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==April 2012==
==April 2012==
*April 11
*April 11

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April 2012

  • April 11
    • The Adventurers' Guild, having fallen into disrepair with its former Leader's disappeance, is in the process of being revived under the efforts of Jextar.

December 2011

  • December 28
    • The Wizard Svilfon has been awarded the rank of Magister Templi within Mage's Guild through extraordinary and adept use of the arcane arts.

July 2011

June 2011

  • June 28
    • The Lady Joliette Thorne has been granted a long overdue membership within the Mage's Guild, initiated into the order with the rank of Magister Templi in recognition of her many years as a Master of the arcane arts.

May 2011

  • May 22
    • Svilfon has demonstrated diligent work and mastery within the Mage's Guild and, as such, has been promoted to the rank of Provost Esoterica.

February 2011

January 2011

  • January 23
  • January 15
    • Jelko's 'game' to test the skill of the land's rogues begins, with a one month time-limit for the quest to be completed.

April 2010