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Welcome to the Hollow Wiki

The Hollow Wiki is the main source for information about The World Called Hollow. The Wiki is powerful community tool that can be used to promote role-play in Hollow, curate and record lore about the world, give feedback to administrators, and form a closer-knit online community. A more detailed description can be found in our editing handbook.

Make this tool your best friend! You and your peers are the wiki's editors. There are a few rules that you should be aware of, however. Please read the rules page carefully before posting any content to the Hollow Wiki, or your content and editing rights may be revoked.

Use the menu below to navigate quickly to the wiki's most popular articles. To search for a specific page, such as a character name, there is a search field on the left hand side where you can input any term/person/place you are looking for. If that page exists, you will find it in the search results. If not, feel free to add that page!

October 22nd 2019:A new BETA feature is now available in the HMail inbox. On most desktop and mobile devices (excluding Apple iPhone), you will see an 'Enable Push Notifications' button. When you enable push notifications, you will receive a push notification when someone else sends you an HMail. Please provide any feedback or report any issues to support@hollowgame.com.

September 14th 2019: Pey's items have been re-priced to a more reasonable price tag! Start at The Traveling Imp (from Kelay Tavern: 1s, 8w, 1s, 1w, 6n, 3w, 4n, 5up ). There are 4 more shops above that one. While at The Traveling Imp be sure to say to Pey Hello.

August 6th 2019: New game feature Hibernate lets you soft log off and preserve chat logs for up to one day. Also, if you idle for over 30 minutes, you aren't logged off, but hibernated! Log back in within a day and see what you missed.

August 6th 2019: Recall now costs only 2% of your stamina!

July 31st 2019: New and interesting lore item for druidic and nature-loving types: The First Yew Wand has been recovered! It is said to be the wand created and used by the first High Druid of the Eternal Tree in Sage, which many historians believe was the site of the first druidic grove in known history. There's debate about that.