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This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

This space is reserved for chronicles of the Rogue's Guild that don't otherwise fit into an ongoing arc. Parent plots are organized by when they were started (newest to oldest), individual RPs sorted by when they were completed (oldest to newest).

A Stone to Pick

  1. RP:Not So Crystal Clear, where Fox calls on Malus to help with some after-dark herbology.

Let's Get Fizzy

  1. Reserved for part one of Let's Get Fizzy.

To Kill a Dwarf

  1. To Kill a Dwarf, where Fox, Inks, Lanara, and Arlyeon meet to discuss an alchemical hit contracted by the guild with the promise of a guild invite for the recruits upon its completion.
  2. Pick Your Poison, where Lanara picks apart the clues left by Callum and Meri in the hunt for the pièce de résistance, and they can finally brew up their alchemical draught.
  3. The Whispering, where Lanara and Arlyeon ruthlessly slaughter a bunch of innocent dwarves, and the sky goes bang in response. Fox and Inks look on and make judgy faces.

This has been upgraded to Arc:Seven Dwarves All Around Me.

The Client's Cache

  1. Meet At Low Tide, where Fox and Inks bring Malus into the guild, and they plot to reconvene for a job.
  2. Water You Waiting For, where Fox, Inks, and Malus race to a hidden cove to retrieve a box for a client before their client's enemies can get to it.
  3. Reserved for part three of The Client's Cache.

This has been upgraded to Arc:Seven Dwarves All Around Me.