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December 2011

  • December 1
    • The body of the Vampire Ambassador was found brutally murdered within the Embassy today. No information from the guards has been given yet, aside from vague remarks on it being an "unfortunate, unpreventable mishap", "the culmination of poor diplomacy", and even suggestions of it being "for the benefit of Vailkrin". Rumors of the Ambassador's lack of involvement in quelling Vailkrin's recent turmoil has been cause for outcry among the vampiric community, possibly resulting in his untimely death. The body has not been removed from the Embassy, despite its gruesome condition, but instead encased in enchanted ice by the temporary affairs minister as a 'reminder to those that shirk their duties'.

October 2010

  • October 22
    • A secretary working in the Human Embassy is the sole survivor of a dual-assassination that took place in the building today. The young, shaken but unharmed, tells authorities that it started with a pair of women crashing into the door, fighting, and worsened when the only guard on duty went to see to the commotion. The secretary fainted shortly afterward, and when she came to, she discovered the bodies of the guard, ambassador, and a woman assumed to be a diplomat, as well as a second guard that is believed to have entered the scene later. Poor descriptions of one of the two assassins has been made, but no further leads exist at the moment.

August 2010

  • Early morning, on Friday the Thirteenth of August, a fight broke out at the local dentist ending in a large fire and mob activity. Witnesses report seeing the dentist fleeing the building along with a lycan. The dentist was attacked by the mob, and his current whereabouts are unconfirmed. No other survivors are reported. The fire caused minimal damage and no other survivors or injured where found.

April 2010

  • Apr 20
    • Aranhil and his elven friend inspected the scene where Melbane was presumably turned to stone. The two are working to remedy the dwarf with a petrification potion, though it is still incomplete. Word spreads as Aranhil asks for information of others that may have also been petrified...
  • Apr 04

March 2010

  • Mar 13
    • A dead body was found in front of a Workshop at the Mountain Path near the Xalious Mountains. The body was perfectly clean, and there was no sign that the victim resisted. It was a woman, A Vampiress, she had a clean strike on her nape that seems to have killed her in an instant, no blood was found at the area, after further investigation... the wound was sealed as it seems the flesh was cooked, the vampiress was later identified as Lorina, the Smoke Mage.

January 2010

  • Jan 19
    • A minor ground movement was felt around the Watchtower in Craughmoyle. Smoke was seem puffing out of the highest window of the tower, witnesses have seem a feline in a barmaid's uniform leaving the area after the incident, It was also said that a pixie was seen to have entered the Watchtower moments before the feline. After a further investigation, a wall on the top floor of the watchtower was slightly cracked and burned, and the pixie was nowhere to be found.
  • Jan 14
    • Dwarven miners in the Xalious Mountains today reported a shaking and rumbling of the earth in the region that was powerful enough to almost cause a cave in. Some injuries were reported by travellers in the area who were hurt by falling debris. No one seems to know know the precise source or nature of the disturbance.