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==January 2014 ==
* No Global news has been reported since July 2012
* January 31
** The abandoned avian city of [[Armantium]] seems to have floated away from it's position in the skies above Cenril, drifting off into the distance above the northeastern seas. </onlyinclude>
== July 2012 ==
== July 2012 ==

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January 2014

  • January 31
    • The abandoned avian city of Armantium seems to have floated away from it's position in the skies above Cenril, drifting off into the distance above the northeastern seas.

July 2012

  • July 28
    • The cities of Larket, Cenril, and Kelay were attacked today by unusual alliance between fermin and avian terrorists. People massed to defend some areas. Ships between Rynvale and Cenril were lost, catching the the Rynvale docks ablaze.. The vampiric mage known as Tovenaar has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
  • July 12
    • The Time Lord Vuryal has apparently been risen from this mortal plane by the God Q'na and taken a divine place among the Ascended beings, as shown by his recent demonstrations within the Kelay Tavern.

April 2012

The rumblings of soldiers and metal clanging are heard in the far distance, soon fading away into the chirping of crickets and the crashing of ocean waves. The Empire, it seems, has relinquished all holdings upon any lands within the land of Hollow.

September 2011

  • September 7
    • The Empire of Archmosia has issued ultimatums to a number of cities within Hollow, forcing them to either become colonies or be destroyed.

August 2011

  • August 2
    • Amidst rising angst and aggression between the Drow and the Elves of Sage, the tension finally came to a head today upon the posting by the ranger Lirithen that all Drow groups spotted within Sage forest were to be killed on sight, the posting was accompanied by several severed Drow limbs pinned upon the Kelay Board. The Drow Patron, Tiphareth of House D'Artes has responded with an attack upon the man who initiated the order, as well as an official call to war for the Drow people. The Drow has demanded that the Elves of Sage are to abandon their homes in exile or swear fealty to the Drow. A bounty of 20K gold will be awarded to anyone who kills or forcefully exiles an elf of Sage. Neighboring areas are preparing for a possible influx of refuges from the war.
  • August 3
    • The war between the Drow and Wood Elves escalated once more today as the Drow struck the first official blow. The battle between the Patron Tiphareth and ranger Lirithen resulted in the death of one of the elves foremost warriors and taking the Elven Moon-blade and Moon-crest relics into Drow possession. Some elves and their allies have used this as a rallying cry to stand up against the Drow, while others have taken Lirithen's death as a foreboding sign of things to come.
  • August 4
    • In response to two of their top fighters losing in battle to the Patron Tiphareth, and the absence of the Archdruid Liana's leadership, a large number of elves have brokered a deal with the Eldermage Tiphareth to flee Sage forest. In exchange, the Drow have temporarily dropped the 20,000 gold bounty on the Sage Elves heads and will return their Moon-blade and Moon-crest relics upon completion of the exodus. Any elves which remain living in Sage as of August 11th will stand alone against the full force of the Drow, no quarter will be given.
  • August 25
    • The TimeLord Vuryal, Parasite of Lithrydel, has returned from his exile. He has brought forth a blood vendetta against "The List" and posted it upon a new gallows structure located in front of Kelay Tavern. He, as well, sent the ex-ruler of Gamorg, Gruz, to Hell for his failure to stop the rebellion against Archmosia.

May 2011

  • May 4
    • A huge red Meteorite came crashing into the Town in the Trees in Kelay, something has never been seen before in hollow, the mysterious promos had aired prior to this, but when the Red Meteorite cracked, a blazing woman came out, which also turned into a Dark Phoenix as she was walking and flew off to shock to many villagers as this new creature came to hollow, The Dark Phoenix had officially come to hollow!

March 2011

  • March 27

January 2011

  • January 29
    • The monstrous centipede Ymheshphilun was slain today by the human Eboric in the Xalious mountains, freeing the people of Hollow from the terrible beast.

June 2010

  • June 23
    • The forces of chaos overthrew the forces of order at the edge of the Realm of Chaos. All of the troops on the side of the order were killed and now chaos has broken free once more into Hollow.

April 2010

  • Apr 08
    • Each of the Golden Egg's that were found discarded around the realm have hatched Golden Cockatrice
  • Apr 06
    • The gateway to the realm of chaos was opened but a god of order and light prevented the world from coming to an further harm...
  • Apr 03

January 2010

  • Jan 16
    • On this date, Archmage Rheven announced the onset of a tournament to be personally overseen by himself, for magic users of all sources and disciplines, though no melee fighting is to be allowed.
  • Jan 13
    • All across the land, scores of vicious creatures have appeared from unknown hiding places and are causing havoc and devastation wherever they go.