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==Dec 2011==
==Dec 2011==
*'''December 16'''
*'''December 16'''
The Rynvale Clinic, long since empty by Keturah's relinquishing of the establishment, has finally [[RP: Ranok asks Beata to head the Rynvale Clinic| gained a new head]].  Healers working at the clinic are glad to have an experienced healer back on hand.
The Rynvale Clinic, long since empty by Keturah's relinquishing of the establishment, has finally [[RP:Ranok asks Beata to head the Rynvale Clinic| gained a new head]].  Healers working at the clinic are glad to have an experienced healer back on hand.
*'''December 12'''
*'''December 12'''

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July 2012

  • July 28

In a sneak attack by FILF, Rynvalian and Cenrilian ships at sea were set ablaze, inadvertently setting off a chain reaction in a powder storage area in Rynvale's docks. A group of people sprang to the defense of the city to control the conflagration.

Jan 2012

  • January 3

A contest to design and help construct a memorial has been announced, sponsored by Ranok, to remember those lost in a recent battle. Details are still forthcoming, but a prize of 50,000 gold is offered in reward to the winning entry.

Dec 2011

  • December 16

The Rynvale Clinic, long since empty by Keturah's relinquishing of the establishment, has finally gained a new head. Healers working at the clinic are glad to have an experienced healer back on hand.

  • December 12

The forces of Rynvale begin to grow in number as those civilians that walked into the lumberyard as bakers, blacksmiths, and sailors leave as Soldiers ready to die for their ways of life. The future of Rynvale is beginning to look less dim as time moves on and its citizens are nearly completely behind Allanon now.

Rynvale Scouts are stationed around Rynvale Isle as the cities defenses become more stable.

  • December 8

A section of the Rynvale Lumberyard has been converted into a training grounds so that proper training may take place. Training is being given by Allanon himself and Hector, his House Weaponsmaster.

  • December 2

Allanon and those that follow him have started recruiting for Rynvale's Defense. Posters are placed around the harbour and a ways into the northern Territory as well welcoming any who wish to join the cause.

Oct 2011

  • October 20th

Allanon holds his speech with those of Rynvale willing to listen. He tells them of how the other Noble Houses have fled in fear or simply never responded to his summons. He tells the people that he is not the same as them and that he stands for Rynvale and shall help to defend it from any that threaten their way of life.

  • October 18th

Several small scale skirmishes have broken out throughout the island, especially near the city's center, between Imperial forces and resistance fighters, aiming to keep the grubby paws of the Emperor away from their beloved city. A relapse back to Imperial control would be devestating to this fragile, lawless town.

  • October 1st

Several missives leave the Noble House of Nonalla. The citizens are in a buzz over rumors of what's to come. Many are worried and the crime rate is going up. Allanon tells the people of Rynvale that he shall have an open conference in a few days time.

August 2011

  • August 24
    • The traveling bazaar has arrived in Northern Rynvale, bringing with it mystical items, slave traders, and other rare items once thought lost within the realm.
    • A black ship the size of a small town moved towards Rynvale depositing a very dangerous cargo.

June 2011

  • June 15
    • Several passengers on the Cenril to Rynvale ferry were severely mauled by a black wolf, just off the south-western coast of the island. None of the injured survived. The wolf was last seen swimming toward the beach. How the animal got aboard in the first place is a mystery.

May 2011

April 2011

January 2011

  • January 10
    • A man died in the Broken Barrel Inn today. Witnesses speak of three lycans being involved; two black and one who remained in human form.

December 2010

  • December 22
    • Allanon and his crew return from Frostmaw early this morn. Many rumors of their times in Frostmaw had spread throughout the Island. Most of them told and stretched beyond limits. Many times Allanon would be greeted in the Broken Barrel as the, "Dragon Slayer," or sometimes, "Great Hunter." However true or not this would be only those that survived the attack against the Legendary Frost Dragon would know. Which numbered to five of the near twenty-three people. (ooc: RP to be added on a later date.)
  • December 17
    • An unindentified man and a group of his supposed cohorts engaged in a brutal fight on the ferry dock of Port Rynvale this eve, before escaping on a hijacked ferry believed destined for the Cenril port. A number of local citizenry, and members of the Rynvale guard were massacred.Investigation into the incident has begun.
  • December 8
    • Today in the Rynvale waters another vessel was lost. An assault from an unknown source. The damage was great and the lives lost numerous. Transporation is temporarily limited until the situation is resolved. May peace be with those who lost someone leaving the Shores of Rynvale. ~sealed with the royal crest of Rynvale
  • December 3
    • Three ships of the Rynvalian Armada have been reported vandalized by an unknown known simply as The Jester. A reward of 2000 gold is posted for any information that might lead to an arrest. Contact the Captain of the Harbor Guard, Senith, with your information.

November 2010

  • November 18
    • Tovenaar has claimed full responsibility for the nautical attack.
  • November 17
    • A bold attack occured last night, on an escorted Rynvalian Treasury ship headed to Cenril with a military payroll. The ship was taken with significant injury and deaths on both sides.The Governor of Port Rynvale is offering a 5000 gold reward for actionable intelligence leading to the perpetrators of this crime.

October 2010

  • October 4
    • A Rynvalian merchant vessel carrying spices from Cenril to Rynvale was attacked by pirates this eve.Its cargo captured, and significant damage sustained, the ship returned to Port Rynvale to alert the authorities. A handsome reward will be offered to any providing actionable intelligence that leads to the capture of these villians.

September 2010

  • September 7
    • Reports of a corsair vessel harrassing trade ships and the fleet of the Royal Navy of Rynvale are on the rise. Ships have been sunk, and the navy has been placed on heightened alert. The Governor announces an opportunity for employment as a privateer on the city's payroll. Interested captains should contact the Governor at her offices on Regal Street, or the Vice Admiral of the navy Rilla Elimiirre.

August 2010

  • Aug 18
    • The private residence of the governor of the city has been subject to the activity of a trespasser deemed of hostile intent. Personal security at her estate has been increased, and the island's military forces placed on a heightened state of alert for the presence of the black dragon Helich, known presently by the name Heltri.
  • Aug 7
    • The city of Port Rynvale issues a formal travel advisory to those citizens and visitors intending to travel in the northern wild lands of the island. Until the cause of the current disturbance can be determined, all are advised to keep their distance from the chasm created. The Governor has appointed a new City Ambassador, whose responsibility it will be to head up the investigation into the matter, among other duties. Ambassador Sombhra can be reached at the offices of the Governor on Regal Street as needed.
  • Aug 6
    • A small airship floats close to the whirling lights and swirling energies of the rift that engulfs the remains of Castle Archmosia appearing to be on a none-descript journey. However suddenly the tranquillity of the flight is broken as a wave of energy appears to emanate slowly from deep within the rift causing the image of the castle trapped inside to warp and distort. The airship turns around to try and steer clear of the disturbance but it is without luck as a wave of red energy overtakes the ship causing the vessel to simply vanish. The wave continues on to spread out from the rift in time and space causing time disturbances throughout the lands as people lose a few minutes here, experience the past there or simply freeze for a few moments, some appear not to be affected at all. The wave gathers pace causing the skies around the island of Rynvale to redden. The wave seems to drop down making its way to the ground resulting in panic spreading through the port and even the town of Vhys. Slowly the wave winds down into a small area just north of the city before seeming to swirl around the area known as “The Hallowed Grove”, in the blink of an eye the red wave vanishes leaving in its wake a gigantic hole in the ground. The Hallowed grove has vanished and with it all that now remains of its ancient legacy...

July 2010

  • July 21
    • The City of Port Rynvale regrets to inform the public of the loss of one of the public ferries this day with no apparent survivors at this point. Reports of sounds of an explosion and bright lights seen in the sky between the coasts of the island and mainland, lead to suspicions of foul play. The city warns traders and other sea farers to be aware and on guard against the increased presence of pirates and raiders in Island waters. The navy has been alerted of the incident, and an investigation begun. Those with information regarding this incident my contact the Vice Admiral Rilla Elemiirre at the Port Authority office, or leave word for the Governor directly at her offices on Regal street. A reward of 5000 gold for actionable information will be provided.
  • July 18
    • After an extensive and costly search by the dive and recovery teams of the Royal Navy, the source of the ongoing taint to the coastal waters of Rynvale has been removed. Every effort is being made by natural and magical means, to ensure that the waters are safe for the general public again in as timely a manner as possible. Locals are still advised to consume sea life harvested from deeper waters, until the all clear in that regard is given.

June 2010

  • June 28
    • Port Rynvale was shaken by an underground tremor late this evening. While there was no major structural damage there were some injuries caused by falling people or items. Although it isn't known what caused the tremor there are eyewitness accounts of people spotting individual large ratlike animals escaping from several sewer entrances and disappearing into the night.
  • June 25
    • The Avian senator Cerinii has reported to the Governor of Rynvale that the waters between Rynvale and Cenril are likely being poisoned because of a poor attempt at the disposal of her mechanical arm by her would be assassin. Reports have begun to come in from locals, of evidence that the sea life is indeed being affected, a fish kill at Horseshoe Bay in particular. A search and recovery operation co-ordinated by the Rynvalian Navy has been initiated. Civilians wishing to aid in these efforts may contact Vice Admiral Rilla Elemiirre at the offices of the Admiralty in the Port of Rynvale.
  • June 12
    • The city of Port Rynvale launched an armada of 5000 allied soldiers to aid in the defense of the City of Cenril when it came under attack by the alien Preklek Horde. We are saddened to report the loss of 2000 lives in the effort, but victory, for now, has been secured with the city's help.
  • June 8
  • The army and navy of Port Rynvale have been placed on High Alert as the deadline set by the Prekleks for assault draws near. Regiments of soldiers and an armanda of armed ships stand ready to mobilize inland at the first sign of any hostile engagement in the heartland .

May 2010

  • May 15
    • The sea wall and defensive portcullis of the harbor of Port Rynvale, suffered severe damage as the result of an attack upon the structure by parties of largely unknown affiiliation and motivation.Two members of the attacking party were taken captive, and two were able to escape. A reward of 15,000 gold pieces is being offered to any individuals who are able to provide information that leads to the capture of the attacking parties. What details are known of their identities will be posted in public taverns. Information is to be directed to Admiral Marcoth at his Harbor offices, or to the Governor directly at her offices on Regal Street.
  • May 5
    • In the absence of Ryeanna, Duchess of Vhys, her consort Morvious functioned as signatory to a temporary treaty of peace between the cities of Vhys and Port Rynvale. The treaty will be ratified and a more secure alliance pursued upon the return of the Duchess. As a show of good faith, the Duchy has agreed to allow Port Rynvale access to its air ship and dock for the mass transport of Lumber from Rynvale to Larket in aid of that city's renovation projects.
  • May 3
    • The Port Rynvale Home Farm has come under new management and will shortly be reopened to the trade of fresh produce, meat and livestock. Those individuals who prefer their food organically produced, are invited to visit the estate to purchase supplies directly from the source. Tours and a petting zoo for children will also be available for a small fee.
  • May 2

April 2010

  • Apr 27
    • The City of Port Rynvale is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Royal Townhouse and Rynvale Amphitheater of the Arts to the general public. Citizens of Hollow are welcome to tour both facilities. The offices of the Governor have been reopened, and the Town House will shortly play host to its first Ball in honor of the completion of the first phase of rebuilding within the post war city. Citizens interested in employment at the new theater or any other government or private office, are advised to send their applications to the new Governor's office.
  • Apr 25
    • The reconstruction and renovation of the Harbor of Port Rynvale is complete. Effective immediately, access to the Port will be limited to licenced vessels. Captains are reminded that these licences are available free of cost, pending a meeting with Admiral Marcoth.
  • Apr 24
    • An alliance has been forged between Arien, Governor of Rynvale and Jaize, Queen of Alythria, providing their military cohorts right of access and resupply within each other's territories.The states are also pledged to a pact of mutual defense in the event of attack from external parties.
  • Apr 20
    • The Royal fleet of Rynvale will, in the coming days, provide naval escort for a convoy of ships carrying troop reinforcements destined for the city of Larket. Safe passage through the island's waters is guaranteed by the terms of alliance established between Port Rynvale and Larket. Threat to, or attack on the Larket convoy by any ships within Rynvale's waters, will be met with force.
  • Apr 19
    • After millennia of the existence of a rift between the Wood elves of Sage Forest and the High Born of Rynvale, the first efforts at establishing relations and rebuilding bridges has begun. An alliance has been proposed between the Arch druid of Sage and the government of Rynvale. Sage would provide a squad of rangers to assist in the training of High Elf rangers for patrol of the multiple forests of Rynvale isle; rangers who would come under the command of Lirithen Liriloae. What services the High Born would provide the elves of Sage in return, remains classified information at this point.
  • Apr 16
    • Work continues on the construction of a Fold Garrison Outpost on the plateaus of Rynvale. The outpost will house those units of The Fold assigned to support the army of Rynvale in the defense of its territory. It will also serve to offer protection to the trade routes soon to be established with the building of a road over the plateaus by the Merchants Guild.
    • Officers of The Royal Fleet continue to direct salvage and construction activity at the Harbor of the port.Two thirds of the portcullis under construction is complete. Admiral Marcoth continues to take applications for captain and crewman positions in the Royal Navy.
  • Apr 13
    • An alliance has been forged between the city of Port Rynvale and the military clan Lithrydel's Guard. The agreement will allow for the clan's military defense of the territory and assests of Port Rynvale, in return for the use of the territory's resources in clan building efforts. Rynvale will also offer its lands as a safe haven to the Guard should such a need arise.The City will NOT be offering the clan military support beyond its own sovereign borders.
  • Apr 11
    • Several sailors have reported seeing a strange vessel in the twilight, sailing offshore just past the boundaries of the wall being built. A small junk, it seemed to be, and every so often it would stop and pull a body from the water. Other than that, no bodies could be seen on board. News of this strange ‘ghost ship’, as many have dubbed it, has got many of the residents spooked. Superstitiousness seems to be common among sailing folk.
    • A military and trade alliance has been forged between Larket and Port Rynvale this day, signed and sealed in person by the monarch and governor of each territory.
  • Apr 10
    • Construction of the new Governor's Mansion is underway, and it is reported that the replacement will outshine the original. The new residence will serve as the temporary home and social hosting facility of the King and Queen of Rynvale, while continuing to provide office space and resources for the Governor and her staff.
  • Apr 8
    • The Governor of Rynvale has this day hired Lucia Dameteise, Knight Commander of the Order of the Violet Rose, to the office of Sherrif of Rynvale. A chapter of the Order will be constituted on the island, and granted full authority to restore law and order within the territory.
    • Work continues on the reconstruction of Rynvale Harbor, despite reports of injuries among laborers at the site. The Fleet Doctor has tended to the wounded and continued progress in the salvage and clean up operation made.
  • Apr 5
  • Apr 4
    • The city of Port Rynvale has entered into a formal agreement with The Painted Ones who live beneath its streets in the sewers.Current sewage clogs and battle debris will be removed by these partners of the city, and the sewer system maintained, in return for an agreement to peaceful relations and payment in food.
  • Apr 3
    • The ruins of the former Governor's mansion have been torn down and the debris carted away for use in construction of the new sea wall. The High Elf architect and contractor Garion has been hired to begin the work of rebuilding the Governor's residence.
  • Apr 2
    • Work continues on the clean up and restoration of Rynvale Harbor. Construction of a defensive sea wall and portcullis is underway, and the foundation of the Dockmaster and Officers' building has been laid. Admiral Marcoth continues to take applications for work as captains or crew in the reconstituted Royal Navy.

March 2010

  • Mar 30
    • Three fishermen were found unconscious today on the beaches of Horseshoe Bay, all bearing minor injuries and the symptoms of a low blood level. When questioned upon their recovery, they retold how they had gone to the aid of two strangers (one dressed in black and the other in white), seemingly shipwrecked and washed ashore, only to be made into prey by the 'pair of demons'.
  • Mar 28
    • Leigh,Empress of Archmosia has been released from the custody of Royal Court of Rynvale, havng been granted asylum by the Archmage Rheven in Venturil. The Empress as signed the formal treaty of surrender relinquishing the Empire's claims to Port Rynvale, and has been exiled from the island for an initial period of six months.
    • Drael Marcoth, colonel of The Fold, has been appointed to the post of Admiral of the Royal Fleet of Rynvale,Commander of the Navy. The process of the clean up and reconstruction of the harbor of Port Rynvale and the Royal fleet has begun. Laborers required, 30 pieces of gold an hour. Applications for work should be sent to the office of the Admiral.
    • Demolition expert and work crew needed to tear down and remove remnants of the Governor's mansion in Rynvale. Stone masons, craftsmen and artisans interested in the design and reconstruction of the edifice should send work inquiries to the office of the Governor. Hourly wage for demolition and debris removal, 50 gold.
  • Mar 26
    • The island of Rynvale has been liberated by the combined forces of the Fold and numerous allies, from the remnants of the Archmosian Empire. The entire city was awoken to the sounds of battle late in the evening, beginning with what officials claimed to be an explosion within the sewer network. Hundreds of eye-witness accounts place skirmishes all over the city proper and the harbor; the Imperial fleet was devastated by what rumors claim to be an armored wolf and a pair of felines. Sources reveal that the heaviest fighting was to be found in the areas surrounding the barracks, swarmed by a band of rebel mercenaries; and the governor's mansion, assaulted by a black dragon and a regiment of elven warriors. The Rynvale clinic and Imperial Arena are now serving as a field hospital to tend to wounded as well as a relief station to distribute food and aid for the impoverished populace left behind after the disappearance of Castle Archmosia and its emperor. The High Elf commander of the liberating forces has been named governor of the territory by the newly restored King and Queen of Rynvale. The former Empress of Archmosia is now currently under custody in the Rynvale jail. It should be noted that in the Empire's last throes the entire front wall of the Governor's Manor was destroyed, causing huge amounts of rock to tumble into the courtyard and road in front of the manor.

February 2010

  • Feb 19
    • Three of the guard dogs patrolling the grounds of the Governor's Mansion disappeared last night. The guard was doubled this morning as a precaution, but nothing further happened, and the alert was cancelled at noon.
  • Feb 17
    • Pedestrians in the main streets have been startled by strange noises and rank smells coming from the storm and sewer drains. Rumors lay the blame on everything from the renegade Chaos-infectees to Fermin and Naga armies preparing to invade the town.
  • Feb 12
    • Port Rynvale nightwatchmen are relieved at the warmer night weather lately. There have been fewer deaths from exposure reported and fewer feral animals are being seen, apparently having moved out into the countryside.
  • Feb 5
    • A disturbance was reported in Residence Square tonight, near the closed Governor’s Mansion. A pair of apparent thieves were thwarted in a robbery attempt, but escaped into the night before they could be captured.

January 2010

  • Jan 25
    • The murderous spirit--often described as a large, glowing white fox shrouded in mist--haunting the 'Tempest' for the past week has rid the ship of its crew--some fled for their lives. Once the captain abandoned ship by order of the ghost, the ship set sail without crew or breeze, leaving the harbor. Witnesses report seeing the vessel docked near two others owned by the captain Trey. It is assumed these are now haunted by the ghost ship.
  • Jan 16
    • The merchant ship 'Tempest' reported three of their officers missing since last night, when they did not return at the ship's scheduled time of departure. This morning their bodies were discovered in an alley behind the Broken Barrel, all bearing wounds as if mauled by a human-sized animal and drained completely of blood. No witnesses have been found as of yet. On the Rynvale board, Tovenaar has claimed the kills.
  • Jan 15
    • Disquieting rumors have been coming out of Gamorg of ogres and goblins going on spontaneous rampages in the mines. Outsiders have been unable to find any confirmation, although a portion of the mines does appear to be closed off and under guard now.
  • Jan 13
    • A large cargo ship was pillaged off the coast of Rynvale. The cargo hold was emptied the crew executed and the ship scuttled. The raiding ship bore no markings and the cargo ship was believed to be a chartered ship belonging to the Gualon Merchant Navy. On the Rynvale tavern board, the mysterious Tovenaar has claimed responsibility for this crime.