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== May 2012 ==
== May 2012 ==
*May 11
*May 11
**Today, the citizens of Gualon celebrate as a large shipment of merchandise is brought in by traders. Merchants begin talk of using the wares to reopen trade routes with Enchantment and the other outlying cities.
**Today, the citizens of Gualon celebrate as a large shipment of merchandise is brought in by traders. Merchants begin talk of using the wares to reopen trade routes with Enchantment and the other outlying cities.
*May 10
*May 10
**Today, {{User|Hadrian}} met with a man by the name of {{User|Akadius}}, leader of the Murum Mors Mercenaries, within Gualon’s Grog Shop. During this meeting, a business arrangement was struck, and Hadrian was seen leaving with an unscrupulous group of Orcs and Humans. <br>
**Today, {{User|Hadrian}} met with a man by the name of {{User|Akadius}}, leader of the Murum Mors Mercenaries, within Gualon’s Grog Shop. During this meeting, a business arrangement was struck, and Hadrian was seen leaving with an unscrupulous group of Orcs and Humans. <br>

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May 2012

  • May 11
    • Today, the citizens of Gualon celebrate as a large shipment of merchandise is brought in by traders. Merchants begin talk of using the wares to reopen trade routes with Enchantment and the other outlying cities.
  • May 10
    • Today, Hadrian met with a man by the name of Akadius, leader of the Murum Mors Mercenaries, within Gualon’s Grog Shop. During this meeting, a business arrangement was struck, and Hadrian was seen leaving with an unscrupulous group of Orcs and Humans.

July 2011

  • July 2
    • Tristram Darkeheart has returned after a lengthy absence. There are reports of a great deal of gold being brought into the city.

April 2010

  • Apr 03
    • Work has begun on rebuilding the orphanage. There is much excitement throughout the city. Warders are still sought to ensure the protection of the building against attacks of an arcane nature.
  • Apr 01
    • Greux and his orc brothers begin their journey home from the depths of Enchantment after finally receiving word that it is safe to return. The group of nearly fifty or so Orc and Ogre were ready for battle should their leader, Tristram, ever call on them. Now the battle hardened members of Gualon that had escaped previously journey slowly for home.

March 2010

  • Mar 27
    • Helich has surrendered the city to Tristram. The exact circumstances are unknown, except that Helich has been instructed to never return.
    • Building supplies have mysteriously appeared in the empty orphanage, and the citizens of Gualon are excited to begin work on rebuilding the destruction caused to their proud city.
  • Mar 25
    • A plan is in place and events have been set into motion for Tristram to regain control of the city. He has acquired a rather unexpected, and very powerful ally. All that is now required is a meeting with the usurper.
  • Mar 24
    • Helich has left Gualon after receiving multiple injuries from an attack that occurred during an altercation in the plaza. The fallen god, Solaris, known to some as Shaelus, appeared and ordered the immediate deaths of Tristram, Terra, Shishi, and the dwarf, Kain. After an appeal by the empath Terra, Helich released the captives and was attacked by the tiefling, Kasyr. He was last seen leaving the city along with a number of undead orcs and ogres, and live, albeit brainwashed, citizens of Gualon. Those who remain struggle to rebuild, and are attempting to keep their heads low under the new regime, which requires them to wear a symbol identifying them as citizens of Gualon. They are constantly under the threat of the ogre patrols that roam the streets.
    • The Darkeheart Estate has been burned to the ground. No one has been charged with the arson, though there is rumor circulating that it was none other than the vampire, Terra.
    • Tristram has been spotted in various locations throughout Gualon, usually accompanied by a number of Gualon's street urchins. These orphans have formed a network of information brokerage, collecting and dispersing information throughout the streets of Gualon, as well as neighboring communities.
  • Mar 23
    • Greux and his followers have left Gualon for it is no longer the home that it once was. They seek another place to call their own and should one track them they may find the bunch hidden in a predetermined location of Enchantment. The wisest of the Orc, Greux(due to the items of wisdom worn upon his body), searches for maps of other lands and now reads what he has learned are called books. Where shall he and his people call home next?
    • Greux and the fifty or so Orc and Ogre that still follow him and believe not the lies told by Helich have left the city that is now no longer in the control of their one and only leader, Tristram. Greux has renounced his title of Gualon's Champion and has refused to accept it back unless Tristram himself gives it to him once more.
  • Mar 21
    • Tristram Darkeheart has been taken prisoner and is now being held in the plaza of Gualon, as both a display and a warning. Helich has rendered his desicion to have the exiled leader executed in two weeks time. He has managed to turn some of the orcs against their former leader by feeding them insidious lies that Tristram traded the city in return for his own safety, and strong numbers are beginning to believe Helich's deception. The street urchins have been attempting to help the fallen leader, but his fate is uncertain at best.
  • Mar 20
    • Gualon is under siege by the dragon Helich after a long battle with substantial losses to both sides. Helich declared himself the victor after Tristram surrendered himself in exchange for the protection of the citizens within. It appeared that the battle had turned in favor of Gualon, when Helich set his sights on the building housing a number of citizens unable to fight. Tristram took a blow meant for the building, and brokered an agreement. Greux, the Orc Champion of Gualon, a woodland elf by the name of Diyuir, two dwarves, and another elf skilled in combat manuevers attempted to aid the city, but it was the two black dragons clashing above that decided the outcome of this battle. Currently, the city is in a state of shock and chaos, as citizens are unsure of their safety, lives, or how to proceed from here.
  • Mar 18
    • The dragon Helich continues to threaten Gualon upon the boards of Kelay and after finding the bodies of a few citizens of Gualon just outside the city, it appears Tristram is beginning to take these threats seriously. Rumors about impending battle are rampant.
  • Mar 11
    • The streets of Gualon buzz with excitement over the battles that took place the previous day. Many rumors are spread to those that were not there, tales of how godly this Orc's strength was, how great and undefeated in every battle, and more. Some are exaggerated well beyond the scope that was to be considered true. Still no matter how you looked at it, the people of Gualon agreed almost unanimously, Greux was to become their new Champion.
  • Mar 10
    • Several battles took place at the Gualon Arena where Greux met and battled all those that opposed him of becoming Gualon's Champion. Of the four that stood against him many more stood in the stands shouting and praising him in his victories. It seems that well beyond the majority wished him to claim his brother's title as Champion.
  • Mar 7
    • Greux now sends a challenge to all those centered in Gualon. He wishes to battle any that think him not able enough to be called Gualon's Champion, not able enough to fill the shoes of his now dead brother. The challenges shall take place on the day of March 10. Greux has also promised that those that challenge him this day, shall not die, for "Orc no kill other Orc(this was understood to mean all of Gualon citizens), Orc kill haters of Gualon instead."
    • Greux and a few other Orc that follow him have agreed to help Gualon in whatever is needed, so long as Greux commands. Two Ogre have also agreed to follow him, their loyalty earned at the battle to save Gualon from the goblin Raiders. Greux now shows interest in the supplies being shipped into their homeland and wishes to help in whatever is to be constructed, so long as it is good for Gualon in the end.
  • Mar 5
    • Construction supplies are being gathered and transported into the city limits. It seems plans for a rather large project are beginning to take shape. In other news, there now seems to be a pork shortage in Gualon.
  • Mar 1
    • Many orcs of Gualon have been seen slaughtering many pigs in the area. Sources seem to think it is on the misunderstood orders of Tristram. Greux works to help others understand, but has little influence so far in doing so.

February 2010

  • Feb 24
  • Feb 22
    • Greux worries for his Orc brothren who are still angered over the loss of their champion, Kurlurk. He decides then to first try and calm the hordes of Orc before anything else. He hopes that his bond as Kurlurk's brother will be enough to make them listen to him, enough for him to show why they should listen.
    • The brother of Kurlurk makes himself known to Gualon and its citizens. He vows to protect those of Gualon and take Kurlurk's place amongst the Gualon Arena fights. It seems he wishes nothing but to continue the work of his now dead brother. This Orc's name is Greux.
  • Feb 19
    • The orc population of Gualon has become restless after the death of their champion, Kurlurk. Citizens are advised to keep to their homes after dark until order has been restored and the orcs are done mourning the loss of their brother.
  • Feb 15
    • Early this morn the alarm would sound. Many Orc would appear at the site of the murder. Kurlurk would come soon after the alarm. The guards are ordered to be doubled, and the swamplands and cities are to be searched for signs of the intruder. A message is left tied to that of a large tree in the swamp, possibly for the killer.
    • In the wee hours of the morning, a sentry is found murdered, his head severed and marked with a 'T' while a message calls out Kurlurk. Judging by past crimes, the mysterious Tovenaar is to blame.
  • Feb 14
    • A meeting is called for all the Orc of Gualon to meet at the once town Hall the next day. The order was made by that of their champion, Kurlurk.
    • An alliance was forged, Kurlurk and Jaegar have agreed to help each other in their goals. Word is now spreading throughout Gualon, The Storm Drake is protected in Gualon, none shall hunt him, as are the orders of Kurlurk.
    • Early this morning the Dragon known as Helich was trapped at what was once the Gualon Meeting Hall. After a series of promises and oaths the Dragon is able to leave, though he is never allowed within the gates of Gualon again, by air, by land or in any form.
  • Feb 12
    • Tristram Darkeheart returns to reclaim control of Gualon. He begins work on restoring order to the chaos left in his extended absence.
    • Morvious and the rebellion pull out of Gualon suddenly. Rumors lead that the Lich Queen something to do with it.
  • Feb 11
    • Vladimire and Roelstra devise a plan that if effective will render the victory for the Rebellion. This idea has not been put into effect yet.
  • Feb 10
    • The Rebellion begins gathering supplies for the campaign. The locals are becoming use to the sight of the soldiers.
  • Feb 09
  • Feb 08
    • Kurlurk returns to the lands today as he is seen within the boundaries of Gualon. He spreads words to the locals that he will no longer pursue Morvious at this time, that instead his time is better spent becoming the strongest warrior of Gualon, other than that he cares not for leadership afterall. But also he declares that any that seek to endanger his life or those of the small band that follow him shall be destroyed.
    • In a vigorous battle Morvious Loses his right arm. This sets back his campaign until he is healed, however the inspiring rebellion will pick up the progress in his honor.
  • Feb 07
    • Morvious holds an extensive meeting with the already existing council of representatives to negotiate a peaceful trade of power. After the lengthy and time consuming assembly the council respectfully declines his offer, stating they would rather wager a war. The moral of Gualon dampens as the locals will be drafted in the weeks to come.
    • The once "abandon camp" appears to progress, as wells and trenches are seen being dug. More and more tents pop up and the Gualon Elite Reserve begin trying to fortify the city from the pending attack.
  • Feb 06
    • Construction begins at the abandoned camp and locals begin to prepare themselves by taking up extra food and live stock. A few families have decided they were going to move to Zanheerh or with distant relatives.
  • Feb 05
    • Kurlurk is said to be leaving the lands for a short time of recovery. The many battles he has had finally taking their toll on the monstrous Orc. Locals would believe he would return in a few days time, though nobody knows for certain.
    • Morvious brings droves of flowers to where Heyx was slain. Oddly enough this now gives the forsaken elf more courage to pursue his goals. His entire operation now dedicated to her life and sends another one of his men to try and kill the Champion.
    • A bounty has been issued by an man named Jaegar on the forsaken elf for fifty thousand gold. Morvious spots the reward on the boards and he raises the ante to sixty thousand against the Storm Drake.
  • Feb 04
    • Kurlurk destroys Heyx in a battle at the Gualon Arena where she is killed, Heyx was one of the minions of Morvious, Kurlurk expects more to test his might.
    • Scouts emerge at the abandon camp just north of Gualon, preparing to seek out information for their officers and leader. The locals do not take these scouts as a hostile threat yet, however a slight indication fear begins to flood there minds.
    • Morvious, publicly announces to Kurlurk the Orc, he is one of the masterminds behind the Revolution of Gualon. An offer was presented to Kurlurk, to jump on the his band wagon. Kurlurk, declined in result Morvious has sent a group of men to handle the Orc. A duel will coming in the near future. The locals begin to flock to the arena await their champion to prevail. We will see.
  • Feb 03
    • Kurlurk the Orc, after hearing rumors of an uprising of some kind becomes infuriated and wishes to battle whomever may try it. To prepare himself he challanges any of his kind to battle in the Arena of his homeland.
    • The Arena Brawler known as Kurlurk challenged any of his kind early this morning to an Arena match. After many would fall a human would step up to the challenge. The end result was the human creeping away with a busted arm and possibly a broken face from the furious punches of the brute. Kurlurk continues his search for the greatest melee battle.
  • Feb 01
    • Locals talk of an uprising happening in the distant future. No details have been given at this time.

January 2010

  • Jan 18
    • The lacerated body of an elven male was found stretched out on the ground by the Grog Shop. Although he was covered in what appeared to be claw and bite marks from a wild animal, the name 'Tovenaar' was found painted on the shop's wall in the victim's blood.