quaint fires, a candelabra dangles down by thick cords, gripping the circular holder. Each twists up, converging upon the center, where they snake about one another and form a thick, secure anchor to Kelay Tavern's high, accommodating ceiling. The candelabra rattle now and again from the inn patrons overhead, pouring down globs of wax to the center of the room, which is wide and unobstructed. Cheaply carpentered tables and chairs grow outward around the bare dancing area, keeping to the rounded theme, and also keeping to a dwarven barkeep's avariciously born taste for 'economical' furniture. Hardly any expense has been wasted on the actual upkeep of the public center, as can be garnered from the smell of deep pine, rich tobacco, and even richer spirits. Stairs twist away dimly near the high bar. And atop that side rests the inn logs, quill, and ink. This establishment's fine keeper, Mesthak, can be seen smiling out from his post at the bar, straight across to the room's always crackling stone-wrought hearth. Behind him, atop lofty shelves, sits an array of dark, amber, and clear liquids. Food smells waft from somewhere near at hand. A carefully printed and hung sign details the purchasable items here in the place of merriment, loss, laughter, and life. Also, tucked into a corner near one of two windows closest to the tavern doorway is a thickly papered bulletin board. A sign has been added next to the board that reads, 'The management requires patrons be fully inebriated at all times and that no curing spells be performed in this tavern-Thank you'.

Magik just finished setting up the makeshift venue for a performance by a local musician. The fireplace provides a warming backdrop for a sketchy and unstable stage made from a lowered table with a chair placed on top for tonight's solo act. A row of chairs is set in front of the small stage. Magikrios takes the most centered chair. He sits with his arms folded as he waits for the performance to start. The layout of the tavern is different tonight as the rest of the tables and chairs are pushed to the sides of the room to make space for a dance floor...or moshpit.

Quintessa is here managing the refreshments for the gig. It's not an easy job but it's a lot easier than managing a vampire house, so Miss Dragana is prepared. Wearing a semi-formal, high-low style dress under a lush, velvet cloak with a scarlet lining, Quintessa stood behind the serving table on overwatch. Her mismatched eyes of blue and hazel survey the room cautiously, almost like she was expecting someone in particular. After a moment she sighs and grabs herself an ice-breaker rum, the sound of her kitten-heeled shoes clicking on the floor as she leaves her post and joins Magik in the fount. One leg crosses over the other as she sits, her glass held delicately away from her body. "I'm excited," the changeling admits, flashing a fanged smile at the Lyastri. "Should be starting soon, yeah?"

Krice lurked in the corner farthest away from the performance setup, wearing his usual garb, his katana strapped to his right hip. With his hands hidden in the folds of his pants, he listened and observed, his gaze at times lingering on a certain female with bi-colour eyes.

As Karasu passes Quintessa and Magik, she makes only one comment. “I look ridiculous.” The feline passes behind a pillar and emerges a different woman. Taking the stage is a familiar face for some. A plump bardess, decked in pink and tangerine chiffon that flows like a sunset, walks up to the microphone. Her face is dusted in freckles that wrinkle ever so slightly with apparent stage-shyness. Around her neck is a simple gold chain with a garnet heart in the middle that glows in the poor lighting of the old tavern. A cantrip is mouthed, and her middle finger taps the microphone. Lightning magic pulses through the device, and her false gold jewelry jingles and echoes through the tavern to catch the patrons’ attention. “Thank you for coming. My name is Kanna, and I hope to put on a good show for you tonight.” Kanna’s silvery voice rings out. The disguised halfling produces a wrinkled paper from her pocket. When she first found the discarded lyrics, she wondered why the real Kanna would throw away such a thing. Now that she was looking out at the audience did Karasu truly understand how this song was not meant for the masses. A hired bard begins the tune on the lute. Too late now. “♪ Hot or cold, or high or sober, fever dream that’s never over, I don’t know if I’m supposed to like it this much. ♪” Karasu’s singing is nowhere near on par with that of her sister, but it's just barely passable as she eases into the song.

Magik had forgotten the beer between his feet. After retrieving it, he lightly taps Tessa's glass, "Should be starting soon." As Magik continues on with a general conversation with his friend, patrons start filling in the pit area behind them. Some of them curious, others getting rowdy by the second.

Quintessa manages to spot Krice in the back corner, and while internally she was screaming, on the outside she looked cool and calm. She even puckers up her red-painted lips and blows the warrior a kiss. When Magik clicks glasses with her, Quintessa watches the stage once more, taking a slow sip as the music starts. When Karasu begins to sing the changeling can't help but smile, a sense of pride for her friend growing. "You're doing great!" Quintessa whispers, her sharp teeth gleaming in the candlelight as she grins at the disguised feline. This was more fun than she expected.

Rilla was doing her best to re-integrate into society like a normal person, it wasn’t necessarily going well. There was a time when she’d have had her body on show, but those years were long gone. She slipped in quietly as the music started, the faded tavern lights caught the gold in her loose-mahogany curls and she glanced around the room, thin hands wrung together nervously. She stood, crystal gaze fixed on the stage as the woman took the stage, a feat she had never managed in her life. After a moment she left the shadows of the doorway, headed in the general direction of food and drink in search of anything to take the sting of her nerves away tonight. She glanced over her shoulder, suddenly aware that she’d blocked the view of the singer for at least a few people and shot an apologetic look on stage with a thumbs up.

Magik tapped his foot as he took a sip of beer. A drunken patron behind him throws a mugged hand into the air, spilling some beer towards Magik, Tessa, and Kannasu. Magik bites his tongue and leans forward, trying to keep his focus on Kannasu. The drunk yells over the song, "We can't hear you!!" Magik looks to Tessa for a split second before returning his attention to the performance.

Krice noted other familiar faces, though he seemed confused by Kanna. A furrowed brow portrayed his bemusement. Sharp of every sense, he could tell that she was more familiar than her appearance should have let her be. Quintessa's sassy kiss was met with a tempered scowl but he remained where he was, behind the crowds who gathered around the performance - closer to the door.

Karasu bites her tongue, lucky that the jeer comes between verses. Were she about one year younger, she would not have hesitated to leap down off the stage and catch the drunkard in a headlock. She does her best to keep a straight face and remember Magik's meditation lessons. A deep inhale, then the next verse is started. "♪ Slow as southern conversations, you know how to test my patience, but it's always worth the wait, each time we touch. ♪" Her mind drifts a bit as she sings, and she unconsciously sways a hip out to one side, then the other in tune with the song, prompting at least one whistle from elsewhere in the tavern.

Quintessa had let her gaze drift away from the stage to glance at the refreshment table, making sure nothing crazy happened while she was gone. Everything seemed fine. She would even offer a friendly smile to Rilla if she looked in her direction, but her mind seemed fixated on what to pick from the table. It was at this moment a bit of beer splashed against the floor near her feet and the pleasant air around Quintessa quickly evaporated as she turned back to glare at the man. "If you spill beer on my dress-" she hisses, but then cuts herself off. This was supposed to be Karasu's test, Quintessa shouldn't ruin it. Grinding her teeth in agitation, she tries to focus on the show, her lips moving slowly as she mumbles into her drink.

Magik wipes the beer clear on the back of his neck as he leans back into his seat. "Oi! You're out of key!" Another drunk yells out. Magik's eyes flare up but remain concentrated on Kannasu as if looking for something particular.

Talyara shoulders her way into the tavern, two heavy braids with plenty of flyaways, hanging over each shoulder. She wears a long, flowy shirt with a cream colored tank top, a bit of earth smudged on her cheek. Emerald eyes widen in surprise when she crosses the threshold and spies the stage and the performer upon it--she had only meant to come and grab a drink. It was much more crowded than she anticipated (or liked) and the witch begins to skirt the crowd to angle herself closer to the bar.

Quintessa ignored the rabble-rousers, instead trying to listen to Karasu's singing and the lyrics of the song. 'Who was this song written for?' Quintessa wonders. It felt like a really personal song, not one the bards usually sing at taverns. It was too good for these philistines! Karasu's small, uneven singing voice was just fine to the changeling's ears, but she was very biased. Quintessa would probably be supportive of her friend's singing even if she sounded awful.

Karasu lets her eyes drift to examine the patrons. Magik was locked on Kannasu to ensure the transformation was successful, naturally. Her attention shifts slightly to the movements of her best friend, and a grateful smile rises, just wide enough to cause dimples to appear on the borrowed face. She spots the warrior that had interrogated her and left her with little leads. In this aspect, her disguise slips: the real Kanna had never met Krice, and would have never let her gaze linger on the man with that slight look of disinterest. Realizing her mistake just a split second too late, she refocuses on the vampiress' apologetic movements. "♪Twist and turn and tongue tied, tied, tied-- Keep me up, no I don't mind, mind-- Every day and every night, night, ooh~. ♪" Her eyes then fall on a familiar face. No way. The spell-blade watches Talyara until the drunk heckles her. Wait, was she out of key? The surprise of it causes Kannasu's eyes to revert back into slits, though the color remains otherwise the same. Keeping in beat with the song, it continues, " ♪ You got me feeling lovesick, lovesick-- Cold sweating and I love it, love it-- You got me feeling lovesick, lovesick-- Cold sweating and I love it, love it~. ♪"

Rilla tilted her head as she watched the singer, something just slightly off now as she sang, but she offered another half-smile to the performer as she focused on her, clearly a braver woman than she to even be up there for the heckling. She jumped at the scuffle, Quintessa’s hissing through her teeth catching the vampires attention as her fingers closed around a mug of beer, offering a hesitant smile and a nod to the other woman, though she lingers by the drinks just in case she needed another one. She searched the familiar tavern for a safe space, somewhere close to the door maybe? No, those seats were taken. She sighed, focusing on the motion in the room as another woman came simply looking for a drink. The vampire stepped aside, made a space at the table and gestured to it with one thin hand. “I won’t bite,” she offered Talyara, “if you’re looking for a drink.”

Krice noticed the change in Kannasu, the lingering stare she leveled on him even across the heads of the foremost crowd, but he didn't investigate the behaviour. His senses shifted outward, triggered by the proximity of something - or someone - else. As Kannasu played through her song, the warrior turned his gaze to the tavern door. A moment later, one emerald-eyed witch strolled in and held his attention. In the dim light of the tavern's table-candles, his expression softened. From the opposite side of the room, he observed the young woman in silence, Kannasu's song warping to a muddle of sound suppressed beneath his near-singular focus.

Quintessa stares starry-eyed at Kannasu. Nothing in the world existed but her. Quintessa has been utterly enchanted by the song and the girl who sung it, humming along with the song and swaying gently in time with Kannasu. Quintessa hasn't even noticed that she's already finished the rum in her lithe hands, still slowly trying to sip from the empty glass.

Magik was thoroughly enjoying Kannasu's performance. His foot continued to tap as he drank his beer and even leaned into Tessa, "She's actually pretty good." Just as the hecklers seemed quiet, a third one makes himself known, "Play some Sound of Sirens!! Wooo!!!" Magik snapped his head around to see the three men pushing and laughing at Kannasu and each other. Once again he turned his attention back to Kannasu. Just to throw her emotions off a bit he offers her an encouraging wink and warm smile.

Karasu levels a cold stare at the man. For a moment, the pair of those in on the disguise might fret that her disguise would give out here. These were two completely different genres of music, that uncultured-- Oh, maybe she could finally do what her sister did to hecklers. Kind of. As she sings the next verse, one hand grips the microphone stand almost sensually while the other hand flutters upward in a motion only a trained mage would recognize. " ♪ Wide awake in bed with my clothes on the floor Never getting better, I want more, more, more, more Lovesick, lovesick Ooh baby, and I love it, I love it. ♪ " She flips a lock of coffee curls over her shoulder as one by one, each hecklers' chairs collapse beneath them. Karasu, despite her mediocre talent, could definitely see why Kanna got a thrill out of being on stage. Her eyes flicker to Quintessa and she gives a small laugh as the song bridges. To Magik, Kannasu gives a wink. " ♪ You make time feel never-ending, I'll stay forever if you let me. All the rules were always bending, only for us. ♪ "

Quintessa almost doesn't realize Magik has spoken to her. "Huh?" She blinks her mismatched eyes an glances over at him. "Yes... She's amazing..." When another patron shouted at Kannasu and her band to play some Sound of Sirens, the changeling can only smirk. Quintessa was actually a huge fan of the Sirens and thought Kannasu would sound great singing a cover of them. The changeling's smirk only grows when she catches a glance of Kannasu's slight of hand, immediately recognizing the hand gestures of her spell. When the hecklers all fall down, Quintessa calls out her support with a loud "Wooo!" clapping at the fate of the men the the clever way the spell blade handled them.

Talyara blink in surprise at being addressed and turns to face Rilla and offers the woman a kind smile. "Oh, thank you," she says before turning to look at the selection of drinks. She was more of a wine drinker; however, she plucks a tumbler of amber whiskey and lifts it to her lips. The witch taps her fingers against the glass idly as she turns to face the stage, rolling up on the balls of her feet as she watches the songstress sing as she subtly sways to the music. Normally, she would have caught the gaze of a certain silver haired enigma by now, but she was a bit distracted. And the buzzing of the crowd didn't help things either (although she does throw a scowl in the direction of the hecklers).

Krice wasn't interested in the hecklers - until a spark of magic bristled the hairs at his nape. Turning his head, he observed their arrival on collapsed chairs to the floor and followed the arcane traces to the source, Kannasu. Given the rudeness of the punished men, the warrior felt no need to intervene on their part. Good riddance. Through the cacophony of cheers - and jeers - and comments of encouragement for the performance, he caught the sound of a familiar voice near that of Talyara. Whether by this alone or coincidence, the enigma was triggered to move inward, forsaking his relatively people-free space to venture through the crowds until he was also at the bar, three seats away from Talyara with Rilla between them. There he requested from the 'keep' a glass of water, which was well-established normalcy for the warrior by now; he received his order without mockery and turned to face the tavern at large, though his senses were mostly attuned to the interaction between Talyara and Rilla.

Magik smirked as the men dropped to the floor behind him. There was no sound quite like it. Chairs collapsing and drunkards hitting the floor was pleasant to anyone's ears. However, the three men scrambled to their feet. One snatches a beer bottle and throws it towards Kannasu. After the bottle flies over Magik's head, he quickly gets to his feet and spins around, snatching up his own chair in the process. Preparing to swing, the Lyastri stares down the men.

Quintessa’s pale digits wrap around the stiletto dagger in her thigh-sheath, ready to spring into action to back-up Magik if he needed it. Quintessa wouldn't hesitate to put one of these men to bed for good.

Rilla was a stranger in a bar, she knew that, but the least she could do was be polite. Tipping her drink back, she took a deep swing, though the burn it left in her chest just wasn’t the same as it used to be. “Anytime, I did the same dance on the way here.” She acknowledged softly as her crystal gaze settled back on the stage, although never for long as she scanned the room once more. She may be a touch too nervous for an establishment like this given the heckling, although she burst into laughter as they got what they deserved. “Now that is a show that I would pay to see.” She joked aloud, taking another drink of her beer. Surprised to find herself proud of the stranger who had taken it upon herself to deal with the hecklers in her own way. Of course in a place like this nothing was ever over, and Rilla jumped at the sound of a beer bottle being thrown, her own hand twitching for the blade sheathed against her thigh.

Karasu almost loses herself in the song. If Kanna ever found out about this, she was going to hate her for sure. "♪ Give me medicine twice a day, oh, I love how it tastes, tastes, tastes. Give me medicine twice a day, I'm so sick, so sick, so give me--" With her eyes averted, the bottle nearly connects. Only a quick duck saves the spell-blade from a nasty concussion. As the outro plays out, Kannasu glares at the man. Without a further word, she steps off the makeshift stage, past Magik and his chair, and up to the drunkard. The man might open his mouth to heckle further, but the feline has no intention of letting any words leave his mouth. A single fist swings up, connecting in a clean uppercut that resounds with a satisfying click as his teeth gnash together and crack. Kannasu gives a shaky exhale and looks up at Magik, her eyes slitted like a cat, but still otherwise in perfect disguise. "Did I fail?"

Quintessa stands and turns to face the other two men, her long, thin dagger pointed at their direction. "I'd find a new seat and take it if I were you," She threatens them with her tone. Quintessa means business and the Baroness was known for her brutality.

"It's a bit crowded for my taste," Talyara confesses to Rilla, a sheepish expression on her face as she takes another dainty sip of her whiskey. She startles slightly as the chairs collapse but it soon bleeds away to a grin as she silently agrees that they got what they deserved. It is only then that a certain warrior's visage comes into her peripheral view. She tilts her face to catch his glance before lifting her glass towards him in a silent toast.

Krice was not as quick to alert as the others. He noticed the trouble brewing, the trouble bubbling over, but this particular weapon-wearer felt no need to grab at his own in preparation for a fight. He observed the hecklers and the defenders against them with little evident concern, a tranquil mind in a crowd of increasing turmoil. He knew most of the faces here due to his assistance with the citizens of Kelay over the years, but still. Quintessa's leashed aggression is met with a steely stare from the warrior; she earned herself points for refraining from launching straight into an attack on the drunkards. Good on her, giving them a chance. Movement at his periphery drew his attention toward Talyara and Rilla and once again his expression softened, watchful stoicism yielding to familiar warmth. Lifting his own glass, he returned her salute, thereafter offering a smaller one to Rilla if she looked his way.

Magik pulled back the chair in a threatening manner as Quintessa directed the two to take a seat. They respond rather quickly by grumbling as they exit the tavern. However, a fourth patron takes offense to the fellow being clocked by Kannasu. The fellow starts running towards Kannasu but is quickly thrown off course and into the bar by Magik's chair..Magik's flying chair. The Lyastri then looks to Kannasu, taking note of her eyes. He clears his throat and rests a hand on his chin idly, tapping the space just below his eye twice while keeping eye contact with the spell-blade. "We'll talk later. Great performance though. Very well done." His hand drops back to his side.

Krice grumbles quietly toward Magik for his violence - particularly that he sent the aggressive drunkard toward the bar where a certain witch happened to be enjoying a drink. A bit careless there, Lyastri. The drunkard fumbled over the legs of the broken furniture, stumbled to his feet, and skulked toward the door mumbling about crappy performers and their bratty groupies.

Quintessa twirls her dagger, a smug expression on her face. She doesn't provoke the men further though. With Quintessa's dagger returned to her sheath she turns to Kannasu, her smile fading at the sight of her silted eyes. "Oh, dear, your um-" Quintessa gestures to her own face. "Make-up." The changeling didn't know how to stealthily say her eyes had reverted back to normal.

Rilla laughed, nodding her head at Taylara’s words. “Yeah, me too.” She agreed, this wasn’t what she’d expected walking in, that was for sure. When last she’d been in the tavern it wasn’t nearly as bustling, the first time in here in such a long time and the first time in more than 10 years that she’d seen so many people there. She pulled back as the situation quickly resolved itself, her own intervention not needed, thank the gods. As she took in the room once more as everyone stilled she spotted Krice, a warrior she knew would at the very least was paying attention. She smiled and nodded back to him before lifting her glass to her lips and draining it. “Is this common occurrence now?” She questioned aloud; brows furrowed, “Here I thought Rynvale had all the drunkards.”

Karasu looks at Magik, then to Quintessa with a confused expression before she realizes what she means. "Ah." Kannasu blows on her red knuckles and takes a few deep breaths. The slitted eyes return to normal and the feline gives a nod in thanks. She looks at the other women curiously before remarking to Quintessa, "Scale of one to ten, how screwed is her reputation here?" Despite being elated with the praise, part of her still worries. She'd have to burn the stolen lyrics later. Part of her wants to run out and greet the elven woman, but she’s still in the midst of a minor test. Perhaps another time.

Talyara winks in Krice's direction before turning her attention back to Rilla, pressing herself against the bar ledge to keep away from the scuffle. She only meant to come in here and have a relaxing glass of wine before retiring for the evening, she needn't get involved in any type of violence. When the vampire enquires about this being a common occurrence in the Kelay Tavern, the witch can only shrug her shoulders. "I live in Frostmaw so usually I am at the tavern there, I only popped in here to for a relaxing drink," she admits with a wrinkle of her nose. Shifting her glass to her left hand, she offers her right one toward Rilla. "My name is Taly."

"Worst. Performance. Ever!!" One of the exited drunkards yells from the street. Magik thought Kannasu did very well so this pissed him off. "If you two will excuse me. Maybe we can celebrate in a few?" The elf then makes his way towards the exit to literally dive out of the tavern to tackle the loudmouth outside. A quick street fight follows. Magik wins.

Quintessa gives Kannasu a cheeky smirk, her hand moving in the air to indicate that Kanna's reputation was only kind of damaged. "Weeell, the singing was good but I don't think she ever had to knock out a heckler." Quintessa moves her hands back under her cloak. "Then again, she's also not as tough as you." The changeling smiles warmly as the disguised feline, legitimately impressed. "That song... where did you learn it?" Quintessa couldn't contain her curiosity any longer.

Krice's lips quirked up at the left corner, a smirk for Talyara's wink, but then his face relaxed to its normal passive attentiveness. He listened to her conversation with Rilla and offered, " Where there's alcohol, there will be drunks." Magik's response to the outside heckler is met with a pensive stare, though the door and southern wall obscure the view of the fight. Leaving it up to Magik to restrain himself enough so as not to kill the idiot outside, the warrior remained where he was to keep an eye on the events unfolding within, engaging with Talyara and Rilla as they engaged him.

Rilla probably would have been halfway out that door too in another life, she mused as she looked towards the fight although separated by a door. She didn’t trust herself anymore, and a hint of regret coloured her face as she glanced back to the woman beside her. “How did that work out for you?” She quipped sarcastically and gestured at the scene once more. Rilla couldn’t quite stay still, rolling her shoulders slightly, shifting her weight as if it would make her feel more human again. “Some things never change I guess. Drunks are the same everywhere.” She shook her head as she looked back to Krice, gaze steadying on him for a moment, a familiar face in a room of mostly-strangers. Rilla nodded back to Talyara, took her hand when it was offered with a smile. “Rilla, it’s a pleasure Taly.”

Karasu pales at the question. "Uh. I found them. Crumbled up page in an old spellbook at the Mage's Guild I borrowed. Yeah, it was probably some student’s love letter to Odhranos, you know?" Kannasu gives a snort as Magik leaps out to defend the impostor's honor. "Can we go somewhere more private? I hate chiffon."

Quintessa offers Kannasu her arm when she asks for more privacy. "Shall we go to our usual place, then?"

The Syndicate Grand Council Hall

Magik leans against the meeting table. He wiggles a finger at Karasu, "Come here."

Karasu struggles a bit to get down the hatch in a floor length multi-layered skirt. "Ugh." Kannasu crosses her arms over her chest, standing back at the entrance. "Can... Can I change back now?" At his call, she steps forward, searching his face for any indication of his true thoughts on her slip.

Quintessa finds a place at the table and sits with a new glass of rum, her leg crossed elegantly over the other. She watches the exchange between Magik and Karasu quietly. In truth, she's still enamored by the less-than-perfect singing from the feline. The lyrics had really spoken to Quintessa, especially because of who had sung them. Taking a sip, the changeling sighs in contentment.

Magik nods, "Of course, but.." He looks into her eyes, squinting for the extra dramatic effect, "Everything was perfect besides that 'make-up' mishap. Ideas, Tessa? Any way to maybe empower that amulet just a bit more?" He finally breaks eye contact with her then moves to the bar/goodie table to get a plate of sushi.

Karasu rolls her eyes and rests a hand over the amulet. Kannasu is finally no more. "I wasn't exactly expecting my voice to be bad enough to warrant a flying beer bottle." With a sigh, the spell-blade ruffles her fringe out of her face. “It’s because of my temper, isn’t it? With such a powerful spell, I don’t really…” She trails off, watching Magik move to the goodie table.

Quintessa can't help but find herself singing, " ♪ You got me feeling lovesick, lovesick-- Cold sweating and I love it, love it-- You got me feeling lovesick, lovesick-- Cold sweating and I love it, love it~. ♪ " very quietly, her hair bouncing back and forth as she bobs her head. When Magik addresses her she taps her glass in thought. "Well, there are certainly ways to further empower an object but I'd need to know the full properties of it first. The process I'm most familiar with is runology." Quintessa pauses to take a sip. "Given the size of the amulet we might have to figure out another way... perhaps replace the gem with something that can more easily resonate with the magic within it." Quintessa looks back at Karasu, her eyes filled with adoration amplified by alcohol. "Oh, Darling, your singing was perfect. Don't let those philistines deter you."

Magik made another plate of sushi then returned to the table to place the dish between the three, "We were so close too. Let's keep working on this amulet, yeah? I'll have to look into my resources to see if there's anything I can personally add to it." The Lyastri then waves a hand to dismiss Karasu's comment, "You were fine. Those three were the only ones not enjoying the music and I pity them. Hell of a punch, by the way." Another piece of sushi is ingested. Unagi. It's chased by a drink of an ice cold orange peel brewed wheat beer. What a pairing!

Karasu brightens up the second the fishy treat is produced. Her tail swishes side to side, curling in on itself. "Well, who better to ask about transformations than naturally transforming races, no? Or, in both of your cases, anyone in the Mage's Guild?" The spell-blade gives a nervous laugh as Quintessa sings. "Hey, you know what'd be really cool, if we uh..." She clasps her hands together. "More specifically -you- did not sing that in a five mile radius of my sister? Uh, she tried to use this for kindling, and I kind of... stole it?"

Quintessa gives Karasu a look that indicates that she can't make any promises about not singing that song. "Your sister?" The changeling pauses for a moment, wondering who could be special enough to Kanna to make her feel that way. That song perfectly expressed the way Quintessa felt about- "I'll... try to control myself." She says before finishing off her drink. Maybe Kanna could give Quintessa the advice she was looking for? Just another reason she needed to return to Vailkrin. "Meanwhile I'll continue my research in shape-changing. So far I've only managed to brew polymorph potions but I am always willing to expand my horizons."

Magik collapsed into the closest seat and snags another sushi piece as the two conversed. He caught himself starting to hum that same chorus/verse as he munched on. Realizing he was doing the thing Karasu warns against, he stops then grins, "Sorry."

Karasu flops into the old chair that represents Xalious and puts her head in her hands. "What did I -do-."